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Audi A6



  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I put a set of the Extreme Contacts on this spring, in March, and drove on them until the car was traded in, which was in July. They seemed fine for the first couple of months but the noise level was very "disquieting" in the last month or two. My set could have had a different tread pattern than yours - the size was 205/55-16.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Very interesting. I'll see what I perceive as the tires continue to mature. The only other ultra-high performance all-season with which I have experience were a set of Michelins of a model I don't remember that were OEM'ed on a Legend about 12 years ago. Great tires for about 10K, shot after 15K. Became problematic in the wet and VERY scary in any snow. Ride and noise also degraded proportionately.

    Some of the driver reviews at Tire Rack differ dramatically for the Conti Extreme's. The only negative I've personally perceived other than the slightly reduced gas mileage occurred yesterday. I had the occasion to drive over some really badly decayed blacktop and poorly maintained dirt roads. I don't think I'd chose these tires if that comprised a significant portion of my daily driving. They're just too harsh for those conditions, though I don't find them objectionable for normal road imperfections.
  • A friend of mine is on his second Audi -- first a 1999, now a 2003 -- he told me that he keeps wondering if the people that contribute to some of these forums aren't really "anti" NAME HERE.

    Mostly, I would say that edmunds does provide a forum for fans of the NAME HERE brand -- my friend sent me a phrase that I have modified for those of us who participate in this town hall (see if you like it):

    "Edmunds (Audi) Townhall is a place for Audi enthusiasts to share information and to celebrate the brand."

    I don't think this means that this would preclude us from discussing issues and problems, but perhaps it would suggest that this is not just meant to be a forum to "bash" NAME HERE cars.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's amend that to say "The Audi Owners Club in the Town Hall is a place for Audi enthusiasts to share information and to celebrate the brand."

    This particular discussion is to talk about the A6 sedan. There isn't anything wrong with folks posting honest assessments and opinions - negative or positive - as long as there is no intent to disrupt the discussion.

    But yes, using any dedicated vehicle discussion for no other purpose than to bash it can be disruptive and should be dealt with by the host - not the other discussion members.

    As always, feel free to email me (or any other host) about any concerns of this nature.
  • Well, I traded - in my A6 4.2 late last year; picked up a new allroad. This time, the dealer didn't "want the A6" (long story, relating to Iraq, recession, rust bucket (OHIO) etc.) Months and months later, I got a bill for about $200 from Audi financial for "excess" milage.

    I spoke with my dealer about this -- dealer said that he would "go to bat for me." Dealer thought it was "odd" that Audi would expend large dollars and other incentives to attract a current Audi financial customer to get out of his lease early, help with the paperwork and muck and mire of an early termination (6 months) and then nickel and dime the customer who bought $94,000 worth of Audis on one day (my $50K allroad and my wife's $44K TT).

    Three letters from me to Audi -- one of them FedEX -- later, I get an aplogy from Audi and a "we pride ourselves on individual and personal attention" for our customers, etc. Net net -- overage wiped out and once again I feel like an "appreciated" customer.

    BTW, after months and months, the dealer bought the car from Audi, put a new battery in it, detailed it and it lasted less than one week on the used car lot (2001 A6 4.2 Sport with all options and 34K miles)!
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Can you explain why on some A6 seats the upholstery panels run front to back and on some they run side to side? Is one a sport interior and one a standard? On yours it was side to side (I remember your car from the showroom)
  • ctorreyctorrey Posts: 64
    Not sure about '03 and newer models, but Audi used to have three distinct interior themes (e.g., ambition, ambiance, etc.). Each of these themes contained several color combinations and had unique textures & stitching. My '01 A6 4.2 has the ambition interior and has skinny longitudinal stitching in the seats. It looks almost like pleats. It is very different from the other themes. I think this also affects door trim.
  • The easiest way to determine Audi Sport Seats (that are usually on Audi's w/Sport Pckge) is to look at the bolsters. On the sport seats, the bolsters are very deep, the overall look being more like a "bucket" -- the comfort seats, conversely have flatter side and bottom bolsters.

    Due to changes from model year to model year, it is not always easy to answer the question about the way the seat leather runs. The bolsters, however, are a dead giveaway.

    Some people don't like the sport seats since they tend to apply pressure to, shall we say, wider backsides than do the comfort seats.

    I prefer sport seats, but none was avail on my 03 allroad.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The Great Debate:

    Is the A6 a beautiful, fast, well-made, lovely driving, performance-luxury auto, OR junk? Beyond counting the centuries that will expire before your typical Camry or Accord will require oil, or maybe even gas, I have decided that the issue has been settled by a younger woman with whom I've been spending time.

    One with whom I've enjoyed rondevouz's for the last couple years. Considering that the majority of her conversation consists of chatting with her kitties, and sometimes flowers, I was surprised when I just received the unsolicited comment, "Grandpa, I LIKE your car!"

    As a sagacious 2-year-old, those of you who are doubters, should take her judgement to heart. And for those of you who think being a Grandpa ain't cool, just try it!
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Well that justs sums it all up now doesn't it?
  • I have been very pleased with the performance of yokohama avs db tires on my A6...quiet, great handling. My wife has hit two big potholes that damaged the sidewalls, necessitating replacement, but otherwise a very nice "all season" tire as long as you dont expect true snow tire winter performance.

    I have two daughters , now 13 and 7. They audibly moan when I direct them into the A6 instead of my 94 Explorer with 146K miles on it....they love the higher seating position, comfy leather seats and roominess in the back seat of the Explorer!
    They do appreciate the A6 at night, when they can each use their own reading lamp in back.
  • well, it's annoying to me: on my 2001 a6 avant which has the auto dimming rear view mirror, during the daytime when someone comes up behind me, i have no way of putting the mirror into the dark or night mode, is there any way to defeat the system? there is no lever on the bottom of the mirror, just a hole which i assume is the sensor. jackg
  • When someone comes up behind me in the daytime with his/her high beams a blazing, it seems that the mirror does provide some dimming action.

    Are you wishing that it would not do this?

    Check the manual, I think the system is sensitive to whether YOUR lights are on or off.

  • to clarify, i don't like ANY headlights in my rear view mirror day or night...on my older caddy with a manual day/night mirror, i just leave it in the night could very well be correct about the headlights, will try that on the way home...thanks for the suggestion. jack
  • I think the way to defeat the auto dimming mirrors is to place electrical tape over the FRONT sensor (this seems counterintuitive, but I could swear I read it somewhere - if it doesn't work, put the tape on the other sensor that you can see from the driver seat).
  • well, i'm not sure if the headlights helped or not. i did find that driving to work in the am, when there is a thick cover of trees over the parkway, my mirror would dim. unfortunately, it never occurred to me to switch the headlights off!!
    i never realized there was a sensor on the front of the mirror, facing oncoming traffic. i'm going to check on that on the way home.
    thanks for the suggestions. jackg
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I was interested in a new allroad until I got the $21K trade-in offer on my like-new silver '01 A6 2.7T with only 28K miles. After coming out of shock, I've been thinking real hard whether I want another Audi. I love the car, that's why I want the allroad...but 55% depreciation in 3 yrs is Hyundai territory. I'm near LA and wonder if if its just that the local market for used Audis is soft.
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Depreciation on Audi's is bad but not that bad. I think a big factor here is your dealer is a thief. I checked Kelly tradin for your car for both here and SoCal and it's $25k. A local dealer is advertising a Certified version of your car for $33K. If I was you I would go back and tell the dealer that if all my 28K mile 01 A6 was worth on tradin was $21K then I would never buy another Audi.

    BTW the 25k tradin can be compared to the 31K tradin for an equivalent Mercedes E320. Which is the price one pays for buying a car that makes "fearless" men tremble at the thought of owning an Audi out of warranty.
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