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Toyota Corolla



  • Thanks for the suggestion. Wenyue, It looks as if the website that you suggested did not post (at least if its there I can't see it :) ) Can you post that again?

    vlady - have you tried a hubcap place that specializes in replacing lost hubcaps? You might be able to get your cover for a much more reasonable price. 80 bucks! That is ridiculous. You will excuse me while I go try to find a way to superglue mine on.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Ok, here we will give it another shot.

    That's not cheap, but it's motorized... fancy.

    Here is a cheap one.

    Scroll down for the airvent ones.

    Good luck.

  • I am thinking about buying one. What should I look for?

  • Thank you very much Wenyue. The last site did it. It actually had almost exactly what I was looking for (the floor mount). I am forever in your debt.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Glad to be able to help. :) This is what the townhall is for.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Looking for some fun huh? :) I think the Corolla GTS was the damned best corolla ever made. 12 years ago, it was already packing 130 hp in it's tiny 1.6L engine, and with 5-spd it's a lot of fun.

    But being 12 years old, I wouldn't push it too much. :) Get a good mechanic to do an engine check, along with the compression test. Also be aware of the air conditioning, those old ones uses the old freons that they don't make any more.

    Wish Toyota still made the GTS corollas today.
  • Two generations came out of the Corolla GTS. The first one is 85-87. The second generation is 88-91. All of the details below refer to the second generation. I have owned a 89 GTS since 1992. All were 5 speeds. The 4A-GE 1.6 put out 115 hp in 88-89 and 130 in 90-91. I have read recently that Toyota still uses the engine with it now producing somewhere around the mid-200's. The options on the GTS were air conditioning, cassette, cruise control, power sunroof, power package which included power windows and locks (power mirrors were standard), alloy wheels, and the sport seats which are 6 way (the standard seats were 4-way). The exterior colors were solid white, solid red, solid black, two-tone light/dark blue, and solid gray. The interior colors were burgandy, blue, and grey. The car has plenty of power. Its around 8.0 seconds for 0-60 and I have had mine up in the 130's for a top speed. The car averages around 32 on the low end and 40 on the high end. The biggest thing to watch for is blown cylinder gaskets. You can tell this real easy, it starts to sound like a VW Beetle (old one). The exhaust system was awful on this generation. I would assume that the previous owner has already replaced it. If you have to replace it, make sure you get the dual exhaust, not the single exhaust that was on the reast of the Corolla lineup. Also make sure the timing belt has been changed in its 60000 increments. The car redlines at 7700 rpm and it gets there quick. This what makes the car so much fun. Toyota did it before Acura/Honda ever did it. The shifter is about as good as it gets. However, a bad clutch can be detected quite easily. I had to replace mine when I got mine and it only had 63000 on it. Some people can wear out the clutch. The car supposed to have 14 inch tires on it riding 185/60. You can tell real quick if that has been changed. A nice one should run around 2500 to 6000 depending on the year. These cars were Toyota's secret and it is shame that stop making them in 91. However, the new 2000 Celica and up is really the new Corolla GTS.

    In eight and a half years:
    fixed clutch
    timing belt at 66,000
    new brakes (this car has 4 wheel discs)
    3 and 1/2 set of tires
    new altenator
    replaced factory radio and speakers (not very hard - has double din mount 4 inch in front and 5 1/4 in rear)
    two batterys
    several cylinder gaskets (around $40 to fix), has not happened in the past 4 years
    replaced leather shifter knob
    added cellular phone (hands-free)

    You can tell how much I love this car. I only paid $6300 for it.
  • I was looking at a couple of 90 and 91 models but I didn't pull the trigger. I am more serious now and if I find a nice one I will buy it this time.

    $6300? Great price. They still are going for $4-6K.
  • I forgot to add a RADAR DETECTOR to the list.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Great pics. Thanks man! The look is more up scale, and more like a mid-size car. :)
  • vladyvlady Posts: 44
    liufei the same question bothers me too. Why Toyota doesn't sell Avensis here in US?
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Yeah, i think its look more classy as well. It matching up real nice with the Honda Civic City.
    Don't think they will get the 2002 Corolla though, since this model just released last year in Asia.

    What is an Avensis? Is that the Corolla that i posted? or another one of Toyota's model, non-existing here in the USA?
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Avensis is the next step up in the Toyota latter. It's like the Nissan Altima/Mazda 626. I think it falls in somewhere between the Corolla and the Camry.

    It's available in Europe, but not in the U.S.
  • Do any of you know w/ any certainty when the redesigned Corolla will come to the U.S.? I've seen several references here to it as the "2003", although at least one reference to it arriving "next year," too. (Would that be a redesigned 2002 model, arriving late this calendar year, or a 2003 arriving in late 2002?)
    We own a 1998 Corolla (bought new) and have been quite satisfied. We need to replace our dying 1986 Accord, and soon'd be best. If the Toyota Corp. plan was to give the U.S. market the redesigned Corolla in the 2003 model year cycle, can they really wait out the criticism critics have been piling onto the 2001 (vs. its competitors' newer redesigns)? We are less interested in style, car fashion, cornering performance, or roominess than the current Corolla's other virtues--and compared to the interests of most reviewers. But photos here and on other Edmunds Town Hall Corolla sites that picture the already-out (begun when?) Japanese Corolla and the different one in SE Asia, as well as their reported larger size, make 'em seem attractive--'tho' they'd probably cost more, right?
    Answers, please, about the new Corolla design's date of arrival to U.S.! Thanks.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
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  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    At this point, it's 99% sure that it's coming fall of next year as a 2003 model.

    Japan and European corolla are 2 years ahead of us in term of design cycle.

    The redesigned corolla will indeed be bigger (over 5 inches longer and 3 inches taller), and better. I guess keeping in pace with the redesigned Camry coming this year.

    Cost is probably not be much more. U.S corolla will be built in the U.S and Canada, so import fees won't really apply.

    The new Japanese Corolla, comes loaded, is selling at about $17,000 MSRP loaded (it even comes with a navigation system). The U.S's higher labor cost, probably means the Corolla will probably sell at $17K fully loaded, but without the navigation system. But I think it's a good deal for a bigger, more powerful, and more upscale car.

    If there is no radical changes to the U.S version than the JDM and European version, when it arrives here in 2002, it will probably make most competitors obsolete.

    Some of the higher trimed Corolla in Japan right now has double wishbone suspension in the rear. So it should be sportier (but I dont' know if it will make it to U.S). Engine is probably going to be 130-136 hp (sharing engine with Toyota Matrix, which will have 130 hp basline engine). With 5 inches longer and 3 inches taller (probably means a more upright seating position), it will probably rival Mazda Protege in term of room. And with upscale looks (which so far looks much classier any compacts on the market right now), and Toyota quality and reliability, it will probably rock the market.
  • lfanlfan Posts: 61
    Gray color is appears the cleanest with road spray. White is best with dried salt spray. Beige/brown with dirt spray. . . . you get the idea.

    SE usually stands for Special Edition like the Accord SE's.

    The "S" stands for sport in the Corolla's case. I think it should be called "SL" for Sporty Look since the Corolla S has no engine/tire/suspension performance enhancement. It just adds cosmetic sport looks. I can say this since I own a Corolla S ;)
  • Sorry, friend -- we'll have to agree to disagree on this one -- I don't care for that Corolla at all. Looks way too sedate for me.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    My apology, I'm totally unaware of that fact.
    It won't happen again.
    here's the link to the picture: .

    No problem, but what do you think about the current corolla being sold in Japan and Europe?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Appreciate it!

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