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Dodge Intrepid



  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    boy, your dealership is a dandy they wanna lube a suspension that doesn't require any lubricant.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    HARD SELL! I used to use Classic hard carnauba wax on my cars with great results - but now I swear by Zaino - particularly on a clearcoat finish. I can now even see the slight irregularities in the surface of the sheetmetal where the roof was joined to the C-pillars! Somewhat of a dubious quality distinction for the cars 'fit' but it speaks volumes, IMHO, about the finish. Of course paint can vary wildly, and others have reported paint quality problems with Dodge vehicles.

    Andre- I'll look up the pvc installation in my service manual if no one else responds in the meantime.
  • Looks like you got the welcome mat pulled from under your feet in the 300M forum too. That guy sure doesn't have much patience with Intrepid owners being in that forum.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,846
    ...whatever happened to the good old days when us Mopar guys always stuck together??
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    those 300m guys are a funny lot!! they dither on and on about boring stuff like waxing their cars anyway so i only occasionally visit their barracks...
  • there were days like that? i have been a long-time import owner, so i haven't paid domestics much attention in the past. but, after i finally did a little homework, i found out the intrepid has got to be one of the best values out there. LOTS of car for the money! i still believe honda and toyota build a superior product (quality-wise). but the quality alone wasn't enough to lure me this time. so much ROOM in these cars! and after researching, i determined that the quality in the new breed of intrepids was adequate (and the price was definitely right).

    oops, looks like i rambled a bit! :)
  • are just mad because they realize the Intrepid is basically the same car as theirs and represents better value and performance for the money. I think they're really disturbed now that Chrysler has seen fit to stick the performance 300 drivetrain and suspension under a lowly Intrepid as the R/T option.
  • I considered a 300 when I purchased my Intrepid, but I sure couldn't justify spending another $4,000 for not much more than heated memory seats and 28 more (now 25) more horsepower.

    There's nothing more subjective than opinions on what's attractive and what's not, but I do like the way the 300 looks. I also really like my Intrepid's apprearance. Now the Chrysler LHS and Concorde, those are a different story, IMO.

    Like I said, what one finds attractive is pretty subjective, but it's hard for me to get offended by some dude with purple neon lights under his 300 who thinks the Intrepid "ugly"!!
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    for all interested, here are the changes to the 01' intrepids...

    2001 Dodge Intrepid Feature Highlights

    Note: The information shown is preliminary and based on data available at the time of publication.


    Base model renamed Dodge Intrepid SE


    Optional 16 x 7-inch Cast Aluminum Wheels for Intrepid SE [tentative]


    New Windshield Pillar Moldings for Improved Water Management and Reduced Wind Noise
    New Colors - Black and Deep Sapphire Blue Pearl Coat (SE and ES only)
    Molded Key Heads with "Dodge" Ram Logo 2


    Split-Folding Rear Seat with Center Armrest and Armrest Cup Holders - Optional on SE and R/T
    New Venice Cloth Seats - Standard on ES
    Royale Leather and Vinyl Seats with Vinyl Door Appliqués - Optional on R/T
    New Colors - Dark Slate Grey and Taupe - All; Sandstone - SE and ES only
    Steering Wheel Audio Controls for Volume, Mode, Radio Frequency and Radio Station Presets Included with Infinity® Audio System


    Additional Electrical Power Outlet in Center Console on Bucket Seat Models


    Available Supplemental Side Air Bags(a) To Enhance Side-Impact Protection for Driver and Front Passenger
    Center Rear Seat Three-Point Seat Belt System
    Internal Emergency Trunk Release
    Remote Keyless Entry Key Fobs with "Dodge" Logo

    (a) Certified to federal regulations that allow less forceful front air bags. Always use seat belts. Children 12 and under should always be in a back seat correctly using an infant or child restraint system, or a seat belt that is right for their age and size.


    2.7-, 3.2- and 3.5-Liter Engines Meet Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) Standards in All 50 States
  • Ha Ha stop you're killing me.... getting me started on the neon under the 300 "for that added surprise effect" again. Having a classy car apparently doesn't guarantee that you're a classy person, does it? I think he's just tired from having to change the bulbs under the car every Friday before he goes out to impress the rest of us with his superior ride and driving skills.
  • IS sharp. Let us know how pleased you are with it when you get it.
  • The attitude of some of the 300 forum posters surprises me. What ever you do, don't confuse them with facts. That seems to bring out the beast in some.
    Like davidu says, styling is subjective....I also like both the 300 and the Intrepid. We here know that the two cars come down the same line and are basically the same. I think that human nature is such that if you've paid more for something, you convince yourself that what you got is better. The objective performance numbers between the 300 and the Intrepid say the cars are basically identical but that's a hard sell to folks who paid $5000 more for one.
    Thanks for the info on the 2001 Treps. Naturally they add the second power point after I buy mine.

    And now (this is davidu's fault), with it being Friday and all, I feel the need, the need for neon or Neon under my Intrepid!!!!!
    Have a good weekend all.
  • I've mentioned here before that my parents have an early production 99 300M, now with about 30,000 miles on it. I've driven it a number of times and I think the assertion that the 300M is of better build quality than an Intrepid is utter BS.

    While my folks like their 300, it has had a number of "build" problems that have needed correction, far more than my lowly Intrepdi. The glove box door has been replaced twice due to faulty fit. The OEM windshield was replaced at 100 miles due to bubbling of the black edge trim and weather strip failures and the car has had several rattles corrected that certainly have not occurred in my Intrepid. The battery shorted internally at 5,000 miles and had to be replaced, and the OEM Eagle LS's were replaced under warranty with Michelin Pilot XGT Z4's due to the oft mentioned vibration.

    Meanwhile, my newer Intrepid with about 21,000 miles has required one new power window motor, and that's IT. The doors close with an expensive thunk, the car has not one rattle, and overall, I'd say the build quality is BETTER than my parent's 300. In fact, after riding in my Intrepid a number of times, they're thinking of ditching their 300 for a 2001 Intrepid or Sebring Sedan.

    Anyway, my point is (and I think I'm preaching to the choir, but bear with me)- 300M owners are paying for more features, NOT better quality.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    try to post that in the 300m conference, you'll get run out of town...!
  • From what I read the last time one of us "lowly" Intrepid owners posted their, I'd probably get run out of there no matter what I posted!!

    They've proably inhaled too much Zaino to understand anyway.
  • today discussing the relative merits of the 99/00 tail lights versus the new 2001 tail lights with the clear lenses.
  • Did the 2001 Intrepid info that you found mention lowered horsepower due to some of the engines meeting Federal "Low Emission Vehicle" standards? The 3.5 is down several horsepower. I wonder if the 3.2 and 2.7 are also?
  • I'm not sure if the 300 group has decided yet which shade of neon coordinates best with the new 2001 tail lights. ;^)
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    I hope you're not lumping us altogether in the 300 group! ;-)) I agree with all of you- the LH cars are basically all the same. Only the engines and features differ. There is no more quality care taken with the 300 as opposed to the other LH cars. Does anyone really think that when these cars are coming down the assembly line, the workers say- oh, here comes a 300M, slow down and make sure everything is better than the Intrepid! Yea, right.

    If that was the case, then they must have all been hung over the day they built mine. ;-))

  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    not sure but will take a look later about the horsepower thing...
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