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2011 Toyota Avalon



  • neil1neil1 Posts: 17
    Anbody know a way to temporarily disable the (always on) Navi Map Screen - or at least make it not so bright - especially at night?
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Hit the "Disp" button on the bottom left side, then hit the "Off" button

  • neil1neil1 Posts: 17
    well that was easy - thanks!
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 17
    I don't get purpose of the flashing red secuity indicator? If the car is unlocked and in the garage unattended, the indicator is blinking? What is the significance of the flashing light?
  • Neil1

    This is common in all cars with a "security system".....Just let's you know the system is working, that's a good thing.........wear down battery?, don't think this is a problem, unless battery is on "last legs"
  • 4 months ago bought '11 AV LTD Toyota owned replacing '04 AV LTD after 115K miles. I too miss the center info. display showing everything that must be located separately on the '11. Fuel mileage great, reset every third tank at about 1100 miles ave 27. to 28.5 MPG for half city and highway. Short trip from PA to NJ have had 33. MPG With the larger doors of '11, miss the standard door rub strip on my '04, '98 and '95 provide paint protection. Maybe need to add on my own. Has anyone updated the 10.1 Nav. disc. to the 12.1 for $169 from Toyota? Is there a noticable difference. The '11 is my 4th pre owned AV. since 1997 each bought with low mileage.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Maybe this is rude, I sure hope not, but how much did you pay for your Avalon? You said you bought the LTD and I guess the nav. with it?? How many miles did your new Avalon have? I paid right at 36 thousand, maybe 34-35, I'm not totally sure because I traded a 2000 model in. I like this Avalon (2011) MUCH better. I also have an LTD without the navigation system. I know have 21 thousand on my car. I do agree this model needs a door guard to guard against door dings.
  • Not a rude request. A Toy. dealer since 4/11 owned the '11 LTD loaded. Had 13k miles and was one of three same year same equip different colors used as dealer courtesy cars. They asked $28K and I paid $22K net of '04 XLS trade. Would not have ordered the NAV and all that comes with it since I am modern tech. challenged but three choices all same equip. Most impressed with better fuel mileage than '04 with larger engine but 6 sp. trans. Definitely longer than th '04 AV. Must be careful how rain sensing wipers are set or then will start up in car wash tangling with the brushes. Usually park away from other vehicles to try to avoid door damage which also gives a benefit of more walking exercise.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    You are going to fall in love with the car. It's a wonderful car. I just traded mine in on the 2013, and well, I'm currently not sure, but I might have like the 2011 better?

    Now give me a few months and I'm sure (surely hoping) I like the 2013 better:)

  • Took my 2011 Avy in for 30K service and drove a new 2013 LTD. I was impressed overall with the car's handling, interior finish quality and the quietness even after taking into consideration of being new.
    The front end was not quite as ugly to me as in the photos and videos but it was distracting. Kinda reminded me of the front end of the old Chrysler 300 of yore before the current model change of a few years ago. It was loaded with the BlackBerry QNX - Toyota (Entune) entertainment and NAV system and the electronic adjustable economy, sport and normal drive modes but it was not noticable. Listed at $40k. I am going to check out the Hybrid to see if the Camry propulsion system can handle the extra weight later this month.
  • neil1neil1 Posts: 17
    My wife traded her '03 very high mileage ES300 on an '11 loaded LTD at a Toyota dealer in late September. Net difference around 27K. The Avi was show room new w/13,000mi - a trade in that had been there less than two days. The previous owner installed door protectors which look like a factory install on the pearl white paint. We ponied up $700 additional and had the front end (half the hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper and door handle cups) covered with Clearshield -sometimes called clear bra - which is virtually invisible on the car. No more worries about rocks, gravel, and/or love bugs. I think the Avi trunk might be smaller than her (smaller) ES300 Lexus trunk was but all in we think it's great car.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Make sure and give us updates on your 2013, I'm curious but I don't think I'll run out and buy one. I really like my 2011 and like I stated in previous notes I only have 21 thousand miles on it.

    How's the leg room in the 2013? Power? Tell us more! Thanks for sharing,
  • The steering column was placed under warranty after the mechanics put it on the rack and verified hearing the clicking. Similar problem and a recall with Camary I was told by service advisor. Recall for this on Avalon coming,I predict, as this fixed the problem.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I had a clicking in my Steering column, it took me several visits for the dealer to finally locate the problem. It was very slight but I noticed it. The noise, movement bothered me so much I was just about ready to sell my car, then a tech noticed it. Today, all is good, it's the only problem I had with my Avalon so far.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 5,025
    That was a common thing. My 06 had the clicking column. When I explained that I was feeling it my dealer fixed it without question under warranty.

    1999 Chevy S10 / 2004 Merc Grand Marquis / 2012 Buick LaCrosse

  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Drove a 12 Avalon yesterday - I'm a fan anyway, but was quite impressed. Love what they did with the interior, drive was perfect, as always. Now, I guess I should compare the 13 with it one of these days.
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I thought you owned a 2011. Surely you don't have that many miles on your car. Lets us know what you think about the 2013. I am told the 2012 isn't any differnt from the 2011's. I am curious abut the 2013 though. Thanks for sharing,
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    I had a 2011, which I just traded in on the All New 2013 Avalon:) Here is a quick run through of my thoughts so far.

    ***Some of this likely has changed, as I've now owned the car 6 days, but it's good reading until I do update it.

    First impressions on my 2013avalon:)
    Ok, we'll I just got back from my first short trip with my new toy. Here are my thoughts.

    First off let me me start with a BIG

    Quiet, smooth, comfortable pleasant to drive.

    Seats are much more comfortable then I expected on a longer drive.

    The trip was about 200 miles round trip. Mostly back roads 45 - 55 mph, and light snow all day.

    I didn't think about it until I tried to load CD's, as it appears it only holds 1. I'm sure this is because of entunes and the fact it can play a iPod.

    I still find the switches / controls on the top right a bit to far, but not a big deal. The lights are very nice, both headlights for lighting the road as well as the interior lights.

    Something odd, is that my cell phones turns on and off all by itself, which never happened with my old Avalon, and it is the car, because when the cell phone is on my desk at workor counter at home, it doesn't do it.

    The front seat heater is very good and seems more powerful than my old Avalon.

    The collision avoidance is real nice.

    Right Now I don't like the new radio station presets, a bit more work then the old system, but I can see where it will be easier once I get use to it.

    The 3 driving modes are interesting, but I didn't pay attention much attention to them yet, so I can't comment much. I can say you can see and feel the difference when you select each mode.

    The electric steering is REAL nice.

    I liked the 3 trays / pockets on the old Avalon better. Things seemed to fit better and easier.

    I love the coin tray up front.

    I like the digital speedometer which is handy when setting the cruise control at 9mph over the speed limit

    I REALLY like the solid feel when opening and closing the doors

    I'm sure there will be more as I get more time behind the wheel, but that's for now.

  • nceencee Posts: 419
    Well almost 1,000 miles on it, so I'm getting more time behind the wheel.

    - The rides is more comfortable but in an odd way. It feels stiffer, and you hear and sort of feel the bumps more, but not in a bone jarring way. The seats and suspension do a good job of soaking the bumps up.

    - My radio doesn't seem to go up and down base on noise and speed like it should. I'll be reading up on this to see if it only works under certain conditions, or if the radio needs to be at a certain volume to work?

    - Oh, the radio is awesome in the LTD model

    - Wipers are real quiet:) A big issue I had with my 2011 Avalon

    - The windows go up and down very quietly. Something I had paid to much attention to in my 2011, although you do have to hold the switches a bit longer to have them work automatically.

    - Still NOT liking the radio station setup:(

    - Electric steering is a nice touch.

    - The backup camera seems so much nicer. The picture is clearer, cleaning, brighter and more crisp then the 2011.

    - Not sure but the 3 driving modes are somewhat of a gimmick at this time. I leave it in "Normal" at this time. I will be going on a few long trips, at which point in time I will try "Eco" mode to see if it helps in the MPG.

    - I will say, I've had several folks come up and say "Very Nice Things" about the car:)

    - The front seat heaters WORK! Damn, on high you feel like your roasting your butt for dinner. Med is ok, and the first setting doesn't seem to work well at all?

    - Wind noise hasn't been an issue yet. I'm NOT saying it's any quieter then my 2011, what I'm saying is, it's not any louder that I can detect.

    I THINK I can say this and mean it.

    IF I had driven a 2010 or so LS 460 L, and it didn't have to many miles on it, and I could live with the HIGH cost of ownership, and the higher cost for fuel (I drive 35,000+ miles a year, and a trip to FL from Maine would cost an extra $150.00, or about $2,000.00 more per year) Not to mention the higher cost of insurance and maintenance - $200.00 for an oil change! That would likely be sitting in my driveway, but this is a Very Nice option.

    Ok, back to my New Avalon:)

    A friend who I worked with many years ago at the local Ford dealerships went for a ride in the car the other day, and well, here is some of what happen.

    Hey, Leo look at this cool feature, yeah that's nice. I've like that idea every since ford started putting that in their cars a few years ago:) ok, well what do you think of this? Yeah that's cool to, but sorry, ford's have had that for a few years now. Well this went on and on for a while, after the ride was done and I was dropping him off, I asked him, so what do you think, he said (in Leo fashion), nice, but you could have bought a 3 year old ford and got all that stuff for a lot less:)

    - Trunk opening seems tighter. I don't like that, as I use the car a lot for making deliveries.

    - The car is smaller inside, which is noted in the specs, I just wish it wasn't so noticeable. My passengers have said they fell a bit claustrophobic in front. That seemed a bit much to me! I will say, it maybe the different colors used, making it seem tighter. I feel it as the driver:(

    Now some of you are saying "Damn sure sounds like he doesn't like the car, and or, why in hell did he buy the car"? And that is a good question.

    YES, I like the car. That doesn't mean I can't find fault with it.

    I also worked out a deal with my local dealer, which I wasn't going to back out of. In part he bought A LOT of marketing stuff for their Grand Reopening / Remodel, and I said I would purchase a new car if he did. He did spend A LT, so I bought the new car.

    Here is an interesting wonder.

    IF the car was to be totaled, would I purchase another one, or would I buy a 2012, or would I shop around for a late model used LS???

  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    I really want to thank you skip for giving us updates. I'm not in the market to buy one since I have only 22 thousand miles and I bought an extended warranty. It's nice to know what to expect if I ever wanted to buy a 2013 model.

    One thing I love about my 2011 is the room on the inside. Especially the back seat. You said the 2013 was smaller on the inside. This is nice to know. I guess that's how they get the extra MPG. ??

    Keep the undates coming, Thanks again!
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