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Audi A6



  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Those are the best pictures of the A6 I've ever seen! So clear with such great detail. Thanks.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Agree with almost everything you say -- fortunately I have not had the minor fit and finish nits (seat belt height adjustment) that you have had (I am @ 5K miles.) I do not like my Pirelli P6000's, the Tiptronic is OK -- heck for all I know it is great -- but as you say, it isn't a manual and it seems to downshif in Tip mode somewhat reluctantly. The navigation system continues to impress me more all the time yet the Nav Plus would be "way cool."

    My only real disagreement with your opinion is that I do like the rear seat -- but I look at the rear seat of the A6 4.2 as a 2 place; rear bucket seats. Personal preference.

    Having had the non-sport suspension A6 4.2 (2000) w/17" wheels/tires I can attest that the sport package is a big improvement. Yet, I agree with you -- I was hoping for a bit more "sport." I guess that is what is on the S6. Frankly, I think the sport suspension and wheels and tires should be "standard" on this car -- the "comfort" suspension is way to floaty.

    The light light power steering is good a speeds below 20 or 25, but does not stiffen up enough for the twisties for my tastes.

    You know, I suspect we both wanted S6's and these A6's are meant to be the luxury sport offering, not the sport luxury version (drive a new S8 and you will see what the S guys can do.) A 6 spd manual would go a long way toward changing this perception for me -- especially since there is STILL no S6 sedan coming for sure for sure.

    My understanding is that there is a sportier version of the suspension which lowers the ride another 10mm over the sport option, also I have read that there is a shorter final drive ratio (higher numerically) available and a different steering option that reduces the turns of the wheel lock to lock by about 25% -- finally, I believe there is a brake upgrade (Brembo?), cat back exhaust and spoilers to "sport up" your Executive A6 4.2.

    But since much of this -- even the bits that are "factory" sanctioned -- costs fairly big bucks, it seems like it would be better just to get the real thing -- a genuine Audi S6 or S6+ -- except, they aren't available in North America.

    None of the above is meant to imply or state regret -- I am very satisfied with the 2001 A6 4.2 w/sport package and the standard ESP -- the car performs virtually flawlessly and as a repeat buyer, I can say I plan to repeat again and again -- but hopefully next time with an S6 -- 24 months to go on the lease. C'mon Audi of America -- read the Market. Why an S8 @ $80K came to the US before an S6 is beyond me.
  • lms37lms37 Posts: 8
    We've got an A6 on order (will take 4mos to get!) and they've told us what our lease payment will be. It has worked out to be almost $100/mo. more than a BMW 530 loaded would cost. I don't understand this since the BMW is about $3,000 more than the Audi (after getting our best price from both). My husband now wants me to get the BMW. My heart is with the Audi. Can someone explain this? Any advice?
  • lms37lms37 Posts: 8
    Also, one problem I'm having with the Audi is color choice. Nothing really stands out to me. I think the silver is the nicest looking, but it only comes with a dark interior. I love the melange. Does anyone have the pearlescent white? One is coming available. I know it's a special order color. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    The opposite is true in Cincinnati -- a "loaded" 530 for 39 months was almost $150 / month more than a loaded A6 2.7T -- with sport everything -- the Audi had been discounted over $3,000 from MSRP and the 530 was discounted about $1,000 off MSRP. The Audi initial discount was the opening offer and the $1,000 off the Bimmer was the "final offer."

    Go figure.

    This information was from the second week of March 2001.

    You Audi dealer or your MSRP or something is "out of wack."

    Of course even if the price was IDENTICAL on the 530 and the 2.7T, when we drove both (both Automatics by the way), there was NO comparison, the Audi was much quicker and quieter and it was about $2K less sticker (then see above for true retail). The Audi was not quite $47K MSRP and the Bimmer was just about $49K.

    The Audi did not have the Nav package, nor the factory Phone -- did have leather, etc.

    Try again -- the Audi "should" be a better deal -- we already know it is (or should be) a better value.

    Good luck!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Pearl White is sooooo nice. I have had four of them. My wife had one -- now when the car is in an accident, it is a very expensive paint job -- but that fact did NOT affect the insurance premium. I love the silver, but you can't get it in the US with the Camel interior it comes with in Germany -- only dark colors or Vanilla -- which I had on a 1999 A6 -- after six months it was obviously dirty looking -- and I wear suits and don't smoke or eat in the car (and no kids).

    Currently I have Nemo Blue -- it is OK, not great tho.
  • lms37lms37 Posts: 8
    Thanks so much for the feedback. It didn't make a lot of sense to me. The A6 2.7t final price was 44,000, $2,000 over invoice, retail $47,...
    We're in No. Calif. The BMW they would only take $500 off MSRP. Loaded, without nav. or phone, came to $47,000. A lease for 3 years, 15,000 mi., $5,000 down on BMW would be $757.02. The Audi, 2.7t 6-sp. loaded except nav. and phone, lease is for $877/mo.
    Do you think the Audi dealer just messed up? I was going to tell them we want the Audi if they could adjust their pricing somehow. My husband won't go for the difference in price, especially when he's leaning a little towards the BMW. Doesn't like the BMW "image" though. That's going in my favor (for the Audi).
    I'm glad to hear you really liked the pearl white. I think it's nice, a little on the yellow tone, though. But I think it may be the best choice out there for me, going with the melange interior. I sure appreciate the input!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    Leasing Information for Audi A6 2.7T model year 2001

    MSRP: $46,900
    Sale Price: $44,000

    Term: 36 months
    Down: $0 / $5,000

    Milage: 15,000/year 15,000/year

    Monthly: $681.23 / $528.09


    Term: 39 months
    Down: $0 $5,000

    Milage: 15,000/year 15,000/year

    Monthly: $655.02 / $512.57

    ===== Source Audi of America Web Financial Calculator

    With the discount on the Audi, plus the lack of discount on the Bimmer, plus your $5,000 down payment -- the Audi HAS to be less per month, apples and apples.

    Hope this helps.
  • vkjvkj Posts: 67
    you need to verify the money facotor on the lease. also 39 month leases with audi are a much better deal than 36 month leases. I just leased an a6 2.7t and my payment, before some adjustments was in the mid 600's. i'd be happy to help more
  • lmgottslmgotts Posts: 15
    I just leased an Audi, also in Northern California. If you'd like to e-mail me (, I'd be happy to talk to you about my experience. I learned a lot by the time I drove off, and would approach the project differently if starting anew...

    Best Regards.

    P.S. What dealer?
  • lmgottslmgotts Posts: 15
    "I suspect we both wanted S6's"?

    No suspicion necessary, I wanted and WANT an S6 (and know that you do too). Flat out. I'll be sorely tempted to fit myself into the S6 Avant if it comes here. I actually really love wagons (and did so before their current popularity!), but the only one available now is the 2.8. Not a big fan of the Allroad either, so I was left with the 2.7/4.2 choice in sedan body. Upon thorough test drives, the 4.2 was an easy choice for me, in spite of my "nitpicks" about it.

    I do actually like the 4 seater aspect of the 4.2's rear seating, and don't even have a beef about the lack of a third head restraint, but why no 3-point belt? It's such a huge safety thing, and can't cost much. Just should have left out the lap belt entirely and *made* it a 4-seater.

    My only real and actual defect it that shoulder height-adjustment thing, and boy it sure feels close to just popping into position, but I gave it a mighty good push/pull and no dice.

    I agree re: the pricey add-ons. Further, I generally do not like after market performance enhancements. I'm a stocker kind of guy, and I WANT that stock S6 Sedan......pleeeeaasee....Audi, bring it to me, take all my money.....

    The S4's seem pretty hot, but if I think that the A6 4.2 might as well be officially a 4-seater, then you can imagine that I'd argue making the A4 series into a 2-seater. The back seats are so tiny.

    Anyhow, the bottom line is that the 4.2 is awesome, and a fantastic ride. No regrets at all. I want to get up in the middle of the night and sneak in a drive, waiting for each weekend to roll around it tough (though my lease says 15K miles/year, so I hope the excitement cools a little sometime).
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I beg to differ with Mark, I've got Silver over Vanilla/Royal and so far, after 3 months, it still looks new. Any color, particularly light ones, will eventually develop a patina. Other drivers with Vanilla leather have reported not having too much difficulty keeping the Vanilla leather looking good. Perhaps it's a matter of standards, or maybe the leather is easier to care for now, for some reason. I plan on using Zaino's leather products as required.

    I love the Silver over vanilla/royal, though many people don't. I'd definitely take a look at the combination if you can. If you find silver to be a neutral, or a setting for the interior, I think you'll like it. If you think silver is a shade of gray, and you want to match it, you might not. Noticing that you appear to be of the female persuasion, there's a good chance you would like it. Ladies in particular seem to enjoy my car. (Boy, do I like that!) But for some guys, it just doesn't have enough testosterone. Think: Light, elegant and sporty, not dark and macho.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,047
    When I had the vanilla leather, I too loved it and took a lot of ribbing from my friends -- but the driver's seat (even with cleaning) always looked a different shade (patina perhaps?) from the other seat surfaces. The seat (in the 1999 A6) was a very grainy leather, the leather on my 2001 A6 (Melange leather) is much smoother.

    I do think the Vanilla is striking and with the contrasting blue is beautiful -- if they have overcome the dirt problem of the 1999 model year -- you may like it. It is certainly different. But remember the ribbing -- all of it good natured -- that asks you why you have a bright yellow interior.

    I used to smile and say "grow up."
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    I'm finding this discourse amusing because the first '98 A6 that I ever drove was Santorin Blue with vanilla/royal blue interior. And, since this was at BMW of Seattle they hadn't made a particularly strong effort to clean the car up. As soon as I entered I noticed that the insert on the driver's door was quite smudged and very noticeable. And yes, it did have a very soft yellow cast to it, however have you ever looked at the interior of some late model Bimmers with supposedly "neutral" leather? It's so bright yellow it might as well be a yellow cab!

    Because of my exterior color preference when I finally bought my new '99 I got Melange interior which is just fine. Certainly doesn't show the dirt except on the lower door panels, which I'm very careful to avoid scuffing. I only wish the technicians at the dealer were as equally careful.
    The contrasting cabernet trim in melange interiors is really very subtle, but no less effective. Audi has the best interior designers in the business, by far. Caddy should be so tasteful. And Bimmer? Typical German austerity.
  • lmgottslmgotts Posts: 15
    I have a new '01 Silver 4.2 with black interior (sport package seating).

    It could be viewed as Germanic, austere, etc. but I find it very elegant and pretty.

    I appreciate the general perception that lighter interior appointments may be considered "softer" and perhaps more elegant and even feminine if you will, but I think the black interior with all the wood and red lighting is pretty sublime and beautiful.

    The ladies seem pretty impressed with the black interior (ahem, especially my wife!). My guess is that you can't go wrong with any color combo - we're talking about A6's remember!
  • tmanlawtmanlaw Posts: 17
    My new A6 2.7T is Ming Blue with Melange interior. I had actually completed the paperwork on a silver w/black, when I saw the Ming Blue w/ Melange on the back lot. It is beautiful. With black interior, the darker wood trim kind of fades away. But with the melange, the lighter wood (burled birch) stands out dramatically. The Ming Blue is stunning in sunlight, with a heavy metallic look. In some direct light it almost takes on an eggplant color (kind of a purplish tint). At night it looks almost black, and is very elegant. And the Zaino Bros. polish products really make it stand out. With all due respect to silver w/ black (I almost bought one), they are very common is Seattle. The Ming Blue is much more rare and distinctive. Its a real head turner. No matter what choice you make, you're going to love this car. I have never been as impressed with a car as I am with my A6. Good Luck.
  • tonym7tonym7 Posts: 3
    I am looking for a used A6 2.7T and found a great one today.

    I've got a contact at another Audi dealership and he told me that the 2.7T have had problems with their turbochargers and are a pain to work on in general because most maintenance (besides the simplest oil changes, etc) require engine removal. This apparently has to do with the turbo-exhaust.
  • tonym7tonym7 Posts: 3
    I am looking for a used A6 2.7T and found a great one today.

    I've got a contact at another Audi dealership and he told me that the 2.7T have had problems with their turbochargers and are a pain to work on in general because most maintenance (besides the simplest oil changes, etc) require engine removal. This apparently has to do with the turbo-exhaust.

    Anyway, he said the 2.7T is a great car if you have alot of money for service once the free maintenance runs out.

    Has anyone heard of this problem ?
  • What do you think of buying above A6 for about $38K? Will dealers sell extended warranty similar to the base 50K mile full warranty at a reasonable price? Are the rumors true of high maintenance costs post warranty because of quirky turbos?
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