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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    "dealer price is an amazing $300 + labor"

    Retail of course. I just found the bearing assembly online for $138. A friend takes his cars to a local salvage yard where the mechanic is a stock car racer. Shop rate labor is much less. We also use a local family shop that specializes in Audi's. They are also lower than dealers.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    I just did a Froogle search on this. You can get the bearing alone for about $38. The bearing pressed into and including the housing for $70, and the complete assembly was listed for $79 + $12 shipping. Others ran up into the hundreds. It pays to shop.
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    Follow up. I drove the car out to the junk yard mechanic. We took it for a drive and agreed that it was probably the left rear. It isn't very loud, but there nevertheless. He would replace it for $48 labor. Would sell me a used assembly for $45 installed and guarantee it, but said he wouldn't spend the money yet as he has heard them many many times worse. He knew we would out on 5-6000 miles going to Arizona. I asked if he had ever heard of one locking up and he said no. I guess we'll gamble as he said it's difficult to tell which it is at this point, and we could do the wrong one. He would also install any part that I brought to him with no additional mark up, which I offered to give him, forgoing the profit from selling the part.

    I also had my wheels and tires switched over for winter at Sams Club. No charge. I noticed some outside wear on one when I threw it in the car and asked their opinion. They called me into the shop and showed me tread wear. "No, overall tread wear is acceptable. I would get one more trip out of them. Should have another 10k in them". In both cases, they could have made a sale or money, yet did what was best for me, the customer. The first time I met either of them. Now, I will say that a good salesman or service guy can read a customer. Go there without a clue about things and your answers may be quite different.
  • we just bnought our first toyota this week. we got a 2004 avlon xls. and we need key fobs I have the part number for them but I want to save some money and buy them on ebay. the part number is 89742-ac054. but I need the fcc number anyone have this? or know where I can get it.

  • Hi all. To make this as short as possible (it could be reeeaally long!), I will cut to the chase. Took my 2001 Avalon in for a 125k service at a dealership (something I normally don't do). Every system was looked at, tuned up, etc etc. Timing belt changed. A few other things done, but I decided to wait on changing front struts and rotors. Service guy told me my car is in great shape.

    12 hours after I picked it up, I am going 60 on a highway...step on reaction...I have the pedal to the acceleration.(and no, I wasn't in neutral) Narrowly miss getting hit by a truck, pull to the side, and get the car towed back to dealership. (Nothing anything like this at alll has ever happened).

    Dealer looks over the car, road tests, leaves me a message saying there is NOTHING WRONG with my car. It's fine.

    How is that possible? Does anyone have any advice as to what it could be and/or what I should do?

    Thanks so much. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

  • whilstwhilst Posts: 19
    Hi. Sounds like fuel starvation-did they replace fuel filter?,Mass air flow meter-usually will cause "check engine" light to come on, Throttle Position sensor- again Check engine light will usually come on.
    Any other warnings,any lights,how is fuel level?
    Take car to an Autozone or similar. They usually charge nothing for diagnostic check.
    There should be a "record" stored in computer.OR: "fault" has corrected itself and there will be no memory stored.
    How far have you driven since P/U from dealer?
    Let us know.
  • Hi-

    Thanks so much for responding! OK, no warning lights came on...I literally went from going 60MPH seemingly fine to not being able to accelerate at all.

    I picked up the car at the dealer last night and drove the 2 miles home. This morning, I had driven about 10 miles or so when this happened. I had a half a tank of gas.

    The car is back at the dealership now (towed there). Its funny because they said nothing was wrong with the car but they did replace the fuel filter today, which they had not done yesterday. Could they have taken it out and not put a new one back in? (I'm not trying to blame these guys, but it seems more than a little strange that my car has never had any problem like this and then this happens 12 miles after I pick it up!!)

    Keep the info coming and thank you soo much! :)
  • whilstwhilst Posts: 19
    Hey. So,what happened?
    Is car back from dealer?
    Running OK?
    I doubt that they would put back old filter.
    Let us know.
  • whilstwhilst Posts: 19
    Has dealer checked fuel pump?
  • As a follow on to my '03 post about my '01 XLS - it's now 4 years later and at this point we're at 180k miles and the only problem that we've experienced is the failure of the Mass Air Flow Sensor. Imagine that! After 3+ sets of MXV's and two windshields later this car has performed much better than expected. In fact, it's now ready for some shocks - would like to hear recommendations for aftermarket replacements to stiffen the suspension. The only other issue we ran into was the rear sway bar bushings, which needed replacement at about 90k if I remember correctly. That eliminated the banging that occurs once they wear out.

    Hat's off to Toyota on an absolutely great car! :shades:
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    You should find all you need in this forum or in

    You could also search on abfisch and 55396.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591

    Nice posting. I have similar and have contributed to this site for awhile. Have an 02 Avalon XL with 96K on it. Have had CV/axle problems in the beginning with the car but now OK. Automatic car washes are hurtful to the brakes up here in North County.

    To answer your questions about suspension, I have posted these before but will again for you. I would not recommend putting in OEM Toyota struts/dampers. They are inferior in quality and performance to a twin tube low pressure gas shock. Two manufacturers, both TokicoHP and KYB GR2's are both very good. You will thoroughly enjoy the difference. For a high mileage car, the bushing/bump stops for the top of the shock housing and rubber where the spring sit s on the strut should be replaced at the same time too.

    Have them check on the CAB(control arm bushings) as well as the sway bar bushings. They are made of rubber and they dry rot through the years. They do make PU(polyurethane) bushings which are essentially thick plastic instead of rubber(Energy Suspension). I like them better, but they are NOT for everyone. There performance is superior, which makes the Avalon's turn in much sharper without an body lean b/w the shocks and the bushings. And they do not deteriorate at all like rubber so no need to replace again. However......there are disadvantages. They are higher maintainance, and tend to creak if not lubed once a year, and they do affect ride qualtiy negatively. To describe it to everyone, your XLS requires 32 PSI in the tires. Put 37 PSI in all your tires and ride around in it for awhile. That is how it will ride(quality) with PU bushings. So if the roads are bad, so will be the ride. If it is mainly highway, it will be much more controlling. Start with the struts and their associated hardware.

    Otherwise a very good car. The tranny fluid and the PS fluid(same fluid) should be addressed if not done so already.

    Hope this helps.

  • I am looking at a 1999 Toyota Avalon. I have heard reports in here about the more recent ones of how they have trnasmission probs and other oddities. Can somebody tell me what to expect from a 1999 Avalon? What kind of mileage could they run as high as before the car was done for? It has 149,000 miles on it.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    I put 90k trouble free miles on mine, a '99 XL, before going to an '03 XL. The first one was near perfect. Trouble spots in general for the '99 model year were a soft suspension, excessive front brake wear, some engines that had an oil circulation problem and an A/C temp control problem on the XLS only. Despite all this, it was still a very reliable car compared to all others.

    With proper care the car could go 200k, maybe more. Do you know anything about the car's history? Got a Carfax report? Priced right, based on condition? Think about it... you might have a winner! Hope this helps. :)
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,055
    Sounds unbelievable but last night I got 40.3 MPG on my XLS (as measured by the digital display which is quite accurate). On my stop-and-go normal commute I usually get 18 - 21 MPG. Last night I decided to take the expressway and I got this unbelievable 40 MPG even though I was driving between 60 and 70 mph. Somehow I could sense something unusual was happening because the engine purred so smoothly and quietly just like the first day I brought my baby home in July 2000.

    For the record the car is a 2000XLS with 60,900 miles on it and I've had only one problem so far, the replacement of a fuel sensor. I rarely drive on the freeway as most of my driving is confined to the traditional suburban to city driving. Great car although my brakes seem pulsate especially on wet surfaces.

    Question to Avalon owners, how is your Avy holding up in terms of handling and repair costs? And are you getting anywhere near the mileage I reported above.
  • rpfingstenrpfingsten Posts: 154
    Bwia... if that's accurate that's incredible.. Funny you brought that up tonight because just tonight I checked my mileage since my last fill up. In combination city / highway driving my o7xls averaged 28.2 miles to the gallon. However I don't think the computer displayed avg. is accurate. I did the math the old fashion way ( on a calculator ) when I got home and it came out to 26.74 mpg. Not sure what post it was I read, but somewhere on this board, somebody reported that the odometers were'nt calibrated perfectly, as a result your mileage and computer displayed fe would also be off.. If anyone remembers that post, please refer me to it so I can go back and look at it and re-calculate my FE. Thanks.

  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    No, I have never achieved more than 33 mpg on my 2003 XLS, and then only at 75 mph on long stretches of Florida's Turnpike. Of course the warm air doesn't contribute to ideal combustion conditions. Most of my long journeys average 29 mph, and the computer and my direct calculations are usually within 1.5 mpg of each other.

    The pulsation on braking is a very well-known feature of our previous-model Avalons. The disks warp easily, aided by regular overtorquing of the lug bolts by gorillas at the tire shop or dealership. Hand tightening the bolts will somewhat reduce the problem, but ultimately the only solution is to replace the (front) disks and pads. I did this with Brembo disks and Toyota Racing Development pads at 60K, and the braking is now completely normal (and quite sporty).
  • 5539655396 Posts: 530
    Anyone know if rotor warpage occurs primarily on the front which does most of the work? I would assume that to be the case. If so, maybe it's only necessary to replace the front. Or, are your mechanics only replacing ones that are actually warped? I suppose it depends on how many times they have been resurfaced also.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    I have only replaced the front rotors, and pulsation has gone, so I assume the rears are OK. Normally it is the fronts that warp in most models and brands.

    I don't remember the source but I recall reading that resurfacing the Avalon disks was a waste of time, since the reduced thickness simply contributed to further warping. There is a significant labor charge anyway. The concept of using new better-quality disks seemed appropriate to me.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 586
    Be assured you made the right decision. The OE rotors were one of the weak spots in this five year run of Avalons. Enjoy your car... Have had one of each generation of Avalons... great cars... :)
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