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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • Recently Toyota USA sent letter for certain Toyota vehicles sold and registered in California and vehicles sold and registered in Massachusetts since 1998...extending certain Evapoative Control System components for a period of 14 years or 150K miles from vehicle's in service date.

    For questions, call Toyota USA (800)331-4331
  • mikem30mikem30 Posts: 20
    I have a 2003 XL with 8000 miles on it. I have noticed recent posts about using regular fuel(2045 & 2046). I have been using regular and agree that the car runs fine. However, my car is used 90% on the interstate and the m.p.g. seemed low. I started using mid-grade and the m.p.g. improved. At that point I read posts 2052 & 2053 about the odometer. I checked mine by interstate mileposts this past weekend and find mine is running slow by over 4%. This error brings the m.p.g. to an acceptable range. My questions are -I have the luxury package with 16" wheels. As the tires wear, should I expect the speedometer error to lessen? Has anyone compared m.p.g. using premium vs. regular fuel? Thanks!
  • 02mdx02mdx Posts: 64
    I use 93 octane fuel in my '02 XL and get 29-30 mpg on road trips with the car fully loaded with cargo and kids. I have never used 87 octane fuel in the Avalon, but have done comparisons in previous vehicles and have noticed an improvement in both performance and fuel efficiency. Note: these comparisons were done with less sophisticated vehicles without knock sensors and high compression ratios of todays engines.

    Even with todays high prices at the pump, I feel premium fuel is the way to go... but I also use synthetic oil too... (some consider both practices to be excessive).
  • luffnuttluffnutt Posts: 13
    Checked my 2003 Avalon XLS speedometer against a handheld GPS, a Garmin eTrex Vista, and a 60 miles per hour set on the cruise control on an Interstate the GPS read 60.6 miles per hour. That's less than 1% difference. Gas milage came in at 21.1 miles per gallon, 80% or more city driving. Miles on odometer is only 1250 miles, and on tank fill today put in 92 octane, ($1.75 a gallon) so between the gas and the 1000 mile oil change the engine seemed pertty happy, and I had an ear to ear smile. This was my first visit to the Service Department at Bobby Rahal Toyota Dealership. The Service Person was a young lady who was anxious to please, but I found you must be very specific on what you want. She is not a "gearhead" like me. Found some extremely useful information on tires at the "Tire Rack" site. They had more answers than I had questions.
  • footiefootie Posts: 636
    Our 00 Avalon XLS gets mileage in the 29 range on the interstate at 65 mph on 87 regular gas. It's performance is terrific.

    To me, if Toyota say 87 octane is fine, they make a huge bet. What if they were wrong? This car was designed to run on 87.

    Maybe the engine computer can figure out that the mixture performance is better when it has premium - maybe it's perception.

    It would seem to me that the car mags and consumer reporting groups would be having a field day reporting on gasoline octanes and mixtures if there was any real difference.

    Buying premium fuel is almost as bad as buying a Mercedes and thinking you are getting a 'quality' car. A little fluff goes a very long way. So do engine additives.
  • jbergjberg Posts: 2
    Bought a used 01 XLS with power buckets. The front of the seat in the passenger power seat does not raise.(The entire seat elevates but the front portion does not) The drivers seat does raise. Is this normal or is it something that needs repair? Also, the car has wheel locks. How do I unlock the wheels? The car manual is silent on these two topics. Otherwise happy with the Avalon after one week.
  • I will check my seat in mine when I go home tonight and see if it is as your is....but I think it is.

    The wheel nut locks are opened using a "key" that is found in your tire tool kit in the trunk. I believe mine was actually already in the end of the lug wrench. These are "Port" installed options so most likely they would never be mentioned in your manual.

    If your lock key is missing...the dealer has them. I actually have an extra one now because the dealer left one on the trunk of my car after a tire rotation.
  • dyladyla Posts: 1
    We just bought a 2003 Avalon XLS w/factory nav system. This nav system appears to be outdated and when we ask dealers about getting an upgrade, we are told to talk to salesmen. No one seems to know anything about these nav systems. Our nav system in the car is DVD Ver. 02.1. Anyone know how we can find out what the latest version is and/or where we can get one? It is the only thing about the car that has disappointed us.
  • nomad56nomad56 Posts: 134
    DYLA-See my post, #3, in your original post to "Where do I get Nav System Upgrade for 2003 Avalon". If the dealer doesn't know, go to another dealer! -nomad-
  • jbergjberg Posts: 2
    Re key for wheel locks...found it where you suggested. Any findings on the power passenger seat?
  • What is it that seems to be out of date?

    One thing I have noticed from using Garmin portable gps databases [three different kinds]is that none of them are perfect. In fact, a brand new database can contain obvious and perplexing errors in both metropolitan or rural locations.
  • dylan383dylan383 Posts: 20
    I just bought an AvalonXLS '03 and love it. It has black exterior and taupe interior leather. Any advice on the first 5,000 miles, anything to watch out for? Also, I've been using premium gas but I've seen others have had success with 87 gas. I traded in my 93 4Runner with 216,000 miles; I love toyota and hope the avalon works out great. It has great rear seat room and rides like a magic carpet.
  • dylan383dylan383 Posts: 20
    So what did you get for the trade-in; that's the best price I've seen so far. Did you get under invoice (forgetting about the trade-in)?
  • dylan383dylan383 Posts: 20
    I'm surprised to read about the sales dive of Avalons. It's size I think was the key selling point for me vs. the Camry and price vs. the Lexus. I can't believe the top of the line Camry compares but I guess that has been happening and now they think if they raise the price and quality it will hurt Lexus. Too bad!
  • thepope1thepope1 Posts: 23
    My 2000 Avalon XLS is fast approaching 60,000 miles. Anybody out there that has purchased an extended warranty from other than dealer? Which do you feel is best? Any claims - results? Sure would appeciate any feedback. Thanks...The Pope".
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    At 60K, you can't get a Toyota warranty so you're going aftermarket no matter what. To get the genuine Toyota warranty, you would have had to do it before the 3/36K expired.
  • Many thanks to everyone who has listed their purchase price. Just bought the wife her 03 XLS this past Saturday. It came with a sunroof, sunroof deflector, white pearl paint, floor mats, cargo mats, first aid kit, glass breakage sensors, cargo net, wheel locks, and GV premium interior package. We paid $29,076 before TTL. Estimated that this price is ~$215 below invoice. Can anyone confirm my estimates? Thanks.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,059
    The final price you pay depends on where you live, but $29K seems like a reasonable price although Toyota is offering $1,000 cash back in the Boston area.

    For a good price estimate try
  • pwarthpwarth Posts: 3
    I'm in need of pages BO-25 through BO-28 from the factory repair manual. Can someone email or fax them to me? If so I'll give you my contact info. This is the procedure to repair the drivers side mirror by replacing only the glass of the mirror. Thanks. Pete
  • kandorkandor Posts: 25
    I have a 2001 XLS that has always had a problem with bottoming out on small dips in streets and driveways. I always thought this was just part of the Avalon until I had a chance to ride in a 2002 XL recently, and this model didn't do it at all.

    I've been reading old posts where at least one person tried fixing his suspension with new shocks/struts. Is this a fix, or do I need to have something else done? (I'm not a DIYer, and the local Toyota service dept doesn't see anything wrong with the suspension.)
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