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Mazda MPV: Problems & Solutions



  • edawgedawg Posts: 1
    I have the same problem on my '96.Did you use the monroe 901171 shocks? Are they still working ok? How did you disconnect your air leveling system? Thanks
  • jims2jims2 Posts: 6
    As it turned out, the vibrating noise was only from two loose heat shields. I don't know how the first guy who looked missed it, but the second mechanic put on two hose clamps and the noise quit.

    Apparently, they would only make noise when the car was put in drive or under torque and the chassis would flex enough to bring them into contact with the drivetrain (or something like that).

    So for once we got off easily. Of course, so far we had to have the rear hatch struts replaced, the CD player, alternator, heater blower motor and front wheel bearings. Those were repaired under warranty. In addition, I had to pay for a door handle which snapped off and a new exhaust manifold/catalytic converter. One of the power windows broke too, but I was able to take it apart and solder a broken connection or who knows how much that would have cost?

    Any wonder why I'm disillusioned with our MPV and in fear of what will go next?
  • coplincoplin Posts: 2
    :( The side mirrors on my new ES were covered with bad hard water spots as were the moon roof and windows. I used CLR and one of those "Scotchbright" pads to clean them. I did the windows first - no problem. Next I did the driver side "heated" mirror - scratched terribly :cry: . I searched through the owners manual for a warning about the mirrors and found none. I used the same thing on my Camry & Explorer - No problem.
    From your experience do you think the mirrors would be covered under warranty? I would appreciate any suggestions on care of these mirrors. They seem to be first surface mirrors.


  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Yikes...with water that hard you must come away from a shower black and blue from the beating. Sounds like you need one of those Mr. Clean carwash gizmos that will clean your car without needing to towel dry it off.(filter takes out all of the chemicals that cause the water spots)

    I doubt under the circumstances the mirrors would be covered under warranty. Never hurts to try though.
  • coplincoplin Posts: 2
    Yeah ! I feel like a dunce. Actually the car came from the dealer that way. We drove our new MPV off the lot at 10 pm. They were closed and seemed pretty irritated with me. The salesman did a quick wash and apologized for not detailing it. Inside was great. Outside still had some residue from the shipping film. I wish there would have some warning in the manual about first surface mirrors or something. I've clean the mirrors on our other cars the same way with no problems. We're not black & blue after a shower but water softeners are very popular here. We love the van. It's the perfect size with a good firm ride. We hate floaty / cushy rides & overly soft seats. We just took a road trip along the Payette River from Boise to Tamarack & back. Very winding roads and a climb from 2800' to 7,500' w/4 7% grades. Most of the trip @ 50 mph or less (that's as fast as you could go - posted 35 & 45 MPH curves)- very scenic. 6 hrs. 234.9 mi. 8.34 Gal. = 28.16 mpg Not Bad for a van w/only 743 mi. on it. We filled up when we started and again when we finished at the same pump.

  • bcmanbcman Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 MPV that has a very strange brake problem! This MPV has 4 wheel abs brakes & a factory tow package, it has 4 wheel disc brakes. What is happening is this....all 4 brakes are locking up the wheels....whether I drive the vehicle or not....but at night when the outside temperature cools down....all 4 brakes unlock & the wheels all spin freely!. I've had the MPV up on jack stands the last week or so...all 4 wheels are off the ground...& everyday the wheels all lock up...then at night they unlock....without me even getting near the vehicle! This seems to be a heat related issue....but I've had the MPV in my garage...not outside in direct sunlight......the temperature has been averaging 100 degrees in my the heat really isn't that much to be causing this I would think.
  • cafc328cafc328 Posts: 1
    In early spring, I had a problem with by 2004 MPV having a "kick" when it shifted gears. The dealer fixed the "transcontrol". Last month, the gas peddle was sticking when the car was "cold" and the dealer cleaned the throttle and replaced a gasket. He told me I should stick with one kind of gas and not put in the "cheaper(LOL)" brands. I did this and now six weeks and 4K later, the peddle appears to be sticking again and this time it is not only with "cold starts." I am planning on calling the dealer today, but I want to know, is this normal? Isn't something else wrong with the car, if the throttle is getting that dirty? My MPV is only 14 months old and 24 K miles (mostly highway travel miles).
  • I am having the exact same problem w/my 2000 ES. Just seems to be sluggish at times, and tries to start, but chokes down. Have you had any luck finding out what is causing this?


  • africanafrican Posts: 2
    Yes, I have the same problem with my 2000 MPV, and I took it in for state inspection, and I was told everything is tight, Then I took it to another mechanic, and he said I'll need to change the Bushings on both lower front control arm, which I did at the Mazda dealer at the cost of $295, and guess what, it's still vibrating. I also changed the Stabilizer links, and four brand new tires, and the car still vibrates at 70 mph. Now I have a second appointment with the Mazda dealer. And I'll post whatever they say is wrong with it. I really like this van, but I can't go on along distance with the vibration.
  • criledocriledo Posts: 27
    I have been posting messages about horrible gas mileage (15 mpg) with our 2003 LX. Last week the van broke down and was taken to Mazda for warranty repair, here's what happened: The engine started to accelerate all on it's own, backwards from your problem. Check engine light did NOT come on. They found a faulty temperature sensor, not engine temperature, ambient temperature. It was telling the engine it was 10 degrees when it really was 95. That of course confused the heck out of everything, including mileage. We are now passed our first tank of gas, and mileage seems to be up by 50%. I reply to your query because that sensor does not trigger the check engine light if it is sending erroneous data, but it will mess up the way your engine is working. Also, I have been hearing more and more about the comment that Mazda's greatest downside are the electrical components. Of course this is not the only direction possible, faulty fuel pump, clogged fuel filter, other sensors, etc.,e tc could be a possible cause. Good luck!!
  • sosassysosassy Posts: 3
    well, the enigine light came back on my 2002 MVP- the evap something or other came up as the cause - if it isn't the gas cap, what else should I have checked? - I've been reaIly careful when I get gas to make sure I put the cap on tight - I just don't believe a whole new evap system can be necessary. Has anyone had this prbln?
  • lamclamc Posts: 2

    I have been having the same problem with my 2000 MPV that seems to occur after a heavy rainfall. Even if I haven't used my car for days after the rain, it will refuse to "catch", even though it turns and turns or it will catch and quickly die. I have had it towed and then it magically starts for the shop before they can diagnose the problem, but then it occurs intermittently afterwards. My mechanic last time told me they would need to come to my car when it was acting up with it's diagnostic equipment, and today I think they might have discovered the problem. They think it is the crank starter that is getting wet that is causing this. I will keep you posted (the tow truck is on it's way). Have they resolved anything with your vehicle yet?
  • lamclamc Posts: 2
    Ok....they towed it to the shop and it wasn't the crank sensor after all. Mystery NOT solved. Now they are looking into the Immobilizer--which works with the key which has a security chip in it to deter theft. The thought it that perhaps it is getting wet and shorting out intermittently which slips it into the security mode that stalls the engine down after a momentary start up. Makes sense, but will let you know the next theory if this one bombs. Losing faith....and $$
  • After reading about the hard shifting problem on these message boards, and decided I wasn't driving like a Mad Man (wife's explanation) I took my 2003 MPV LX to the Mazda dealer and had him drive the vehicle. They said the trans. was slipping and replaced the "Trans. Range Sensor" test drove the vehicle and stated the shift problem was solved. Well my MPV still has the hard shifting. I gave it two weeks to see if it would fix itself over time (wife's suggestion) I called the dealer back and we discussed the software down load, re-flash the "TCM" and re program the"PCM" and he told yes he had heard of that problem and had done the procedure "a number of times" but my MPV serial number didn't match the ones that needed the upgrade. Do I press him for the software re-flash "TCM" and re program the "PCM"? From what I have been reading it seems all 2003 and 2004 MPV models could benefit from the software flash upgrade. The Dunlop tires are the pits, bald after 29 thousand miles. I will be getting a new set of the Michelin Hydroedge soon if I feel the trans. issue is resolved. Let me know if I am getting the run around, Thanks in advance - Brewchef
  • mattnjmattnj Posts: 3
    I've just had a transmission repaird .I had the same problem even before 40000 miles.I complained at the dealership couple times and they testdrive it and said they couldn't see any problems.After 80000(not more than 6 months later trans. broke down.I have to pay over $3000 .my advice to You is to sell right after warranty expired .(I made trans.oil flush at dealership after 45.000-didn't help).AAmco tech said there had to be problem with trans before and it just got worst and worst over time until it broke.Looks like they are "chitters" and don't care at all(mazda dealer).
    Anyone can advice me if I should fight them for not taking care of the problem before?Does it make any sense to even call?
  • mattnjmattnj Posts: 3
    I bought michelins for my 2002 mpv after 40000 miles.I'm over 80000 now and just rotated it-they look quite good (as for over 40000).
    Sell it befor warranty is gone,though because of tens of other problems and lock of cooperation from mazda(I just paid $3200 for transmissiot repair -after only 80000 miles oil flush after 40000 and few complains at dealership(not resolved).
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    Well. I would certainly press him to fix it. He didn't fix it the first time so he needs to keep trying. I have read of a dealership putting in a new TCM or PCM...can't remember which...after many unsuccesful reflashes...which helped.

    It does seem odd that your TCM was never reflashed.I'd get my serial number and do a google on Mazda MPV TSB's and find out if it needs to be. Also, consider taking it to another dealership.The good news is the dealership was able to duplicate the now the burden is on them in fixing it. I'd stay on them like ugly on an ape.
  • My 2003 MPV LX also shifts hard. I have had it in several times and each time it is ok for a bit and then it starts to shift hard again. I'm in my MPV ALOT plus we tow a camper with it. I finally decided (after discussing it with my hubby) that it's the way the vehicle shifts. Could I be setting myself up for worse probs in the future? :confuse:
  • jipsterjipster Posts: 5,345
    No...that's not the way it's suppose to shift. And, yes you are setting yourself up for probs in the future.Keep taking it back till it is fixed. Insist on a Mazda service rep look at it. Take it to another Mazda dealership...and stay on them like ugly on an ape.

    If it's been shifting hard for 2 may want to look into an extended warranty for the transmission. Save all service documentation on work done on transmission. May help is you do have a prob in future.
  • Lance,
    Yes, the problem has finally been solved (knock on wood) after 2 mos and $350! As the service manager suspected, it was the idle air control valve. For about a month, the car would rev way up every time I started it -- except for a couple of times when it wouldn't start unless I sat w/my foot on the gas til it was close to normal temperature, then I had to drive so my foot was always on the gas (fun). When it idled, the car shook slightly. Over the 2 months I wrestled w/this, I noticed power was down and gas consumption was up a bit. The exhaust also smelled wrong -- maybe more like gasoline, if that makes sense. And near the end, it did groan a couple of times from the dash area when I started it up, as if something stuck was releasing.
    What finally tipped the balance was not getting it to start a couple of times in a row, so it was bad enough that the folks in the shop could actually tell what was going on. And of course, it doesn't trigger the check engine light.
    Sorry to blather on, but I'm hoping some of this will sound familiar, and you can get your car fixed! Good luck!
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