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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    If the rust ring is at the extreme edge of the rotor (disk) and in the area NOT swept by the brake pads, it's perfectly normal. All rotors rust at the edge where there is nothing to contact them and keep them shiny. They're NOT stainless steel, just carbon steel. If the rust ring is in an area that IS swept by the brake pads:
    Sounds like you have a bit of metal stuck onto the inboard brake pad on the right front wheel. Or, perhaps some other foreign object is stuck there and not allowing the brake pad to contact the rotor in that spot. Either scenario would result in a "rust ring." If you are at all mechanically inclined, remove the wheel, remove the brake caliper unit, and inspect the entire pad and brake assembly. If you are successful and find and remove the offending bit of foreign matter, a quick cleaning of the rotor with a SOS pad will remove the rust.
    Good luck and happy driving, Sentra owners!
  • vtec2vtec2 Posts: 43
    I appreciate the response about the brake rust. I knew about brake discs rusting, but this is the first I've seen it build up so thick. It is on the inner edge of the disc that is not touched by the pad. Why only on one disc? Why not the other front disc or either of the rear ones?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Weird. Maybe water runs down specifically onto that rotor? Is something else dripping onto the brake assembly? Or was water/fluid displaced from the axle/hub? Now I've got to examine my car to see if this is a common Sentra characteristic.
    Anybody else have any ideas?
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    I just got a GXE 5-sp,and would like to change the plastic gear shift knob with some aftermarket stuff. The main reason being the total height of the stick (stick plus knob) is rather too long for my taste (maybe I have long arms and a short torso). That being said, maybe the stick itself is long and the knob is ok?? Anyway, can I just twist the knob off (like a screw), or is there a clip somewhere that has to be released first (like the VWs). Does anyone know? Help appreciated.
  • I have a 2000 Sentra SE, and I too thought it required a lot of attention to keep it straight. What I discovered is that the air pressure (from the dealer) was WAY too high. I think it was over 40psi, when it should be somewhere in the 30s. Once I reduced air pressure to Nissan's recommendation, steering feel was much better.

    Even so, I'm still not completely happy, and may take it to the dealer to look at the alignment.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    Yeah, I do noticed that lots of service departments have a nasty habit of putting too much air into the tires. I noticed on all the new cars that we bought.... from different brands and dealers.

    Sometimes dealer service would put too much engine oil... not good either.
  • I now have 5500 miles on my SE. When I took it in for the first oil change(over two thousand miles back) it was a quart low and the oil was pitch black. I am not sure what to think of this because I have been told that this is common for the first oil change on a car. I am still leary about it. I think I will wait and see what its like when I change the oil again. Anyone have the same problem? Any suggestions on what I should do are appreciated.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    I used to change the oil myself. It is normal for oil to be black and low. However, the harder your driving style the more likely the oil consumption is more and darker it will appear. I also used synthetic oils and they look the same after more than 3000 miles. The only way you know that the oil is still good for use is through chemical analysis, but that is an overkill. So it is a good idea to check your oil level every few hundred miles.
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    By allowing the oil level to drop to the low mark you are working the remaining oil much harder. Since the Sentra has a 4 quart capacity you are working with only 3 quarts. This will "wear out" the oil a lot sooner. Do yourself a favor and keep the oil up to the upper line. Your consumption will probably be less also. Syn oil is also a god choice because it lasts longer and lubricates. Worth a few extra bucks considering you have a $17,000 car.

  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    Does anyone know the dimension of the speakers on the GXE (front and back). I have a pair of speakers from my old car ( 97 Civic sedan - Front 6 1/2", back 6x9?)that I would like to have installed on the Sentra. However, all the shops I called in my local area don't seem to know unless they take the door panel apart (apparently they have not even done one installation on the new Sentra -and they would have to charge me for just "looking" without installing a thing). I was told that both the front and the back should be 6 1/2", but then no one know how deep is the mount. Has anyone out there succeeded in installing the speakers? I tried to do the front door panels but couldn't figure out how to take the bottom part of the panel out after taking off the single screw at the bottom. Any help?
  • Does anyone know where you can purchase an after market front grill for nissan sentra Se? I saw a picture of a sentra with a great looking front grill at You should check out this site it is mecca to nissan sentra lovers. If anyone can help me find out about any front grills it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • rberusrberus Posts: 25
    I'm a visiter at The grills you've seen on the SE's were made by the respective car owners. Search through older postings; its been posted how they did it, I believe.
  • ee73ee73 Posts: 4
    Hello - I'm looking for a few good opinions. I have test driven the Civic, Sentra, Corolla, and Protege (2000). I liked the Sentra the best. My local dealer has a 2000 ES with Sunroof,
    premium audio, rear spoiler, and side air bags/as - basically all the
    options I am wanting. But it is a 2000, and has accumulated 500 miles
    while sitting around. The invoice is about $16,000, and they want $15,400 for it. I told them I would give them $15,000. I have had several dealers do locator searches for me, but have only found a couple of other cars similar to what I want. The best price I could get on these was about $17,000. If I order one, I was given
    a date in May, which is longer than I want to wait. Does anyone think I should get the 2000 for $15,400? Or, should I stay away from it
    completely, at any price (a little scared about the
    miles)? My alternative might be to go with a 2001 Protege.
    Any opinions? Thanks
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    What is the Edmunds True Market Value?? I'm to lazy to look it up. I have a new Sentra SE and it is a truly great car. The engine is a world beater and has been around for 10 years. Go to Yahoo, Yellow pages and do a search for Nissan within say 100 miles or farther if you want to. Call them up and tell them what you want and what you are willing to pay - period. Let your fingers do the walking.

  • I'm sorry everyone, but the one clear difference between the two cars (Volkswagon Jettas and Nissan Sentras), is that Jettas are girls cars. I've been looking at buying a new car, and am only waiting to get a sentra SE, and I would never consider a Jetta. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those cars.
  • I bought a 01 sentra SE Inferno about a month ago now with 1330 miles. Great car.
    I like the quick response. great value considering getting all necesseties to make youre driving pleasurable. ie. nice instrumentation, power all, keyless entry, auto trunk opener, fog lights plus more no moon roof tho. overall great car me and wife like it. This is my car while the wife drives a Toyota Sequioa. Differences in gas mileages you can say. The only negatives i see is
    the cupholder too small. Can you guys tell me how is your gas mileage? What is the average MPG? thanks .
  • I just bought a Green Sentra SE (now 1170 miles) and have only recently been recording the mpg. I came up with 21.7 mpg so far. With the next fill-up I will check it again. Does this sound right? By the way the cup holder can come out and there is a bigger space underneath for the Big Mugs.
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    What transmission do you have? 21.7 sounds kind of low if a 5sp.

    To the person who said he wouldn't be caught dead in a Jetta. Kind of ironic that he would be less likely to be dead in a Jetta (compared to a Sentra), due to the car's better crash rating, weight, and now side "curtain" airbags. Sentra is a better performance value, but not a better safety value. Have you ever tried to get a Sentra SE w/pp and ABS/side SRS? None made it seems. Oh well, one can always open the sunroof while sliding into the car in front, because of lack of ABS availability, but sunroofs on every SE.
  • rberusrberus Posts: 25
    Your wrong. At least 1 was made. Mine. :) BTW, I also have a sunroof.

    As for mileage, I'm averaging ~22mpg in 95% city driving. Rarely do I reach 50mph. I'm at 6280 miles right now, since last August.
  • My new Sentra SE with automatic trans and 1900 miles on it,gets about 27.5 mpg.This is about 99% highway driving at 65 mph.
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