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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • I strongly agree, I posted earlier that they come in groups for me also. Not only that, but the van will be sluggish until the van gets it out of its system. Then it runs great again. I think I will post another question to mazda and see what they tell me. I think we have waited long enough.
  • To all of you who are concerned, I have emailed Mazda to look at the forums here, hopefully they will look in all the forums because they are all updated daily. I expressed what has been said here and hopefully they will know how upsetting the issues are. If they contact me, I will let you all know what they have to say about the issues
  • kolt1kolt1 Posts: 25
    I have been monitoring this discussion because I am considering purchasing a MPV (emphasis on 'considering'). The transmission issue is a real concern, to say the least. I've noticed that Mazda offers an option package with a transmission cooler. Do vans with this option experience the 2-3 hard-shift? (Sorry if this was discussed in earlier posts.)
  • My hard shifting 2004 does have the towing package with the trans oil cooler.
  • I also have the tranny cooler and mine just started doing the 2nd-3rd hard shift.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    kolt1: I'm in the same boat as you. I was going to ask the very same question. It seems odd that this has not surfaced earlier.
  • brajabraja Posts: 25
    I had a humming noise in my 2000 MPV LX,
    prominent at around 50-55 MPH. (I had hit
    a curb hard some months ago).

    Took the 2000 MPV LX to the dealer on friday.
    First, they said the wheel bearings need changing. Then, the mechanic said that as
    he put the car in drive, the right front
    axle broke. He said the axle was probably
    out of the joint and happend to break at
    that instant.

    Then today, the dealer said the control arm
    is bent! Overall, what started out as a $275
    job now has an estimate of $1000!.

    Wondering if these guys are just screwing
    me or if this is a plausible scenario. THe
    van has been running fine for several months
    now but for the low humming noise.
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    I am not surprised. When you whack a curb hard enouth to bust a tire chances are high for other damage. The $1000 cost seems a little low. There must be a total realighnment check of both axles.
    Hope the struts are ok. Alighnment check will find that out. Just be thankful that you are alive and didn't hurt someone else in a crash....
    I would say if you can get it repaired under $2000 you are doing good...
    Good Luck
  • brajabraja Posts: 25
    Thanks. Fortunately it was within my development
    and nobody was around.
  • Well, I just called the dealership this morning to make an appointment for the 2nd-3rd hard shift we are feeling (5 times in 500 miles, started at 525 on the OD). He said that it is a common problem during break-in and that the TCM is trying to "learn" our driving habits and that is what's causing the hard shift. He said most of the time it straightens itself out and to give it until 3000 miles on the OD. He seemed pretty knowledgable about the problem and confident it wasn't a big deal. He said if it's still doing it then, bring it in and they will replace the TCM. He also said not to worry that the transmission will fall out of the car!

    So, we will see.

    Dan2004, I'm curious, I read back through a history of your posts and didn't see where you've posted about ever bringing yours in for service on the problem. Did you ever have them try to fix it before you started flushing the fluid?
  • Spoke to the service manager at my dealer today. He said that Mazda are not giving him any date for a fix, but are working it.

    FWIW, he has 5 MPVs showing the problem. He reckons to have about 300 MPVs in his database, but can't say how many are 2002+ models.

  • I just got a "new" 2003 MPV on Saturday, and I've got no hard-shift problems at all. I put "new" in quotation marks because the one I bought had 750 miles on the odometer when I picked it up. Mazda had had some "run off" days and the MPV was used as a shuttle bus. Anyways, while we haven't had the MPV very long, I've noticed absolutely no problems with the 2-3 shift, and I've driven it cold and hot. Just my $0.02.
  • Yes the dealer has told most of us that it is a learning period. Mine did too til he drove it himself. Mazda knows about the issue and has no time frame as to when it will be fixed. If your dealer needs to be educated, tell him to read the posts in all of the mpv conversations. Don't let them snowball you, I have driven many a car, the learning issue he gave you is just a polite way of saying "i dunno".
  • First time they wasted 3 hours and told me they couldn't find anything and that I should "try to chnage my driving habits." I was so upset I called Mazda corporate from the dealer and talked to the sales manager. The dealer arranged the corporate rep to meet me for a test drive.

    With the Mazda rep (second visit) we drove around for about 1 hour and it happened twice, though mild versions.

    The rep will now take the car again this week for several hours drive.

    Part of my frustration is getting the Mazda organization to just acknowledge this happening!
  • tomj5tomj5 Posts: 209
    So you are not training the tranny properly....

    That is a good one.... Which means that Mazda doesn't want to pay to fix problem... They are hoping that you will go away and live with it... When the tranny hammers itself long enough it will self destruct (aluminum doesn't hammer without cracking).
    Has anyone demanded a Flush and fill and new filter????
    This is SOP for hard shifting new trannies...
    Mazda knows what is wrong. We are getting a song and dance routine....
    PS My Mpv has always shifted perfectly(10K miles) Hard shifting is NOT NORMAL......
  • Yes, I thought it was a bit strange that I had to "train" my tranny--LOL! I've never heard of such a thing and I've had about 10 new cars in my lifetime.

    I'll definitely be hammering them when that OD hits 3K, and it won't be long, we rack up the miles on our cars very fast. We'll be going back to IL for Christmas and that's 600 miles round trip right there.
  • Hi guys, LT since I have been on. Question regarding 2000 MPV. Does this baby have a timing belt or a timing chain? I have 82,000 miles on it and if it's a belt, I am pass due for a new one. If It's a chain, I am okay, right?
  • So that I don't have to retype, please see mazda mpv discussion for return letter from mazda to me, this is information for all who wanted to know.
  • <<He said most of the time it straightens itself out and to give it until 3000 miles on the OD. He seemed pretty knowledgable about the problem and confident it wasn't a big deal.>>

    My peevee is at about 5000 miles and the shifting still hasn't "straightened itself out." It seems to have gotten worse. I was in the car yesterday and the phantom shifing banged into gear 5 times. I have started keeping a record and from what I'm seeing it tends to happen when the engine is cold. It's very irritating and I've been to the dealer with it since they are unable to "duplicate it" so that means there's nothing wrong....grrrrrrrr
  • This Hard Shift will slow MPV sales. Tranny problem is not a small isuue. The sooner Mazda finds a solution to it the better. This also affect MPV pre-owned market value. I guess I'll dump PeeVee before the warranty expires if Mazda keeps asking me to bear with the hard-Shift and I won't buy another Mazda again.

    Mazda, are you listening?
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