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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • All,

    For those of you wanting the orange, horizontal gas cap holder that cradles the cap while you're refueling, you can order it from your Nissan dealer, part #17255-01G00. The cost at my dealership was 67 cents.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    i wonder if all this 3.9% 4.9% financing sales going on at the end of the year is only for those who BUY a car.... and not lease.... the reason i ask is, I was almost ready to lease a sentra GXE but the interest rate was 6.3% for 36 month lease... and they said that was not if anyone knows, does this mean that if nissan has ads for low finance rates, that applies only if you purchase, and not lease?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Ouch. Mongrel in a Dodge Ram 4x4 never looked over his shoulder and swerved into my (fast) lane to avoid slowing for a car exiting a driveway into his (slow) lane. It was either take his tailgate in the teeth or swerve left into a gap-unfortunately, the gap ended and I hit an center island with the left front 16" alloy at about 45mph.....the island was about 30 feet long, and after scraping across the rounded, pebbled, aggregate surface, I crashed down onto the roadway, slowed, and then hit the next island and came to a stop. The 4x4 guy turned and looked back when he heard the initial impact, then jammed on the accelerator and ran. I was too busy trying to ride the island and avoid going head-on into incoming traffic to get his license plate.
    Nuff said. Damage: about $10K.
    Smashed oilpan and transaxle housing, front foglight bra, left front quarter-panel, both alloys on the left side of the car, two beautiful brand-new 215-50-ZR16 tires, and a bunch of underbody components. It's been a month at the repair shop, with about 2-3 weeks left to wait.
    Moral of the story?
    Pay the extra $5-$10 every 6 months on your insurance policy for a "rental-car" gets mighty inconvenient to go without a car.
    The cheapest rental I could find was $660 a month for a Geo......(you can buy a Geo for $179 a month!)
    Have a Happy New Year and watch out for poor drivers!
  • Please advise me regarding my Sentra E. 1993, 118,000 miles. I purchased this vehicle from a fleet sale in 1994 with 45,000 miles. I've had no problems, other than a fuel pump replacement and the alternator. Now it seems the transmission will need work. I wonder if I should just unload the baby and buy another used vehicle. I really don't want to make more car payments but... what's a realistic figure for the life expectancy of this vehicle? How much might it cost to fix the transmission (I live in the San Francisco Bay Area)This is the only car I've ever had- maybe I'm just too attached? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Quark,

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I bet you'd give most anything to get your hands on that driver! Hopefully 2001 will be nicer to you and your Sentra.

    Happy New Year All
  • I have 650 miles on my 2001 SE, perf package,auto tran. etc. There is a vibration or buzz felt on the steering wheel when accellerating. I owned a 4cyl Subaru and do not recall this type of vibration, or buzz. It feels as if the muffler or engine was touching the frame. My question is any of you SE owners have this same condition? Is this just a normal thing?
  • Quark - sorry dude.. Nex time plough right into the fother mucker - I bet it would have been less damage too... Actually, don't... it ain't worth a dead pig on your hands if the f'er flips over and kicks the bucket in the process. BTW, I also got the BF G-Force 215/50/16 - got to tell ya, it's beautiful. The difference between those and the originals is small on straight, and enormous on tight turns. One thing though, I think on lock-to-lock turns, I am hitting something on the front - I get this very slight scraping noise. Are/were you getting the same or are you running clean? Oh... BTW, check out - you'll be able to rent a Ford Contour for $400 a month. (Budget?) Hell, Geo for $660 - I know a friend with a BMW 528i $550 and a friend with a Lex GS300 $500 lease - yer bein' taken pal.

    DanBear1 - I am feeling a VERY slight vibration, but that might not be what you are talking about. Other than that, I was feeling a vibration when I changed the original tires, but once the new ones "settled" it's all gravy. Anyway, always a good idea to pass it by the Nissan techs - make sure to write your odometer numbers down before hand, and if fix necessary, make sure to have them put it on "due bill" - that's, they'll flip for the possible fix. G'luck
  • I can't beleive it. I was just wondering where you and some of the other originals to this site were. You have been so helpful to a lot of people in their search for the right car. I was telling my wife about this sob story, and then today I find out it was you! Why do bad things happen to good people. Let us know how the repairs go.
    Meanwhile for me, the car still seems to get better and better, especially now that I can bust 4K on the tach. The power is so smooth and just keeps going. I am also very glad I got the black one.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    My neighbor's stepson had a 1996 Sentra and it was totaled in an accident about 2 weeks ago. He just replaced it with a dark green 2001 Sentra SE with Performance Pkg. Definitely a nice-looking car. I have never seen a green one before. They are nice though...
  • I am in San Diego, CA. I just bought a 2001 Sentra GXE with Convenience & Luxury packages, floor mats and a spoiler. I got the 3.9% interest rate at $15,200 plus taxes and fees. How did I do?
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    coulda shoulda woulda hit 'im. And I'm collecting insurance money this Saturday on the last person who wasn't paying attention and pulled out in front of my Accent. It's nowhere near $12,700 (what the TMV is for a Sentra XE with AC, cassette, and pollen filter) but it's a good start. I'd rather have a Geo Metro. They total out easier...LOL!!! Sorry you didn't catch him, but I'll tell you what. Since he didn't touch you, no blame could be placed on him unless someone else also witnessed the incident and stopped to help you. The last time I was run off the road, I hit a metal wastebasket and my Dodge Dynasty's fender was pushed the tiniest fraction of an inch and the next time I opened the door it crunched the fender in. The aqua green Mustang who almost hit me head-on is owned by someone I recognized. I found him later at a bar, called the police, but they could do nothing, and his insurance denied my claim, because the cars never touched. Sometimes it's like that. Hope your car comes out of the shop like it was, with $10K of damage I wouldn't want to drive it anymore.
  • Well, the car you just discribed (I'm assuming manual trans) comes to a Invoice price of $14981, and a TMV of $15336. You said you paid $15200, so you beat Edmund's price by about $100. Good job!

    My experiance was not nearly as good: Took 4 days to finish the deal... Here's a long story for all of you...

    We (my wife and I) desided on getting the Sentra GXE. It was just a matter of when. Since Nissan was advertising an APR of 3.9 persent, we desided to look and see what we could do.

    Went to the big dealership, about an hour's drive from our place. Looked around abit, and found the last 2000 Model Sentra on the lot. GXE, Convience Package... Even the color we liked (Iced Cappachino). So, we made an offer: We started by asking for $14700 off the lot. Now, by Off the lot (OTL), we were asking for everything to be included... Tax, Licensing... Everything. After a series of offers and counter offers, they finaly agreed on $15300 OTL.

    The day was getting late, and we were getting tired. But... Our credit report came back, and it was just as we knew it would be: We have no credit. They told me that there was no way we would get the 3.9% apr with no credit, and we would probably need a co-signer... So, They let us take the new car home. We eventualy got the co-signatures from my parents. But there was still no sign of whether or not we were approved...

    Finaly, after another day of waiting, we got the call that we were approved for 6.9% apr, which is what we signed for. (Hint: If they offer something like 16.9% like they did to us, get up to leave. the're ripping you off.) The car was finaly ours.

    How did I do? Well, The car I got (GXE Auto with Convience package and FloorMats) comes to a Invoice price of $13784. Edmund's TMV for this car is $14088, and with the 8.3% sales tax and $50 license tabs, it comes out to $15307.30... Right on my $15300 OTL target.

    Only regrets: Couldn't find anywhere a GXE with antilock breaks, unless I wanted to drive 2 hours in bad weather just get there... But I must say the breaks on the standard sentra are incredable compared to the poor old care I was (and still am occationaly) driving. Standard Dunlop all-weather tires are exelent as well.

    Do I like the car? Absolutly! Quiet, Smooth ride... Great sound system (even the cheaper 4 speaker system we got sounds rich and powerful) Plenty of power, room for 4 compfortably... The list could go on...

    I am curious... Potential buyers should try the "off the lot" method... Perhaps this is a good way to get down to your target price on a new car... Feedback?

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    pathway, can I assume that you bought a 2000 when the 2001 was not available yet?
  • Sorry, I left out one important detail. I am in San Diego, CA. I just bought a 2001 Sentra GXE with an Automatic, Convenience & Luxury packages, floor mats, and a spoiler. I got the 3.9% interest rate at $15,200 plus taxes and fees. How did I do?
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    pathway, how did you come up with $14,981 as the invoice price for NissanDriver's car? And that was assuming a manual transmission. The 2000's and 2001's are priced (list and invoice) the same. $12,343(base)+$520(freight)+$732(auto. trans.)+$131(C.P.)+$563(L.P.)+$58(F.M.)+$259(rear spoiler)=$14,606. So NissanDriver paid $594 over invoice.
  • hkchan: I got the 2000 because it was what I wanted, there were 2001's on the lot, but the 2000 was right...

    NissanDriver: ARG! I thought you got the SE! My fault! hkchan is correct... Sorry for the confusion.

  • So is $594 over invoice an OK deal (considering the 3.9 apr) or was I a weak haggler?
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    just my personal opinion,,,, i think you could have got the car for invoice or below-- there was a $500 rebate on the car, wasn't there?, it was the end of the calendar year, where plenty of good deals are, we're talking a sentra, not a high-demand car....i think you could have bought the car for:
    invoice - 500 + 150.

    then again, if you're happy with the deal, then my opinion matters not at all. i test drove a GXE last week, very nice car.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Would you mind giving me your zip code? Actually, any zip code in your general area would do. How much time did you spend on the negotiation(s)? And how many dealers did you visit?
  • I just bought a 2001 se,with auto,sunroof,mats, and performance package for 16000.00 + tax, minus the 500.00 rebate.How did i do?
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