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Audi A6



  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    Concerning the comments about people buying a car with CVT, I was told that these would not be out for a couple of months yet. So my wife's decision now is the 3.0q or going with the 2.7T. I would probably go with the 3.0CVT if it was out now.
  • varigvarig Posts: 99
    I need some much needed advice regarding which Audi to buy, a 2001 A6 2.7T or an A4 3.0.
    I have test driven the A6. Very nice for the relatively short test drive. The dealership is offering most of the A6 2.7T's on the lot for practically invoice.
    For about the same amount of money, I could get an A4 3.0. I plan to test drive it soon. Right now I must say that I like the looks of the new A4.
    Some previous comments that I have read regarding reliability issues with the A6 have me concerned. Have there been any significant problems with the 2001 models? Where the reliability issues primarily with pre 2001 models? Is it common for automatic transmissions to go out soon after 50,000 miles?
    I know that the A4 is new and may present with its own set of new model year problems, especially with the new engine.
    Any and all feedback is most appreciated.
  • doc66doc66 Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 A6 Quattro "pre-wired" for a mobile phone. Has anyone had success adapting this system to a Motorola Star Tac or other non-Audi phone?
  • Please check the Audiworld web site, there is a full article including pictures of an installation of a Nokia phone -- I used the cut and paste featre to get the following information after searching:


    " - Phone Transmitter Kit; 1J0051438AH

     - Speaker Kit (Bose); 000051437E

     - Speaker Harness (Bose); 8D00514433

     - Console Base For Phone; 4B1051601A1EJ

     - Bumper Antenna; 000051506D

     There's no part number assigned yet for the glass mount antenna."

    There are several discussion threads that may prove helpful on this subject, check out the URL below and search for "Nokia Phone" -- or just Phone.

  • binyanbinyan Posts: 14
    My A4 with the CVT is already built, I got the vin # last week, so I feel a little confident saying that they are not months away. Heck my car should be here the middle to end of next month, so I'll let you know how it goes.
  • dre_jdre_j Posts: 15
    Hi I've got a local dealer down to $1500 over invoice on a 2001 A6 4.2 Nemo/Melange/sport/side rear airbags.

    The problem is the dealer is $1000 more than I think is a great deal. Because of this, I'm thinking I should buy a 2002 A6 4.2 (color?)/Melange/sport/etc. and try to get 3 to 4% over invoice 3% is my magic number on a new purchase of the current model.

    The fact that the 2001 A6 4.2 is a year old and sitting on the lot since June tells me that the dealer "could" sell the car at $500 over and free up some capital to increase his 2002 stock.

    Any comments?

  • dre_jdre_j Posts: 15
    Both the 2001 and an ordered 2002 would have the premium package.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    Any opinions out there on the latest Consumer Reports in which they say that the A6 engine and transmission "don't always work as a seamless team". Any experiences from owners that would justify this comment?
  • grogsuzgrogsuz Posts: 14
    After 11 years with Lexus including 2 LS400's,an SC300 and currently a GS400 on which the lease is about expire,I made the momentous decision to switch my allegiance to Audi.(BTW not my first,owned an 80 something 5000).
    Sight unseen,other than swatches,I will become the proud owner of a 2002 4.2 Crystal Blue metallic/Platinum in hopefully 3 weeks.I was lucky in that the car is on this side of the pond and was available to the dealer.
    Oddly,in the beginning I was ready to get a 2.7T,but after recent events,I thought what the heck,you only live once.Besides when you consider standard equipment and content the price differential is not that great.
  • peteri1peteri1 Posts: 21
    As I've posted elsewhere, my 99GS400 lease expires late winter. My leanings today are to an 02 A6 4.2 Crystal Blue/Platinum combo. If you don't mind my asking, how good are your terms? Did you think of any other vehicles?

    I've seen the Crystal Blue in the showroom on a 3.0 model, very subtle color. Looks more silvery blue on the showroom floor. It should hide dirt well. Did you inquire at all about the A8's? I'm wondering how close they'd be in price since the A6's appear to be selling well and the A8's are not.
  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Here are links to my two postings on the AudiWorld forum about my new 2002 4.2...

    First impressions:

    First Pics:

    Thanks, Markcincinnati for hooking me up with Ralph!

  • allartallart Posts: 17
    Here are links to my two postings on the AudiWorld forum about my new 2002 4.2...

    First impressions:

    First Pics:

    Thanks, Markcincinnati for hooking me up with Ralph!

  • Thanks for all the info! I went ahead and bought the '01 2.7T this weekend. It's a beautiful car. Brilliant black (going to get so dirty - but it's a labor of love), ebony leather interior, Bose, Premium package, the works! I'm hoping the new model doesn't come out as soon as '04, but if it does, I may have to check out the new ones and trade up, if necessary. What a great engine and car!!
  • I read/heard that the NEW body style for the A6 -- as in "significantly" new was set for calendar 2003, which I guess could mean 2004 model year.

    In fact my wallpaper is a (supposedly) 2003 A6 that I got of the www somewhere.

    I read your post with interest, not that I don't believe you, but where did you get your 2004 info?

  • dre_jdre_j Posts: 15

    Thanks for the comments. The problem is I'm in an either/or situation. Either Audi financing 2.9% or Invoice'ish price. Dealers must be getting incentives to move the remaining 2001 stock. I'm guessing that is why the dealers are selling for invoice if you have "other" financing. The numbers are not in favor of the low invoice price compared to Audi of America 2.9% financing.

    FYI:This is in regards to a Buy.
  • grogsuzgrogsuz Posts: 14
    Never really considered A8.Looked at BMW 5 series but dismissed from short list because 1)NO Quattro 2)less roomy 3)no bang for the buck compared to Audi and 4)design beginning to look dated versus sexy,organic shape of A6.
    Price-wise since this is a non-lease deal I'm at mid 51's out the door including luxury tax, PPX package and TTL.
    Hope your decision is as easy as mine was.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Yes, 2004 model, due out in fall of '03. Gleaned from too many hours spent on AudiWorld. Seems to be the consensus of knowledgeable posters there, notably April, who is very knowledgeable re-Audi, etc. Said usually two years after mid-model revision, like the one just done. Also, 2003 Europe, is 2004 USA model year.
  • I picked it up this afternoon. I hope you got to see it, 'cause it was there for several days before I could get over there. Ralph has another customer who has ordered one, so I won't have the only one. Have only 120 miles on it now, having driven it home against the absolutely blinding evening sun, and on unfamiliar roads since it got dark, so still a little nervous about it.

    Has Conti contact 2 tyres (and BOY, are they noisy!). Getting the AVS dBs on Wednesday.

  • dre_jdre_j Posts: 15
    Would you mind telling me what options you have on you 2002 A6 4.2?
  • nickjcnickjc Posts: 37
    Dre_j--deals can be had on the 2001 4.2. Check out my earlier posts in this thread. My dealer went immediately to $900 over invoice before negotiating. I ended up leasing my Nemo Blue 4.2, when all said and done, 39 months at $680/month, 15K miles, and only paid taxes and tags.

    I love the dual pipes on the 2002s! Must be the infant in me...
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