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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • frankmanfrankman Posts: 13
    I have a 04 MPV with 35000 miles on it. Recently, the engine would run not so smoothly every time we drive out. It doesn't happen all the time, but I always experience a few times of that. It feels like the fuel line having some gaps in between, as a result the engine would sometimes drag a few times then back on normal. It is almost like when somebody is singing, the person would choke or cough a few times. The other thing may or may not relate to that is when the car stands still and A/C is on, the engine sometimes would almost shut off because of too low idle. I have always been running with regular gas. But, I just filled up a tank of Shell V-Power and I am hoping that could clear out any deposit, if that is the problem. Any body have any idea about this? I hate to bring this kind of problems to dealer, when they don't happen all the time. Thanks!

  • shockershocker Posts: 2
    I have a Problem with My automatic Load Leveling system and I am wondering if any one out there can help me solve it? I have a 97MPV 2 wheel drive
    My compressor to my gas shocks is Kaput, and costs around a grand to buy just the part.
    I do not want to spend that kind of money, and would like to find out if I could just put regular shocks on instead of replacing parts of the ALL system. In effect bypassing the load leveler. My ride is bumpy, and I keep bottoming out.
    Is there anyone out there with similar problems,and what did you do to correct it?
  • spurohitspurohit Posts: 1
    I am having similar problem with my MPV 2001. Any solution?? I was thinking to take to Dealer.
  • myrovermyrover Posts: 1
    I am also having the same stuck key problem on my 01 MPV. I have disconnected the solenoid in the steering column just to get by but still need a fix for this. Any word yet on the cure for this??? Do you know the purpose of the solenoid? I am running fine without it but I don't want to go too long like this.
  • mpvguympvguy Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 with about 30,000 miles; have used the more expensive store-bought fuel injector cleaner about 3 times. Engine still runs fine. Suggest you try that first. If still problem, try having a shop do the "professional" injector clean, usually around $50 or less. (I have always used regular gas.)

  • daddioof4daddioof4 Posts: 49
    I need to remove the back door panel on the driver side. The inside door handle has me stuck. How do you remove the door handle in order to remove the door panel?
    Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
  • lg2207lg2207 Posts: 28
    I recently had a flat for the second time on my '02 MPV LX; rear passenger tire; I decided to replace the two fronts and move the Dunlop SP4000's in front to rear. I did research and Tire Rack recommended:
    Continental Conti Premier Contact: 215/60, 94H (as opposed to 95H ont he dunlops).
    I went to local auto shop that has serviced vehicle before and they agreed the Continentals were a good match and better than the Dunlops. I Ordered and installed tires with high speed balancing. Drove off of lot and my steering wheel was off about 1/8th of a turn to left. Went back to them; they tried for 2 hours to get an alignment and could not- stating some crap about the rear solid axle and not being able to adjust the wheels in the back; every time they thought they had it; it would go out. They recommended going back to dealer.

    Dealer Performed 4 Wheel Alignment; better but car was still drifting left. Went back to dealer for some warranty work- they tried to fix again and now the problem is back to the steering wheel being off a slight turn to the left when driving straight down road. They dont understand it and since their rear sensor on their machine broke- they have asked me to come back again and promise to get it right when the machine is back up. The tech says he wil rotate front to back and re-align to see if its a problem with the tires.

    What do you think? Did I make a mistake not buying and replacing all 4 tires? The car is only 2.75 years old with 24k on it and good tread life remains on the 2 remaining tires. Could the difference in load ratings create an issue? Did the shop that install the tires make a mistake- I have never heard of or seen this problem just replacing two tires and moving front to back. Could the new tires be defective? Are we dealing with a mechanical issue in the steering or suspension as the manager of the shop who installed the tires believe. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • lg2207lg2207 Posts: 28
    I have been searching the internet and the posts for the following problem I have had with our MPV LX- '02 for about 18 mos now. There is a slight squeaking sound whenever you turn the steering wheel; it sounds like a rubber band or the sound a tire makes when turning on the floor of a cement garage. It has gotten progressively louder but not terrible as it is not a loud sound to begin with. The car drives fine.

    During course of normal servicing by dealer (Maxon in Union NJ) over the past 18 mos- they have lubricated the steering column- but it still happens. The Tech says that this is a normal sound for the MPV's steering and that all Mazdas make that sound. On the last visit; they agreed to replace the "Clock Spring" and gave me a loaner. The sound seems better but not altogether gone; it can still be heard. Any thoughts? Is there another problem or a steering linkage problem?

  • rhapsodyrhapsody Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 MPV with the hard shifting transmission. It was reflashed in Sept 04 but has continued to do the hard shift between first and second on occasion. The dealer tells me there's nothing they can do and that this is a characteristic of the MPV. I've read on the forum that some owners have their MPVs reflashed three times. Is the service dept giving me a line? Or is there nothing that can be done at this point?
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    It is my opinion they are giving you a line.It is definitely NOT a characteristic of the MPV.They need to reflash or change out the TCM(under warranty). I have heard this has helped in cases such as yours. If they don't have the skills to handle this problem try another Mazda dealer if available.
  • mcspakmcspak Posts: 8
    I have a 2001 MPV ES, when I hit 100 km/h, the van starts to vibrate. I've had the wheel balanced and have new tires on it. Any feedback on similiar experiences would be appreciated.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your post. I'm looking at replacing the spark plugs on our Mazda MPV. It looks very difficult to access the rear spark plugs. How did you do it? (step by step:) Thanks for your help!!!
  • ladayladay Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem with my 2003 MPV. I have complained 5 times about the hard shifting problem. Today they reflashed the PCM and TCM for the second time and told me I should drive it gently for the next 2 weeks until the transmission relearns my driving style. I am really sick of this and am thinking of contacting somebody about the lemon law. I just turned to 40000 miles today and am worried that as soon as I am over 50000 miles the transmission is going to fail.
  • davehenrydavehenry Posts: 8

    In New Jersey, I tried the Lemon law for a failed transmission at 60,000+ miles in a 2003 Mazda MPV. They said the law only applies for the first year. I believe those shifting problem really damage the transmission over time. Mazda will not help you if the transmission fails after the warranty is over. I should have bought a Toyota or Honda. At $3,500 for the repair, I could have saved that money by buying a Toyota or Honda.
  • rdworski1rdworski1 Posts: 19
    Still looking for an answer to this question. Please help!
  • mkxlh883mkxlh883 Posts: 2
    We have an 03 ES that was having the same issue. We changed out the junk Dunlops with Michelin HydroEdge tires and the problem went away. My mechanic told me that the new cars don't like to have mismatched tires. In addition to a 90,000 mile warranty, the van handles really well in the snow.
  • mkxlh883mkxlh883 Posts: 2
    Check for a small rock or pebble near your brake caliper? I had that problem in a Grand Cherokee one time. Made my mechanic laugh!
  • ychungychung Posts: 1
    you can check out if the acdelco air shock works for you at, and search for 97 mpv parts. hope it helps.
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