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Audi A6



  • I've been having fun doing perfomance upgrades to my 4.2 (all somewhat invisible). The car gets better every day.
  • I took delivery of a '02 2.7T tip with the sport package and all the goodies on Tuesday. What a car. Ming blue with beige interior. It's a great color combination, but I know that I am setting myself up with a lot of work to keep both the inside and outside in shape. With the sport package and the Continental SportContact 2's it is a totally different feel than the non-sport '98 A4 that I had. You can certainly feel the road, but I wouldn't begin to say it is harsh. With only 150 miles I just haven't pushed it in any manner yet.

    So far the tiptronic is taking some getting used to. In the regular automatic mode it is as good as any I have ever driven. In the tip mode some of the time I am reaching for the shift lever and others using the steering wheel buttons. I have not even used the sport mode yet. It's just going to take some time to figure out what to use and when. With the tip you can either be in regular or sport automatic mode, or if you are in tip mode you can shift two different ways. I obviously didn't have all those choices with a 5-speed.

    The xenons are unbelievable, especially with all the deer running around here this time of year. I never would have noticed with regular headlights, but now I feel the need to upgrade the front fogs.

    Minor gripes - EVERYTHING is lit up red at night. Every switch, knob, button in the car. I really don’t like the billboard in the instrument cluster telling you to put your foot on the brake before shifting into gear (anyone know how to disable that?). It already has the "foot" light on the shifter. Also, the interior footwell lights only come on in the car on the side that you open the door. But like I said - minor gripes. Does the steering wheel seem small?? I sure liked the 3-spoke sport wheel in my A4.

    I really can't wait to put a few more miles on this so I can push it around. How many would you all suggest before I feel free to run it out?

    Also, the summer high performance tires need to come off really soon. What do you all like better – the Yoko avs db’s or the Dunlop SP5000’s? I don’t need a real winter tire – I have a truck if it gets really nasty. At first I didn’t like the BBS wheels, but they have grown on me in the last few days. I still may get a set of Ronal R-28’s to run with the all seasons.

    One more question – that beige carpet needs some all season mats – the audi store online or clair?

    I've been reading here and audiworld considering some upgrades. Tires first by necessity, but then who knows? The sport supsension takes care of a lot of the upgrades that are considered first.
  • Sounds like a great car. What was the pricing if you don't mind? We're looking at a '02 3.0 with all options other than nav for about $2k over invoice. Based on other postings I believe that is reasonable but any input would be appreciated.
  • But, since I haven't used them in "weather" I will not vouch for their winter prowess -- they are supposed to be good for places (like southern Ohio) where the winters from a snowfall standpoint are mild.

    My tire store guy says check out the Falken's Zeiz All season high performance.

    Beats me.
  • After what seems like eons,my Crystal blue 4.2 finally found its way to the dealer and will be flatbedded to my doorstep this coming Monday.
    Hope to share my first impressions after reality sets in.
  • I, too took delivery of a 2.7T sport on 10/15. Now have 1150 miles on it. I think the book says to baby it until you get over 1k miles on it. I was exceptionally careful with the brakes and the throttle, and it seems to have paid off. The thing will fly, if it won't talk, but be patient with the foot for a while. I did replace the Conti Contact 2's with Yoko AVS dB's and am very pleased, altho I had to almost give away the Conti's (got only $40 each for them!). They are definitely quieter and do traction really well in a rainstorm we had in South Central Indiana about three weeks ago.

    I picked up the car the evening before our moving van came with a huge amount of furniture to our 'new' home in Indiana, so I didn't get to go to bed with the manual, but have looked up stuff in it. There's a lot to be learned about all the features.

    Mine is Amulet Red with Ecru interior. That's my only complaint. The Red is too red compared to the Tornado Red from last year, and the Ecru is lighter than I would like. Otherwise, this is more fun, secure, quiet, and thrilling than any car I've ever had, even 911s. I absolutely love it.

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Beg to differ. Think Amulet is MUCH nicer than Tornado Red. Car looks much richer. Dealers had trouble moving the Tornado. Have only seen pix of ecru, but thought it looked great and would be smashing with Amulet. Got vanilla/royal (very light) in my silver car, and while I had my doubts at first, it keeps looking better and better. Also, not ANOTHER sivler/black.

    I think Clair for mats. Faster, cheaper.
  • I talked with Ralph at Northland and he told me the story of how you picked up your car. I think it would be a good story to share with the group. I can't do it justice.

    When I heard it, I thought it was a unique way to pick up a new car.

    And, if Ralph isn't the horizontal salesperson, I don't know who is. I have to remind him that now is the time to ask for the sale -- he is sooo low pressure.

    Anyway, if I may press upon you to share your story. . . .
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Jim, just checked AoA site for '02 interior colors. Saw beige and vanilla/ebony as '02 choices for Amulet. I suspect you got beige, is this correct? Think it looks wonderful with the Amulet. Also really like the Amulet over vanilla/ebony. Think both are really sharp, distinctive choices.
  • Yes, picking the car up was a real saga. I had sold my Toyota Land Cruiser a couple weeks earlier, and rented a rent a wreck for the few days before I went to Cincy.

    Having been a newcomer to the community, I didn't have the guts to ask someone I hardly knew to take me to Cincy. My spouse was in Texas, loading the van to bring all our furniture, etc. to Indiana, so I was rather alone.

    I couldn't get the rent a wreck guy to take me the 100 miles to Cincy, Enterprise was going to charge me an arm and a leg, so I TOOK A GREYHOUND! I went from Columbus, IN to Indy, (very interesting bus station!), and then on to Cincy. I couldn't get the bus driver and Ralph to figure an easy place for him to pick me up to avoid his having to go all the way downtown.

    I'm sure I appeared to have been a Beverly Hillbilly to the dealership, but my money was just as good as the next guy's. I was a bit amused myself. My wife used to broker cars in Texas, and suggested I have Ralph pick me up or deliver the car to Indiana, but I didn't want anyone else to drive my car first!

    He came down to the station in an A8 with 18k miles on it. I was so impressed with it, I almost asked to lease it instead of the A6! It was so luxurious.
    Meanwhile, I'm on my cell phone trying to get the best deal on a lease from my credit union. The car was so new they didn't have residuals, and kept calling me. Finally, Audi Finance gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. Ralph was great thruout the whole ordeal, even showed me his '92 911 with 30k, giving me the opportunity to buy it instead. I was tempted, but wanted the luxury of the A6.

    To top it all off, I drove out of the dealership into the late afternoon setting sun onto unfamiliar hiways with a new car. I was very anxious 'cause I couldn't read the overhead signs on the freeway with the sun right into my eyes.

    Don't get me wrong, timcar, I love the car. The darkness of the red will show more dirt, and the Ecru's lightness will, too. I had planned to use a leather treatment to sort of 'seal' the leather from fine dirt, but it still hasn't been done. You can see a patina of dirt in the driver's seat already, but with the move, both Becky and I moving from our respective places into a 'new' house, combined with the responsibilities of my job, I just haven't done it yet.

    BTW, I ordered the Audi WeatherTech type mats. They cost 108.95 delivered, but are much better than regular weathertech mats, and the clay color is quite nice in the car. AND, the car is a thrill to drive!

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Saw your Nemo Blue 4.2 at Northland this week. Beatiful car.I was in to get a replacement remote for my A4. My 18 year old son pressed me to take the black on black '00 4.2 for a test drive. I was afraid if I did there would be no going back.
  • gs4rx3gs4rx3 Posts: 25
    I need your help. I just noticed this week that the open storage space under the armrest in my '00 4.2 has no tray in it. I am fairly confident it had a tray previously. Now it is hard plastic with a couple holes I can see through to some bolts. Does the tray come out easily? Is it just plastic? I'm worried that the car wash employees may have heisted it. Why anyone would want it beats me. Last, any thoughts on what it costs to replace it?

    Can someone please take a look at their A6 and help me out? I don't know anyone else who owns one where I live. Thanks.
  • jg37jg37 Posts: 4
    Can someone explain "turbo lag"?

    My 2001 2.7T seems to hesitate off the blocks and "revs" to 3500 before shifting. Once underway, its fine and doesn't hesitate whether I'm going 20 or 80.

    I didn't notice it when I test drove another 2.7T.

    Is this normal or should I be concerned. Also, I've heard it takes the car a while to adapt to my driving style. Is this true and how long does it take. Any thoughts?
  • There is a tray under the armrest between the two fron seats in my '01 A6 4.2. It is plastic and matches the rest of the interior and I am fairly certain that it can be ordered from your Audi dealer -- my advice, pick up the phone and ask the parts guy how much it will cost and when it will come in.

    And, FYI my A6 has the Navigation package but the only thing that does is get rid of a cupholder as I recall (the cupholder is replaced with the buttons and rotary switch that controls the nav system.

    If the car wash people lifted it -- and you did not notice it at the time -- you may be out of luck as far as any claim against the carwash. But you will never know until you ask.

    Hope this helps.

    And, what a great story about the bus trip -- it was unique for Ralph too. And yes the A8 is great -- but I think you will enjoy your 2.7T so much that you will have no regrets.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    1. The small rectangular storage tray under the hand brake in my 2.7T is lined with felt like material. From what you are describing, it sounds likely this material is a tub that fits in what you are seeing. I suspect the screws may be involved in holding it in place, though I've never inspected it closely. I have never tried to remove the liner, (If that's what it is.) so I don't know if it will come out easily, but I doubt it. I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal this though, as it can't be worth anything, or have any use except that for which it's intended. Unless you're sure that this felt liner was in place, could it possible that this was forgotten when it was built, or removed in error by the dealer? (Perhaps borrowed to replace one that was broken in another car, or broken during prep. in some way and not replaced?) I suspect if you just bring it to their attention, they'd be happy to replace it for you.

    2. There was a major discussion on turbo-lag on this board a several weeks ago. The throttle-by-wire that controls boost and the adaptive 5-speed auto that interacts with the ECU (Engine Control Unit) effect any turbo-lag that might exist with the 2.7T engine. Simplistically, all these things interact, and dependent on circumstances, can cause lag from a standing start. My guess is that what you are experiencing is being caused by the Tip, and not turbo-lag. At less than 80% throttle application, the Tip is programmed to shift out of 1st at only 3mph. At moderate throttle applications, there is often a lurch when this happens as it falls of the torque curve. If your car is completely warmed up, and you drive it hard for about 20 minutes, try it again. I think you may notice a different response.

    3. Jim, I'm not sure if you've got vanilla leather, or beige. I can't find ecru as an option. My '01 2.7T has vanilla (very light) with calfskin hides. I use Zaino leather cleaner and conditioner on it when I feel like it and it pretty much looks new after 14K. I don't know what the type of leather is in your car, but I do know hides can differ among different cars. I would not personally choose a leather "treatment," as at best I suspect it would be useless, and at worst might seal the leather and not allow it to breath.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Took a look at the compartment under the parking brake lever, and only the bottom is felt. The sides are just smooth plastic. No screw holes are visible, and I am just 100% certain that no one could remove anything without tools. Suspect it may have been damaged in transit, and someone never completed the repair.
  • I concur with Tim that the "lag" you are experiencing probably emanates from either tiptronic electronics, or some other part of the chip system. Personally, in either a 2.7T or an Allroad, I have never experienced what used to be generically defined as "turbo lag". This nomenclature dates back to the days when one had to wait what was perceived as an eternity (usually no more than a second) for the turbo to spool up and come on boost. Superchargers were virtually immune from this phenomenon, as they did not depend upon exhaust gases, but relied upon mechanical forces. However, with the advent of smaller turbos and variable vanes, the lag has been all but obliterated. No modern vehicle, especially an Audi with a history of turbo technology, should suffer from this annoyance.

    Just as an aside: many early, commercially available turbos, in the eighties, were actually pretty exciting to the novice (yours truly); the turbo "rush" was so unique and unexpected, it was viewed as a pleasurable sensation. That is, until we grew up and became sophisticated.
  • Does anyone know what the 0-60 times are for the new 3.0 A6 Quattro? Looked around at the AoA site and other places and couldn't find this...
  • Sometimes, rarely, but sometimes -- my 4.2 is a bit sluggish from a full stop -- almost as if it was starting out in 2nd gear. I usually just think this is the car "clearing its throat." And at 18k miles, it has perhaps happened 6 or 7 times (12 months). It always corrects itself at the next full stop or if I use the tip in an attempt to go to a lower gear, it will (in spite of its desire to stay out of first gear) briefly shift down to first gear, build revs and then "go back to normal" -- which is to say upshift to second gear.

    I assume that the tip has a computer program in it -- I read it has 256 different algorithms built in for any possible combination and permutation of driving. It is supposed to be adaptive -- and in reality, it is!

    However, the tip shift program is always being refined -- you know like application software version 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 etc. -- I have no clue which version mine has. But, I can tell you it is different than an allroad with tip which my wife and I drove extensively a couple of weeks ago.

    So, perhaps the experience I have had with a car that is NOT turbo -- a brief hesitation -- that feels like turbo lag, is the same thing you have noticed with your 2.7T.

    I wonder if someone with a 6spd 2.7T would chime in.

    I agree with the line of thinking that says it is not turbo lag.

    Any new information on the rumoured 6spd transmission (BMW uses a 6spd auto in their new 7 series and it is manufactured by the same company that makes Audi's, I think).?
  • The storage tray on my A6 2.7T is smooth plastic on the sides and felt lined on the bottom. It is ringed with wood trim along the top, same as around the parking brake.
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