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Toyota Corolla



  • I am looking at buying a 1993-1996 Toyota Corolla. I have only owned one Toyota (1994 Toyota 4wd p-up) which I sold today. I am looking for something very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

    Are there any things I should look for or stay away from?
    Are the automatics stout and reliable? I appreciate ANY information. I got an unlimited account with carfax and I am checking all vehicles through that.

    I am gonna try to stay down around 110K or less on mileage.

    What kind of life/ mileage could I expect to get out of a decently cared for corolla?
  • ninermikeninermike Posts: 2
    I just bought a new 01 Corolla S. I am thinking about getting a dash cover for it and would like to know if anybody out there has one. Can you recommend one that fits and looks good. Thanks
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Shannon, have had my DX since the end of '97 and still love the car at 52k miles. It's extremely reliable and if one does the routine maintenance, these cars are bullet proof. The prices aren't to high either. Try to find a certified car or at least one from a dealer who'll give you a warranty period just in case some gremlins pop up. You might pay a little more but sometimes the piece of mind is worth the extra $'s. Good luck and keep us posted!
  • tbonegrltbonegrl Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2002 stick shift Indigo Ink Corolla with a TON of add ons, (heavy defr, heavy starter, dealer pkg #2, emissions, cd, sunroof, s convenience pkg) for 14,700!!! I think I got a really good deal, especially 'cause corollas are selling so fast here in Ohio, and they are very hard to find in Indigo Ink. The only drawback was that the Corolla didn't have ABS. I wanted ABS, but they said it was rare to get one with it, and it's en route from the factory, so it couldn't be added (we checked). I am so proud!!!

    The only sad part is I have to sell my 91 tercel with 77K on it. (his name is Henry)
  • canccanc Posts: 715
    Congratulations! What will you name it?

    I have an Indigo Ink Corolla too, and it's a joy to drive. I hope you'll have lots of fun with it.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    just curious ive read the owners manual for my 2002 corolla and read to not exceed 55 mph for the 1st 1000 miles/but i have to drive on the freeway every day with the speed limit of 65 mph
    im i doing allot of damage to my car?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    thats a good question... I also am driving a new Corolla with less than 1k on it, and completely forgot about that axiom... I am no expert, but I dont see how doing 65mph could be so bad...
    Just think of it like this:
    if going 55mph causes you to be a traffic hazard, and someone ends up smashing into, you'll probably have done a lot more damage to the car (and yourself)than if you just kept up with traffic.
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    especially with the way morons drive around here.
    seriously i saw a guy get hit on a motorcycle(he was driving like a moron), and almost get in at least one sticky situation every day.
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I'd pay more attention to the RPM than the speedometer. 1st gear at 40mph will kill you car anytime. That's why there is a rev limiter on most cars.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I have a 2002 Corolla S with a five speed. I too drive to work on an uncluttered freeway and have been driving between 60 & 65mph. Revs are more important than speed. They always tell you to vary your speed when new and not drive at a steady speed. I shift from 5th to 4th at the same speed to vary the revs. I'm at 700 miles now and getting restless!!
  • mpynempyne Posts: 120
    i just purchased i 2002 corolla le with the following options
    automatic/value pkg 2/cd player/weather guard pkg/5 piece floor mats set/cruise/abs brakes
    the out the door price tax title etc.... was around $16,300
  • mbbstimsmbbstims Posts: 16
    I want to purchase an LE without AC.A certain dealer I went to said that the LEs and the CEs are all coming from the factory with AC and it is almost impossible to find one on a lot without AC.He said that the only way would be to order one and wait 6 months for delivery! He also said the same about finding an LE without power windows.Does all this sound correct or is he giving me a snow job so I will go for the options?I trust car dealers about as much as door to door vacuum cleaner salesmen.Will some one out there give me the truth?

    Thank you to whomever for your help.
  • zhzzhz Posts: 29
    I thought LE has AC and Power Windows as standard.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    According to Edmunds, air is in "value package 1" on both the CE and LE which is an option. Why would you need to wait 6 months for a Corolla made in Fremont Calif? That's just BS from the dealer to sell you something in stock. I would think twice about the no air thing. Any savings now will be dwarfed by the bad resale value later.
  • mbbstimsmbbstims Posts: 16
    Thanks for the reply desertguy.Yes,AC is an option in the value package as per Edmunds.My Toyota brochure also lists this as an option.The salesman told me that AC and power windows are standard on the LE.This must be BS as you say.[zhz also thought that.] All I want is a Corolla LE without power windows and AC.Why should that be so hard to find? I understand what you say about the AC desertguy but where I live[Maine] AC would be beneficial two months out of twelve so I would rather not pay for it.I have also been looking at the Nissan Sentra.Hard decision.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    IMO, I think that 6 months is BS, but the options info is not... meaning... just cause something is listed as an option doesnt exactly mean that it is optional, as many toyota cars are built with popular equipment packages according to regional demographics/preferences... for example if you go to the Toyota webstie and "Build your own" you will see that for almost all of the models, an OPTIONS package purchase is required, and the option packages available vary by your zip which corresponds to regional inventory.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    dont you find A/C a major benefit in defogging? I would consider it essential just for that.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I have little use for a heater here in the desert either. Some of these greedy dealers are loading their more expensive cars here with heated seats! What a ripoff that is. It never gets to freezing here.
  • dolla2000dolla2000 Posts: 9
    Dealers get alot of their cars loaded with options to try to guarantee themselves a certain profit margin. You can go to and order yourself a Corolla LE without the extras you don't want.

    I bought my LE off the lot and it came with Value Package #2. I didn't want Cruise control or color coded side mirrors (since my car is black) and made the dealer eat the cost if he wanted me to drive the car off the lot.
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