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Nissan Murano vs. Mercedes ML

sham_ipsham_ip Posts: 4
edited June 1 in Nissan
Hi guys,

I'm looking for buying SUV.
What do you recommend between these three in terms of quality, less maintenance cost and troubles, gas consumption and nice ride:

Nissan Murano 2004 has 105000- $16000
ML320-2002 has 115000KM. $16000
ML430-2001 has 95000KM. $15000

Your advice please.


  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,450
    I wouldn't pay more than 8k for the murano. You can buy an 07 with half the miles for 16k. The ml's are way overpriced and will cost a bunch to keep maintained not to mention repairs.
  • I wouldn't pay more than 8k for the murano.

    8K for a '04 Murano; especially in Canada? Are your sure? 105000KM (= ~62k miles) is not that high for a 6 years old car.
  • Hayrider & gooddeal2,

    Interesting, as you guys know from my previous posting, I have been looking for a new Murano and the dealer offered me $16,500 on my AWD 2007 Murano S with Power seat and only 17,000 miles. Hard to believe that they want that much on a 2004. I would definitely not go with the Murano at that price. I am not sure about the Mercedes either since repair cost for German cars are higher. In any case I have decided to expand my search outside of my zip in places like PA & NY and it seems like I have a better shot of getting the 10' on my terms I will be heading to Exton Nissan in PA tomorrow if the weather permits. Do you guys think I should await until 12/24 or 12/31 to aggressively buy at that time? In any case I would not get the 04' Murano at that price since my was worth about as much with less miles and a warranty good until 13' ( I will sell mine at $18.5K, but no less lol based on these dealers outrageous prices). Lastly why is it that a dealer that I went to last week can have a 07' Murano S FWD with 21K miles being sold for $19,999 and turn around and offer me $16.5. He must be high on company ties.
  • cutco760,

    I think the market in Canada is about 20% higher than here in the US. If that '04 Murano is in the US, the price shouldn't be more than 13-14K. Remember that is the selling price, so, the trade in price might be around 11K, IMO.

    Actually, I'm looking to trade in my 2 years old '07 Altima w/ only 18k miles for a 2010 Altima as well... ;)
  • Thanks for your reply guys.
    Actually the prices here in Canada is higher than the state. And especially here in Alberta, it's also 10% higher than the rest of Canada. The listed price was 18,999 and after negotiation it ended to $16000. Dealers make money by buying cheap cars from people and selling them with high prices. I sold my Mazda tribute 03 to someone(not a dealer) last month with 11500. The dealer paid only 7000 for it !!!

    I also found Murano 2003 with 70KM today. What is the difference between 2003 2004, and 2005.

  • I contacted the Nissan dealer and he offered Murano 2003, 102000km $15000 plus Tx. I will try to negotiate more. he mentioned that the Murano has 150 point inspection and it’s backed by a 3 month or 5000 km power train warranty as well it comes with a 7 day money back guarantee...
    is this 150 point good? what is it?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,450
    Just a reminder that 03 was the first year of production for the Murano. Enough said.
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