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Audi A6



  • Well, apparently the new A6 lineup will be cut from 3 to 2 (based on the engine). The low buck, 3.0 version will not be offered (at least in the US, I can't speak to elsewhere). Gone, too, will be a turbocharged version.

    Apparently the base A6 will use the 3.2 engine (currently found in the Audi TT and VW RS 32) and will be rated at 250HP (don't know the torque) which from an HP perspective is the same as the last 2.7T (but 15HP lower than the current version). The step up model will be equipped with the 4.2 engine and it too will come to play with more HP (and presumably torque).

    I assume that the S4 and current allroad 4.2 V8 (rear timing chain) will be the one used as it is "shorter" -- but this is just speculation on my part.

    Content? Well, my dealer ESTIMATES the base price of the 3.2 version will be $45K, a reasonably well equipped 2004 2.7T A6 (with the new power of 265HP) is MSRP'd @ $47,600, so perhaps this is not that much of an issue.

    However the lower priced A6 front track will be gone, gone, gone.

    The dealer did not know if the A6 family would be offered in FWD and quattro -- but he commented that they would not sell very many FWD cars in any case and would not have any more inventory than the barest minimum.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    Mark, I'm still being told the 265 hp "special" 04 A6 2.7T is auto "only", no one has yet to tell me differently. My dealer recieved his first one's last week. The xtra 15 ponies in an auto still won't beat the 6 speed manual @ 250 hp. It doesn't surprise me that they are moving away from turbos, what a shame (too much chipping-perhaps). No FWD, no Need for CVT?- do they use it on the A4? My A6 is still bringing smiles to my face daily - 4200 miles and not a problem. Your right about the phone system and "virtual advisor", what a concept! Can anybody tell me about a "W" 12, what is the cylinder layout, etc. Obviouly already used by VW, but whose design is it-Audi or VW, or is there a difference anymore.
  • Is auto only. I hope I didn't suggest that it would be otherwise. The last 6spd 2.7T's there are, if there are any unsold, are the 250HP versions.

    Sorry if I mis-spoke.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    Mark, no mis-speak on your part, just trying to get outside confirmation on the auto only-to verify if my dealer was just blowing smoke. Wonder if the new 3.2 will be available in manual? My dealer told me that he "thought" auto only, at least in USA. Now that would be a SHAME indeed. Regardless, looks like I'm luky to have gotten what I did-when i did. Very Happy indeed-what a great ride, even without the bunwarmers!!! Mark, thanks for the info!!!
  • . . .set to music please:

    "probably only the A4 and S4 will soldier on with a manual option." [probably]

    "improved transmissions have been promised, including 6spd tips, DSG's and quattro ready CVT's"

    "no one wants a manual transmission, APPARENTLY. . ." [almost no "showroom" or floor planned cars will be ordered without a home by the dealer purchasing agent -- because the sticks sit and sit and sit]

    Sure they sit bone head [not you] -- ya know why bunkie? Here is what my dealer does -- orders a gross of new Audis, two or three with stick shifts and the sticks have minimal options. Doh?!?

    So I walk in the door and I want a stick shift with every possible option upgrade and feature both factory and aftermarket (like the Audi dealer only voice activated Motorola in arm rest Phone) -- and I wait about 4+ months cause the only maxed out cars on the lot have auto's which I would NOT take for a discount -- and they charge more for them, to boot. Doesn't seem to effect the residual when I am going for the lease, so, I have the fun of configuring my car the anticipation of the build process and the fun all over again from getting my maxed out Audi with a stick shift.

    To each his own -- trouble is, since I am one of the few who do this, it is probably very expensive to certify both a stick and an automatic for the North American market place when probably there are Oh, about 20 customers in the country who don't think I am nuts for insisting on a stick even though I have to wait months and months for my car to come in.

    An Audi A6 with a V8 and a stick shift -- I'll just dream on. . . .

    We can't curse on this forum, but there are no rules against whining I think.

    Listen, if the new A6's have awesome automatics, I probably won't whine, so here's to optimism.
  • caslincaslin Posts: 16
    I'll just wait four months for a stick, even if it comes in without bunwarmers. "Awesome Automatic", say it six times real fast and then -buy a stick!!! Mark, you & I make two, wonder where the other eighteen live? Wonder if you could squeeze a W12 in a A6? Add turbos and a stick and beat NASA to mars, now thats dreaming!!
  • You see, if you do wait four months, you can be assured the car WILL have bunwarmers because the car will be built just for lil ol you!

    Now, if exactly what you want is ON THE LOT, for pity's sake, buy it -- but if, like me, you want an all out A6 or allroad or A4 or whatever AND a stick, well, basically you must order it.

    The sticks my deler configures (with the exception of the S4) are generally low content, relatively.

    My 6spd 2003 allroad is THE ONLY one I have ever seen with: Parktronic, ON*STAR, SAT NAV, fullly painted bumpers and fender flares and rear seat air bags. Most of the sticks, to this very day, have leather (premium pck) and the sat radio package and that is it.

    The autos are often "decked out" with the full array of gizmos and gadgets. I find this amazing, as if it implies if you want a stick, you want a base (or more base) model.

    Horse hockey!
  • I just looked at pictures of the new A6 at the Autoweek website. I don't like the new grill that is on it. I don't like the style that Audi is going towards (one big grill from the hood to the bottom of the bumper). It looks like something Cadillac would do. I don't know if I'm the only one who dislike this look. I've heard several people on other websites say that they like it very much. Oh well, I guess I will have to switch brand.

    On a related subject, I heard that Audi is going to put an "S" line to several models in the upcoming year(s) to make them look and drive more sporty. I like that idea. I can't wait to see what the A6 2.7T will look like. I'm driving a 2003 3.0 quattro right now, and my lease won't end until 2006. I wonder if Audi will let me out of my lease if I lease the A6 2.7T "S". I guess I'm dreaming.
  • But what can it hurt or cost to ask?
  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,394
    I think you'll have plenty of company. I dislike the new Audi grille style very much.

    It's such a shame to spoil the best styled sedans and wagons on the market with such an ugly device. Not only is it ugly but it contravenes the whole modern styling philosophy of clean functional forward looking styling.

    The big vertical grille is an excessively retro element IMO. I've seen some complaints on
  • I "sort of" like the look of the new Audis -- the change from the previous look to the current one was fairly radical too.

    Styling is subjective -- while I am hardly smitten with the new design, it would not make me leave Audi.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I'd been looking for some spy shots of the new A6. I copied your link for anyone else who wants to find it easily. - - ek&cat_code=carnews&content_code=02394112&Search_Type- - - =STD&Search_ID=1856748&record=4

    The new grill being discussed has been reported via quotes of Audi AG folks as the new corporately mandated grill for ALL new Audi's. The just introduced A8 has been redesigned with it too. I've seen pix of the new W12 A8 with it.

    My reaction is pretty much the same; What, has Audi been selling too many cars? But the new grill really isn't. It's supposed to establish a strong corporate look (Mercedes envy?) by incorporating the grill from Audi's 1930's record setting Auto's and race cars. I first saw it in full vigor on the new Pike's Peak. My reaction? Yikes!!!

    But since I've seen various sneak/spy/guesses that incorporate it, my strong initial negative reaction has mellowed. As I was looking at the Audi AG official photos of the new A8 W12, I realized that the new grill has actually been with us at least since our current generation A6 was introduced. Guess what? If you incorporate the area between the upper and lower old grills, which is part of the front bumper, into the grill, you've got the new grill! And since there will still be a division in the massive new grill for what will have to be a front bumper, and it will have to house a license plate in most places, I don't know if the new grill is really all that radical.

    I don't know if I'll ever come love it, but I might just learn not to hate it. I kinda liked some Acura designs until the new corporate grill was introduced about 10 years ago. Horrors! Then I saw the latest Acura, the TL, and thought, YUK! After seeing it in the flesh, it surprised me as looking pretty good. Maybe even better than pretty good. The Audi grill may come to grow on us.

    I have a bit more skepticism concerning Autoweek's spy shots. I would not only be disappointed if these pix are of the new A6, but also very surprised. I may be wrong, but I think they are Photoshopped. I've been looking at spy/sneak/artist renderings of the new A6 for about a year. These are among the LEAST radical I've seen. In fact, except for new front and rear ends, it looks to me to be IDENTICAL to the existing A6. Look at the greenhouse! This isn't a new design; it's exactly our present A6's with a new front and rear end slapped on. If this is what the new A6 actually turns out to look like, I will know for sure the Dr. P has it in for Audi and has sent all of it's former design talent to Lamborghini and Bentley!
  • Hello all. Some feedback please on purchasing an 2001 A6 2.8Q with 25,266 miles certified by dealer for $25K flat. What makes it interesting to me is the ext. warranty and basicaly free money AOA is offering on 60 month financing @ 2.9%.

  • Today, I received an email from Audi touting the A6 S-line. I eagerly opened it and clicked through at the appropriate places.

    The S-line A6 2.7T with 265HP (and I assume MORE than 258 pound feet of torque) is now the "top o the line" [performer] A6 and it is .4 seconds less quick than the outgoing non-S-line A6 250hp (6speed manual).

    So this new -- swan song -- 2.7T A6 is brought to the market with "more performance" orientation, bigger whhels, more powerful engine, more aggressive "intentions." And it comes with the lag ridden tiptronic as the ONLY transmission.


    I have to check the BMW web site and see if they have eliminated the manual transmissions from the 5 series (perhaps they have).

    If you want a high performance Audi, your current choices are the old A6 2.7T with a stick shift or the new S4. This S-line is a very nice car and a reasonable value and I am certain is not a bad car at all. But if you want the higher performance that the S-line suggests, you will be disappointed.

    Try to find a new 2004 2.7T A6 6spd [non-S-line] with as many of the sporting bits as were avail on the option sheet. You will have higher performance than the new S-line 2.7T.

    Once again, I must ask: what are they thinking to bring out a lower performance vehicle and tout it as their "higher performance" version?

    From a certain point of view their statements are accurate -- it DOES offer higher engine performance (on a test bench), but lower "automobile" (as in the whole car) performance than a car that is, in effect, no longer current -- the 2004 A6 2.7T 6spd manual.

    Use small words to explain this to me -- I must be dense.

    P.S. this S-line widens, even more (via perception, [non-permissible content removed] for tat), the performance distance between itself and the A6 4.2. The outgoing 250HP 2.7T was rated at 6.6 seconds to 100kph with a tip, the new one is 6.4 seconds and the 4.2 is 6.7 seconds -- and the old 2.7T A6 was 6.0 with a non lag ridden 6spd manual.

    In English: when you pay more for a car because it has the "big" engine under the hood, because it has the big hp numbers (300 on up) and it is beaten by a significantly less costly virtually identical car, it doesn't make sense.

    Note: I had two A6 4.2's and I did test drive the A6 2.7T before I purhcased the second 4.2 -- the 4.2 did have a different "feel" to it, as if it were cut from a block of solid aluminum (or steel or whatever your alloy of choice is); and I appreciated the sound of the V8 and the more aggressive fenders and "running boards." Now, I have lived with a 6spd 2.7T allroad for 16 months and much as I like all the A6 4.2's "stuff," it just galls me to think that I could move up the pecking order and take a drop in performance, yet have to endure a rather large increase in price.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    The 545i 6-Speed still exists, and God willing and the creeks don't rise, it will for quite some time yet. Better still is that if you can get past the new E60's looks (I cannot and WAS looking to the A6 2.7t 6-Speed as my current E39 5er's replacement), the new car no longer is subject to the Gas Guzzler tax. :-/

    Best Regards,
  • Yet NO Audi 4.2 V8 equpped car (other than the S4) is available with a manual transmission? -- no matter how high the stack of $100 bills.

    Something ain't right, it just ain't right!

    I had so hoped for an S6 (4.2 340 hp) with a 6spd.

    The tip versions don't do it for me. And, I would actually pay more for a stick -- yet they price things just the opposite or there is no price difference.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "And, I would actually pay more for a stick..."

    Yeah, me too. :-/

    Best Regards,
  • We keep reading these interviews with VW and Audi execs in which they tell us that Audi is to become the sporting brand. The first, defining element of a sport car is a manual transmission. Then they don't supply that element, at least to the NA market. My 40 hp. 1956 Morris Minor 1000 was more sporting than what Audi is offering in the A6 line, with the exception of the S6. I, too, don't understand.
  • In response to dwongsong's email, I completely agree. The incoming "fish mouth" look is just too much to take - very BMWesque in its execution (i.e., "look at me" styling - IMHO). Where do you go with the retro-styling that seems to be envogue? With the new - or 70's - Mustang, what does Ford do in 5 years? Build a car based on the '86 'stang GT? What a great car that was.

    If the new A6/S4/etc are anything like the new "Audi corporate" look that's permeated recent spy pics, I'm out - and I'm running out of German car makes! BMW? Ugh!! Porsche 996? Terrible (and resale proves it - a '99 996 goes for less than the last of the real Porsches - the 993), MB? Not looking so bad at this point. I'm hoping to get the AMG version of the AMG version of the E-class. Suddenly very un-exclusive.
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