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Audi A6



  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    I wonder if Audi's lack of price competition could be driven by their lack of concern for the American market. I read recently that the US gets only 15% of Audis. The first 2005 A6 I saw (in August) was in Taiwan. Still haven't seen one on the road here, though the dealer had them in November.


    I absolutely enjoy my 2001 A6 (2.7T w/6-speed). I see that some of the features in this model aren't currently available in the new 2005. I'm considering a trade this spring and will go back to Audi first. Before I make the trade though, I'll have to visit Acura.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Here in NYC and surrounding communities we've seen an explosion of Audi's over the years. When I first leased one in 1999 they were not as prevalent as they are now. I believe the euro/dollar exchange rate has something to do with their current marketing strategy in the USA. Maybe they think the dollar is going to reverse and increase in value against the euro. Better to sell more cars later on into a stronger dollar. Right now there is a $1000 price increase for the A6, which offsets some of the dollar weakness. If you take a $50,000 car, the difference between selling it at 1.20 vs. 1.30 Euro to the Dollar is 3,205 Euro or 4,166 US Dollars. I think you'll see more competitive lease pricing when the dollar firms up. As far as outright purchasing the 3.2 is competitively priced compared to a BMW 530 when similarly equipped.


    Now why would gold 23799 BMW's lease cost him $3,600 less than my lease. Couple of possibilities. The BMW depreciates less than Audi, 60% vs. 55%. Their money factor was also lower. They may have hedged their currency exposure better than Audi. Maybe they are making up the difference by doing more volume or maybe they misjudged and need to move more cars. Do you remember last spring, Audi was buying back leases and releasing '04's at extremely competitive rates. I could have leased a 2.7 S Line for $620 a month then. So in the end timing is the key just like in the stock, housing and real estate markets.
  • Actually, as far as outright purchase, I believe the Audi is ahead of the game. Value-wise, what you can get in a 50k A6 3.2 is comparable to a 53-54k BMW. Now, you can probably do a little more on the negotiating side with the 5er, but it still would be less expensive to purchase the Audi. Compare it to the E-class, and the Audi is simply leaps and bounds better from the $ side. In a few months when you have the 5xi series, the difference will be even more when you can compare actual apples to apples including AWD (though Quattro is probably still superior to either).


    In some respects I see the disadvantage Audi is in with regard to leases. BMW has the "badge" superiority, which I don't think is justified. But how many people do we see on these sites CPO-ing their A6's at lease turn in? Few. But it is ALL over the 5 boards. BMW is able to provide better residuals because it is likely they are better able to sell those coming off lease. Every Audi dealership in my area has a half dozen three year old A6's sitting on the lot. I'm a tech buff- need my bluetooth, sat radio, and Nav- but it was soooo tempting to turn in my A8 for a certified Audi.


    Mark, let me say something. I think you would be VERY dissapointed with anything you drove that was not Audi. This coming from a BMW leasee who loves his new 530i. But it's a different car than my A8 and A6's have been. I wanted a change, and it was spurred on by a more aggressive price structure. But if you've gone back to Audi again and again there is obviously a deep love for all things Audi. I've followed this board for a little over a year, and you are all over it. Can you see yourself getting this excited about another make?
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Gold now that you've been driving your 530 for some time please give us feedback on the car versus your previous A8.

  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234
    Hey Mark


    As you know, I am deciding between the BMW 2006 330i and the Audi 2006 A4. In your opinion, why is audi releasing the 2005.5 A4 in March and then releasing another version in the summer (5 months later )? Also, from reading your posts over the past year, it seems you are leaning toward the 3.2 2006 A4, why have you not ever considered the 2006 BMW 330i? Finally, what are the major differences between the 2005.5 and the 2006 A4?




  • One at a time:


    The 05.5 A4 HAS to come out for a couple of reasons. Most important the new BMW 3 will be out in second quarter '05. Audi wants to shore up the lineups looks. The current A4, while, IMHO, hardly long in the tooth needs to be made current with respect to the technology -- no reason to update the last gen A4.


    The 2006 A6 will offer S-Line (AKA ultra sport), probably receive the fully A6 gizmo treatment (MMI, maybe, smartkey maybe, voice activation, etc.) The new A4 will have the S4 suspension -- also a good counter measure against BMW. Probably the car mags will still prefer the Bimmer, but the Audi will make substantial performance gains with the 2.0T, 3.2, S4 suspension, etc.


    A6 sales in 2004 really brought Audi down (AoA, that is) -- the product line probably should have been refershed 6 months sooner. Hindsight.


    There will be changes, evolutionary changes between the .5 and the 06. If I can, I will hold out for the '06 Sline A4 3.2 with a 6spd if such is brought to our shores.


    This is assuming I still remain an Audi owner, a probability that keeps on moving closer to reality.
  • I just purchased a 2005 A6 but need to purchase a phone to synch with the MMI. Audi manual suggests a cradle as well as the phone. Any suggestions on which phones are working well and the MMI? Is the cradle really necessary? I am being told the cradle is around $400.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Gold from a CPO point of view you are right. But so far I have always looked forward to getting a new car by the time my lease was up. I also like the security from the womb to the tomb of the 4yr/50,000 warranty.


    Obviously you need to buy an extended warranty, but can you get hit with surprises?
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    I have a verizon V710. It has limited BT capabilities right now with the way verizon crippled its OBEX,OPP and SPP software. If you want more info on that i can e mail you an article on that. The cradle should run about $300 and I don't know if it will circumvent the OBEX issues. It will give you a hookup to the car's antenna for better signals. There are others that have different carriers and phones that work seamlessly with the car without the use of the cradle.


    I can make and receive calls through the BT, but I do not have my phones directory listed. I have to manually input my list into the MMI. When I want to make a call to a number that I haven’t imputed yet, I have to use the phone to dial it out. Technically picking up the phone is against NY law. Then I can talk using the car's microphone and listen through the spkr system, which BTW everyone says sounds great. No problems on both ends hearing the conversation. Most people don't realize you’re on a car speakerphone.


    I have voice recognition and I'm not sure if you need it to give a BT phone voice commands. I'll ask others if they can without the voice recognition and no cradle. I'm also curious and I'll let you know. With the A6 my voice commands go through the MMI and not the phone and only to names listed in the MMI directory that I have "name tagged". Before this I had a motorola hf800 spkr, and it allowed me to voice command direct from my phone. Maybe the cradle will afford the same capabilities, but it's still not available.


    One last suggestion. Bring your car to the wireless store and see how it works with the phone before you buy it. I'm sure they'll be happy to that for you. BTW the BT code is 1234.


    Hope this helps you.
  • Comment 5074 has me very intrigued - I had thought that there were no S6's sold in the USA after the 1995 MY - I have seen some newer S6 2.3 turbo's imported from Canada, and once spotted a V8 S6 for sale on EBay, a German-market model.


    I haven't had an Audi for a long time, and not since I lived in the UK. I've been driving a 4wd Japanese pocket rocket for quite a while and I need to get back to something that's comfortable and practical yet fun to drive.


    I really like the A6 interior, and I'm smitten by the "sports car with wagon practicality" concept that Audi has epitomised since the RS2.


    What I *really* want is something not offered in the USA ... a quick A6 Avant with a manual gearbox (or even better, the dual-clutch thingy).


    ... I test drove a used S4 Avant (2.7T) and it was lovely but felt small inside, and the boot (trunk) is tiny.


    ... I looked at an allroad, but I don't care for the jacked up look, and I'd really prefer to get something a little older and spend less money.


    ... they now offer a V8 with a manual gearbox in the USA, and even an Avant, but only in the A4 body (S4 B6), not in the A6, and used ones are quite pricey.




    My "best compromise" idea is to look for an A6 2.7T sedan 6spd, and go for the roomy interior over the wagon body. They seem to be cheaper than S4 B5's at a given age / mileage too.


    I've been reading a lot about mechanical issues though, and that's a little scary - are these cars truly substandard in reliability, or is the sample biased (people rarely post articles saying "my car is fine as usual")?
  • revrasrevras Posts: 59
    I wonder if anyone out there in the community had an idea of how the sales are going for the new model? So far there have been absolutely no sales or promotions, ie so your only getting this car if you really really want it. Audi usually comes across w promos at some point, but perhaps this signals a change in attitude and marketing.
  • The S6, post 1995, has ONLY been offered in the US in Avant form. I suspect this is to make certain that no one confused the S6 with "R" versions.


    The car companies place a high ego premium on certain things: BMW = "M" for instance. I believe that Audi has three or four auto performance lines in mind.


    Note: the "S" as Avant only in the US was certainly an effort to prevent folks from saying "S" cars can't compete with "M" cars (at least the comparison that MIGHT have been put forth of the M5 and the S6 would not have put Audi S's in a positive light, despite the price differences.)


    The four Audi lines will (hopefully) soon be available in the US (NA actually):


    o Basic Audi Line


    o S-Line


    o S


    o RS


    The upcoming A4 will have S-Line (today it is called Ultra Sport); the current A6 4.2 ONLY has S-Line (I would hope that the 3.2 would get it too, since it is more about things other than the motor); an A8 S-Line? who knows; we've enjoyed S8's here and there is almost certainly a market for them. TT S-Lines? Why not? New A or Q "7" in S-Line (why not?) and finally another allroad (or was it just a tease in Detroit?) -- why not an S-Line there.


    S-Line seems to me to be a trim and handling package (spoilers, badges, wheels, tires, suspension tweaks) more than a brute force cybernetics package.


    What is currently very interesting to me is the answer to the question: "will there be a 2006 A4 3.2 S-Line with a manual and/or DSG transmission?"


    The S cars are usually S-Line plus more go and stop bits (more HP and torque and bigger, better brakes.) And, finally the RS cars are the maximum performance cars for those with lots of discretionary income. The RS6 was over $80,000 and wasn't even chock full of the lux bits that even base line US bound A6's seem to have -- but oh the engine and suspension and performance. . . .
  • bmwcccbmwccc Posts: 234

    At this point, that is the only answer I am interested in hearing about. If and when will there be a 2006 A4 3.2 S-line with DSG.


    When someone finds out that answer, please let me know!


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We've been wandering around all things Audi lately, but we need to remember that this discussion is specifically about the A6.


    There are other discussions about the other vehicles that keep coming up ... you should be able to find them with the search features, but of course I'll be glad to help if I can.


    Let's let this conversation get back to the A6 now - thanks.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110


    The conversation is relevent as we are not discussing the A4 specifially, but as an alternative to those whom desire a straight drive a6, but cannot get one at this time.


    I understand the point, but find Edmunds to be ever so more restrictive each year. I have not participated for some time, and am surprised that just the mere mention of a different model in the course of conversation requires any amount of intervention!


    It is a very nicely run conversations by the way, and we appreciate your intention.
  • Does anyone know if you can install a Bluetooth system in a 2003 A6 that already has the old phone system in it?


  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, the thing is that we have a dedicated Sedans Comparisons board that exists just so we can let folks who want to match up vehicles do so. That allows us to also have a place where folks who are not interested in comparos talk about just one vehicle. And if you'll look back, you'll see it's not the "mere mention of a different model" that prompted my post; we've been talking about lots of vehicles other than the A6 for some time now.


    The Comparisons board has existed for four years or so, so this isn't something new we are instituting. Why don't you drop me an email if you'd like to discuss this further.


    Why don't you - or anyone interested in pursuing specific comparisons to the A6 - follow that link and fire up whatever seems appropriate. Then I'll post a link here so that those who are interested in continuing the comparos can join you?


    That would be the best course of action at this point.


  • jgainesjgaines Posts: 39
    I have a nextel blackberry 7520 with bluetooth. It interfaces with the 2005 A6 MMI and the MMI even shows the bluetooth symbol when connected, but then the screen says please wait . . . . like forever. Callers can hear me but I can't hear them and the screen never changes. Any thoughts.


    Alternatively, I would gladly purchase a cradle. Where are you seeing them for sale and any idea if they have them for a blackberry. Thanks.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    I was told they don't have cradles for my phone and no ETA. I have a motorola verizon V710. When I get a similar message I have to re-pair my phone to the car, which happens almost every time I leave and return to the car. Are you sure you are pairing it correctly. Maybe someone else on the forum has the same phone and can help you.
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    I found this link on Audi BT but maybe it's outdated


    I don't see your blackberry listed
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