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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • callipcallip Posts: 1
    Bought my Sentra GXE 2001 as per following :

    Convenience Pkg
    Luxury Pkg
    Floor Mats

    Bought it for 14250 (inclusive of destination charges but exclusive of tax, license etc...incl that it cost me 15699) Think I did okay..but could have done better had I not gone to another dealership and come back to my original one which made me lose a couple of hundred bucks I believe...

    Also was conned into buying extended warranty (75K miles) for 650 bucks...was that ok?!!

    anyway, had a pretty terrible experience with Stevens Creek dealership...just wanted to let everyone know that...they got me really pissed with their attitude...

  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    you bought the car for below invoice...great...i wonder why it cost you a couple of hundred dollars by going to another dealer, then coming back...

    they have 3.9% financing here in ohio for sentras-- did you use that also?
  • Been away for a while so here is what the dealers have offered me for the Sentra and Altima. In the Tampa area at Christmas a SE Sentra w/o the moon roof $15,800 with $500. college discount. When asked for the $500 special running on TV he said applied only to the Maxima never said that on TV. I watched twice to make sure. Mad I walked out. In the Chicago area I went to 2 dealers today $1400 off invoice for the Altima. that is all. And get this $1400 off a 2000 Altima with a VOP. $16500 $100.oo more and a 2001 with a limited package. I know they are changing both cars next fall so alot of Sentra se are in the lots now. Let me tell you the only person in the dealers office was me , 10 salesmen 1 customer. I think the guy who fax his offer to some dealers with his list of options was the way to go. I hate dealing with make me an offer dealers
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    What do you mean they'll change the Sentra next fall? It was all-new for 2000.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    the thing that is keeping SE's on dealer lots is the spoiler--- quite ugly.
  • check the nissan web sites new engines for both cars and styles. I am only looking for two cars for the girls for college. I am going to try car direct and see if they got good prices or wait until after the Chicago auto show. The nissan dealer had all the SE sentra you could want any color or obtions was a shame we could get something.
  • the nissan dealer in Tampa in chicago only 4 or 5 SE on the lot. in Tampa 30
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    The Sentra will not be changed next year, a SE-R model will be added though. There will be two versions and it will have more aggresive aerodynamic add ons and 180HP motor. Chicago is not a big seller of import cars, selection is almost always better in the Sunshine states.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Sorry for misspelling your name but the SE-R's are additional models to the Sentra lineup. The rest of the lineup should be relatively unchanged for three more model years.
  • I'm sorry if I'm posting this here on the Sentra discussion,
    but I'm really looking for some help from fellow Nissan owners
    with my bout with Nissan.

    Hello all,
    I am a first time Nissan owner. I recently purchase a
    "new" 2001 Altima SE. Why do I have the word "new" in
    quotes? Allow me to continue with my story.

    I took delivery of my "new" car in mid November 2000 from
    a Nissan dealership in New Jersey. (I live in New York.)
    For the first 2 weeks I've had the car in my possession
    I've been taking it easy on the gas pedal (no hard
    acceleration, keeping it under 55 mph) during the break
    in period. I wanted to break in the engine ASAP, so I
    can get to really feel the performance of the SE Altima.
    I was able to hit 1000 miles in 2 weeks by taking the
    car out everyday. Except for the fact that the wheel
    alignment was slightly off and a coolant leak (more
    about the infamous coolant leak later), the car seemed
    to run fine during the break in period. I figured
    to bring the car in after I fully broke in the engine
    so I can get the 1000 mile oil change and have the wheel
    alignment and coolant leak looked at the same time.

    I brought my car in for service on Monday,
    December 4, 2000. I didn't get my car back until Monday,
    December 18, 2000!!! Eleven (11) business days!!!

    Ok, here comes the big question.... WHY?!!!

    Later on the same day I brought the car in, I received a
    phone call from the Nissan service shop. It was the
    shop manager.... "Uh, I have some good news for you...
    You're going to need a new engine..."

    WTF?!!! A new engine?!!!

    Turns out the coolant leak was not coming from something
    simple like a loose hose clamp or leaky hose, but
    leaking from a crack in the engine block. (They like to
    call the engine block "pourous" rather than "cracked".)
    That's what I thought... a loose hose clamp. I saw the
    green stuff streaking on the engine block, but would
    have never imagined that it was coming from a cracked

    Now you think something like this would get me a new
    replacement car, right? WRONG!!!

    Oringinally they wanted to do something called a "welsh
    plug", basically making the crack bigger and drilling
    in a screw. Then they decided to give me a new iron
    block. Everything under the hood had to be gutted!

    Then while disassembling the engine block, they also
    discovered that the aluminum head was defective when the
    mechanic pulled this bolt from the aluminum head that
    holds the sprocket for the timing chain, and the bolt
    came out striped, also stripping the inside treads in
    the head!!!

    So now the iron block and the aluminum head has to be

    Now tell me.... Would you want to own a new car with a
    defective engine that has to be completely replaced???
    And not only that, but have everything under the hood
    gutted (cooling system, ABS system, A/C system, tranny,
    suspension) and put back together by hand???

    I've been calling the Nissan (does not) Care number...
    the 1-800-NISSAN-1
    I've called this number numerous times requesting I want
    the car replaced for another one. But they keep brushing
    me off by saying that they are doing everything according
    to law and honoring the warranty and saying that I'm not
    paying for these repairs.

    BUT THIS IS NUTS!!! I am paying for it. I paid 20 1/2 K
    for this car after taxes. I paid to have the RIGHT to
    enjoy the new car experience. The main reason we buy
    new cars to begin with is to get away from the
    unreliabilty of our old one. I have a 1988 Camry V6 with
    almost 155K miles. Everytime I get into it, I always
    the nagging feeling in the back of my mind....
    "Will I be able to get there without being stranded on
    the NJ Turnpike?" or "Oh great. What's the next thing
    that's going to break on me?"

    I've been robbed of the new car experience. I'm not
    driving a new car... it's a reburbished car with 1200
    miles on it. I still haven't really "driven" the car
    because I was breaking in the old engine, and now I'm
    still breaking in the "new" engine. I keep asking myself
    "Is this how my car is suppose to drive?" I don't know
    because I didn't even have the car long enough to find

    I've called into the 1-800-NISSAN-1 since mid December
    2000 asking for some sort of compensation. (I'm still
    asking for a replacement.) Finally, my case went under
    review beginning Jan 2, 2001, and it was suppose to
    take 5 business days and someone was suppose to call me
    back. I didn't get any answer until the 7th business day,
    and I had to call them myself to find out!

    This really IS the Nissan (does not) Care line. So many
    times they keep reiterating to me that I have the basic
    warranty... I'm not paying for the repairs... It's not
    in Nissan's policy to replace cars... My car does not
    qualify to be a lemon under the NY state Lemon Law.

    But the point is I have a new car that had a defective
    engine in the very beginning. It's not something as
    simply like a headlamp burning out, or the wipers don't
    work. No repair shop does whole engine swaps everyday.
    Nissan tells me that they have master mechanics. If you
    boast that your mechanics are the best and brightest,
    then why after the repair was done I have an engine
    that's idling rough, my "idiot" lights on my dash
    lighting up as bright as the Rockefeller Christmas
    tree, some sort of oil leak streaking down the engine
    block, and everytime I hit a bump, it sounds like there
    is something that's not bolted down properly and I feel
    the front end is going to fall apart.

    I brought the car back to the shop for some "fine
    tuning". Turns out the rough engine idle is due to
    the valves not opening and closing properly. And that
    they need to use shims(!!!) to adjust the valve
    positioning. Shims, pieces of metal that are several
    hundredths of an inch in thickness, being placed in
    an environment with high operating temperatures and
    vibration. Yeah, let's see how long these things will

    My car has about 2000 miles in it. It's in the shop for
    the 3rd time right now because the shims were on order
    since the 2nd time. And even now the shop didn't order
    enough shims.

    I've only owned the car for about 2 months, and half that
    time it's been sitting in the shop!!!

    Now Nissan wants to shut me up by offering me a 7 year/
    100,000 mile, $50 deductible extended service contract
    at no charge. But that still doesn't change the fact that
    I paid $20,500 for the privelege to drive around a "new"
    car with a refurbed engine. And still it hasn't been put
    back together properly.

    Please tell me what you think. I would really appreciate
    any responses to my situation. Not only would you be
    helping me out, but you would also be helping out other
    fellow Nissan owners and yourself if you have been
    mistreated by Nissan.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    did they put in a new engine? or a refurbished engine? you paid for a new car, i'd say you merit a new engine.

    let's say you get this car back, and everything works fine... it runs more problems....would you be happy?

    now, if problems continue to arise, eventually the New York State lemon law would apply, right? let's say you have the exact same problem and the dealer has had 3 opportunities to fix it-- doesn't the lemon law kick in at that point? so you're covered there, right?

    i once was in an accident (head on at 55 mph/air bags deployed, engine dropped down like it should, crumple zones, all that stuff, not my fault!) and the total cost of repair was $14,000 ... during the 3-4 months i was without the car and was driving rentals, I was test driving other cars since i figured i'd be selling the one i had once i got it back...but as soon as i drove 500 yards with my repaired car, it drove better than anything i was test driving... i guess what i am saying is, if the repairs are done right, and they use new genuine nissan parts, it's amazing how cars turn out just fine... i drove another 50000 miles with my crashed car ,....

    sure, little fella, i know how you feel with the concerns that it'll never run right...but if they put in a new engine (not a refurbished one), and they do the job right....i think you're covered. and if they're offering you that free extended warranty, take it. but again, i'd make sure you have a copy of the lemon law in the state, cause i think it' something like-- if you have the same problem 3 times, and 3 times they can't fix it, it's a lemon. but i'm no lawyer.
  • areeceareece Posts: 1
    My 98 Sentra GXE has been in the shop twice in the past 3 months. It would not start and required a new battery and new brake pads when it only had 28,000 miles on it. It would not start yesterday and would not hold a charge. It was towed to the dealership. I have now been informed that it is the "slip idle", which must be adjusted every 15K miles. This is apparently another repair not covered by warranty. They are charging me to adjust this by tuning up the car. I was planning on taking the car to another garage for a tune-up to save money. My question: since this car has been in the service center at the dealership four times since I bought it in the summer of 98, shouldn't they have mentioned that this idle must be adjusted or my car could break down? I bought this car for its reliability and with only 30,000 miles on it, this is probably the most unreliable car I have owned. Anyone have similar problems with the Sentra?
  • savvy4savvy4 Posts: 34
    ...might as well get my .02 worth! We're looking at a new 2001 SE Sentra to replace my wife's 1995 Sentra GLE with 111K on the odo. She had two minor, but still annoying, problems with her '95 and the Nissan dealership. First, at about 15,000 miles or so, it developed a terrible belt squeak. We drove it for a while, but it began to sound like a bush full of hungry, rabid, chirping the type that scurry the local McD's parking lot. That was it, I took it in. They replaced the belts. About 5K to 10K later, the sparrows were back, wanting some food. I was pissed. I took it back, and I got new belts again (mind you...belts are "normal wear" items, so we paid for the belts, not Nissan). Well, she's had a continuous belt problem that we tried to get Nissan Motor to do something about, but they never did. We finally took the car to a local mechanic, and he changed the belts from the OEM Nissan brand to the "Gates Rubber" brand, and they seem to be much better now. He found the OEM Nissan belts to be very hard & dry and the Gates are softer rubber and more resilient. Makes sense, and it seems to be working. Gates and Goodyear are the most common replacement belt brands, why didn't the dealership think of this?

    Oh, yea, she had some front brake pads replaced at only 20,000 miles, too. The originals were shot, and that's pretty early to change them. Then, at 60K, we had to replace the pads and rotors both. That was a bit premature.

    Overall, we didn't get much help from our local Nissan dealership for warranty items, and we felt like they were "blowing us off". I wasn't used to that treatment since I had an Acura and Infiniti. I never had any real problems with the high-end dealerships, although Acura was better than Infiniti overall in my experience. Still, Nissan, in our experience, is not the greatest with customer satisfaction when it comes to warranty and service items. But, it really depends on the dealership's philosophies on taking care of customers. There are some dealerships that will go the extra mile. With Nissan trying to "come back" from their lack of sales in the last half of the 90's, they should try a little harder when it comes to service. It's a bummer to hear they haven't learned their lessons. Their products are good, though. We only had the nagging belt squeak, the premature pad and rotor wear, and then the alternator failure at 90K. That's it besides normal maintenance. No one should have to put up with crappy treatment from a dealer's service, though. They love to sell, sell, sell, but hate to service.

    Flarearrow, if I were you, I would've threatened Nissan that you were going to go "postal" on them. Not like that would help (I dunno, it may), but it'd be fun to see their faces, hehe. Seriously, you may need some legal representation, and you need to become aware of your state's lemon law in depth. I'd tell your Nissan dealer and Nissan Motor Corp. that you're seeking legal representation and will settle in court ("light threats" sometimes get you places), since they're not doing their share to keep you [rightfully] happy. If Nissan were to give you a fresh engine straight from the factory, you may have to settle for that. That should give you the new car you deserve, but you may not get an entirely new car. You may want to have another Nissan dealer do the warranty work for you (I would), if you can get them to give you a new engine. I would not settle for anything less than a new engine myself, and I'd be such a pain-in-the-[non-permissible content removed] to them, they would have to do it.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    The replacement of all the defective parts in the engine and the 7/100 warranty seem to be a fair remedy to the problem. Drive the car and if you continue to have problems then lemon law may apply. Professional level of reassembly of the engine will yield a car that is as good as from the factory.

    I sympathize with your desire to have the car replaced, but this is not a part of the warranty on the new car, allow some time to pass and see if the car is a lemon or not.

    I have had engines disassembled and parts replaced twice before and the cars (non-Nissan) were problem free after the work.

    Best of luck on whatever course of action you take.
  • How do I figure out my gas mile on my 2001 Sentra GXE? Based on what someone told me, I figured it to be about 12/mpg after filling the tank at 3/4 used.

    Also, does any one live in NJ and know of a really good dealer? The dealer where I bought the car is not opened on Saturdays and so isn't convenient for me to use.

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Using shims to adjust the valve clearance is standard procedure on many cars. Other cars may have a screw and a nut for such adjustment. Then there are cars whose valves are "self-adjusting".
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Well. Tell us how you came up with 12 mpg. I suspect the tank was not full when you started the measurement.
  • Well, I divided the miles drive by the size of the tank. that is 210/13.2x.75 = 12

  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I assume the 0.75 was used because the gas gauge showed 1/4 empty. The gauge is not accurate enough for this purpose. You should use the amount of gasoline that you purchased. In addition, you need to make sure the tank was topped to the same level at each fill-up. There will always be some errors but after looking at the gas mileage figures for three to four fill-ups, you should have an idea.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    yes-- what you do is -- fill the gas tank to the top-- then set the trip odometer to 0--- then drive until the low fuel light is on again or you need another fill up... fill the tank to the top again... then divide the number of miles on the trip odometer by the number of gallons you needed to fill the car....simple...don't be figuring out gas mileage by looking at the needle, holy cow, is that wacky or what?
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