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Dodge Intrepid



  • jsylvesterjsylvester Posts: 572
    Check out and go to their transmission section. It has a lot of tips and troubleshooting on the transmission, as well as some cheap fix ideas.

    The trannies are very sensitive to the type of fluid used. Make sure your mechanic is aware of this, or it may never run correctly.

  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    If you're doing 50 mph at 4000 rpm, that sounds more like the 2nd gear "limp home" mode than 3rd gear. I regularly tow my popup in 3rd gear (I have a 1996 ES 3.5 liter)and it shows about 3000 rpm at 60 mph. BTW, I had my transmission rebuilt at 65k miles and am at 78k without any further problems. Also installed a very large auxiliary transmission cooler to (hopefully) preserve the transmission life, even though we don't plan on keeping it longer than another year.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    I read with some amazement the comments of dhughes3 regarding his OEM tires. I certainly do not "baby" my tires but I also avoid sustained smokey burnouts. I will be lucky to get 30,000 out of my GA's even with regular rotating. I don't think that I'll rotate again-simply let my rear to front swap suffice.
    A REQUEST--Does anyone have any experience with the new Eagle Aquatred 3 tires?
  • mitchshinmitchshin Posts: 4
    Has anyone installed a K&N filter on the 3.2? Is there a noticeable difference or would you recommend it? Thanks for any input. Also, any good online sites to purchase K&N?
  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    "I don't think that I'll rotate again-simply let my rear to front swap suffice."

    Has anyone noticed when rotating their tires, that they get a "radial pull," or whatever it's called.

    I went to Wal-Mart to have my tires rotated and then my car started pulling very strongly to the right (or left, I can't remember). When I went to my local tire shop, they said that the tires should only be swapped front to back and not across.
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    That is right. Some idiot technicians do that cross rotation. And it messes up everything. However good tire tech can easly remedy the problem. I got mine corrected once. Chances are very high that your car will have problems if you go to chain stores. Try to get individual owner/mechanic type stores. Good luck
  • abbanatabbanat Posts: 57
    I know, I almost paid for a wheel alignment to correct it. Imagine what would happen the NEXT time I rotated my tires if I had gotten a wheel alignment? Thankfully, my local tire store (it is a chain but I can't remember the name) was honest and fixed the problem without any charge.
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Greetings... FIRST ITEM... I was giving my 2000 Intrepid ES her spring cleaning recently when I noticed something troublesome. It appeared as though the weatherstripping/sealing around the rear door well had "shrunk"--for lack of a better word. This is NOT the black rubber gasket attached only to the top of the door well. There is a gasket that surrounds the entire door well--it is grey (or interior color) facing the car's interior and a black gasket facing outward. I noticed it while seated inside the car and looking at the upper corner of the door frame--saw a bit of daylight through the top. Don't know if I'm explaining this well--but suffice to say it's a potential problem. Anyone else understand or experience this? Pushing it up into place merely caused it to pull away elsewhere--literally seems like it shrank and inch or two and no longer seal sufficiently.
    Has anyone else had problems with their 1998-2000 door mounted Infinity speakers? Either the plastic trim creaking or the speakers themselves vibrating or distorting? I occasionally hear a distortion in my speaker (without undue bass or high volume)and the plastic surrounds occasionally squeak. I notice that they were changed to a solid unit for 2001--at least on the 300M.
    Still holding out for someone who has experience with the Aquatred 3..
    LAST but not least--an observation. I've suddenly started getting better gas mileage at close to 19,000. Perhaps I shouldn't have used synthetic motor oil from 1000 miles on--maybe it keep the engine from truly "breaking in" until know. Took at trip on Friday and got almost 2 mpg more than on similar trips. Also find that my city mileage--never good but never bad at 17 or so is now over 18.. Oh well...the mystery of life adds excitment!
  • alexv1nalexv1n Posts: 248
    A friend of mine asked me to post his question for him. He's considering buying a 1998-2001 Intrepid and was wondering if there's anything to know about before he takes the plunge? I mean, any major problems that are likely to appear. I have read about the powerglass motor in doors, but you might know of something else (engine, transmission, electrical, ...)? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Another friend of mine actually owns 98 Intrepid and he complains of some ABS problems/failures also some front suspension trouble. Anyone heard anything on those?

    Thanks in advane.

    P.S. I tried to read the posts here but there are so many posts related to earlier models so I'm stuck filtering all the info...
  • snowmansnowman Posts: 540
    compared with chevy impala topic. i wanted to get some info about the car, then realized there are more than 3000 posting. Of course changed my mind.
  • fritofrito Posts: 70
    See post 592 in the Chrysler LHS topic (actually the link to the pix: rattling 300M). Anyway, these pictures show the shrunken weatherstripping along the doors. Apparently it is caused by a manufacturing defect in the rubber on certain model runs.

    I've also noticed an improvement in gas mileage at about 20K miles on my `99 Concorde LXi - 2-3 mpg better highway.
  • dhughes3dhughes3 Posts: 56
    Sorry, I don't remember the treadwear rating on the Goodyear GA's I had. I replaced them with BF Goodrich Advantage Plus (price my only consideration other than a respectable brand). Not nearly as sharp handling as the Goodyears, but MUCH quieter and better riding. Probably I didn't get exactly the same type (touring designation or some such).
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Thanks for the information Frito.. Perhaps a TSB will exist that we can all take advantage of..
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 21,578
    ...I've been having the same problem, and come to think of it, mine shrunk, too. It didn't hit me at the time, but I guess that's the reason that when I tried to push the loose rubber back into place, it popped out at another!

  • 2intrepids2intrepids Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Intrepid with 114,000 miles. When I am cruising it has started to feel like it is pulling back - more like a pull back than a lunge and the check engine light comes on but it doesn't stall. It doesn't do it everytime and when I took it in they couldn't find the problem - this was about 6 months ago and it is doing it more and more often. I'm wondering if 114K miles for a Intrepid is about all I should expect and rather than spend money on this car I should trade it in.
  • anniejanniej Posts: 1
    I'm considering a 1998 Intrepid. Can anyone give me the pros and cons? Any difference between a 1998 and a 1999? Air-conditioning problems? Thanks
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    1998 was the first year for the new model - 1999 would probaby be a better bet, since DaimlerChrysler had the initial-model bugs (road noise being one of the biggest complained about) worked out in the second year.

    I doubt any car that new should be showing A/C problems - or any other major problems, for that matter.

    Also, DaimlerChrysler made more running changes to its 4-speed automatics about halfway through the 2000 model run - which means you might want to consider one of those, since it's an indication that there were still problems in the earlier designs.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    been awhile since i checked back in here! you can bet i'm really missing my intrepid right now with gas nearing 2 bucks a gallon! my f150 4x4 supercrew is cruising right along altho it has its idiosyncracies just like every other car i've ever owned. currently it is on its third cd player in less than a year! hood had to be re-aligned and there are a couple relatively minor paint flaws that i'm not gonna do anything about. quality is job1 should still be reserved for the japanese!

    i noticed in an older post that you remarked about seeing the new 02 dodge quad cab at the nyc motor show. do you think she is killer? i haven't been able to scope one out yet, only seen pictures. frankly i was underwhelmed. maybe in person i'll be much more impressed. anyway, i probably wouldn't trade the supercrew in until dodge offers the new semi-hemi 5.7l in the 03 model year. the quad cab truck will just be too heavy for the 4.7l to motor it around with authority. and i don't want the old tech 5.9l although it is a fairly durable engine. guess i'll start getting serious in another year.

    lastly, i noticed you mentioned something about your infinity speakers. on my 00 intrepid i had the screws on top of the infinity speaker case replaced because the screw heads rubbed on the hard plastic weather strip surrounding the front door openings. of course this only happened with the door closed. but, the rubbing caused a clicky, squeaky sound that irritatated the hell out of me. there is a tsb out about this...

    unfortunately the folks over in the supercrew topic are much less fun and less talkative then you guys...keep up the good work! i'll be sure to check back once in awhile.
  • warzonectxwarzonectx Posts: 26
    how fast do the 2001 dodge. intrepid go. is 120 can the 3.2 litter go 125 if so email me or post it. my email is
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    the 3.2l intrepid could go 125 mph...but i'm pretty sure it is electronically limited to about 112 mph due to the speed rating on its tires. the r/t model with 3.5l engine can hit 140 mph, i believe...anyone else wanna chime in?
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