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Audi A6



  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    Just from reading these forums I do get the impression that the reliability of at least the early A6's may not be as good as the A4. Granted, the A4 is in its 6th model year of production, but even from the beginning it sure seems like Audi engineered a lot of reliabilty into the car. I could be wrong on my impressions of the A6, as this is just my personal observation only based on a small sampling of voluntary posts, but it sure seems like I read about a lot more major component failures happening with the A6 than the A4. The one exception with the A4 is that certain individuals have reported various problems with the 1.8T engine but at least some of these people may have driven their cars very hard and/or chipped their engines.

    Although I have never owned an A6 I do still have an A4 2.8Q w/sport that has had ZERO problems after 32,000 miles. Also just purchased a new allroad, but with just 650 miles it's way too early to form any judgements about its reliabilty, although I sure do love the vehicle in all other respects so far.
  • mariobgoodemariobgoode Posts: 114
    Hmmmm. Your observations about the A4 and the A6 would lead me to seriously consider the new A4 as an alternative to the A6. I hope they have one at the NY Auto Show next month. Thanks for the post. Bye. Mario
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,049
    Please give us a full report. I test drove a "loaded" allroad with the 6spd manual -- I almost abandoned my at the time on order A6 4.2, I was that impressed.

    What are your impressions of the allroad -- how is yours equipped?

    Inquiring minds.
  • diane52diane52 Posts: 1
    My experience with cars coming off of lease... is if you are planning to lease another vehicle
    from the same MfG, from a dealer you have done business with in the previous leases, then
    they can override the inspector... they will cover the mileage and minor digs and scratches,
    if you are walking away from the MfG totally different story... as far a detailing the car
    not worth the money...
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890

    Here is what I recently posted in one of the discussions in the Station Wagon forum - hope this helps:

    * No "issues" of any kind to report - build quality is excellent as expected, and the dealer did a very nice job in preparing the car for delivery. Everything works as advertised and so far there's no need to adjust a thing.

    * The car is so much quicker than our '98.5 2.8Q that it actually startled me at first. My test drive a couple months ago was during a heavy snowstorm (good test for its
    winter traction characteristics - very important here in Minnesota!) but I couldn't take full advantage of the car's performance capability. I'm still breaking the car in,
    and haven't yet really stepped on it, but the acceleration even from relatively low
    RPM's is smooth and very powerful. It may sound a little corny but I'm awestruck
    by how nice this car is, and the performance of the engine is a big part of it.

    * Similarly the TIP is much improved over the '98 2.8. Shifts are much smoother
    and, just as importantly, it shifts a lot quicker with less hesitation. Still haven't
    adjusted to the steering wheel controls - even find them a little awkward especially
    around corners and turns, where your hands are shifting on the wheel. Very fun to
    play with though in a relatively straight line.

    * The seat heaters are also "turbocharged" - they take a lot less time to heat up
    and what's a "3" on the 2.8 is about a "1" on the allroad - not much of a need to
    ever go beyond "1".

    * The switches for the radio/CD player seem a liitle stiff. I'd prefer a softer, smoother
    feel when changing tracks, stations, etc.

    * Love the brightness of the Xenon's - it would be very difficult to ever go back to
    regular headlamps.

    * In snow and especially on ice the Pirelli's are "OK" but not nearly as surefooted
    as the winter tires (Blizzaks) on our A4. The stock allroad tires are a good
    all-season compromise, but I intend to buy real winter tires (not Blizzaks, however)
    next fall.

    I'll have more to say later, but just wanted to report what things have made the
    biggest impression on me right away. I knew in advance from all my car shopping
    time that the interior was beautifully done, and I continue to really appreciate this
    every time I step into the vehicle. Is it just me or does the interior seem nicer that
    even the "standard" A6? That and all the extra features you get - not to mention the
    adjustible suspension's rough road capabilties - make the relatively modest extra
    premium that you pay well worth it IMO.

    Sorry for the long post, but my enthusiasm is way up there.

    '01 Atlas Gray w/Tip/Prem/Conv/Bose/SR
    '98.5 Aluminum Silver A4 2.8Q w/Tip, Sport & all options except Trip Computer
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,049
    Did you get the Wheel+Tire upgrade option, I am not familiar with every feature of the Premium and Convenience Pkgs you refer to -- I thought the wheel upgrade was a stand alone deal.
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    The "twin spoke" wheels are a separate $950 option. They are 17 inch, same as the standard wheels, which is what I have. The tires - either a specially designed Pirelli or Goodyear "allroad" tire - are the same whichever wheel you buy. I just didn't feel that the optional twin spoke wheels were worth the extra money, as the difference is purely cosmetic. I also thought that the optional twin spokes would be harder to keep clean as there are some hidden areas that are sure to collect dirt and brake dust over time. They look very nice when new however but maybe not $950 nicer.

    Otherwise the Convenience Pkg. gets you the audio controls on the steering wheel, heated seats front & rear, a homelink door opener (3 settings) in the sun visor, and a leather steering wheel that's heated at start-up (gradually goes to room temperature after a few minutes).

    The Premium Pkg. includes power outside mirrors with the passenger side automatically tilting down when backing up, memory seats (both driver and passenger side) with 3 settings and including memory for the outside mirrors, xenon lights, and an automatic dimming rearview mirror (outside mirrors also automatically reduce nighttime glare).

    Not sure which of these options are/are not included with the A6 which the allroad is based on.
  • I'm considering an A6 4.2, in comparison with a BMW 530i. All other issues aside, including the power difference (I've driven both), I have some concerns from my first test drive of the 4.2 that require a day-long drive in my usual environment (highway, local streets, stop and go, kids, etc.) that I need to resolve. Anyone out there have any experience in getting a dealer to offer up a test driver for a day-long test ride? I would be ordering the car after that, so the one I drive would not be the one I buy. Especially interested in SF Bay Area - peninsula, specifically.
  • soledocsoledoc Posts: 52
    Thanks for the two honest and sincere responses to my questions about the car for my wife. We are definitely leaning toward the A6 now over the BMW 525i. It seems like a no brainer at this point. I'm still going with the Volvo C70 coupe for myself.
  • Just got my 2.8. Nice. However, by coincidence a friend of mine pulled up to my office the other day with the same car 2.7T. What a difference! Question is: I am on 39 month lease with 350 miles on the car.... Do I have any chance with dealer of trading up without substantial penalty? Thanks.
  • gw12gw12 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone. This is my first time at this, but couldn't wait any longer. I have been reading with great interest posting on Audi's for six months or more and have learned quite alot. It helped me in making the decision to purchase our 2001 a6 2.7T. One of the best decisions I have ever made. We have had our a6 for two months now and love it! I had an issue come up this week and did not know if anyone else has had the same thing happen. Warm weather is on the way in Indiana and I had the roof open one day this week and when I drove between 30 and 40 mph,(hard to do in this car), there was such noise or pressure differential that the sound or pressure played havoc on my ears. Only after I closed the roof partially, did the noise or pressure go away. I hate to think that this is something we have to live with. I haven't talked with the dealer yet to see what they say.
  • dealer indicated to me there was a setting on sunroof that would reduce this pressure. and your experience is expected. many cars have this problem.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    There certainly IS a difference, Jim. I couldn't believe the 2.7T after having test driven the 2.8. If you're leasing through Audi Financial, there is evidently something called the Loyalty Program. I don't recall the specifics, but a number of posters over at AudiWorld reported being able to upgrade their car on a new lease with little or no penalty. If you think about it, it's win for everybody. You may want to try the search function on the A6 forum @ AW. This is the URL:

  • tonyroytonyroy Posts: 3
    Consumer Reports page 75 lists "used cars to avoid". First on the list is the Audi A6 98. In the same magazine page 33 "Our recent survey shows reliability has fallen below average, and we can no longer recommend the A6". Those seriously interested should read the magazine for a thorough understanding. The same article predicts reliability for the 2001 model will be below average. I was going to buy an A6. This has changed my mind and I am disappointed.
  • mlevinedcmlevinedc Posts: 45
    I have a 98 A6Q with every available option package, that I am glad to turn back in to Audi off lease, in fact I can't wait. In my experience Consumer Reports is right on the money with their "AVOID" status. The vehicle has been the subject of at least 4 if not 6 manufacturer recalls. Some of the problems I've had: Numerous front-end control arms replaced, tires that don't stay balanced, seat module replaced three times, fuel sending pump replaced twice, intermittant HID headlights, igniters replaced several times, two bad turnlight sockets, water pump replaced, all timing belt pulleys replaced, valve cover gaskets replaced, CD/Radio replaced twice (FM reception still stinks), steering wheel heater went bad requiring replacement of steering wheel, front seat mat anchors pulled out of the carpet twice - and all this with less than 37,000 miles on the car!!

    I guess the Audi purists will say it's driver error, huh.

    44 days and counting...
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Regarding the sunroof buffeting, what you experienced is normal. It happened to me on the day I picked up my car from the dealer as I exited the freeway. It sounded as though a helicopter was landing in the car! My dealer didn't warn me, and I honestly thought something was severely out of balance, that's how startling it was.

    It's an aerodynamic idiosyncracy that only happens at the speeds you mentioned when the roof is entirely open. To get around it, simply limit the sunroof opening to a single notch (on the switch) from full open when driving within the "critical" speed range. This will only close the roof by an inch or two. Some have also reported positive results by cracking open the rear windows.

    Hope this helps.

    - Mike
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I've had my 2000 2.8Q for 10 months and 12,000 miles. To date, ZERO problems.
  • blei1blei1 Posts: 11
    mlevinedc: I would have to say that you and I must feel the same way about our cars. I have a 2000 A6 Q. After 3 sets of tires, major front end vibration, 5 trips to the dealer, one Better Business Bureau hearing, one Audi expert(make that 2 after tomorrow), and a Lemon Law lawsuit I am ready to give this car back. Audi has not cooperated at all and the longer I drive this car the angrier I get. I also believe that Consumer Reports is definitely correct. Car and Driver must be getting paid to rate this car in the top 10. And this is to anyone who is going to post and defend Audi, save your breath, anytime you want to driver my car just let me know.
  • I have a 98 A6Q with 43k miles and only problem has been with fuel sending units recall and recent steering wheel problem of over overheating...have driven this car pretty hard and still like it. I am planning on getting '02 2.7T this fall...anyone with info on changes for upcoming year?
  • drscott1drscott1 Posts: 1
    We are in the market for a new A6. We ruled out the 2.8Q after driving the 2.7T. Made the mistake of driving a 4.2, very nice but the 2.7T seamed to perform just about as well - perhaps a little noisier under full throttle.

    The 4.2 is a demo with 5000 miles in the color inside and out that we want. The dealer is willing to sell at invoice cost ($5000 +/-) below sticker price. This is still about $4,000 to $5,000 more than they would sell us a 2.7T without sports package that they have in the color and features we want.

    I like the aggressive look of the 4.2. Has the 17" 8 spoke wheels and also like the front end treatment of the 4.2 over the 2.7T. Note sure yet how our child seat will fit in the back seat of the 4.2. Looks like it would fit better in the 2.7T. Also drove a 2.7T with sports package and it did handle a little better than the non sports. Also liked the slightly lower look of the sports suspension but not the sport seats. A little too tight for me and I am not that wide in the seat. Dealer said he could put factory springs of the sports package on a regular 2.7T for about $500. Could also get after market 17" wheels and tires for about $1,500 more and still be a couple thousand less than a 4.2.

    I have been reading some problems with the 4.2 factory 17" wheels and 255/40 tires. The dealer thought the 4.2 demo had all season tires put on already. This still might not be the best set up for our Minnesota winters.

    Sorry it is so lengthy, but could use some advice on which way to go.
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