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Audi A6



  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    You comment goes without saying! I have never had a bad car mind you. They exist. My Allroad with its Bi-turbo ony has issue with its key fob battery also. Other than that, mine has not had a single issue!

    I assume the best and hope my string continues.

    I would not be happy to have a chronic problematic lemon of any make!

    I would not consider any make if the service was very far away. Or they would not pick it up!
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Really don't see how you can compare the two interiors - Audi v. Infiniti M, and prefer the M.

    First off, the embroidered Infinit logo on the seat is a major turnoff - and imho, extremely tacky (don't like the way Infiniti lights up on the footwell either).

    The steering wheel and dash on the M are a confusing amalgam of buttons, switches and levers. To me the wood veneer on the M looks and feels metallic.

    Contrast the Audi - simple, yet functional steering wheel, a minimum of switches on the dash, complemented by a multi-media interface that really works - with a very slight learning curve. Wood is framed in aluminum, beautiful grains. The seats do not carry an Audi logo - and no Audi logo lights up anywhere else in the car.

    I prefer the Audi.

  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 3,206
    Understated elegance, sadly, often loses to flash.

    Many of us would love to combine the best elements of several vehicles, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. It's well beyond the option package conundrum. This engine, that interior, the other transmission, the best switch feel, custom GPS, and on and on, not just within a given manufacturer, but between them.

    Don't hold your breath.

    OTOH, the first car company that figures out how to do this will absolutely blow everyone else away. Many choices. Pick what you like. It'll be delivered in six weeks (or days, likely). Solid reliability & good service are givens. Which part of the world do we think will do this first? Europe? America? Asia? It sounds like a "duh" question to me, but I may be missing something.

    For now, we can have these discussions.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    I'll agree that I, too, could lose the embroidered seat logos and be better off for it. Definitely a little tacky.

    As far as aesthetic preferences for the interiors(mine for the M, yours for the A6); "subjective" is the word.

    I will disagree that the wood feels or looks plastic. It just looks different from what we've become accustomed to.

    As far as "confusing" buttons; just because Audi has managed to consolidate most of them into a knob doesn't, in my opinion, make it any more functional, or make the layout of the M unappealing...not to mention that the A6 still presents its own array (albeit a smaller one than that of the M) of unlabeled buttons...they surround the "knob".

    Don't get me wrong, I really like both cars and will almost definitely be purchasing one or the other (unless, of course, a third, as yet unseen contender pops up, though I can't imagine who that might be).

    It just so happened that the interior styling of the M really impressed me. Maybe it's my 23yr old affinity for something with a little more attitude, as I'm sure you would agree that the sweeping, cascading dash and console are overstated design touches. Would I be correct in guessing that you have a few more years under your belt than me (if you don't mind me asking of course ;-) ?
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Oh dear - more than a few, I'm afraid! ;-{

    Certain that does explain quite a bit.

  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Yes it does, but you can't be too too old. Otherwise you'd be in the Lincoln Towncar forum, or you'd be ranting and raving about Lexus, like other unnamed forum members.

    In all seriousness though, well as serious as you can get about buying a car; I am really torn between these two (A6 3.2 and the M35x). It's to the point where the issue is playing itself out in my dreams at night!

    Aside from the 'refinement, quiet + class (A6) VS attitude, speed + solid engineering (M35x)' aspects: Audi is re-engineering quattro for 2006, making the A6 faster and giving it more power in the rear (an area where the M currently has the edge with it's "intelligent awd".) I know that if I get the Audi now, in 12 months I'll be kicking myself when the faster, more agile models hit the streets.

    Even without considering forthcoming upgrades - like I've said numerous times before in these forums - if I get one, I'll be wishing I'd gotten the other.

    It's ironic too, that where I live, within 2 miles of my home actually, there is an infiniti dealership and an audi dealership no more than 200 feet apart. I've gone to both to drive both cars (even parked the audi right up next to the M on infiniti's lot!), and I guess I'll continue to do so until I pick up on every detail, sound, sight, and feel, of each of these cars to the point that I am finally compelled to choose one over the other.
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    Gotta tell you honestly, if I was 23, I'd buy the Infiniti (could never ever have afforded such an expenisve automobile at that age). It really does strike me as an automobile for a "younger" individual.

    Best of luck in your pick.

  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Yeah, but I don't feel 23. I work hard for the $$$ and believe me, I wish I made more. Not only that but i'm gonna wish i were older when i get that insurance quote...OUCH!

    Thanks, I'll be sure to post whichever one I get.
  • bargamonbargamon Posts: 302
    Sorry to be a bud-in-ski, but make sure you own your own home and are saving money before putitng into a 50k auto! If so,then disregard. If not, please don't be offended! Young guys and cars are an american thing! We are what we drive! I am in my early 40's and still balk at some prices of cars, or more importantly what to spend. Cars can be status symbols! Expensive nice toys no doubt! We all DESERVE nice rides, but we also deserve peace of mind that having a positive net worth can bring. I am an investment consutant for a large firm for over 20 years and have seen how wonderful investing can be if you start early. At some point, you can have your cake and eat it too!

    I I were 23, I would be all over the BMW 3, Audi a4, infinity G35 sedan or coupe. A6 is an old mans car!

    Town car? Folk like that are the wealthiest int he country, but them used for cash, house paid off, and have the high net worth. Thats a simple demographic, but its what it is!
  • liyliy Posts: 47
    "A6 is an old mans car!" Gee, I'm just feeling worse and worse. Think I'm going to have to move to another forum. Perhaps, one that deals with the best assisted living, or something like that! Wow, imagine the comparos!!

  • jhutchinsjhutchins Posts: 15
    I went through the same process, and was torn between the M35x and the A6 (after having also driven the RL). Like you, I was very impressed with the look and feel of the interior of the Infiniti (purely subjective, of course), although in retrospect, I believe the ergonomics of the A6 is superior. I also was impressed with the handling and mid-range acceleration of the M. In the end, it was primarily the exterior looks of the cars that led me to purchase the A6, and also some degree of brand loyalty, since I am upgrading from an A4 that I have driven for years. (Also, I could get the A6 well below MSRP, but not the M). I thought the exterior of the A6, controversial as it may be, was really sharp, and much more distinctive than the Infiniti's exterior, which seemed too bland.

    By the way, in the years that I have had the A4, it was regularly improved in following model years - that is the nature of the beast. It never prevented me from enjoying the car I had. I would get whichever car makes you happier now, and not worry too much about the extent to which next years models will be even better. You can't go wrong with either of these two cars.

    I also agree the average demographic for the a6 (and any $50K car) is way, way above 23. I am well into my thirties, and if I didn't have to deal with baby seats, I would be shopping for an S4, not an A6.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "Audi is re-engineering quattro for 2006, making the A6 faster and giving it more power in the rear (an area where the M currently has the edge with it's "intelligent awd".) I know that if I get the Audi now, in 12 months I'll be kicking myself when the faster, more agile models hit the streets.

    Has this been confirmed? I know they've done just that for the new RS4, but for the A6 just one year after intro? Anywhere to read about this? I haven't seen anything about, other than about the new RS4 on Germancarfans.

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "OTOH, the first car company that figures out how to do this will absolutely blow everyone else away. Many choices. Pick what you like. It'll be delivered in six weeks (or days, likely). Solid reliability & good service are givens. Which part of the world do we think will do this first? Europe? America? Asia? It sounds like a "duh" question to me, but I may be missing something."

    No you didn't miss a thing. That was deep. I don't think there will ever be one car to please all or do everything perfectly. Arguably back when it was a Mercedes, then as "sport" become more popular a BMW, but they have both dropped a ball or two, reliability and styling/ergonomics respectively.

    What’s interesting about the two main cars being discussed here, the M35 and of course the A6, both have very unattractive upper center consoles. Car and Driver called the M's an "ATM" dashboard, they hit the nail right on the head there imo. Sitting in the M those nav buttons are constantly in your peripheral vision, too much so. The A6 has a beautiful overall interior design, understated and elegant, but that portion of the dash where the center vents and climate controls are looks like something out of an old GM car. From what I've seen of both the M and A6 these are the only things I don't like about either of them. Well the M's rear lights are little bit of an acquired taste, but not a big deal.

    I think these "discussions" as you put it will go on forever I think.

  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    You are absolutely right my friend, I was fed some bad info...apologies to all.

    The re-tooled quattro will only be on the RS4 for such plans for the '06 A6. Sorry again.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    jhutchins: Speaking of the S4, WHAT A MACHINE!

    Went to both Audi and Infiniti today...again. Wanted to compare the M35x to the A6 3.2, this time testing the Audi first. I wanted to check out the sport seats at Audi, but the only A6 with sport seats (a must-have imo) was the 4.2, so I said why not. Sport seats were great, V8 was better, whetted my appetite for speed so....

    ...I ask the salesman about the S4 and he tells me that the only one he's got is stick. I told him that I'm definitely not buying another stick (NY traffic will KILL your enthusiasm for it) but he asks me if I want to drive it anyway. How could I say no?

    The S4 is FAAASSTT and I knew just what route to take. 5th gear is 100% illegal and exhilarating, 6th is just plain dangerous!

    Needless to say, the dark horse contender for my next purchase has arrived. Though I won't be considering the clutch...I'll have to try out the paddles...they've got the S4s with the new bodies in port. Have to go back in 2 weeks. Can't wait.

    On a side note: also went over to Infiniti (literally next door to Audi) to check out the M35x (though, now that my sense of speed was completely warped, I don't know if that was a good idea!) They had it with black/rosewood interior. Still nice, but didn't strike me like it did the first time I checked it out, so I'm STILL undecided on A6 vs M35x.

    jhutchins: Would you say that the footspace on the A6 is a bit cramped on the passenger side? Not the legroom but the footspace? Also: what is your biggest complaint/gripe/pet peeve about your A6? Any feedback, positive/negative/whatever is greatly appreciated. Top 3 pros and cons or something. THANKS!
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    "You are absolutely right my friend, I was fed some bad info...apologies to all.

    No biggie, I just wanted to read more about it since the info on the RS4 has been scarce so far. I too have read about them changing Quattro for all Audis I just didn't know when. I suspect it will be sooner than later with all the awd competition out there now.

    I too spent some time looking at the newest Audis today, though dealerships here are closed on Sunday, but you wouldn't know it by all the people milling around. I was so taken by the new A6 in White. The new nose does look good on the A4 too. The dealer here has a lot of 2004 A6s left though, all of them red-tagged to move now.

  • jhutchinsjhutchins Posts: 15
    Sorry, richcream, the 3.2 I bought (night blue w/ amaretto interior, fully loaded) won't be in until the second week of April. So, I can't give you the first-hand real-life ownership impressions for about a month.

    The M35x I drove was also the black/rosewood interior, which I liked the best of the combinations I saw. Like I mentioned earlier, I think the interior of the M makes a great first impression, but that after living with it for a while, the novelty would wear off and some of the poor ergonomics would start to irritate. The Audi, on the other hand, which is not as sharp-looking in the interior, still has really high quality materials, and seems laid out better. In other words, I expect that my appreciation for the interior of the A6 will increase over time through use.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    UPDATE: (Ward's Auto) -
    "Marc Trahan, Audi of America Inc. director-product management and quality, tells Ward’s the ’05 S4, a 340-hp, 4.2L V-8 equipped variant of the A4 that is a rung lower than the 420-hp RS4, will be the only U.S.-specification Audi to boast the new-generation quattro system until mid-2006, when all ’07 quattro-equipped Audis will be fitted with the new rear-biased architecture."

    So I guess '07 is the model year that ALL quattro's will have the new 60/40 rear/front distribution. Guess that means the '07 A6's with the 60/40 split will be available in a year eh? Hope that helps.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Yep, thanks. I hadn't checked Wards. Should be interesting to see what the magazines think about this switch.

  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    I went to both Audi and Infiniti last night (my second homes) to check out what the cars look like at night, inside and out. I had the salesmen tool 'em both around their lots just to get a look at what the lighting and silhouettes looked like.

    Infiniti Exterior at night: "WOW"
    Infiniti Interior at night: "owww"

    The Infiniti looks GREAT on the outside. I was relieved to find that it makes a great impression, very aggressive, menacing headlights, and looks absolutely nothing like it's Nissan brethren (Maxima and Altima).

    On the inside however, I was a little dismayed to find that the by-day white console buttons and Infiniti trademark clock actually glow yellow/orange when the lights come on. These, coupled with the overly bright, white-blue nav display can only be described as garish. (Infiniti found a way to incorporate the yellow from the sport models into the interior of the toned down non-sports...but only at night!)

    Audi Interior at night: "WOW"
    Audi Exterior at night: "eh"

    The A6's interior looks good during the day, but is outstanding at night. There is no contest here vs the M35. The soft blue and white backgrounds in the driver's dash instruments are sharply accented by an aggressive but controlled iridescent red outlines. The red, which can only be described as 'perfect', accents all of the center consol controls. The nav screen, with black background and yellow and white lettering, blends in to the rest of the presentation and never distracts. Compared to the blinding nav screen in the M35, it is a pleasure to look at.
    The soft purple-white lights in all four footwells can be controlled through the MMI system and only add to an interior that can only be described as 5-Star. Pardon the corny punnery, but the difference between the A6 interior in daylight vs. the cabin at night, is, well....night and day. As is the difference between the M35 interior day vs. night, only the Infiniti cabin looks much better in daylight.

    The exterior of the A6 is nice, but nowhere near as defined as that of the M35. It is, much like the interior during the day, understated and classy, taking little chances. It is, eh.

    Where has all of this tire kicking, light switching, test driving, seat adjusting, and review reading brought me? Nowhere. I am just as torn between the two, if not moreso, now that I have been able to check out the very worst and best that each has to offer. Argh.
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