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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • As noted in several posts that the passengerr side airbag was not fitting properly, my dealer found that this was a mfg defect in Mexico, and has ordered a clip to secure tha cover, and if that does not work they stated that a new airbag
    ($ 2000) will be installed to correct the problem
  • soviesovie Posts: 1
    JUST BOUGHT A 2001 SENTRA SE. no COMPLAINTS JUST YET EXCEPT ONE BIGGIE. Several times a day the engine gives off a powerfull sulphur odour. it is unbearable and i must open all the windows. this happens intermittantly.
    Dealer (Avenue Nissan in Toronto) says we sould use only Shell or Petro Canada gas. We try that and it still smells. Then they say we should use only Esso gas. Try that and it still smells.
    Call them back and get the old run around. Apparently the new Maxima is having the same problem and there is no apparent solution for that. Went from driving a used car to a new one to avoid problems like this. FED UP!!
    Anyone else experiencing this??
  • I just purchased a 2001 Sentra SE December 19 at 8:00P.M. with a finance rate of 6.9% for five years. Not too bad. I wake up the next morning and see Nissan's new commercial advertising 3.9% for five years on any new Nissan. I'm wondering if I should go nuts and demand I get the 3.9%. How do I know that the dealer wasn't hurrying the deal along just to screw me out getting the better deal. Does anyone know what I could do? I plan on calling Nissan and hope they will be nice and give me it.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Hkchan, '01 Sentra 5sp SEs with PP and no sunroof seem to be made on another planet, if they're made at all. Regarding ABS/side SRS, same problem. I think the ABS/side SRS is a much more valuable option, not to mention a bargain at $700, than a $600 sunroof. Several dealers I've visited have possibly 20+ SEs with PP, all optioned the same: sunroof, but no ABS/side SRS. You would think that out of 20+, they would order 1 or 2 differently. What a bunch of buffoons.
  • This seems to be a common problem on a lot of new cars. Supposedly it is caused by the catalytic converter, but will stop after it has broken in. This may take a few thousand miles though. I have heard buying gas from the same chain helps the break in process. I guess time will tell. I have 1200 miles on mine and it emits the smell sometimes too.
  • I live in the northeast and ready to buy a Sentra. Can someone post there purchase of the GXE or SE without taxes,fees etc. As well, include and name the options in the cost. Thanks and happy holidays!
  • rberusrberus Posts: 25
    I now have 4400 miles on my Sentra. Bought on Aug 31. I rarely ever get that smell anymore - only when I've really gotten on it hard will it come around. I've run 92 octane Sunoco only.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Is there a reason why you're using 92 octane, instead of 87 octane gasoline?
  • i just bought a 2001 Sentra SE w/auto, perf pack,sunroof and floormats for 16800 w/o taxes and fees, I love it!! I got it in radium which really isn't silver like they advertise!! i really wanted the black, i went to the dealer and saw the "silver" one and got it. too bad it was night so i couldn't see the color too good, i just assumed it was silver like in the commercial. it doesn't matter though, i love the car!!
  • I dont know which one to get, altima or sentra. most of the messages on sentra sound very good. i am leaning towards getting the sentra SE. but on the other hand, altima, only costs 2,000 more. my question is that is it worth to pay 2000 more for altima. you know afterall altima is in the mid-size class comparing to sentra's economy.
  • trunktrunk Posts: 3
    Post #364: "I wake up the next morning and see Nissan's new commercial advertising 3.9% for five years on any new Nissan." What part of the country are you in? This is not on the Edmunds rebate/incentive listing ???
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    I am hearing ads on the radio offering $500 rebate on any Nissan here in the Chicago area. They are offering even bigger rebates on Altimas. I havent been to the dealer yet, but has anyone else heard anything else regarding incentives in various areas of the country?
  • I'M IN SOUTH FLORIDA...3.9% for 24 months....5.9%for 48 months...and 6.9% for 60 months....Also....there is $1400 cash $500 year end bonus...supposedly offers end 1/2/01.
  • Here in the Washington DC area, Nissan is offering 3.9% for up to 60 months. No year end bonus or cash back on Sentra's in DC. The ONLY cash back offer we've had on Sentra is $500 at the beginning of Fall to move out the 2000s. Purchased a car on Christmas Eve and qualified for Tier 1 with Nissan and got 3.9% for 60 months. Saved over $2,000 in financing costs :-)

    Not only does the Sentra have leather option in Taiwan, it also gets the GPS option - and it fits right into that wierd flip-open, dash-top storage bin US buyers look at strangely -- just like the dash-top GPS unit on the US Infiniti I30!

    Another US-no-show is the HUD (heads-up-display) previously found in the prior US sport coupe models, displaying the speed right on the windshield itself!

    Missing as well is the futuristic rear-view mirror, cell phone-number-called display, with steering wheel mounted cell phone controls.

    Finally, that nifty 1800cc engine that we're still waiting for...

    Besides that, IMO, much better exterior styling with cues to the I30 on the tail, and a much more aggressive Lincoln/G20-like front end.

    Sigh....the foreign markets actually get a far better Sentra than we'll ever see....

    David =)
  • I have a 2000 GXE and have replaced the rear factory speakers with Polks. Sounds great, but now I'm ready to replace the front. Can someone tell me the size I need and ease of installation? I'm a little worried about replacing those speakers, due to the pocket door panels. I want to keep the panels looking factory new. Also, can I reuse the separate tweeters with a new pair of speakers? Thanks.
  • Hi, I am in Arlington VA. Please tell me where you got the 3.9 financing. Also, you got a Sentra? Which one, what kind of options and how much. Please refer to my message, 351 and tell me how those prices looked. They started at 15,9 (WAY TOO HIGH) and are at 15,4 (still to high). I think that 14,6 is what I should be paying for a GXE, according to TMV. Thanks.
  • Go here for all the info and help for maint, mods, performance, new products, etc about the car. Lots of areas, lots of people to talk too. Also discounts on parts!
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