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Toyota Avalon 2004 and earlier



  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    I must have misunderstood your concern. So, you park your car in the basement, leave the automobile unlocked and return with the car locked? I'll have to check if mine also has a mind of it's own as to the locking. But, if you unlock with the remote, the car does lock automatically if the door is not opened within 30 seconds.
  • gscheil1gscheil1 Posts: 72
    Hi Toledo 19- I very seldom use the remote. Concerning warranty, the person who paid $1000 for warranty to 55,000 miles got took. Must have purchased one of those insurance policies. I got extended warranty to 75,000 miles for $535.00 from the dealer. Had that on my van also account the all-wheel drive. Also have it on my current RAV4 account all-wheel drive. Otherwise, I wouldn't buy it. I am now on my 17th and 18th Toyota from same dealer. Get excellent cooperation from their service dept. Also get 20% on any parts or accessories I buy. Can't beat staying with same dealer and brand.
  • heymistaheymista Posts: 22
    I just sold my 95' Avalon with 83k miles. What a relief! I too had the Power Steering Column problem and the power window problems along with numerous people I have talked to. You are 100% correct- My problems started at 51k miles and I have spent $5K since including cv joints and a/c compressor and so many other things I can't even remember. This car has been a major disappointment for a Toyota, and I think they know about recurring problems that everyone has experienced without recalls. I am just glad it is over. Toyota's reputation for reliability is taking a beating lately. I've gone back to Honda.
  • frankmaxfrankmax Posts: 18
    I found there are always dust/fibers stay along the circuits on the back window inside the car. Is it due to the electrostatic attraction from the built-in antenna? Anybody saw the same thing?
  • ganjaganja Posts: 16
    I own an XLS and is it possible that I can fold the side mirrors in, before I park my car in the garage. I have two big/wide vehicles and it would really help if I was able to fold the mirrors. But I don't think the Avalon gives you the option. Can anyone please confirm
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The Avalon mirrors are fixed and can't be folded in.
  • namitknamitk Posts: 1
    I am planning to purchase an old Avalon as my first car. Can someone advice me as to which years had serious problems in Avalon , so that I should not look for these years, also what are the best deals for 1998/1997 that anyone got.

    I am planning to buy used avalon , instead of camry , is this a good decision, and how do you compare these cars.
  • pilot13pilot13 Posts: 283
    If it's any consolation, we have a 2K Silverado as well as a 2K Avalon. Both have remote door/trunk locks. Both keychain controls are sensitive, in that if you pocket them and then reach into your pocket a certain way, they can sometimes activate the locks.
    The Silverado is, by far, much more sensitive. I don't mind its locks activating so much as the "panic" alarm button--drives me up the wall whenever it goes off! And it only requires the slightest touch to do so. It's getting so bad that I'm seriously considering not using it at all!
    Other than that, both vehicles are great. We really like the Avalon--and bought a Sienna recently for our daughter and son in law. They love it!
  • hoang4hoang4 Posts: 10
    I currently lease a 2001 XL and have had it for about 7 months (5 year lease, Ouch). How is Toyota when it comes to terminating a lease early and leasing another Toyota (probably a Lexus IS 300)? Any advice? or am I stuck....
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    I just terminated a 3 year lease early on a 01 Pathfinder (only 7 months in it). As in conventional financing, there is a "payoff" on a lease. The difference between my pay off and the trade value was not pleasant, but I was so happy to get out of this SUV I just grinned and bore it.
    I never looked back, I love the Avalon so much!
  • larrys7larrys7 Posts: 35
    My wife was driving a 97 Suburban. Found a deal on a 98 Avalon w/43k an attorney had for sell, purchased it & she wanted another burb. Her new Yukon Denali XL has arrived. Any suggestions on where to advertise this type car on the net. That Avalon gets twice the gas milage & alot easier to get around in - oh well...
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    There is no easy way out of this and no way to sugar coat the situation you are in. There are two ways to terminate a lease early. First, pay the remainder of your lease payments in advance and turn the car in. Second, call the leasing company and find out what your current payoff is. Leases have payoffs just like conventional financing. Take the car to a dealership and see what they will give you in trade. Most likely, the value will be much less than the payoff and you will have to roll this amount into the price of the new car.

    Here is a hint. Never lease a car for 5 years. I lease a ton of cars, but almost never for terms beyond 36 months. Yes, the payments are less, but most people want out of it before the end of the term and they are all in a very bad position.
  • mostlyjazzmostlyjazz Posts: 11
    My wife and I are considering the purchase of a new 2001 Avalon.

    We currently own a 1998 Volvo V70 Cross Country and find the all wheel drive to be essential here in Minnesota.

    For the most part we love the Volvo. Love the comfort and safety but we are tiring of the annoying problems and frequent recalls and repairs. Also,the factory warranty is almost up.

    Avalon appears to have a comfortable and roomy interior (I am 6"4") and a good saftey rating. However, I think I have been spoiled by the Volvo's all wheel drive that comes in handy during winter here in Minnesota. I would appreciate any comments from Avalon owners concerning how well the Avalon does in winter driving.

    We also considered the VW Passat 4Motion wagon. They appear to be in short supply, selling for a premium over MSRP and could be another reliability risk .
  • jljlindajljlinda Posts: 7
    Have a 2001 Avalon XLS. Approx 14,000 miles on it. Just returned from a 2 day trip and covered 800+ miles. Several times during our trip, we drove through "dips" on the interstate, and heard the front tire(s) (usually on the drivers side) hit the strut(s). We drove within posted highway speeds (WV & OH). Only my wife and I were on board with one small overnight bag. My weight is about 170 #'s and my wife's about 135 #'s. Now my question: Are struts adjustable or must they be replaced to correct the problem? Is anyone else having any problems with their front suspension on the 2001 XLS? (Except for the suspension, we rather pleased with our choice of the Avalon. Traded a Camry on the Avalon and the Camry seemed to have a much better suspension, both front and rear, than the Avalon.) Thanks in advance for any help solving our problem.
  • toledo19toledo19 Posts: 119
    As I have posted earlier, there is a recall on 01 Avalons built in 1/01. Something related to the front end frame soldering. This could be the cause of your problem. Check at NHTSA.
  • sammieleesammielee Posts: 11
    Thanks for the heads up Toledo19! Called Toyota and made sure my 01 LS was not part of the recall. Operator at Toyota was very friendly and helpful. Suggest to jljlinda that they call the Toyota 800 number to see if their car is on the list. Just go the the NHTSA web site, input your car and it will give all the info on the recall and who to contact at Toyota. It sounds,though, like Toyota is pretty much on top of things and jljlinda would have received something in the mail
  • jljlindajljlinda Posts: 7
    We purchased out 2001 Avalon XLS in Nov 2000. Since the recall by Toyota on the 2001 Avalon is only on those built in Jan 2001, I assume that our auto is not on the recall list. (Also, we have not received any type notice.) By looking over the tops of the front tires, I can see the marks left by the tires where they come in contact with a component of the vehicle. I believe the component is part of the strut, but, if not, it is the lower circular plate that supports the coil spring. Either way, I am concerned that it might cause a tire to blow at interstate speeds if I drive through a dip deep enough to cause extreme contact. My dealer is 75 miles from where we live and I have not given them a call yet (but plan to soon.) Just thought someone might know if struts are adjustable so that "up & down" travel could be shortened. Thanks to all.
  • donstackdonstack Posts: 9
    Anyone checkout the Japanese Toyota based websites? All vehicles there are sold under the TOYOTA nameplate (whether it is Toyota or Lexus here in North America)

    The Avalon is called the Toyota Pronard and is priced at 3,800,000 yen, compare this to the ES300 which is called the Toyota Windom which is priced at 3,700,000 yen. The Pronard(Avalon) is more expensive than the Windom(ES300). Source for this info is at[non-permissible content removed].htm.

    Some pictures at different sites show a nice navigation system mounted in the center of dash. Not even offered in US, but if it was sales would definitely be increased! See this at Wouldn't that be nice, especially with the upgraded gages in the photo! Its different seeing the steering wheel on right side of car too.

    It seems to be obvious that Toyota would never risk making a Toyota with options to make it more desirable that a Lexus in North America!

    Too bad for us Avalon owners that Toyota didn't take that risk.

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    Thanks donstack for bringing the Pronard (from the French, "to praise or admire") to our attention. Curiously, the car is made in Georgetown, Kentucky and shipped to Japan and Korea with many of the features we Avalon owners crave. Try this link for a good review of the Pronard. mag/global view_08-00/01.htm


    Does anyone know if it be possible to order an Avalon with at least the DVD-based navigation system? Or could you buy the parts (HID lights, Navigation, etc.) and have them professionally installed? Toyota has gone the multiple brand route used successfully by Proctor and Gamble, and lately, less successfully by GM. Some experts believe that multiple-brand marketing in the auto industry has become passe. Any comments/suggestions Cliffy?
  • rward99rward99 Posts: 185
    A special edition 2002, for Jan-Mar, is being considered. The only information I have is that there will be 3 new unique colors.
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