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Audi A6



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    Not that I doubt you, I just am confused.

    Does this mean that the order guide I have seen for a 2005 A6 that lists a sport package, that includes wheels, tires and suspension IS NOT going to be offered on the A6, but that a standard or air suspesnion ONLY will be offered?

    This does not make sense, Audi almost always offers a sport option -- or are the only two choices a standard suspension (which is the same as a conventional, non air, i.e., sport suspension) and the air suspension?
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    I'm confused, too, by what I was told this afternoon. That's why I posted a suggestion that others might check with their reliable sources to see what they could find out.

    After my post (#261), I called one of the Phila. area dealers I've been talking to and asked him, since I'm out of town, to tell me over the phone whether the '05 A6 3.2V6 "introductory order guide" he gave me (when I saw the blue example in his showroom on June 23rd) whether a sport pakage option was listed on there. He told me a sport package option was NOT listed there. He also said he didn't have a 4.2V8 order guide yet!!

    He then looked at the '05 SWB A8 order guide he'd given me, and told me that a sport suspension package was NOT listed on there either.

    I'm inclined to think the person at A of A I spoke with, who put me on hold for 10 minutes to track down answers to my questions, may have more up-to-date info. than my dealer. But, since a few weeks ago you really got me thinking that I should get sport suspension on my proposed '05 A6 4.2V8, I'm a bit distressed to learn that it may not be available.

    Please let me, and all the rest of us, know if you find out anything definitive.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    . . .lists a sport package. That is all I know, I have no additional information, just, apparently, some confusion, as do you.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    I received your fax, thanks!

    Here is what I have -- apparently a PowerPoint presentation from
    AoA Marketing: Product Management. It has no date on it, and it is consistent with the order guide you sent.

    The sport package is listed on your document and mine.

    Mine, however, has pictures of 5 wheel choices. Moroever, it has a description of the Bluetooth Cell Phone Prep - for all upcoming Audis, not just the A6.

    Mine, looks like something an AoA marketing person would show to a "class" of sales people. It is short on specifics.
  • I'm in the market for a car and looking at the A6. I've been looking for a 2001 with the 2.7T and around 40k miles. I drive around ~20k miles per year. I'm concerned about the long term reliability. Any thoughts? Has anyone on the list put 150k on an A6 without major problems and $$$? Is it feasible to work on it yourself?

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    Run away from this scenario. The 2.7T is a great performing engine -- the 2001 may have some parts issues that, although probably able to be CPO'd to 100K or 2 years, still makes a newer car less money.

    The brake rotors on the 2001's are notorius for warping. The 2.7T engine will need a serpentine belt replacement by 60K miles (this is a four figure job).

    Around 60K miles, maintenance items can be breathtakingly expensive.

    It may actually be less money to lease a new 2004 A6 than buy a used 2001 (at least for 36 - 42 months). If you can find a "leftover" 2003 or a demo (my dealer had "a dozen or so" A6 3.0's and 2.7T (non Slines) that were in the "loaner" fleet and were discounted over 22% off MSRP and with full warranty and low (under 8,000) miles.)

    The running change improvements between 1998 and the current version of the A6 seemed to pick up steam in 2002 - 2004. I would not hesitate to acquire an A6 Sline (2004) at today's deeply discounted lease rates and off MSRP discounts -- if I were in the market for another current generation A6 (I had a 1999 2.8, 2000 4.2 & 2001 4.2).

    As it stands now, I am in the market for either a new Acura RL ('05), new A6 3.2 ('05), or possibly A4/S4 ('05.5) within 6 - 9 months. My current '03 allroad is "the best Audi, yet" as far as I am concerned (although my 1997 A8 was pretty nice as was my sentimental fave a 1995 S6.)

    My advice is to get a newer, younger CPO'd A6 or "go all the way" and get a new one, hopefully with the deep unhealable discounts that seem already to be darn near pervasive (at least here in Cincinnati).
  • rlolsenrlolsen Posts: 2
    I am in the market for a 2004 2.7T S-line. Right now the dealer is at $100 over invoice with 2.9% financing. Does anyone have any insight into new incentives that will be coming out in the next few weeks? I am hoping for some new incentives to be released on 8/1.
  • hjcanterhjcanter Posts: 31
    I just got the Order Guide for the A6 3.2. No sport package but you can get 17" 9-spoke Alloy Wheels with 245/45 all-season tires. Premium package, Convenience Package, Cold Weather, Parktronic (rear), Rear Side airbags, DVD Nav, Advanced key, and XM or Sirius radio. Question is what does a loaded 4.2 go for? I have been told the base for a 4.2 will be "around" $50k. Loaded, it should go for $56-$58k? I think I will compared it now to the SWB A8. They have one coming with front and rear parktronic, XM radio, Multifunction wood steering wheel, cold weather, convenience, and 18" 9-spoke wheels. I do believe I like the looks of the A8 better than the new A6. Tough choice, but I can't wait to take the SWB A8 for a spin.
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    I've been told by 3 different dealers that they've been told by A of A that the initial MSRP for the '05 A6 4.2 will be $51,000, so a fully loaded car may well come to $56K to $58K. By comparison, a fully loaded '05 A8 SWB, which will have an initial MSRP of
    $66,590, may come to $72K to $74K. I, too, am looking
    forward to driving both to see if the the likely $15K
    difference is worth it and, perhaps more importantly,
    which one has more of a driver's "feel" to it!!
  • boomsamaboomsama Posts: 362
    I'm just wondering how this handbrake in the new A6 actually works. Is it like a "power-assisted" handbrake? Or is it more like fly by wire, where it's just a button, connected by a few wires to the brake? If it is, wouldn't you be dead if the battery were to fail?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    I have a document from Audi -- it looks like the 2005 Brochure. It says "Sport Pacakge" and it shows it for both the 3.2 and the 4.2.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    This past Monday night, I spoke with the A of A trainer who was at Cherry Hill Imports (Audi & Porsche) that day about sport suspension packages on both of the'05 A6's, and pointed out to him the absence of it on the 3.2 Initial Order Guide (dated 5/26/04).

    I also told him what A of A told me over the phone last week, i.e., no sport suspension packages on the '05 A6's. He said he believed sport suspension packages would become available sometime after the initial production run, which is what he believed the Initial Order Guide related to. Be interested to know the date of the "brochure" you have.
    To test both his knowledge and credibility, I asked him whether sport suspension would be stiffer than air suspension on the lowest level 1
    setting. He said he'd never been asked that question before and, frankly, didn't know the answer!!

    Clearly, the best way to find out will be to test new A6's without sport suspension, with sport suspension and with air suspension. Guess, I'll just have to be patient till I can do that.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 780
    Don't take that deal! Audi is offering 1.9% for 60 months and factory to dealer cash of around $2000. I'm considering buying an S-line for $2k below invoice right now. You should be able to get it too...
  • coppercopper Posts: 94
    If you don't mind, where are you getting $2000 below invoice for an s-line? I'm looking at them too.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    One of the dealers I've been talking to just faxed me
    a "Preliminary" A6 4.2 Model Year 2005 Order Guide
    with a Pre-Release Draft Date of June 16, 2004 that
    does indeed show a Sport Package as an option.

    The Sport Package includes sport suspension, front sport seats & 18 inch 7-arm alloy wheels with 245/40
    performance tires.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    AUDITOR & MARK ( Ohio )

    I reviewed the fax again you sent me Auditor and it seems the difference among the 4.2 and the 3.2 for packages are the following:

    The 4.2 comes standard with the Premium Package and the Convenience Package. Also the 4.2 has the upgraded Volterra Leather and the 17" alloy wheels. And of course the V8.

    Sport, Cold and Audio packages are optional!

    So guys, I guess when the prices come out, all I have to due to compare apples to apples is to add the Convenience, Premium, Volterra leather and the 17" wheels to the price of the 3.2. Then any $ difference between the 4.2 and the 3.2 at that point will be for the V8 engine.

    Let me know what you guys think.

  • auditorauditor Posts: 63

    I believe you've almost got it right. In looking over the material I
    originally sent you (and Mark), as well as the initial order guide for the 3.2, its premium package inlcudes the upgraded Bose stereo. So, to get to apples and apples, you may have to add the price for the 4.2's
    audio package to its base price, and then do the comparison.

    My most current understanding is that the initial base MSRP's will be
    $40,900 for the 3.2 and $51,000 for the 4.2. The prices for the 4 options you mentioned might be: Prem. Pkg. (without audio component)
    $1,100; Conven. Pkg. $1,250 (my guess); 17" wheels & tires $750; and Volterra leather $1,000 (another guess). Assuming there's another $1K
    of misc. items the 4.2 has but the 3.2 doesn't, would bring the 3.2 to
    $46,000, thus leaving $5,000 for the cost of the larger engine.

    I've also been told the 3.2's starting MSRP of $40,900 will be good only for 30 days from "launch," i.e., when the cars are first sold to
    customers, and that the price will then go up by $1,000 every 30 days
    for 3 months till it gets to $43,900. Don't know whether the same will happen to the 4.2, but it might.
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    Thanks for the info. I was just on the UK website for 2 hours looking though all their stuff. I built 3 cars and checked out every single option they had. Kind of weird that they don't have any packages over there, just individual options for everything.

    Sounds like they are going to try to stick it to us if we don't buy right away, fricken bastards. What is there philosophy for that move?

    Who did you get your pricing info from, Dealer?
    Sounds accurate though from what I have read and heard around.

    I guess the question is, is $5,000 or $6,000 worth the V8?

    p.s. What dollar amount hits the luxury tax?
  • auditorauditor Posts: 63
    I got the base prices from 2 of the 3 dealers I've spoken with.

    Prices for options are entirely guesstimates on my part. None of the
    dealers I spoke with gave me option prices yet.

    Whether the V8 is worth $5,000 + or - more will, I believe, best be determined after you test drive both cars. Frankly, I expect the charge I'll get from the V8 will easily get me past the extra $5K.

    My understanding from the dealers I've spoken to is that in the past few years most of the A6's they've sold were 6 cylinder ones. That is, the V8's are relatively rarer and, thus, have a higher resale value, i.e., hold their value a bit better. (Mark - since you've had so many Audi's, maybe you could comment on that from your experience).

    Lastly, I don't believe the luxury tax will apply to any of the A6's.
  • cfocfo Posts: 1
    Has anyone been able to order one yet? Or even had a dealer offer to sell one? Since most all dealerships don't know squat about anything not sitting in their showrooms, it's frustrating to not be able to get help. Don't understand why only real sales info is on UK site only.

    I would really like to place an order, but I sure am not about to pay over invoice price. And I want to specify options and color.
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