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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • 1. Checked my glove for a "trunk lock button" but not there. 2011 manual, doesn't speak to this issue.

    2. Remote starter is an option

    3. Door Edge Trim...$94.00....Toyato part number PT936-03110-10......This is a new item that Toyota part person found while looking for a "side molding" for my 2011 Avalon.

    4. recall on this issue, at this time. Mine works so no complaint here.

    5. 6 speed automatic is awesome

    6. 268 HP...on regular gas, delivers some "eye opening performance". I thought my 2003 XLS, 210 HP was good.....2011 would run circles around it and 2011 gets better gas mileage. Keep detailed information on "gas mileage", will post another time.

    7. Have driven almost 8,000 miles......happy with car. Only gripe is that all 2011 Avalons came with Black mats......ugh White color, Ivory doesn't work!!!
  • donb1donb1 Posts: 47
    I am still working on learning all the gizmos on my new Limited. I read in the manual that the memory seats can be automatically triggered by the key fob depending on which fob is approaching the car. I cannot get it to work. The sales guy said it is not supposed to work off the fob. Can anyone tell me if he is correct or do I just need to try it again?
  • tome1tome1 Posts: 10
    The owners manual says exactly as you state the fob supposedly can be setup to be recognized as you approach car and automatically make seat & mirror adjustments. However, I haven't been able to activate either.
  • tome1tome1 Posts: 10
    Is anyone else noticing premature fabric wear on driver's floor mat (where heel contacts mat) ? Am getting small balls of fabric showing up on mat from heel of shoe rubbing/pivoting on mat material. Washed mat the other day and definitely noticeable where fabric is wearing. Have had car since mid July and mat should not be showing signs of wear like this. Quality of material in mats is not nearly as durable as in previous 2005 Avalon.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    They probably made them thinner to be absolutely sure they can't get jammed under the gas pedal. I suggest doing what another member here at Edmunds did and grab a set from the 05-10 model on Ebay. They should fit with no problems. Use the new ones in the spring and summer and keep the originals for the sloppy weather in the winter,

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    "Quality of material in mats is not nearly as durable as in previous 2005 Avalon."

    You can bet your bottom dollar on that one, and it may have less to do with safety than the bottom line profits. If the previous mats were 1/2" thick & the current ones are only 1/4", VOILA, an instant 50% profit for the guys with the smiling faces and the $100 silk ties. But that's progress. Toyoda-san would be pleased.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited October 2010
    Last trip to Birmingham AL I got 28.9 MPG. The computer in the car said I was getting 26.4 so I was kind of disappointed until I figured MPG myself. I am very happy. A lot of HWY mileage. Coming up from SC, through Athens, and through Atlanta was quite a trip. NOT all HWY but most. Loaded with two people, and luggage. FYI car drove great, shifted great, love the pick up. A real looker. No problems. Sound system is really good. A real pleasure to drive. Pretty good investment so far.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 102
    I bought my 2011 Avalon on May 1, 2010 and one of the first thing I noticed was the compass that kept failing to work correctly. I was really concerned as I was going to be doing any major traveling until October. At my scheduled maintenance I mentioned this to my dealer and he told me that Toyota was aware of this problem and a fix should be out my the end of September. That didn't happen.

    I made my trip without my compass which doesn't make me a real happy owner. Today I again went to my dealer and now the story is they don't have an ideal when it will be fixed. So here I am having spent $36,000 and waited 6 months and still they don't have a clue?????????

    Now for the good part.

    I had my last schedule service done in August at 5,000 miles. On the way to the dealer I looked up at the sticker on the windshield and notice it said my next service was due 11/18/10, or three months from my last. Since this date was real close to 6 months from my purchase date I wasn't sure what was going on.

    I asked the service manager what the story with 3 months was and he informed that they recommend having your vehicle service every 3 months or 3,000 miles. I mentioned to him that the manual says every 6 months or 5,000 miles. He informed me he knew that but they recommend the 3mos/3,000miles.

    I then told him that I had the 2 year free mainntenance plan and he asked if they were going to service my car for free every three months or 3,000 miles. HERE'S HIS ANSWER

    If you have the free service plan it only covers services every 5,000 miles.

    Just amazing how your car can need less service when they have to pay for it.

    I started looking at the Avalons in 2002 and took me 8 years to finally go with one. Now I'm beginning to question my decision.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited October 2010
    Gramz, it sounds to me like you have a greedy dealership. Our local dealership never implied anything of the sort. I only have 15 hundred miles on my car and they did call to make a routine service. I explained my low miles and he said I should service it by January because of the time passed not because of the miles. I felt good about that. I also explain that my car SEEM to pull to the left on the HWY. They said they would check that with no charge. Now by Jan. that could change. However that pull might be me. So, I believe your problem MIGHT be your dealership. I'm curious did they use synthetic oil. Probably not! I would ASK up front about ANY charge for routine maintenance is not what Toyota said. I would explain to them that what they said does out on a blog that goes out to all America or who ever reads our blog. FYI my compass works just fine. Hope this helps.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Our recent trip. I pressed the black button to lock all the doors. I'm a slow walker and before I could get away from the car the car unlock itself. I was surprised. Is this normal? Is the car suppose to unlock itself by walking upon it?
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    Man you need to get another dealer to service the car. My '11 Ltd uses synthetic oil & that recommended official change is every 10K miles. In the coupon book the 5K mile services seem to include only a look around at things & topping off the fluids, maybe a tire rotation but I can't remember exactly.

    When I went to the dealer for the new owner orientation for questions, etc., the service managers ran the program & spent most of the time urging us to only have work done at the dealership, supposedly because if we spent money at Toyota then Toy would treat us better than those who didn't use them. After an hour of that crap I left. Personally I don't plan to spend twice or three times the money for oil changes at the dealer than the place down the street charges. Mobil 1 is Mobil 1 everywhere.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 102
    If I understand everything correctly it should open until you touch the back side of the door handle.
  • Has anyone been able to answer how to program the key fob to set seat memory etc.
  • donb1donb1 Posts: 47
    I noticed when I turned on the lights the lights moved down, then up, then down again. Does anyone know what that is all about?
  • algeealgee Posts: 77
    They are self leveling lights and are setting themselves
  • twinb,

    "Personally I don't plan to spend twice or three times the money for oil changes at the dealer than the place down the street charges."

    I don't understand why the dealer would be charging you anything for service on your '11. Didn't you get the free maintenance coupons?

    As far as the statements made at your orientation meeting, I'm not surprised. Given the amount of information available on the internet regarding invoice costs, factory incentives, etc., it is harder for the sales departments to make as much money for the dealership as in the past. I think this forces the service departments to charge more and they try to come up with gimmicks like free car washes and courtesy cars or excuses like Toyota will treat you better (which is pure BS). Toyota will treat the dealers better if their numbers are good and they receive good feedback from their customers. [I'm real tired of being told to give the dealer excellent ratings so that they can continue to give me benefits, but that's a topic for another rant.] The only plus I can see to using the dealer for all recommended maintenance is that a future prospective buyer of your car may be impressed by all the "Authorized Dealer" stamps in your maintenance log book.
  • twinbtwinb Posts: 140
    Oh I was talking about oil changes after the free coupons run out.
  • Twinb:

    Think if you check your Avalon manual.....then "synthetic" is not the recommend product to use.

    My Toyato service manager thought synthetic was the correct product but the "lube guy" heard the conversation and told him to check the filler cap........ the "filler cap" clearly states SAE 5W-30.
  • This was almost EXACTLY my experience when I got my 2011 Avalon; everyone in the dealership said it was a synthetic oil but the parts guy knew to check the cap! It calls for a non-synthetic oil! Thanks! Great car---9000 miles-no issues.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,023
    There is no reason why you can't switch to synthetic if you want to. The car is virtually new. The main thing is the weight of the oil, stick with the recommendation on the cap and all will be fine.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

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