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Audi A6



  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I really hate that the drivers leather seat squeaks against the side plastic. The right lower portion of the drivers seat is just too close to the console.
  • ctorreyctorrey Posts: 64
    My '05 A4 actually has a felt-like substance attached to plastics that come in contact with the leather seats (e.g., seatbelt buckles). Maybe this is somthing Audi did in '05?
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Did you notice that the window glass, specifically the windshield and large rear window don't have rubber seals on the outside of windows. This is done to give it a flowing look. It gives the car a more complete look and just another little touch of the way Audi is concentrating on leading the pack.
  • Does anybody know how much less a demo should be? It's 2005 Audi A6 with about 4,000 miles. Has navigation, leather, premium, cold weather, 18" alloys.

    P.s. the sticker is $50,000 and they only want a discount of $2,000 - so $48 is this right?
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Well, that price sounds high. I leased a 2005 A6 3.2 that had a list price of $51,770 and I leased it at a price of $48,001. Brand new car! I have NAV, Premium Pkg, Convenience Pkg, Premium Leather, Sirius, Voice Command, 18" Wheels, Advanced Key. Even if it was new, the price should be better. Shop around. If you are in Florida or any state near and would like to know where I got mine, let me know. They were great to deal with.
  • I concur. That sounds high to me. I also go a much good deal on my $50K A6. Mine ended up at almost $3K less with a great money factor on the lease.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    I was at the Audi dealer yesterday picking up my car from service and one of the managers told me she saw the price list and options list for 2006 A6. They have gone up considerably and packaged the options differently so that a lot of things that used to be in a package are now separate options. Kind of how the Parktronic used to be in the Premium pkg in 02' and now it's a separate option. Headlight washers used to come standard on A6's and now part of the cold weather package. Oh well, glad I got my 05' already.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Well, you are partially correct that the prices on the 06's are going up. Option for option, the cars will be about $1500 more expensive than the 05's.

    But you've got in backwards as Audi is actually cutting down on too many individual options..... and making them a part of a larger package.

    You won't be able to get parktronic or advanced key as a stand alone option anymore. You have to get the technology package which includes parktronic, advanced key, navigation, voice activation & sat. radio. The new technology package will be a $3800 option. You can still get DVD NAV as an $1800 option.

    Base price of the new 2006 3.2 A6 is $43,970.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    Advance key? At the tender age of 53, I can actually tell you that I personally remember my parent's car -- sometime in the 1950's -- having a pushbutton starter button. The new cars from Europe and Japan seem to be rushing and gushing about "pushbutton start."

    I understand the advances in that the key fob contains a transmitter and a chip that identifies "you" and can set the car to your preferences and so on. What I can't understand is the charge (when unbundled) of $750 for a starter button. I believe the new BMW 3's too may have this as an option. It seems to me if you can bring a car to market (as Audi has often done) with either a stick shift or an automatic (for the same money) you could offer "keyless" ignition for a lot less than $750 or however much of that $3,800 tech package is represented by the advance key.

    What next, crank starters, for $1995?

    What's old is new again, I get that. It just seems to me that keyless start versus a keyed start couldn't possibly "cost" enough even with 30% margin to be "worth" that much.

    Having tested several cars with keyless ignition, I must admit it is at the very least, "cool." I am, as noted, old(er), but that just seems -- in this instance -- like a "gouge 'em" price.

    This does not detract from the overall goodness of the new A6 -- but it is too conspicuous IMO as a revenue generator. Funny, voice activation, as I recall was a $350 option. My current Audi (a 2003) has the On*star voice activation system (which is less capable, I am led to believe than the new Audi's version) -- based on my experiences, I WOULD pay $750 for that for the ability to control the phone completely hands and eyes free and also for not having to "teach" the system to understand me vs my wife, for example.

    Perhaps it is moot at this point but I could do without the advance key, but am finding voice activation a convenience and safety feature -- big time.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I wish the Nav System had voice recognition as a standard feature. But you have to spend $3800 on the whole technology package to get voice recognition. But at least you can get Nav as a stand alone option in the A6.

    I'm not too crazy about the advanced key. It's a cool feature, but I already like the way you barely have to turn the key in the ignition on the A6 and it starts up. It's very smooth.

    I'm prone to losing my keys and always wondering where they are, anyway. Not having them in the ignition will have me always grabbing for my pockets (and elsewhere) to see where I put my keys.
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    At least Audi makes it an option. If you don't want to pay $750, don't get it. On the Japanese cars, it comes with it standard ( which we know it's in the price). I like more so than starting the car that I don't have to fumble for a key at night or in the rain and can open my door without having to either put a key in the door or look for a stupid litlle remote. I would say the downside is what almost happened to me the other day. I was driving with my wife in the car and she dropped me off because we work very close to each other. I got out, she was taking the car and luckily for her, she remembered to get the key from me. Had she not, she would have a fun time at the end of the day starting the car without any key. I know when I get out of the car with the key in my pocket and car is running, there is a key picture on screen in center console.
  • richcreamrichcream Posts: 205
    "If you don't want to pay $750, don't get it. On the Japanese cars, it comes with it standard ( which we know it's in the price)."

    Hmm, if the $750 is already in the price, that makes the Japanese cars even more of a bargain, no?

    I doubt that the invoice has been bumped $750 for pushbutton start capability, though I suppose I could be wrong....maybe. I'd have to agree with the consensus that price gauging is in full effect.

    How is your keyless feature doing? You had some issues with it - all better?
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    I applaud the choice. I think the amount is so far off, it isn't funny. And, if the price of the "M" could be reduced by $750 without PB start, I know I would have omitted it from my option list.

    My use of the key is so far down on my list of issues I have with cars, it isn't even on the list.

    A heated steering wheel, as I recall, used to be $150 option -- that seems about right for the PB start too.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    Make sure it hasn't been damaged/repaired, check/ask for service records including any oil changes, then take MSRP minus $3000 (depreciation) minus .15/mile = $46,400 selling price OR MSRP minus 20% (depreciation) minus .15/mile IF over or close to being a year old = $39,400 selling price.

    Most cars depreciate 60~65% off MSRP in the first 3 years of ownership, then 5~10% per year after that. Most first-line lending institutions won't even write loans on 5 year old cars, so this tells what kind of value you could expect at that time.

    Example: My 2000 Audi A6 2.7T MSRP'd for $44,600. $44,600 x 60% ($26,760)= $17840 (2003) minus 5 % = $16,948 (2004) minus 5% = $16,100.60 (2005). $16000 is "around "what I may be able to sell this 77,000 mile Audi for now in 2005.The final sale price would probably be even less.

    The bottom line is that $2,000 off an 2005 w/4000 miles is not near enough!
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 228
    Yes..It's real hard to tell which car you have. Yes, my advanced key is working now. Not to worry with Audi...everythings covered for my entire lease. By the way, how is your swirled paintjob doing on your black M? By the way, if you have an Infiniti, why are you in the Audi forum. Are you lost or do you just regret not getting the A6?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    There is no requirement that one own or be looking into purchasing any vehicle in order to participate in any discussion. Very many of us are interested in discussions on very many vehicles.

    And that's exactly what we're here for, to provide that venue. :)
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,069
    I got my end of lease letter from the EVP of Audi -- I wrote him a letter in return. Wishing NOT to burn any bridges with Audi, I praised the car, the dealer and even the new crop of Audis.

    I did inform Johan that my wife and I did not re up for new Audis and that it was perhaps the most difficult big ticket purchase decision we have ever made.

    I still love the brand, but can't figure out the current marketing approach -- I asked for clarification.

    Let's see what happens.

    And I agree with the host, many of us have interests in a variety of cars. My decision NOT to go with the new A6 does not somehow suggest any critique of someone who did go with the new Audi.

    Perhaps after 27 of them in a row, my perception, my decision stemmed from a different place. This doesn't mean I think my move would be appropriate for someone else.

    Said it before: a big piece of me certainly will miss not having another Audi.
  • liferulesliferules Posts: 531
    "Had she not, she would have a fun time at the end of the day starting the car without any key."

    Actually, the car won't stop without the key. So, she'd have noticed it earlier, or the tank would be empty at the end of the day. :)
  • jeqqjeqq Posts: 216
    Too many variables with advanced key. I'm waiting for retinal or fingerprint identification to operate the car. Just got to remember to bring your eyeball or finger when you leave the house.
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