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Audi A6



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    I have the means to lease a new one, I cannot afford a used one, however. So if you have the means to buy a used one, it must be for "love" because, broadly speaking (which is not the same as literally speaking) if you can make the payments + repairs and maint on a used one, you will have exceeded the cost of leasing a new one!
  • ctorrey2ctorrey2 Posts: 17
    It takes a rich man to buy one and a richer man to maintain it.
  • robca1robca1 Posts: 1
    1999 A6 Quattro 2.8, 52,000 miles, with a 7 yr/100K miles transferrable warranty for $18K. Thanks for the advice.
  • northhounorthhou Posts: 6
    I drive 20K to 24K miles per year so leasing is not an option for me. By the time you add the extra mileage cost to the lease...might as well buy it. I purchased a 2000 2.7T Certified with 38.9K miles on it. Got an incredible deal, 3.9% financing through Audi and still have original factory warranty left for a couple of months..then the Audi Assured kicks in. I have no worries about this car, it is in impeccable shape, has been properly maintained, and looks and drives new. The only type of used car I'd buy, especially German, is a certified car. Have the dealership pull the service records, that will easily show if the proper maintainence has been perfomed and give the service history of the car. My 2 cents worth.
  • Quick question I have been wondering about. Any quick rules of thumb about how much the lease typically goes up if you go from 10K to 12K to 15K miles on the lease? On mine it is 10K and I pay $0.25/mile over. I considered moving to 12K but never did it. Now I am trying to figure out where the break even might be when the $/mile exceeds the increase in the lease payment.
  • dtwleungnycdtwleungnyc Posts: 188
    When I was working on the lease for my current A6, I asked the price for both 12k/yr and 15k/year. The monthly difference was roughly $30. Which works out to roughly 16 cents per mile? Couple factors will determine whether its cheaper to get the extra miles put into the lease or pay the extra miles in the end. The money factor and the residual value.
  • mulligan2mulligan2 Posts: 59
    Which would be better as a daily driver?
  • kwarnoldkwarnold Posts: 41
    I just started following this discussion since I took delivery of my 2003 A6Q 3.0 two weeks ago. I thought I would jump in with my 2 cents on the leasing-vs-buying discussion.

    I have owned several Audis (4000, Cabriolet and now the A6) as well as several Mercedes-Benz cars and other European cars. I wholeheartedly agree with the comments on getting a warranty with your used car - or just buy a new one.

    Speaking from personal experience, I will NEVER buy a used European car without some sort of factory warranty. My 96 E320 I just sold had 4-years of MBZ "Starmark" warranty that really paid off for me. If I had not had that warranty I would have shelled out several thousand dollars for repairs. When I had my Audi 4000 back in 1987 (it was a 1985 model - 2 years old at the time) I was paying on average of $200 additional per month for repairs. (Yes, I am sure quality and reliability are MUCH better today than they were back then.)

    One last thing on the leasing aspect: I was able to get a new-off-the-truck A6Q loaded (17" wheel option, zenons, all the extras you would expect) on this $399/month lease deal Audi is running. (At least my dealer is running it.) Yes, it required some money down, but I got a new-no-miles A6 on a 4-year lease that beats most other deals I have seen.

    And I get the assurance of Audi standing behind it for 4 years while I have it.

    So like Mark mentioned in his earlier posts, it probably is cheaper to buy new than used. In my case I am convinced of it!

    I am enjoying the discussion and look forward to being a part of it!

  • kwarnoldkwarnold Posts: 41

    I just went through this exact same exercise when I leased my A6 2 weeks ago. I test drove the FX35 several times and really liked it. As a daily driver it would have met my expectations and needs most likely.

    OK, so why didn't I go with the FX then? My reasons:
    * Concern over dealer service quality. I had purchased a couple of Infinitis from this same dealer in the past and I had declining-quality experiences with them. They assured me that things are "much better now."

    * Financial: (This was the real deal-killer for me.) I was able to lease a fully loaded A6Q 3.0 for $399/mo. With relatively the same money down the FX was coming in at something like $525 - $575 (I can't remember the exact amount) per month. At one point they were well into the $650 range on a lease. They were not willing to deal even though their lot was overflowing with FX inventory. (They had about 35 or more in stock.) Not exactly the kind of inventory that qualified for "hard to get, command a premium" financing. If you are paying cash or financing, these points are moot.

    * Aesthetics / Functionality: Love the interior looks, but I have 2 kids and one on the way. My wife and I were concerned about fitting 3 kid/booster seats in, although I am sure it would have worked. Also, after trying to get in and out of the back seat a few times, I thought that the door configuration caused an awkward ingress/egress situation. (At least for me.)

    * Looks: Its a love-it-or-hate-it proposition. I like the looks a lot, but still think it would still be a little too in-your-face for my line of work (sales).

    The FX is an incredible machine and I am sure I would have been happy with it. I just think the Audi is a classy car, great looks and exudes the quiet sense of class and elegance that fits me. (I hope that didn't sound too fruity...) Plus 4 years of paid maintenance was a nice bonus.

    OK, I will back off of the long disertations unless someone has a question!

    Good luck on your decision!
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Given your situation and the deal you got, there is little doubt that you made the right decision. Hope you enjoy your new car.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    If you "significantly" drive more than the Magic 16,666 miles per year -- leasing probably doesn't make much sense. However, my buddy prepaid milage on a new leased Caddy to allow him to drive 20K per year -- got a 24 month lease with 23 payments (owner loyalty, bla bla bla).

    Any more than this, the leasing equation is pretty expensive and the argument, IMHO works in favor of buying -- hopefully this many miels have a hefty component of biz use and can either be charged to the company or to the IRS.

    Moreover, very very old cars can be much less money, too. The issues, in my opinion are the 2 to 4 year old cars -- NEVER get one without an aftermarket PROTECTION plan of some kind -- lease or buy.

    We are in a temporary situation where often the deals on new cars discounts plus interest rates (or money factors) makes it hard to justify a used car which has neither.
  • dtoxdtox Posts: 4
    I was shopping at my local Audi dealer this weekend for a new A4, and quickly realized that the back seat could not accommodate two baby/child seats. The dealer recommended their certified loaner program to me-- specifically pointing out a couple of beautiful 2001 A6's with 2.8 and quattro, in the $30,000 range, as well as offering an extended 7 yr, 100k warranty.

    Buying preowned is new to me, specifically how much room i have to negotiate down from that 30k price.

    So, my question(s) to the board: 1)does anyone have some real strong feelings toward/against the 2001 a6? (please share any wonder success stories and/or nightmares) and 2) what would be a fair $$ offer on the following: 2001 A6, 2.8, Quattro, 17,000 miles?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    The 2001 A6 is/was a good year. The 2.8 engine is a bit underwhelming, but it is a good performer and is fine for high speed cruising. Just don't expect to accelerate quickly, though.

    With the warranty and extended service, you should be fine, too.

    Price is anyone's guess. My dealer swears he can't "give used Audis away" because the lease deals on 2003's make them more attractive than used ones.

    However, if you are paying cash, you can't beat it. Or if the interest rate you can get is "stimulative" (equal to or less than inflation) -- well that might be something to consider too.

    We have just had a long and lively discussion of leasing versus buying over on the A4 board, so I'll just reiterate that the 01 A6, all things being equal, was a good year for Audis. If you could find a used 02, you would LOVE the engine, though.
  • dtoxdtox Posts: 4
    Thanks for the input Mark. Test drove an '02 A6 3.0 this afternoon. You were right-- I loved it. 7,500 miles, CVT, Certified for $32,500-- also offering financing @ 3.9%.

    I am new to the Pre-Owned buying experience, does $32.5 k seem reasonable for this car? It is in perfect condition. Any feedback would be appreciated, as i am thinking about pulling the trigger on this as early as tomorrow...
  • dtoxdtox Posts: 4
    Nope, no quattro. I love the ride with the quattro, but I live in NC, so i don't realy "need it". Or, at least, that's how i am justifying it in my mind.

    With all the options, Edmunds TMV has it at about 34,500-- so I guess that $32.5 price is fair.

    Any idea how much "wiggle" room there may be in a typical dealer's preowned price?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    Car sales have slumped since the Iraq thing started and actually had slumped somewhat over the past weeks. You should have, therefore some wiggle room.

    Offer a price to start with that you would pay if they say yes and work up from there. It sounds like a pretty nice deal and with the 3.0 anc CVT, which I have driven, you will enjoy the ride.

    I won't give you too much grief for not getting a quattro -- I have had a couple non quattro Audi's myself, and although I like the quattros better, I certainly think you will enjoy your new/used ride.

    The 3.0 engine is a horse(power) of a different color, eh?
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,237
    that we're coming up on the end of a quarter. I've had the opportunity to do some pretty good deals as April Fools Day approached.

    There are monthly, quarterly and annual quotas that most dealers are trying to meet. They try much harder toward the end.
  • sjoetsjoet Posts: 1
    I own an Audi A6, 2,5 Ltr Turbo diesel. I have the navigation plus system in it, including television tuner.
    Unfortunately, the television switches off while driving at aspeed higher then approx. 3 Mph.
    1) Does anybody know how to disable this feature?
    2) I want to connect a DVD player to it. Does anybody know if this switches off as well while driving?

    Thanks for your feedback. Preferably to
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Henk, it seems most posters here are in the U.S., and none of the options you describe are available here. I'm sorry not to have any answer to your question, but wanted you to be aware that none of the options in question are offered via AoA.
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