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Is it common to have some burned smell for a brand new Nissan Murano?



  • taggs1taggs1 Posts: 5
    We insisted they keep the car until it was fixed and in return they gave us a rental. At that time, they were not sure where the leak was coming from so I don't think they wanted us driving the car. You might want to check with a mechanic (independent from Nissan) to see if it is ok to drive a car with a transfer case leak.
    I can relate to how you are feeling. When you buy a new car, you expect a perfect car. If they cannot stop the leak, demand a new, replacement car.
    I check for leaks daily on my replacement. So far, so good.
    Good luck!
  • taggs1taggs1 Posts: 5
    I truly can't believe it. After just posting the previous message, we took another look and the replacement Murano is leaking too. I am so disgusted.
    I would NOT recommend an AWD Nissan Murano to anyone.
  • They also told us it would be okay for us to drive our Murano while the transfer case was leaking but we insisted on having a loaner. We told them we weren't going to take the car back until it was repaired proof positive. They gave us one of their loaner cars from the dealership. We kept telling them we were going to pursue a lemon law case against them if they took the month they had told us it would take to get the part and miraculously, they were able to secure the part and fix the car within two weeks. (We had a Nissan assigned case number during this time and spoke to Nissan No. America customer service in Manila and the regional customer service rep in Niagra Falls, NY). We were very vocal about our disappointment and kept on them about the repair...after all, like taggs said, it is a new vehicle and we expected it to be perfect. We insisted that the undercarriage be steamed cleaned and re-undercoated after the repair and they also paid our car payment for the nearly one month we were without our car. We've only driven the car for about a week with no leaking and just now got back from being out of town (without the car) for a week. We got a call yesterday from the service manager at our dealer to find out how the car is doing. There were no leaks under the car while we were out of town. Still, we check for oil spots every time we drive it. I'm still not confident we are out of the woods on this. How are things coming along with your repairs?
  • We test drove a 2010 SL AWD today and noticed a burning oil smell about 10 minutes into the drive. My wife thought it might be "new car engine smell" - the car had 15 miles on it - but I knew that wasn't right. The scent was different than that, and got worse and stronger. So I came here and saw all these posts. Wow. We didn't buy. Best of luck to everyone else.
  • I purchased a 2011 Murano in December. I noticed the smell immediately but the sales rep said that the smell would subside after 3 or 400 miles. Well, I have almost 1,000 miles on the car now and the smell is still bad. My fiance' can't ride in the car because of the smell. It seems to get worse when it is hot and I notice the smell is more intense when I open the windows to get fresh air only to get a stronger smell. At first I thought it could be the cosmolene, then I thought there must be undercoating on the exhaust but after reading these posts I'm taking into the dealership to investigate.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    You shouldn't be smelling something in the cabin when your driving it. I and others had experienced a burning odor when we got out of the vehicles and walked by the engine but that went away after about 3-4k miles. If there is a smell in the cabin that is actually making passengers feel ill then something is definitely wrong. Continue to take it in to your Nissan dealer until they do something. Harass them if you have to. Also, I'd report it to Nissan consumer affairs as well and tell them it better be resolved.
  • Believe me, unlike the last post to this thread, we could smell the oil from inside the car. See my other posts to see how this all played out. Now that the problem has been corrected there is absolutely NO oil smell and we are very satisfied with the car. It took awhile to get to this place and at the time I thought I would NEVER be able to say that!
  • tdorwaytdorway Posts: 2
    I took the 2011 into the dealer at 1700 miles with the same smell. Of course no one could smell it (imagine that) but they put it on the hoist and said they couldn't find any leaks. They said the parts, exhaust, manifolds etc were coated with a material to keep them from rusting and that it would just take time to disappear. My fiance' bought a 2011 Lexus RX350 and it has NEVER had a smell. I did contact Nissan customer care and have a case number.
  • That's what they told us at first, and they told us that the tiny spot of fluid that was leaking onto the garage floor each night was that coating burning off...but eventually we got tired of the leak not going away...and they leak was getting a little bit bigger too. Finally, after seeing a post about the transfer case on this forum we were very concerned. As you can tell by my previous posts, it was quite an ordeal. Luckily, they should have the parts for the car now, but we had to wait a few weeks for them to get the part since it didn't even have a parts number assigned to it yet. I have to say that after all that happened, I am now very satisfied with my Murano. Make sure you that they make you happy with your vehicle. Good luck.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    edited April 2011
    Most likley a seal leaking. If they can't repair after a third time apply for lemon law with an attorney. Do Not Use the form in the owners manual. I am glad I didn't i would have given up my full rights. You have specific rights under your state that the Nissan rep. will not tell you about.
  • I bought recently a Murano 2011 and we have noticed a burned smell that comes out from the vents. As we are using the heater, we are located in Minnesota and is cold, the entire situation is completely annoying and the most critical one: we are breathing chemical with unknown health effect.

    The dealer has mentioned that the smell is due to a factory coating and should go away with four to six weeks. How preposterous is the latter. A brand new car should be free of defect and Nissan should not expect that customer should endure a faulty product.
  • I am so disgusted after taking the car to Walser Nissan in Burnsville MN and receiving a call from Nissan Consumer Affairs. The basic message from both: nothing wrong with the car, so they will do nothing.
    Thus, the only resource I may have is to take the car to a third party for evaluation and get help from the Attorney General of Minnesota. My wife and I concluded that there was not a sincere intent by the dealer to look into the problem and the dealer where we bought the Car, Miller Autoplaza in St. Cloud Both dealers, Walser Nissan and Miller Autoplaza are sticking to the same talking points “the smell is completely normal and will subside”
    Curiously, the Nissan Affair representative, has never heard of a complaint in regard to burn smell in bran new Murano. What a convenience. I directed her to check this site. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated
  • I test drove a 2013 Nissan Murano SL on Saturday and after only ten minutes we noticed the odor that everyone in these posts described. We asked the salesman about it and he said he would check into it and call me back. I got a call today from him saying that it was just coatings used and that it would burn off after a few hundred miles. I started doing research on line and found this series of posts. I have owned 6 brand new cars in my lifetime, and my husband has purchased two new vehicles in the last three years - we have never experienced a smell like this and it was pretty sickening. I really like the car and would love to know whether anyone who posted here has anything to report as a follow up, since it's been over a year and apparently Nissan hasn't gotten any better at this!
  • I have a new 2012 Nissan Murano LE AWD.(my 3rd Murano) It appears to be leaking oil, isn't this unusual for a new car? Does anyone have any feedback on what I can expect from the company?
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