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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • omaibraz5omaibraz5 Posts: 24
    Thanks abfisch.I did get new rotors and new pads and now the brakes are squealing like a stuck pig.Whenever I visit my brother,he can tell it is me without seeing me.
  • omaibraz5omaibraz5 Posts: 24
    Thanks for your suggestions.I went to a car chatroom and explain the problem.Someone told me the light has a grounding problem,I located the ground but I have to disconnect the battery in order to do a ground test.I am waiting for the temperature to be in the 70s.I have to remove the battery and part of the air filter housing.Oh,the main reason I cannot do it now is because I do not have the code to reset the radio.I have to call a company on the web in order to get it.Yes,it will cost me,$35 bucks.

    QUESTION:Can I make a ground from the negative wire that is feeding the bulb? An auto electrician is going to charge me an arm,a leg and he will try to take my head too.
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22

    Thank you very much for your reply. It is really helpful to me.
  • rob774rob774 Posts: 4
    Okay, i want an extra key for my Avalon. Only thing is i assume Toyota would make me take out a small house loan for it. So i saw a un-cut key with a chip inside already. This seems to be a reputable seller, he had great reviews, so my question is, what's the chance of this not working. All i would have to do is get it cut to my original key. Opinions?
  • omaibraz5omaibraz5 Posts: 24
    Once the key is cut to the original it should work,remember you also have to programme the new key.I bought two uncut keys for a total of $77 and had them cut at Home Depot.I programme the last one this morning and they are both starting the car.Programming instructions
    came with the keys.You will have to have a master key to do
    the programming yourself.Here is what you do to find out if you have a master key:Insert your existing key into the ignition,if the little red light on your dashboard goes off immideatly you have a master key.If it goes off after a few seconds,your key is not a master key and you will not be able to programme it yourself.The same guy that you mentioned will have to programme it for you or you will have to go the the dealer.What year is your Avalon? Mine is 98 XLS
  • rob774rob774 Posts: 4
    Mine is a 2001. Thanks for your advise thus far.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    They should not squeal if done correctly. Did you camfer the front edge of the pad??? Anti squeal lub. on the back of the pads??? Shouldn't do that. Did you bed in the pads???

  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Hi Guys,

    Please advice/suggest me, I bought a used AVALON 95 with 150K miles. I have a question that Can I drive this car on a long drive like 700miles in a day non-stop, in this summer. Kindly advice me. Please suggest what do i need to inspect before i go for a long drive and what should i need to take care of.

    Thanks to all of you.
  • omaibraz5omaibraz5 Posts: 24
    I do not think that the reset code for the radio is unique to individual radio but a group of radios.Here is why:I was going through the motion of buying the code, they did not ask for Vehicle Identification Number.All they ask for is,vehicle make,model,year and radio model number.The radio model number is very important.My radio model number is AD6801 it means that all the radios with that number can be reset using the same code.That is my reasoning,does anyone agree with me?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    First... If you go 700 miles non-stop... you will average about 40 mpg. Tell the forum immediately how you did it. This will be a first for any Avalon. :)

    Second... If it doesn't leak anything, overheat or otherwise fail in a 1 hour test drive on the local interstate in your area, go for it. Not anybody's first choice maybe, with all those miles, but these cars can go 200k or more if you take care of them. My '99 XL was perfect at 92k, ran like new. Check all fluids and hoses after a test drive. Then go if it looks ok. Don't forget the tires, check air pressure and tread depth for safety. Note: Your question is in the wrong forum. The HOST will move it.
  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Fwiw, I got 39 mpg doing 55 mph in my LTD...drove it only 189 miles, so can't really say how far I could've gone on a tank. :)
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i have a 96 and i drove about 800 kms on a friday.
    came back on a sunday and we had done a otal of 1900kms. there were 3 of us in the car and the A/C was on at full blast (late June last yr with the temp at 3OC +) and driving way over the limit. averaged 8.3L per 100kms and THATS GOOD.
  • I have a 2000 Avalon XLS. I would like to adjust the volume of the beep sound when using the remote key. But, I could not find any instructions in the manual about how. Does anyone know how to do this? Or, any suggestions? Thanks!
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    I posted this on the Other thread a few days back

    i have a 96 and i drove about 800 kms on a friday.
    came back on a sunday and we had done a otal of 1900kms. there were 3 of us in the car and the A/C was on at full blast (late June last yr with the temp at 3OC +) and driving way over the limit. averaged 8.3L per 100kms and THATS GOOD.
  • kpraveenkpraveen Posts: 22
    Deepan thank you for your reply.
  • asdfghjkasdfghjk Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a clue why a 2000 Avalon's keyless entry (FOB) works only intermittently? Seems to work at home, but never anywhere else. Cleaned inside with alcohol swabs. When it works it has great range; and when it doesn't... not even from right next to car. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,161
    For the last couple of weeks I have having a bad aural experience with my 2000 XLS. The sounds from the JBL speakers are muffled even at the lowest volume level.

    So far I have changed all the settings: increase/lower the base, trebble, fade etc. without any success. Does anyone have any idea why the sudden bad fidelity? Since the car is out of warranty the dealer will charge an arm an a leg for a diagnosis.
  • kgl_mkgl_m Posts: 2
    Hello folks, I'm trying to decide between a 96 Avalon and a 96 Corolla of similar vintage.

    I know these are very different cars, but they are both supposed to be fairly reliable and good value for money.

    Some background - me and my girlfriend are looking for a car together, we are both 24 and this isn't our first car. I own a Mazda Miata but am going to sell it once we get a replacement sedan. My choice.

    Anyway, we found a really nice 96 Avalon with 90k miles. It has leather, sunroof, CD, six seats. Its a very nice car. The buyer was asking $5900, got it down to $5700 but he still has it and is waiting for a higher offer till Tuesday because he said he has to keep it till his replacement car comes in on Tuesday (we saw it on Friday and he said he had 5 people already show interest in it and 2 had come to look at it, he had more people lined up for the weekend).

    From what I've seen, a 96 or similar Corolla is going to be $3500-4000 for similar vintage.

    Now, I'm going to assume that both cars are relatively well-depreciated and won't lose a lot more of their value if we sell after 2-3 years. Is that assumption correct? If it is, then the cost of ownership comes down to the fact that the avalon has more electronics and will drink more gas - potentially an issue with rising gas prices, which i think will stabilize around $3 this year, but my guess is as good as anyone else's.

    So what I'm trying to decide is whether it is worth paying more now for the Avalon because it is a more premium car and rides nicer and quieter on the highway. I actually want to get rid of my convertible because it is kind of noisy on the highway.

    Advise me! Advice on how to handle the seller of this Avalon would also be nice.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention that I'm not looking at Camrys because they cost almost as much as Avalons and the fuel economy is almost the same.
  • deepandeepan Posts: 342
    i have a similar Avalon XLS.(seats 5). I love the car. the power, roominess etc. the only time i regret the car is when i go for a fill up.

    I havent owned a Corolla but Its WAy too small. the only time i Would be happy to be driving it is probably when i am at the GAs station :)
  • sharkmama49sharkmama49 Posts: 18
    I would appreciate it if anyone has had a problem with their navigation screen saying it can not read the dvd, please let me know how you were able to resolve the problem. :confuse:
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