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Audi A6



  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    Agreed about longer term reliability needing to be assessed. But remember that a lot of people were complaining of fear of buying the new A6 as it is a "new year model" and they have lots of "glitches". It appears these fears can be allayed.
  • ctorreyctorrey Posts: 64
    It takes a rich man to buy a new Mercedes Benz and a richer man to buy one used. I think the same is true for Audi over the long run.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    I agree with you about owning a German car as compared to leasing one. I wouldn't consider buying an Audi. I wouldn't want to own it after the warranty was up. I wouldn't want to own a Mercedes either. I sounded like I was bashing the M35 but it was my second choice next to the Audi. Everyone has there reasons for choosing what's important to them. I wasn't looking for the "wow" factor. I drove the M35 Sport. It has much quicker acceleration than the A6 3.2. I just looked at it as the same engine as the G35 in a new skin w/ a nicer interior. However, the new A6 really is a "completely" new car inside and out. Aside from some similar outer body resemblence to the older A6, everything else is new. And to answer your the cars side by side...they don't have the same "thump" when you close the doors. If the engine is the same in the M45 basically as the Q45, why hasn't Infiniti been selling more Q45's this year and the last few years? Where are those buyers? Hey, I'm the first to admit it. Amongst the German cars, BMW can't be beat as far as performance and especially in the handling dept. Mercedes has great performance with a smooooother ride than either Audi or BMW. The E350 is a great car too. Now it has the same horsepower as the M35 (280HP). I'm sure the M35 beats Mercedes E350 in many categories including speed. Why then do people buy Merdedes? Because these cars (BMW, Audi and Merdedes) have the "IT" factor....a loyal following for many years of satisfied people getting a new one every few years either by way of leasing or purchasing. Every once in awhile, the Lexus' and Infiniti's will have a winner...more often Lexus than Infiniti over the past few years. The J35 years ago was Infiniti's first big seller when they were in the infancy as a company. Then, they never really hit it big after that until a few years ago with the G35. The G20's (altimas) and Q45's(always took a backseat to LS430's) and the M45's until this year were always second rate cars. I truly like the M35. I think for me it came down to getting a really good deal on a loaded Audi or taking an M35 Sport with Journey package for not much less. In closing, I guess it's like the old saying...."that's why there's chocolate and vanilla". Maybe the "vanilla" way to go or safe way to go is to go for something you know. Also, the Audi seemed a lot roomier inside than the M35. That was an important factor for me. Don't take it the wrong way. The M35 is definitely the car to have more fun in driving fast...not that the Audi doesn't go justs takes a little longer to get there. I think for me, the interior wins hands down for it's luxuriousness over the Infiniti. The one thing that all magazine articles have positive to say about the Audi is "beautifully appointed and rich looking interior". So, I'll continue to enjoy my Audi A6 and I hope you'll do the same with whichever car you choose. By the way, which Infiniti did you previously own? Oh, don't forget the Prestige factor that goes along with BMW's, Mercedes and Audi's. Last time I was at the country club where we belong, I don't remember seeing many Infiniti's there...but there were a few Lexus'. As shallow as that may sound, it's true. I guess the prestige of the Infiniti is on the inside...when you drive one.
  • tomleone1tomleone1 Posts: 4
    I was just about to leave for a test drive of the '05 A6 this past weekend and as I slowly took my foot off the brakes there was this very loud grinding noise. I kept testing this by slowly pulling my foot off the brake and the 2nd time the whole car shook! Has anyone who actually owns the '05 A6 every encounters this problem? I have owned many vehicles throughout the years and have never encountered this (much less on a vehicle that is supposed to entice a buyer to make a purchase)
  • kgarykgary Posts: 180
    I have 3,000 miles on a 05 4.2 and do not have the problem.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,653
    Not trying to sound insulting…but was the parking brake on (or slightly engaged)?
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Yes, the snob, er, "IT" factor is very important, especially at one's country club. :shades:

    I bought my M35x because it "wow"-ed me...not because it particularly wowed anyone else. And like you said, it is more fun to drive.

    Again; to each his (or their?) own.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    Well, in my neighborhood (and country club -- in suburban Cincinnati), the "it" machines appear to be:

    1. Cadillac "pick up trucks" (in Pearl White with gold "chrome")

    2. Any Lexus -- excluding the one that is really just "a Camry that knows somebody" (the ES300, I think)

    3. A Hummer H2 in that hideous yellow color (no offense).

    4. A true sports car, not a Sears sports car. . . .

    We have been granted a "pass" for our Audis, probably because my wife has always had a TT coupe that was probably mistaken for a mutant Porsche, which of course is always an acceptable sheen to show up in. You can even drive a Porsche to church, don't you know?

    Now, at our country club, the Escalade's rule -- as do several Lexus SUV like vehicles. Again, they let me pass in my allroad but they pretend they don't see me. I always tell them "the Bentley's on the frizt, dahhhling. . . "
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,938
    With the new A6, there is no "slightly engaged". It's electronic and it's either on or off. You can actually hear the mechanism engage/disengage if the radio is off.
  • kohankohan Posts: 1
    I just purchased an 2001 Audi A6 with the bose symphony (I think) sound system. it does not havew a factory installed cdchanger in the trunk but the bose unit does have the button to activate it. I need to know if my car has the required wiring harness factory intalled and where to find it? I opened the hatch where the changer would be mounted but did not see any wiring. Is this wiring standard with my head unit or do I need to have someone install the wiring from the unit to the trunk? If it is standard where would it be located?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    I think the car is ready to go if it is the same one I had. You go to the dealer and pays your money and the 6 disc changer will be installed (total of 6+1 plus the cassette player).

    I think the 01's also accept Phat Box or Phat Noise or whatever they call it (it is the same as 300 CD's in your trunk). One of the guys in my company has a VW wth this in it and it is impressive -- huge library of tunes.
  • tomleone1tomleone1 Posts: 4
    No Ivan_99 the parking brake was off.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    its consistant that 0-60 is very important to you.
    I have heard you mention it many times over the months.

    IF need be to justify your expense by drag racing other brands to elevate your brand self esteem, then go for it!

    I think too the Infiniti is a bit tacky and would gladly give up some Vroom Vroom boy racer time for the refinement. My 2.5 year old allroad has been flawless and it appears Audi is doing well!

    Now thats not to say the Infiniti is not a nice car, it certainly is! If there exists a big price gap I might also give up some refinement for the wiz bang interior.

    But lets not be so sensitive, this is a A6 forum and Im sure on the M forum y'all preaching to the choir and there are few "bashings" of other brands or prices paid.

    IN this day and age of oil consumption I would really rather a Diesel, but then we got environment issues! I saw a new A6 2.4 recently in a central american country and in that world, its a big motor!
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    Yes, I suppose that I've been "consistant" throughout my posts that 0-60 capability in the $50k Luxury PERFORMANCE category is important to me.

    I suppose we all justify our expenses in various ways. I would contend that I am less justifying my expense in purchasing the Infiniti, as I am justifying not purchasing the Audi. It's not that the M35x has neck snapping acceleration, far from it. It's just that, for the money, and for my tastes, the A6 3.2 was too slow. Sorrrrrrry.

    With very few other exceptions, I liked everything about the Audi. And, with even fewer exceptions, I love everything about the M35x. As I recall, the reason I participated in this forum (as opposed to merely reading the 1 or 2 posts that appear on a biweekly basis) was in response to bondguy's apparently random bashing of the M35x in a thread dedicated to discussing various Audi interior color combos(?).

    But thank you for assuring me that I have a "nice car", that you regard as a "tacky...boy racer" with a "wiz bang interior."

    To each his own. As bondguy said, that's why there's chocolate AND vanilla (and 34 additional flavors last time I checked.)

    Sensitivity is not my strong suit, so apologies to anyone whose vehicle I may have inadvertantly or excessively bashed. The A6 is a superb vehicle.
  • bargamon1bargamon1 Posts: 110
    FUn with words:

    I too own a membership to a golf club.

    One can join a club, but I love when members say "WE BELONG!"

    That is shallow!

    To replace my allroad, Im thinking an infiniti Fx35 for a hundred and fifty LESS than what I am paying now! Its not an allroad, but not bad for 25% less and zero down!

    I hate driving the IT car. I hate large SUVs, hate the escalades, Lexus' are just ugly! Owning a 15 year old mercedes is cool, leasing a new one is not. Cayannes are cool, Mercury aviators are not. Navagators are tacky bling! CTS caddy is cool. Lincolns are not.

    I agree with rich, Mark, and JamesBondguy: I love my audi, I want another audi, but I won't pay much more than what I am paying now!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,048
    You hit me where I live! I too have a loverly Audi allroad and my first choice to replace it was "pretty much" a loaded A6 3.2. After more than a couple dozen Audis, I had the "routine" down of ordering, swapping out during the last 90 days and driving off in yet another better than the last one. Alas, my 2003 allroad, which at the time had an MSRP of $49K would be replaced by an A6 with an MSRP of $53K -- no biggie, I thought.

    When all was said and done (and this happened with my wifes 2003 TT when she went to replace it with a 2005.5 A4 3.2) the two new Audis we wanted had fewer features, somewhat lower MSRP's but much higher lease payments than either BMW (my wife replaced her $42K TT with a $47K BMW and lowered her mo pay by $128) or Infiniti (an M35X at ~ $51K compared to an A6 at $52,770 was $200 less and $112 less -- per month, respectively -- than my allroad).

    In both cases the Audi's content (features) was lower, performance was about equal or lower, yet we had a preference for the Audis.

    The value proposition -- for the first time since 1977 -- did NOT favor the Audis.

    The fact that the Audis, in my biased opinion, were superior -- and therefore worth more (slightly) notwithstanidng -- still could not persuade us to pony up an extra $328 per month.

    I think the deals on the Audis may be improving (local newspapers) but the web site still makes me think that Audi pushed its way into the premium price class about a year or so prematurely.

    I still am one of Audis biggest fans -- and those who have or are about to acquire any Audi product will not get a raspberry from me. My circumstances, my history and experiences with Audi (and I include my wife's too) are that "mine" (or ours).

    I would love to have a silver A6 with Amaretto Sport seats and all the trimmings -- but, at this juncture, I just can't make the "value proposition" work for me.

    My friends tell me I'll be back to German for sure and probably to Audi, next time.

    Time will tell.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    I think it all matters what time of year you get your car and how much shopping you do. I know I told you what I paid for my A6 3.2 two weeks ago. Before I leased it, I had a few lease quotes that had a $100-$125 range in price per month for similar equipment. First, never speak to a salesman in a dealership unless you get the newest salesman there. I usually call ahead of my showing up and tell the girl upfront that I don't remember who I spoke with yesterday but that I think he was new. She'll volunteer to refer you to the "newbie" who the manager will do almost any short deal to help out the new guy...he wants him to learn how to work a deal from start to finish. Otherwise, always call and ask for the sales or general manager. This cuts out the middle step of another salesman. Work the deal with him and when it comes time to write up the deal, he'll put you with a salesperson. I used to sell cars many years ago and I was that newbie. By the way, I felt weird not looking at all my options out there like BMW. I have heard nothing but raving reviews of BMW's handling and performance. I just think the 5 series is so UGLY that it wouldn't matter if it had Porsche performance...I wouldn't get one. And, I don't just mean UGLY outside...inside is very bland and plain looking. I heard bad reviews of the new Lexus GS 300 too. Performance is lacking even though it has the same horsepower as the Audi 3.2 (255). The new Toyota Avalon (not in the same category even though it does have a 280 HP engine) wan't even a real choice. I really think when it comes down to a mid size sport sedan in the $50,000 range give or take a few thousand dollars, the only real choices out there are the Infiniti M series or the Audi A6. The Mercedes also, even though interior room is smaller (8 inches narrower in backseat room than A6). Also, people, don' t forget that the Audi also comes with all scheduled maintenance included for 4 years or 50,000 miles. Mercedes used to do that up until this last year. I would love to see Audi come out with a much larger convertible coupe based on the A6 bodystyle which would have to be much bigger than the A4 bodystyle.
  • pauldtpauldt Posts: 2
    I took delivery of my '05 A6 3.2 in April 2005. (The ‘05 replaced a 2002 A6 3.0 on a manufacturers buy-back. The 3.0 had too many problems to list-mostly engine, brakes, and electrical). One week after taking delivery on the ’05, I started receiving intermittent low battery indications on the MMI. This caused the MMI to shut down the third brake light and/or the alarm system intermittently.

    The dealership’s mechanic was at a loss as the diagnostic computer did not reveal any clues as to what was wrong. He discussed the problem with a factory representative where they recommended replacing one of many, many modules but the problem persisted. The factory representative then suggested replacing a second module, which, so far, has done the trick.

    Hopefully Audi will continue to improve upon the reliability of their automobiles, but until then, I wouldn’t recommend one. They are beautiful cars but based upon the experiences that my friends, family, and I have had, the Audi is far from reliable. If you must have an Audi, I’d recommend leasing one as it would be a very expensive car to own for the long term. My next car will likely be a BMW or of the Japanese variety.
  • pauldtpauldt Posts: 2
    Follow-up. . . With a whopping 1765 miles on the odometer, the interior lights have now stopped working! I checked all of the obvious problems and it goes back to the dealer next week.

    Note to self: Never buy an Audi again!
  • wbreaux1wbreaux1 Posts: 55
    I hear all the "horror" stories about quality problems, and I think this is somewhat like the evening news. 1,000,000 planes landing safely is not news, but one crashing is. People are much more vocal when their cars are having problems, which is human nature. But for the record, my wife's 2002 A6 3.0 is going strong with 66,000 miles, with no signficant problems. The only issue is that the front passenger seat sqeaks when someones in it. Other than that it's been a trouble free car and a joy to own.
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