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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • potat0epotat0e Posts: 12
    Thanks marv15, good article.

    The idea of a hybrid sounds good to me. I'd love (almost) double city mileage. The Highlander hybrid is rated 28/28, but it weighs 4641 with SUV aerodynamics, so the Avalon should do a lot better. Hopefully, high 30s in the city. I'd love that.

    Maybe a year ago one of the car mags had a paragraph or two on the new Avalon. It said that Toyota's president set a target, that the new Avalon should be the most refined car available in its price range. (The mag wondered what that meant for the Lexus ES.)

    It's interesting now to hear all the talk about sharper handling and hipper sheetmetal and younger and athletic stance, etc. It worries me. To me, that sounds like they're saying "we want to be more like everything else on the road". I LIKE the things that made Avalon unique, and I don't want to lose them.

    For example, I'd love it if they brought back the bench seat. LeSabre is gone. Park Avenue is gone. Buick doesn't make Buicks anymore. Town Car/Grand Marquis/Crown Victoria are gone. Etc. OK fine, that's progress. But, people who love that kind of car haven't disappeared. I think Toyota should say "thank you" to all the car companies that left that market, and they should hold on to it, with the Avalon.

    OK, if they can look hip at the same time, great. No problem. Just keep the almost-limousine room, the comfortable seating position, the compliant ride, etc. Just one (old) person's opinion.

    The article talked about competitors, including the Hyundai Azera. Interesting, and true. But, for me, they should also have mentioned the Hyundai Genesis. The Genesis looks good to me and its V6 price might even be lower than the Avalon's. I think my next car will be either a Genesis or an Avalon. I read that there will be a new Genesis in mid-2013 as a 2014 model.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    Buick doesn't make Buicks anymore.

    What exactly does that mean? I have a 2012 Buick LaCrosse 3.6 and it pretty much is everything a Buick always was. Quiet, roomy, powerful, great riding, and loaded with amenities.

    I hope the new Avalon is a winner, I'll have that to look forward to once my Buick lease is over. I loved my 06.

    As for the Avalon having a bench seat and a column shifter that won't happen. The last model to have that was 04 and there weren't many made.

    The Genesis looks good to me and its V6 price might even be lower than the Avalon's.

    The Genesis doesn't ride anything like the Avalon. I had a 09 and it was very jittery and sport tuned. The opposite of the Avalon.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • potat0epotat0e Posts: 12
    "The Genesis doesn't ride anything like the Avalon. I had a 09 and it was very jittery and sport tuned. The opposite of the Avalon. "

    Good to know, especially from someone who's actually owned one. Thanks.

    From the articles/reviews we've seen so far, does it seem that Toyota wants the new Avalon to be more "sport tuned" too?
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    I think they want it to appeal to a younger audience, but knowing Toyota they will put a focus on comfort.

    We will just have to see, I hope they just improve on a good thing. I would be driving an Avalon again but couldn't wait for the new model and the 2012 was very close to the 06 I owned.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • _bill_wa_bill_wa Posts: 37
    My 2011 Ltd., just turned 29,000 runs great, good mileage, power is awesome but I want new......The 2013 has some features that I feel all cars should have..."blind spot indicator", different tires sizes, switchable driving mode" redesigned interior, with more 12 volt outlets.....I HOPE there are some new colors.....not much change since my 2004....some other car manufactures seem to "have more interesting, creative colors".

    Toyato Avalon is a nice car, for the money........I like being able to use regular gas.......I have looked at Lexus and Infiniti, just tough to justify $4000 - $10,000 more for about the same quality of car.

    How about you??????
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited May 2012
    What I learned from wholesaleing cars is this. The MORE expensive the car is, the faster in value they drop.

    For this reason I almost didn't buy an Avalon. However, we could afford it and I wanted to treat my wife. I knew we would lose on the money end of the deal if we chose to sell.

    As a driver/owner of almost all kinds of nice cars out there at one time or other. I think Avalon deliverers a lot of bang for the buck as any other car. I'm not just saying that because I bought one. I choice the Toyota because of quality, and resell value.

    I don't think I could buy a car were I had to put high test gas in one. I mean, I wouldn't. Other people might but not me.

    If I drove more than I probably would look at a prius C. I got 17 thousand on my 2011 Avy and love it. I forgot when we bought it but when they first came out. I don't know the value of it today but I'm sure I would lose plenty if I sold it. Hope this helps, But hey, it's not for sale. Well, I shouldn't say "not for sale", EVERYTHING is for sale in my house, except the wife and dog hmmmmm, maybe the dog
  • mrbill541mrbill541 Posts: 2
    I want to also document the steering wheel clicking problem. My 2011 now has 19000 miles and what once was a brief clicking sound starting about a year ago is now very noticable turning the wheel in any direction. My wife does not notice it and it was initially so intermittant that I could not demonstrate the problem at the dealership. I believe it is now noticeable enough to be able to demonstrate the problem to the service advisor. When I can spare the vehicle for the day, I will schedule a service appointment.
  • robsisrobsis Posts: 160
    Well, you could 'feel' and visibly see a slight movement in the column, no matter how you adjusted it. Not horrible; however, enough to be annoying. Then, my wife started to hear a clicking sound. I never heard the clicks, probably because I'm deaf in one ear and mildly hard of hearing in the other (no pun!). When we took the vehicle in for service, we described it as such. The service writer drove the vehicle to the service bay and said that he had driven hundreds of Avalons (mostly at slower speeds in the service area) and that "there is something not right in the steering...I hear a click, too, and that's not normal. I'm going to have a senior tech check it out." When we picked the car up later, he said the tech was going to replace the column, and that was that.....and all covered under warranty.

    Haven't looked back since and, 2000 miles later, I still notice how much tighter the column is, and the wife says: "No more clicking."

    HTH :)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I bought a 2008 Camry Hybrid. I ran it 70,000 miles and couldn't wait to get rid of it this spring. It was typically reliable as all Camrys are, the mileage was ok, (around 38 in town), but even that doesn't pencil. At $4 a gallon, you still have to drive it about 75,000 miles before you break even from the premium on the car when you buy it. My biggest complaint was the miserable lack of power at any speed, and the roughness of the start-stop all the time. Very annoying. I have no interest in any more hybrids. They'll have to do something better than that to attract me. Considering the Ford Ecoboost next time.

    Love the Avalon - but won't get one in the Hybrid flavor if they make one.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Thanks for the update. I drive 35,000 miles a year, and unless you are getting some 20 - 30% more mileage and or the car is REAL comfortable, REAL quiet É REAL nice, in the end you don't save enough going with another car in a cars class just because of gas mileage, especially if you need to use premium fuel.

    Recent 2300 mile trip
    2011 Avalon - $259.00
    2011 Camry Hybrid - $228.00
    2011 Prius - $179.00

    I don't see a big enough difference here, to go with anything but the Avalon.

    - Bigger
    - More Comfortable
    - Quieter
    - Safer

    For me, the difference needs to be $150.00 or more to even consider a different car for a trip like this.


    PS I just want more info on the 2013 Avalon, the Hybrid was never a consideration for me. Now AWD, this I might consider.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited May 2012
    Thanks skip, I'm glad other people have thought about this MPG savings. I have 17,800 on my Avy, LOVE it and I'm getting pretty great gas milage for such a big car.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 105
    Thanks for the info.

    I just turned 35,000 miles and I can't say enough good about the Avalon. I haven't reset the MPG since purchase and it now sits at 27.6. I usually lose a few tenths in the winter when I go to the Phoenix area, but gain it back when I return to the Dakotas.

    I just returned from a 1,000 mile trip and I kept track manually of my mileage and it was 29.7 which included one tank into a headwind. For the cabin size and the power, I can't think another car can come close to this.

    Now for a problem. I sometimes would like to leave my cell or ipad in the car charging but haven't been able to figure out a way. When I shut the car off I lose power and if I leave the ACC on I can't lock the car. Any suggestions?????
  • The solution would be to have a *dumb* copy of the ignition key made at any auto, locksmith or box store that cuts keys.

    In my line of work I rarely turn off my base model Avy 2011, winter or summer, having all sorts of power hungry items plugged into the power sockets or converter. I can lock the single driver side door leaving the car running or with the ACC switch on with no problems go on my inspections comming back to a nice and warm or cool cabin depending on season.

    I have several copies, one in by wallet, another in my laptop/tablet sleeve, and yet a third in my satchel or oversize bag. The *dumb* key copy cannot start the car nor open the boot...just unlock/lock the door.
  • gramzgramz Posts: 105
    edited May 2012
    Hey, thanks a lot. I didn't even think about trying the key that's inside the FOB. It works.

    I really can't see a reason for getting another one made unless I'm missing something? I would use the one in my FOB and then keep the FOB with me?

    Thanks again.
  • Perhaps, if you are thinking of taking your key out of the spare FOB? A key copy is $2.95 to $3.00 as opposed to opening the spare FOB up and taking the key out and ruining it. I don't know what the limited model FOB looks like as I did not purchase that model though I believe it had an onboard sensor to unlock the doors and a run/start button and my slaesperson said I would not have to take the key out of pocket.

    My Toyota dealer told me it would cost around $295.00 to replace any key FOB if I lost or damaged it so it made sense to me just to have a flat metal ( no plastic end) to lay tighter in my wallet.

    Hope this helps?
  • potat0epotat0e Posts: 12
    Thanks, good points. You've got to save money, not just gas. But if the money works out, I'd sure like to fill-up less often.

    The start/stop thing concerns me. I thought an engine needed to be running to keep friction surfaces oiled. "Starting it is a terrible thing to do to an engine" is a saying that has stuck with me for years.

    So, stopping and restarting your engine at every stoplight could lead to engine damage, no? They probably have worked that out, but I would worry. Even if it doesn't hurt the engine too much, it can't help it.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    edited June 2012
    Site deleted because of false information.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    That article you posted cannot be true/accurate information

    They contradict them selves right here:

    Avalon style was inspired by the Audi A7, Jaguar XJ and Lexus lines. The Avalon will retain the V-6 engine of 3.5 liters but will intensify its handling.

    2013 Toyota Avalon comes with a 24-valve 3.0-liter DOHC VVT-i V6 210 hp 5,800 rpm 220 lb-ft 4,400 rpm motor for both XL and Avalon XLS.

    And this quote simply has me LAUGHING!!!! A manual trans in an Avalon????

    For transmission, consumers can choose between a five speed manual or a continuously variable transmission

    Could this comment have been for the Scion also mentioned in the above?

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I assume the writer of the forum meant a 5 speed manual, automatic, much like we have in our Avalon's. Assuming you own a 2011, or 2012. Our transmissions are 6 speed but can be used like a manual.

    A vaurable transmission was a big concern for me. Less torque, with less horsepower MIGHT mean better MPG but I have no evidence to support that.

    I didn't write it, someone else did. I only posted the site.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I've been reading a lot and that post cannot be correct. I stand corrected and was too quick to do my research. Road and Track said they will keep the same transmission and engine. That's good enough for me. I won't post that till I find out for sure. Just an update.
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