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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • Left rear door won't open. Child protection latch was on, so that it could only be opened from the outside. The outside handle suddenly stopped working, so now I can't open the door at all. Impossible to completely remove the inside door panel, but can get the top of it back far enough to reach inside the door; however, I can't seem to find a way to manually unlatch the door.

    Any ideas? 1998 Avalon.


  • Update : Just crossed 118000 miles and also got the steering column bracket replaced under warranty recall. The ABS light comes off quite regularly now, however, i have to just kill the ignition and turn it on again to make it disappear.

    Any clue guys what could be wrong ?

  • Read on some other forum that a dirty wheel sensor could be causing this.

    any idea on howdy ya locate and clean the wheel sensor for a 2000 Avalon ?

    is this a DIY or do I have to take it to a shop ?

  • Hi All,

    I have been facing a strange issue with my 2000 Avy since the past days which is close to 119 K miles now.

    I have felt noticeable vibrations in steering wheel as soon I cross 65-70 mph. What's strange is that this behaviour does not repeat
    every time I reach such speeds but only intermittently.

    My first doubt was that the wheels were out of balance so I reached out to Costco Tire Dept and they confirmed that all the wheels were
    perfectly balanced.

    One point worth mentioning that One of my front wheels was stuck in snow which braced North East after the Christmas weekend. I did
    drive about 10-12 miles with one of the wheels covered with ice when this issue first surfaced. However, the ice is completely gone now
    but the intermittent virbrations remain.

    Could I have caused some damage to the front suspension components by driving with one of the wheels snow covered on that day which has caused this issue?

    Has anyone else experienced this before ?

  • Hi,
    I had the exact same problem about an year ago. I was recommended to change the ECU(~2K) of the vehicle to resolve the issue.

    That is a rip off... Usually toyota ECU's are really strong.

    After spending couple of hundreds over the mechanics to trouble shoot ...

    I just studied the ABS flow and changed the ABS relay (Blue RELAY under the hood) and kaboooossh... its gone... I have put on about 20K after I changed the relay but never saw those lights coming on. My 00 Avalon has 99K on it and still runs strong.. And in the last year's snow I could feel the abs working as intended..

    Relay is about 43$ at the dealer.. but I bought for 10$ over ebay.

    Try that before you think of something else..

    Good Luck.
  • Hello Harry,

    Hope this works in my situation too. Would you be able to post a link to the ebay item so that I can also order and see if it works ?

  • Hi,
    this is what I searched for on EBay. " 88263-24020"
    That would be the product number.

    Actual part is :
    Toyota Denso Blue Relay 88263-24020 12V OEM. The same relay is used for Lexus.

    good luck
  • Thanks...I searched ebay and currently only used parts were listed retailing between $ 14 to 20.

    Did you buy yourself one of these used ones ?

  • mikecraigmikecraig Posts: 12
    My 2000 XLS is now eleven years old with 99,000 miles. It will open my garage door from 100 yards. I have never seen any degradation in its ability to open the garage door.
  • mcclearyflmcclearyfl Posts: 149
    I have a separate commercial garage door opener in addition to the built-in one that came with the Avalon. Each has the exact same range - about 40 yards in my slightly-obstructed approach to the garage - plenty of time for the door to open completely by the time I arrive. My 2003 Avalon XLS has 112,000 miles.
  • yes sir... I bought a used relay... it usually doesn't matter if its used.. its an electronic part..

    did you get a chance to purchase one?
  • I Just ordered one...hope it works for me as well....will keep you updated on the progress.

  • Bad news didn't work me :(

    I got those 3 lights again today within 2 days of installing the relay.

    Should I try replacing the other ABS relay 88263-24030 ?

    Since you have the ABS circuit diagram, is there any other relay which needs to be replaced ?

    Please advise

  • hey I am sorry to hear that.

    did you get a diagnosis done through technician?
    what were the codes.

    Codes which I got were c0273,c1246,c1301.

    I only changed one abs relay. that was the blue one right adjacent to the radiator.

    First thing first.. what were the codes that you got?

  • Nope I ordered the part solely on basis of your experience.

    Where can I get the diagnosis done and how much do they charge ? Would a normal OBDII scanner read ABS codes and will codes only be returned when the ABS light is on ?

    Anyways I've asked the seller for the green ABS relay as replacement since the blue didn't work for me.

  • try the green one too.

    Did you try resetting the computer after you installed the blue relay?

    Just take off the battery terminals and hook them back after 5 mins.

    Your computer will be reset.

    As you have already ordered the Green Relay too, try that after you install that.

    If in case the lights do not go off, go to a technician and get the diagnosis done.

    Sometimes the abs switch/sensor might go bad at one of the wheels. To corner the issue, Diagnosis is the first step. I thought you were through this step.

    Diagnosis costed me about 50-70 bucks. ABS code readers are different. Regular OBD code readers do not read the abs codes.

    Did you get any recent brake/wheel bearing job done?
  • Yes Harry...all this started within a month or 2 after I got all the 4 rotors replaced....I had no trouble till then.

    The lights are not on all the time for me...once in a while they come on when i crank the car and if I shut the engine off and start it again they are gone. Do you think they will leave an error code if they are not on all the time ?

    I haven't really sent out the blue relay for replacement yet and no I didnot reset the computer by disconnecting the battery...the lights didn't come immediately after I switched the blue relay but may after 2 or 3 days and they went immediately after I shut off the car and restarted it. Do you think I should put the ordered blue relay back and try disconnecting the battery once before I send it back for exchanging with the green one ?

  • hi, in a way its hard to find out the error code when the lights are not constantly ON.

    i had hard time getting those codes as the lights weren't ON all the time.

    Well if you are sure that the lights came ON after the rotors were changed, then make sure that the technician/whoever changed the brakes haven't clipped off any ABS related wires/connectors.

    Get the error codes first... we can corner the issue later.
  • njavalonguynjavalonguy Posts: 35
    Hello Folks,

    The trunk release switch on the dash stopped working all of sudden after I did my last oil change where the battery of the car was also inspected for my 2000 XLS.

    The switch on the key fob is working though.

    I checked the trunk switch in the glove box too and that didn't have any effect.

    Any clues what else do I need to check ?

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