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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • dcguydcguy Posts: 2
    I just got a Sentra SE, White, no options. I've been breaking it in, struggling to keep under 55-60 mph, keep from exceeding 4,000 rpm. (one tip, varying the speed from 55-65 is supposed to be good for breaking an engine in.)

    I wonder, what's really the difference between the SE and G20? I'm thinking about sticking a chrome "G" in front of the 2.0 on the back. Prying off the ".".

    Maybe replacing the Nissan logo with Infiniti ovals. Slap on a $200 fake wood trim kit. Bet 98% of the people would be fooled.
  • I was a happy owner of Sentra 2k AT with perf pack. in radium while I picked up my car three days ago. Now I just doesn't feel so good about it. The 'Stage II sport tuned suspension' is a bit stiffer to me, is there any easy way to make it softer? Also the FM radio doesn't come with a good reception, I can't enjoy the channel I like any more, it just keep generating background noise...Yes, I'm sure the antenna is right there! The worse part is the from time to time buzz noise from right front chamber, caused by vibration I guess. The 180w audio is a waste under such circumstance. It's time to see a service manager... : (
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    there is now way that this
    image looks like this image

    or that this image

    looks like

    What you want to do is called Rice. for more explanation go to

    Don't dis the Sentra and G20 by rebadging. You may fool 2% and the other 98% will think your an idiot.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Disagree with you a bit. Just the front and rear fascias look different between the G20 and Sentra to me. I wouldn't recommend rebadging either, but there are a lot of similarities in the basic design.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    I park near a G20 every now and then at work. I find the G20 more of a boxy design as opposed to the Sentra. Especially the back. anyone seeing the back will instantly know. You might get away with the front, but not the back. Besides, I think the Sentra looks better than the Infinity anyways. Now if this was the Altima (old gen) and the J30 or I30, then yeah they are way too similar, but not the sentra/G20.
  • I think I agree with nikecar, G20 looks so boxy, if they can't see the difference between a square and an oval, it's their problem.
  • eleets00eleets00 Posts: 27
    Hello all. I've been reading the messages being left here the forums for while & this is my posting of a message. Any advice on my situation would be greatly appreciated.
    I have been seriously looking at the Sentra SE in Radium or Granite. But, I'm 6FT 260LBS (more line backer size, than fat), & my current car(unfortunately) is a 96 Ford Contour (on its 3rd tranny, 2nd in less than 7months. My Contour's front interior leg room measures up about the same as the Sentra's. My question is, does any out there who is my size have a Sentra SE & are you comfortable? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • I am almost exactly your size (about a half inch shorter and 5 pounds less) and I have a Granite GXE automatic (the legroom is the same as the SE). I have the seat adjusted all the way down and back, and the steering wheel tilted up all the way, and I am sure you would have to do this as well.
    If you have it set this way, I find the legroom to be more than adequate. I can straighten my left leg pretty much all the way. My stepdad is about 6'2", 300+lbs and he can barely get into the car, but he is less linebacker and more o-lineman. His legs are pretty big and he has to wedge them under the steering wheel to sit down.

    Personally, I am definitely comfortable in the car. If you like to drive with your left leg bent, it does get close to the steering wheel, but overall the legroom is good in the front seats. The seats themselves are pretty comfy, too.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    don't get anyone behind you....
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Does anyone here have more than 4 cupholders (i.e., the door side-pocket 16-20 OZ cupholder feature) or the "console armrest extender" on their Sentra??? I'm running into brick walls at the dealership. The armrest extender was an option on my SE that wasn't included, and it was labeled a "port" option, which means installed by the factory, I guess. The additional cupholder-in-the-door pocket feature is mentioned in both test-drive write-ups available at Edmunds (see link on 1st post on this board) and at MSN CarPoint Test Drive @ I'm wondering if the standard cupholder feature was chopped off the car right before release. I'd like to get it because it's impossible to smoke and drink coffee in the morning at the same time. Both cupholders being used negates the use of the lighter and ashtray.
    Not the smartest design, but we smokers are used to taking it in the a$$ Nissan probably figured a few pissed-off smokers, so what? If anyone can tell me about the armrest extender, I'd also appreciate it.
  • I will be picking up my car this tuesday. I got the blackout. I was very impresssed with the overall package. I got both the convience pkg and the lux pkg. I am paying $14661. I though I got a pretty good deal. I went to this forum just for the heck of it because i though for sure I would buy a Civic or Corolla. Thanks to all of you for making me test drive the Sentra. No comparision between the cars. I also thought the 1.8 engine had all the power I needed though I can understand why everyone loves the SE. I'm looking forward to many miles of trouble free driving!
    Believe it or not I'm going from my trusty 88 Chevy pickup to this. No need for the big truck anymore and I'm looking forward to a substantial gas milage increase. Well wish me luck and thanks for all the information. This site is great!
  • ekim1116,

    Congratulations on your new GXE! The Blackout looks awesome, although it will ensure that you spend your idle time washing your car ;-) I've found that's not a problem -- I wash mine at least once a week, whether it's dirty or not. The GXE is a great value; the new motor is a significant improvement over the old 1.6 liter, and with all the packages you got your value quotient is through the roof. Remember also to break it in right during the first 1000 miles. At my 4000 mile oil change I think I'm changing to Mobil 1 oil and filter.

    Good luck,
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    14661? is that out the door before a down? that's a good deal for both packages...
  • sfpinoysfpinoy Posts: 1
    Have been reading all your inputs and it has helped a great deal. Gonna retire the 210K 1987 Sentra Sdn after 13 years of faithful service and I only did the minimum maintenance. Car is a work horse - treated it more like a truck than a car! By the sounds of things I shouldn't have any problems finding 5sp XEs! Thanks for tips about and
  • rbrightrbright Posts: 5

    Good luck with those tires. I'll be going to 205/50s when my OEM tires wear out.

    The owners manual does not recommend against synthetic -- why would it? Also, why do your service guys recommend against it? I suspect ignorance on their part is playing a role here, but am curious what their reasons are. Mobil 1 claims that you can use synthetic oil from day one, and several car manufactures do just that. At 4000 miles, I don't anticipate any problems switching over.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    I love synthetic oil, but do not use it due the monthly miles I put on my car. The Nissan service mechanics advised against using synthetic. I didn't press them for a reason, since I don't use it. Please, do whatever your information guides you to do. I thought I saw a warning against synthetic in the manual, however, if I'm mistaken, thanks for the correction!
  • mckee4mckee4 Posts: 47
    The specs. for the new Sentras may be different
    but I've been using synthetic in my 97' GLE for
    almost 3 years and in my wife's 95' GXE for about
    2 years. Wouldn't use anything else at this point.
    The Nissan dealer I go to even sells Castrol
    synthetic and reccommends it. Of course more money
    for them at oil change. Mobil 1 is even used as
    stock/break-in oil in Mercedes/Porsche. Be sure
    and check the owner's manual, it may indeed say
    something. Maybe the techs. meant not using it
    before break-in is complete. I changed over to
    to Mobil 1 at 5K miles, after break-in.
  • Did u cut and paste it from your previous message?
    Anyway, if you don't like the car than don't worry about it, because it's NOT going to change other people's opinion for a higher performance car than your 93 sentra(outdated) or the Civic SI.
    The Sentra SE has a 2.0 engine, non of the Civics has it. I think making a big deal out of the truck release button is not wise at all. It's just a matter of getting used to it, just like if someone removed the position of your toothbrush, then you have to look all over for it. It is actually easier to reach than the previous position, unless you like to bend over;)
    No trunk light? Mine has it.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    I like the idea of the trunk knobs, but let's say you like in a rainy location (FL) and you forget the umbrella in the trunk. I don't like the idea of getting out, getting wet, then getting the umbrella. They should have made a locking seat down as in the Civic that only opens with the master key and not the valet.
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