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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • You gentlemen or ladies with the vibration happen to have the 17" wheels? I had the same problem, and it really was balance. I had to take it to two different places (not the dealer) before I got them balanced right. The last place I sat right next to him and watched (to make sure he did it right, and to make sure my wheels did not get scratched). After that, vibration free...a little too vibration free, since I was doing 90 the other day not even realizing it. Fortunately, the brakes were vibration free too...
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    You beat me to it. The computer modules in cars are either good or they ain't. This is normal for almost any car these days.
  • Hi!

    I recently (about 2 days ago) picked up a new MPV. Yesterday, my wife was getting out of the parking lot when the OD light started to blink. Then it hit me that there was complaint of transmission module and did notice that my van fell in between the VIN number of the affected cars.

    However, to my relief, I found out that most likely my wife did not put the car into "D" correctly (slightly over to 3 side or slightly not enough to "D" side) and when she did put it into "D" flashing dissappeared. When OD started to flash, did your gear selector display had box around "D" showing? When this happened to my wife, there was no box around any of the gear selector display. There was no mention of this may happen in the manual except dire warning about the transmission.

    By the way, I did check under the hood and my van does have "Rework" sticker that some people mentioned in MPVclub board.
  • I prefer manuals, so I have not had to deal with an automatic in a long time...the last one was a stick on the floor automatic, so this is my first column shifter.

    It appears that the gear selections are not very precise...I have had it in between 3 and D and it still ran fine, I just happened to hit the shifter and heard it click into place.

    The first couple of days I owned the van I noticed the same thing...the O/D light flashing. I had it in between neutral and D, I just clicked it into place, and the light went off.

    Be careful shifting your automatics out there...if I had a manual, I wouldn't be worrying about it!
  • I just happened to go to the UK Mazda website, and checked out their MPV. It has quite a different interior (and the steering wheel is on the wrong

    It has 3 seats in the middle row, and two in the rear...seems a bit silly to me (actually I would love 3 in the middle, if they left 3 in the rear...then all of my friends with 2 kids could ride with me instead of taking 2 vans!!)

    I digress...the most interesting thing is that there was a manual transmission shifter sticking up between the two front seats...hey the Mazda 6 5-speed V6 uses the same engine...why can't I have a 5-speed? Mazda needs to make a MazdaSpeed MPV with the Duratec 3.0 from Jaguar and the 5-speed from the 6. I would actually consider selling my beloved 2002 for that!
  • javadocjavadoc Posts: 1,167
    Bean: 'hey the Mazda 6 5-speed V6 uses the same engine...why can't I have a 5-speed?'

    Bean, two words: Perceived Market Demand

    Okay, it was three words. "Everyone" in the US wants automatic transmissions. Well, except you and me that is. ;) Besides, a manual transmission would hurt the MPV's resale value. ;P
  • ... think about it, most of the MPV drivers, at least on this forum and others, happen to be our wives. Now I'm in no way implying that a woman can't drive a manual, but I know my wife refuses to even learn. I can't really blame her either - it's just one more thing to deal with in heavy city traffic with a van full of rugrats! Besides, if it was your car and you wanted a manual that bad, you'd be driving a 6 or an RX8 right?! You bet! Unfortunately, I can never have a manual b/c sometimes my wife must drive my car, so I hope the manufacturers will continue to improve the sport-auto slushboxes - there's some pretty good ones out there already.
  • jhaujhau Posts: 1
    I bought my MPV ES on 8/25/02 and I found the OD OFF light flashed shortly after I left my garage on 8/26/02 morning (just above 700 miles). After I drove a while, I stopped and shifted to P and then to D again. The flash gone. I took it to the Dealer. They found nothing wrong but reinstalled my factory alarm.
    On 28/9/02 morning (Saturday), the OD OFF light flashed again and I drove it the the Dealer direct. In the afternoon, the Dealer called me and said they found a 'code' (problem?) but they didn't know the exact problem. They kept my van there and would check it thoroughly tomorrow (9/30/02, Monday.) Are there a lot of MPV had the same problems?
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    What may have happened is that you didn't have the gear selector exactly in D. Make sure the box lights up around the selected gear.

    I'm guessing this is what happened on the 1st event (8/26) since after you shifted to Park and back to Drive, the blinking went off.

    However, I'm not sure this is the case with the 2nd event (9/28) since the dealer found a code.

  • owr084owr084 Posts: 46
    The DW was not paying attention at a stoplight thiyesterday and as a result, ran our 2002 MPV ES into a Mazda Miata

    DW says she was barely moving and the damage seems to bear out her story. The Miata suffered some trunk lid damage while our MPV. "Zippie" received some scratches on the bumper.

    What concerns me is that I cannot easily inspect the internal bumper without pulling the cowling off. What I could see, surprised me - the bumper is either totally encased in 2 half pieces of a thick plastic material or is composed totally of a plastic material I have never seen anything like it. I don't want the repairshop to needlessly run up the bill by unnecessarily replacing good parts, so how do I know if the bumper is "good?" The other thing I noted about the bumper is that it has several pieces of cloth tape wrapped around it. Could they indicate damage - i.e., if the bummper had been compressed in that spot, the cloth tape would go slack?

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    It's hard for me to give you an accurate answer without actually seeing things...
    Generally they must take everything apart to determin if anything has been damaged. Visual inspections can sometimes miss things... As you can see the bumper area is filled with alot of stuff...a reputable bodyshop should be able to take care of you. Does your mazda dealer have a body shop??
  • owr084owr084 Posts: 46
    Just took it in to the dealer's body shop for an estimate. Initial estimate is to just plastic weld/heat the bumper to remove the scratches and then paint it again. Approximately $450. They won't know about the bumper until the cover is removed. But, it is unlikely to be damaged since the impact was only 2 or 3 mph.

    I guess I'm dating myself when I say that I remember when a real bumper was made out of heavy steel and had a chrome finish... That Mazda bumper is something else...

  • I just got my new 2002 MPV one week ago today. And already I had the flashing O/D light. When I tried to press the button to see if that might reset it, I pushed the shifter in place unexpectedly, and the light stopped. I post this to further validate the assertion that the automatic shifter does not seem to have a precise enough feel to it, and to pose the question: Why does the circumstantial evidence above indicate that it happens more often when the van is new?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    After you are aware of that quirk, you tend not to do it again.
  • caw103caw103 Posts: 63
    I myself am not used to a shifter behind the wheel and tend to pull the stalk towards me as well as down. I've gotten the blinking light and noticed the car is in drive but the stalk is not in the indent. Blinking goes away when I move the shifter towards the dash into the indent.
  • (Moving this thread from "MPV 2000+" to "MPV Problems" ......)

    My new 2002 MPV (just bought in September) had a complete transmission failure last weekend while driving on an uphill road. The dealer told me that the transmission needs to be replaced. The van only has 600 miles on the clock! I hope this doesn't represent the overall quality of Mazda MPVs. Has any one here experienced a transmission failure in a new MPV?
  • Over the last three years of the model run, since the 2000 year, there have been one or two stories of serious transmission problems. For the most part, though, the story of this generation MPV has been its reliability. And that goes for the transmission, as well. Some of the early models have over 50, 000 miles now, with no sign of tansmission trouble.
    But I sure sympathize with you. Losing your transmission at 600 miles is a total bummer. But take heart. Once a new one is in, it should be good for the life of the car.

  • q86q86 Posts: 1
    We've had our 2002 MVP for 3 months and are now experiencing a lot of hesitation in 1st gear and some jerking. What happened to the zoom-zoom of month #1? We did take it on a vacation where we drove it up and down many mountains, but that shouldn't make a difference in a brand new van! We have an appointment at the dealer, what should we expect - what could the problem be?
  • If you find out what is wrong, please let me know. My 2001 is doing the same thing, and it's driving me nuts. I was thinking of trading on an 02 or 03 next spring, just to get the 5-speed and get rid of the hesitation and jerking, but if yours is doing it, that depresses me.

  • tccmn1tccmn1 Posts: 278
    Oh-Oh...this is the first of this problem I've heard on the MPV. It's been pretty clean so far.
    I am also looking at buying an 03 LX and getting the extended warranty thru Mazda since I keep my cars for 7 years or so. Please keep us informed about this issue. I owned a DC for 7 years and Chrysler stood behind replacing that tranny once at 90K I would hope Mazda would do the same. Good luck and keep posting on results.
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