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Toyota Corolla



  • Hi. I'm looking to purchase a 2001 Corolla LE. I've just graduated from college and have fallen in love with the corolla. I'm looking for something dependable and in gas and insurance. I got a quote from one of the dealers. I was wondering if the quote is reasonable. I've done some research, but still am somewhat uneasy. I'm looking at the following options:
    -vip rs3000
    -extra value package #2
    -rear spoiler
    -weather guard package
    -front and rear mudguards

    i know i'm going a little over in the luxuries, but i've got a good reason: i've graduated and got a good job. anyway...i live in chicago and the salesguy quoted 16,800 + ttl. Is it good or should I talk a little more?

    I think it's great that there's a site that can help girls like me learn a little more about this car buying stuff.

  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Hmmmm, that new corolla looks like Ford Focus!!! More refined and classy styling, but still look a lot like Focus. I'm kinda divided regarding that particular styling, it's good and attractive...but boxy and fat as well. On the other hand, there's indication that the styling for europe and north america would be different, so I guess we just have to wait and see. When does the Corolla going to get redesign anyway? 2003/2004?
    On the other hand, the articles also mentioned the particular wagon version of that corolla will have a 1.8L/190HP engine, modified from the Celica (must be the GTS) with more low end torque!! haha!! looks like the corolla will have the celica engine afterall!! Handling also supposedly improved greatly as well. If this true..... AWESOME!!! It can really races against other compact, even the infamous Civic Si!! :)
    Or...put the engine in the IS 300....and everything else is history. ^__^
    (p.s: the 2001 base civic will only have 105hp??? Is that true?? what were Honda thinking?)

    Do check . In there you can configure a car to your liking and get a price quote which you can buy the car at that instant if you want to. I ran your Corolla LE configuration and got a price of $16,171 + TTL, but thats still about $900 above invoice. I'm sure with some haggling, you can save a few hundreds down. Target price probably around $15.6K (invoice + 3%) or lower.
    So definitely try to get the price cheaper.
    The problem is that since the 2001 Corolla has a distinctively new look (but same engine under the hood), dealer might be hard to bargain with. I'm sure there's more than 1 dealer in Chicago, which is to your advantage since you can price shop and pit the dealers against each other to get the best price. But keep in mind a good/reliable dealer with excellent service department might worth much more than a dealer who offered slightly lower price but has lousy attitude/service dept.
    Another thing, watch for the extended warranty that some dealer offered. It cost a bundles, and usually a no-no for a Toyota.

    Good luck with your purchase ^__^
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Yes, I noticed that. But I think the front of the new Corolla look little better than the Focus. In my opinion, the Focus's front ends too abruptly, the gill especially. The back end of the Corolla reminds me little of Avalon's rear end.

    Toyota Corolla is scheduled for redesign as 2003 model year in the U.S. So we probably won't see it until fall of 2002. But seems like Toyota couldn't wait around in Japan and Europe, so they put the out the redesigned Corolla out already as a 2001.

    But we get a glimps of what to expect in 2003. A longer, taller, roomier Corolla, with 135 hp engine standard (up 10 hp). I don't know if the wagon is ever going to make it into the U.S (americans don't seem to be too fond of wagons, while Europeans go crazy over them).

    Yes, I too am suprised that they are actually going to have a production model Corolla with a upgraded Celica engine. 190 hp! Wow. But it's going to be on the wagon. Shucks. Again, we don't know if a wagon version will ever make into the U.S.

    As for the new 2001 Honda Civic. 105 hp engine is for the Japanese Civic. The definitive spec for the U.S civic will have a 1.6L 115 hp engine instead of the Japanese 1.5L engine (DX and LX), while the EX keeps the 127 hp engine. Ok, so the DX and LX gains 9 hp, that's still under powered. And the EX engine made no gain at ALL. I don't know what Honda is thinking, with all the competition such as Toyota and Nissan all have 125+ hp engine on even the baseline cars. The new civic is going to be one of the most underpowered car in the segment. I think Honda spent so much money making the car bigger that they ran out of money on updating engine. They even have to remove the double wishbone suspension (front) from the civic to cut cost, so it's sporty handling will definitly take a hit. Honda is on a tight budget, it's profit has been hit hard last year and this year, and maybe even next year. Main culprit is the strong yen. So it have to cut cost somewhere. It interesting that under the same condition, Toyota's profit has increased significantly.

    Here is an article if you are interested.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    There are lots of Toyota models in Japan that will never see the light of day in the US. The car in those pictures may or may not be the next generation Corolla. There might or might not be a Celica engine put into it. It is far too early to tell what we will have in 2003. It is interesting to speculate but don't put too much stock in a picture from a web site run by a toy company.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    Cliffy, you just have to ruined the fun don't you?
    (j/k ^_^)
    For one thing, I'm glad that Toyota understand the main pitfall of the Corolla (lack of rear passenger space, like wenyue pointed out). The engine is quite spunky as it is, but additional hp is always welcome, now that every other compact seemed to boosted theirs near the 140-150hp level.
    My guess, the 190hp will be put into the Corolla-S, but if Toyota do that, won't that cutting badly into Celica's turf ?

    disgressing a bit, do you know how the civic will be priced ? Its already the most expensive car in the compact market, and although the new styling isn't bad (a bit bland, seemed like the end of mirage + the front of a mini-accord), I really couldn't see what it has over other competitor such as sentra,protege,etc, especially with weak base engine and possibility of reduced handling
    Regarding Honda, it's sad but I fear that it days as an independent company are probably numbered. One of the giant probably will swallow it, if Honda cant keep maintaining their profit level and market share. That's a real shame though.
  • michalwmichalw Posts: 4
    is I would say pretty quiet (not to say that it actually is very quiet). I can barely hear the engine at speed between 50-80 in the 5th gear. And the turns...well....if I push it really hard it will slip, but I really have to push it in a very tight turn. Back in the summer of 1999 I was thinking about buying VW Golf (I still like and want one), but after I test drove a 99 Corolla CE on the highway (the salesman wasn't with me in the car) I fell in love with this thing. Finally I bought 99 LE with 5 speed manual transmission and love it. 14000 miles so far and not a single problem. Would I exchange it for an Elantra? _Never_!!! My friend bought one a couple months after I got my Corolla. He let me drive a couple of times. It's not quite the same. It is alot louder at cruising speeds (as loud at 60 as Corolla at 75-80) and his transmission (manual 5 speed!) broke after first 2000 miles. Is that what you call reliability? Not really. I do not expect to have any problems with my car for the first 100000 miles, and probably won't have that many if any after that.
    Corolla is a very good and dependable compact car. That's my opinion after a year of owning and driving one.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558

    Yes, I realized that. I'm just supprised that they just started selling the totally redesigned Corolla in Europe and Japan while leaving the U.S corolla largely unchanged. Both the European and Japanese Corolla were last redesigned in 1998 (same as the U.S ones). So the current Corolla model only lasted 3 production year over there, while ours will have to soldier on for a total of 5 production year. What's more, the production cost of those new Corolla is actually $580+ CHEAPER than the current Corolla. Wouldn't it make more sense if they just replace the whole current line of the Corollas with the new ones instead of leaving us Americans hanging like this? Recently, there is a sudden surge of a large number of highly capable compact cars on the U.S market. It's no longer the Civic/Corolla rule the compact market any more. First was the Mazda Protege, then the Ford Focus, and then Nissan Sentra, all of them are quite good success stories. Toyota needs to keep on its toes, and the new Corolla they are selling in Europe and Japan will go a long way in bolstering the Corolla's sales figure. Image a Corolla with even more power, roomy like a Protege, and with a price that's even lower than the old ones. That's a winning hand. I really think Toyota should bring that Corolla over here, or at least next year. fanciful thinking I guess. Maybe I should spend my vacation in Europe and bring a new Corolla back. ;)


    Honda is aiming to keep the Civic's price increase to a minimum. It's already the most expensive car in the segment, more increase would be a bad idea. The price increase is a very modest $16.

    The styling of the new Civic is very conservative. Not much change at all. Yes I agree totally that the front is an Accord, and the back is the Mitsu Mirage. I think the most comparable compact on the market is the Mazda Protege (probably what Honda used as reference). It adopted the Mazda's opt-space (cab-forward design) to increase the interior room, then offer just enough hp to beat the Protege (115 vs 105, and 127 vs 122). But with the engine power standard already at 125 hp (corolla and Sentra baseline power) and still moving up, it's already a little behind, and when competitiors do their redesign 2 years down the road, it would be hoplessly underpowered.

    Honda is a good company. Quite good at engineering. While not having the resource of Toyota to design a full spectrum of good vehicles to meet the market, they do do a good job with the ones they built. And managed to catch up and share the reliability crown with Toyota. They have my full respect as a company that has a solid engineering department and build good cars. But unlike Toyota corp that almost never makes business mistakes, Honda quite a few time let their passion lead to bad finacial decisions (building the costly Acura NSX for example, huge development cost to build a $90,000 immitation Ferrai, who would buy it? That bad move must have hurt!) Honda was in trouble just not too long ago, early 90s, when their net profit was almost 0 (I wonder how much the Acura NSX contributed to that). As many analysts have pointed out, the current heavy reliance on American market (80% of Honda's operation income comes from U.S) is a fatal vulnerability. If economy falls, market shift, Honda would be in a world of hurt. Even now, the 12% and 14% profit drop due to strong yen is exposing just how vulnerable Honda is with it's current set up. Also, Honda's European operation is in the red (I think Honda's never turned a profit in the entire European market). And it's presense in Japan is very small, unlike Toyota (who control the Japanese market), if oversea fails, they have no home to come back to.

    Sorry, don't mean to go into too much business. Just some reading when I was researching stock. Anyway, I think it's inevitable that Honda will eventually be bought out. As it is, it's just have too many vulnerable spots, and not big enought to avoid being on somebody's dinner table. It's a good company for sure, good design and good quality, I will miss it. My family owned two Hondas in the past, and they were good cars.

    I think if Honda's profit drop low enough, and it comes on the market, Toyota should buy it off right away. First of all, Toyota is the wealthiest of all of the automakers, so can make winning bid. Second, you don't want a competitor like to swallow up Honda and give them a boost in reliability which would errode Toyota's edge.
  • sancycsancyc Posts: 1
    I am looking for a new car. My first. I am new at this but did my research which resulted in a 2000 Corolla. I spoke with at least 7 dealers who told me there were none to be found. I was also told that the options I requested (ABS & Side Airbags) really weren't available even though they are listed as options. One of the dealers had seen one with side airbags in his x years as a salesman. None had seen a Corolla with ABS. I was told that since the Corolla is light, it doesn't really need ABS which is really needed for heavier cars. I was told that since the cage was so safe, the airbags weren't really necessary. In fact, they just plain don't make them. I was also told that they come with air conditioning and automatic transmissions whether you want them or not. (I wanted neither.) They made it sound as if getting the options I wanted would be very difficult. They were all happy to sell me a 2001. I was surprised you did not mention things that changed from 2000 to 2001 that were not improvements. Like: in order to get a clock, you need to buy a $986 air conditioner! Is this insane? Daylight running lights are gone. 60/40 seats are no longer available in anything but the LE model. Dual power mirrors were no longer available. Cruise control is not available on the CE model. And the rear defroster, which should be standard, is an option? The radio is also an extra. ABS brakes are also no longer an option on the CE, but then, they never were. I am very disappointed in Toyota's arrogance. Yes they have a great reliable car, but they certainly aren't doing much else to get customers! I really liked the Focus and may go that route, but am concerned about reliability. Do you have any recommendations?
  • crieckecriecke Posts: 37
    I am glad I got a CE when the CE was a CE.

    I just got the 2001 sales lit. and compared it to
    the 2000 lit. My 2000 CE is the winner.

    Anybody considering a 2001 CE should really
    look for a 2000 CE unless they just want a 2001.

  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "Corolla reputation that is ingrained in the minds
    of most people refers to the models before 2001 andperhaps before 97"

    The Corollas of the past were no better than now. It's just that in the "good old days" other brand cars were worse in comaprison. Now, many others have caught up to make it not as special as it used to seem. Basically, the Corolla is a 1993 design in the year 2000-01.

    Regarding the buyer not finding a car he wants. dealers will say anything to sell a car such as, "It don't need ABS or side air bags" and "you can't get a 5 speed".
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    During my search for my 99 Corolla LE, I have found a few Corolla LE with ABS and side airbags.

    I believe I have never seen a Corolla VE with ABS or sideairbags. ABS is even rare on a CE (but there should be 1 or 2, but since they stopped making 2000 several months ago, I don't think your chance of finding one is good). ABS and sideairbags is mostly found on the LE's, and then tend to come together (not one without the other), and tend to come on a LE that's loaded with sunroof and alloy wheels.

    So if you are looking for ABS and sideairbag, you probably should look into buying an LE. But again, 2000 corollas are just about all gone now, and you will probably have to settle for a 2001 LE instead. Good luck.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    In 2001, Toyota revamp the Corolla lineup. The VE trim is gone, the CE is basically a replacement for the VE (with 3spd auto standard) and becomes the base(barebone) trim, the LE stays the same, but with less standard and more optional equipment, and the S trim is introduced which I think is positioned between CE and LE.
    I had seen a few 2000 Corolla with manual transmission(can't remember CE or LE), but I havent seen the 2001 yet. Same thing can be said with the ABS.
    Cliffy probably can explain much better on what available and what's on each trim level.

    Toyota dealership's ratings has been near the bottom of the list for sometimes. I guess thats what happen when they know that they will always have buyers for their cars.
  • My 99 Corolla has both ABS and side airbags. It is an LE with 5sp manual transmission and almost no other optional equipment. Those options were a MUST on my car. If they weren't available on a Corolla I wouldn't have bought one. And saying that Corolla doesn't need ABS because it's light is plain BS. The purpose of ABS is not to let the whels lock up, and it is a lot easier to lock up wheels on a light car than on a heavy one. I think that ABS is really helpful during heavy braking on wet road. In my opinion ABS and side airbags should come standard on all cars.
    Jusr my $.02 .
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Liufei is correct about the model line up although the manual transmission is not too difficult to find. Our dealership loaded up on S Models with the 5 speed and the sell pretty well.

    ABS is strictly a factory order proposition right now in this region. I don't agree with Toyota's decision on this but I do understand it. They believe there are two reasons to not ship the cars with ABS. The first is that this car is in a very price sensitive segment and anything that contributes to raising the price is going to adversely affect sales.

    The other reason has to do with how much people will really benefit from ABS. Cars with ABS have not been shown to have fewer nor less severe collisions. Most people don't use them correctly. When the ABS engages, you feel the brake pedal vibrating and hear a groaning and clicking sound from under the hood. When this happens, people tend to ease off the brake and thereby defeat the who purpose for ABS. Toyota figures that if people are not going to benefit from it, why charge them for and and make it less price competitive.

    If you must have ABS, they can be ordered. Most dealers hate factory orders because they are not easy for us. We can do it and if you are patient, the dealers can build your dream car.
  • Daytime running lights are standard on the 2001 Corolla,I have them. I also have dual power adjusted side view mirrors. Don't believe all that B.S. the dealer is telling you.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Liufei and cliffy1:

    You two will love these pictures on the totally redesigned 2001 Corolla in Japan. This is from the offical Toyota's website in Japan. GOD THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!!!!!

    First the exterior photos: click on the number on the right of the pictures to get a bigger and better one.

    now, hold your breath, and look at the totally amazing interior shots:

    HOLY SMOKE! A colored multi-functional screen display! My god! I want one of those! And look at the interior quality. I could swear it's like a Lexus. (0k, maybe a lexus is little too much, but a camry solara at least!) The instrements are kind of Lexus IS300-like. What do you all think. Also, notice there are significantly more rear seat legroom and the seats are higher off the floor giving a taller driving position.

    This is more than enough to wet my appetite. I demand that they bring it here to the U.S! We are just as good as those Japanese and Europeans are we not? And we have higher living standards, we should be the first to get our hands on that redesigned corolla.
  • liufeiliufei Posts: 201
    COOL!!!!!. Nice job wenyue ^__^
    Here are some of the images from the site that wenyue mentioned. Toyota need to make an english version of Japanese website!!
    Exterior pics:

    Interior pics:

    I noticed the price for a Corolla with the cool looking Navi system is only around Y1.8M, translates to arround $15.5K. WHY WONT Toyota bring it here?? I definitely would buy one with all the goodies it comes with!!!

    Hey cliffy, how many petition do you think needed for Toyota to bring a particular model to the US???
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    Thank for redirecting the link. Forgot the webpage was in a frame. Thanks for the help.

    I definitly want one of those new corolla! This is just too unfair to leave us hanging like this. TOYOTA ARE YOU READING THIS! If you bring it here, it will be HUGE success.
  • Wenyue: Thx 4 posting the pix. Exterior looks a little like a VW Passat. Grille work takes a little getting use to. Prefer body color grille. Otherwise, looks like there a lot more headroom in the back. Couldn't say anything about trunk space. Interior looks clean. Just waiting 4 the press release on the performance.
  • wenyuewenyue Posts: 558
    no prob. :)

    The over all shape of the car reminds me of Prius.

    Anyay, the trunk according to web page is 437L (or 15.4 cubic feet). That's huge. Can that be right? Somebody varify my conversion. 437L = 437,000 cubic cm = 75.9 cm side length = 29.9 inches side lenght = 2.49 ft sidelength = 15.4 cubic feet. Somebody double check me.

    The engine is 1.3L (88 hp), 1.5L (110 hp), and 1.8L (an update of the current 1.8L, giving 10 more hp to 135 hp). Also, the wagon version gets an updated celica GT-S engine that makes 190 hp!

    Also there are some nice safety features. First there is VSC (vehicle stablity control), and a tire pressure monitor, along with WIL seat (whiplash injury lessening).

    Also there is a nice feature.

    Notice how the passenger seat turns to face outside. NICE!
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