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Anyone experience Sudden Unintended Acceleration in a Santa Fe?



  • meg88meg88 Posts: 1
    I stumbled on this by accident but have to share my experience. I was turning right onto a 2 lane road when my Santa Fe began accelerating and the RPMs were in the red. Braking didn't work, I popped it in neutral and that didn't work either, still accelerating. I turned it off and coasted into a parking lot. I tried re starting a few times and each time the tachometer maxed out so I called a tow truck. My mechanic told me that the crimped end of the cruise control cable had broken allowing the cable to extend fully and open the throttle all the way.
    This was 2008 and I had just left a job after 20 years and was going back to school. In fact, I was on my way to my first day at an externship when this happened. Showed up late the first day in a tow truck, great impression! What I'm saying is I never pursued this as a possible common problem that I should report, I was too busy. Now I wish I had reported it. I figured that I had just gotten one of those random, defective parts.
    I loved my '02 Santa Fe and continued to drive it without the cruise control until I traded it on a new 2012 Santa Fe last year. That was honestly the only problem I ever had with it until the A/C started leaking last year. I must say that the quality of the 2002 was much better than that of my 2012. But I still love it!
  • santafe2002santafe2002 Posts: 2
    edited June 2013
    Yes meg88, that's exactly what happened to my Santa Fe 2002. It's a defective cruise control cable with the end cap falling off the tubing. Cable looks similar to the break cable on a 10 speed bike, but thicker. The mechanic replaced it with a new cruise control cable. en-acceleration-problems--193732371.html

    Acceleration parts that break shouldn't cause accidents, especially when you can establish a pattern across model years. Hyundai might want to do a voluntary recall.
  • ljromanoljromano Posts: 1
    I loved, loved, loved my 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe, but this afternoon that all changed. I was on the highway going about 55, pressed the accelerator to pass another car at 60, and the car quickly accelerated to 70, I braked and nothing happened, and speedometer was hitting 80 when I put the car into neutral and pulled to the side of the road. Even in neutral the car was revving at 70,000 rpms. Turned the car off. Took a breath. Turned the car back on and it revved again. Put my foot under the accelerator and was able to nudge it back towards me, which stopped the revving. It was clear to me then that the accelerator had gotten "stuck" - but not under a mat - just stuck. Drove very carefully back to my hotel and will be taking it into the dealership to be looked at. But after reading other posts, I have grave doubts that the dealership can permanently fix the problem. It makes me sad, because I was planning to drive this car for at least 150,000 miles. Not any more. And I will be logging this incident with the National Highway Safety folks.
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  • Hi I am so sorry this happened to you . It happened to me with my elderly mother in the car. I was able to avoid a collision and went over a curb and it finally stopped. I got a lawyer and Hyundai said everything was fine. It is so frustrating because when this happened the car was brand new and now it has been 11 months since the incident. They sent someone from Hyundai California to check out the car and they said everything is fine. I am wondering if they fixed the TPS or cruise control. The car has not had any problems since the original sudden acceleration. There are too many people having this problem and is NOT due to floor mats!!!
  • Happened in 2007/8 with my 2003 Santa Fe and to my teenage son at a Stop sign. Thank goodness nobody was hurt and our small town garage was just around the corner. First the throttle body was cleaned and it worked well for a few weeks. Then the unasked acceleration happened to me. Another visit with the local mechanic who ordered up a new throttle body and replaced it quickly with no big dealership costs. I think it was about a $150 job. Never happened again.
  • Hello, I own Santa Fe 3.5 V6 2012 current with 18000km, my car was trying to accelerate--despite my foot being on the brake. It was also making a loud revving sound, my car does not have cruise control as most of the comments I have seen here. does any one knows the solution for this problem.

  • safety5safety5 Posts: 1

    We have experienced unintended sudden acceleration in our 2009 Sante Fe 3.3 liter 6 cylinder automatic on 3 different occasions in the last 18 months. Each time we were accelerating . Once it occurred when we moved from one speed limit to another ( 50 kms/hr to 60 kms/hr ): once when passing and once when moving from a ramp to highway speed. The floor mats were not near the accelerator and cruise control was not engaged. Hyundai refuses to do anything because their technician has to experience it personally. My wife and daughter refuse to drive or ride in it. Our insurance company has never heard of such a situation in Hyundais .We are exploring our options. Safety5

  • I have owned my 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe for 3 1/2 years. A few months ago, I was slowing down as I approached a light that was changing to red. My foot was on the brake when the engine began to rev and I was unable to slow it down with the brake. Luckily, no other vehicle was at the intersection and I went through the red light. The engine did slow down on its own in a few seconds, and I was safe. I thought about documenting the incident but failed to do so, then forgot about it.

    On Friday, March 28, 2014, I was stopped at intersection with my foot on the when the engine began to rev. I pushed harder on the brake, the engine decelerated, but then immediately revved again, this time the car began moving forward into the path of an oncoming vehicle. I steered right to avoid a collision into my driver's door, but we collided anyway. My Santa Fe traveled about a car length onto the grass, the engine revving ended, and I stopped after plowing down a lightweight fence. I still had my foot on the brake, and I turned off the engine then removed the key.

    The other vehicle stopped off road before the next intersection. That driver was taken to the hospital via ambulance, and his vehicle suffered extensive damage. My damage was to the left side from the wheel forward, the bumper was loose, and the hood bowed up. Based on my statement to the Florida Highway Patrol Trooper who investigated the crash, I was not ticketed in the accident/

    The insurance adjuster has determined that the other vehicle was a total loss, while mine is going to cost over $7,000 to repair.

    I called Hyundai and opened a case with them. I also called the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency and entered a complaint there. I am now contacting an attorney. I intend to make my voice heard. This accident could have resulted in death of one or both drivers. As soon as the repairs needed to get my car on the road again, I intend to go straight to the Hyundai dealership and request an inspection and investigation into the cause. I will not let this rest.

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