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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    very timely information I'm going to N.C. from Pa. tomorrow. I have a light foot and probably will be going 60-65 most of the way. I'll let you know. I usually beat the highway # rating on the vehicle.
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    My brother just barely broken in his car. An automatic SE. He told me that for mixed driving he is getting around 25mpg. Pretty good for hilly country.

    I test drove his car. It is just about as nice as a pre-96 Max (non-SE) in terms of ride and handling.... probably a little rougher due to sports-tuned suspension.
  • I am looking to buy a new Sentra SE here in Sacramento Calfornia. The dealers here want outrageous price for car over MSRP for a fully loaded 2001 Sentra SE! Any advice?

  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    an online dealer? Maybe you can get a better deal online or find a dealer a little bit outside of the city limit...
  • dancadanca Posts: 2
    Has anyone installed a wood dash kit on a new Sentra? I've been looking into it. Pricing seems to be anywhere from around $150 to $200 for a do it yourself kit. I'm trying to picture it in my mind, but I'd like to see one installed on a Sentra before I decide to buy.
  • I am considering a new purchase of a sedan (2 toddlers with car seats)Got rid of dodge NEON finally (worse car I ever had!) Heard raves and boos with new Sentras; comparing T. Corolla, Saturn I series (can't afford I series), possibly Nissan Altima if I can find a 2000;Need good repair record, room for kids and toys,good MPG. Am finding few dealer incentives & loan rates for 60 months. Drive too many miles for lease. What's with these dealers--no need for incentives to sell these??Saturn seems to have no price negotiation--they said they didn't need too. Am finding it hard to locate a new 2000 Sentra. Am I'm chasing the wrong thing?? Need advice....:-)I've been doing my homework on the web to get reviews, running VIN's on possible used cars--(not really helpful if you want to know repair records), checking warranties, insurance, GAP, lease-to-loan. Ran into an Alero/2000 but am hesitant about American made cars in general.
    Need opinions/comparisons of Nissan Sentras, Altima, Corolla.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    why no mention of the honda civic? or the hyundai elantra? the former is costlier, but has better gas mileage... the latter is cheaper but the 2001 model seems to be getting good reviews from consumer magazines and owners, plus it comes with alot of bells and whistles for the money, that you desire.. i have to believe you can buy any of these econoboxes you mention for invoice +$100 (less with any rebate).... times are tough in the era of George Dubya.....nasdaq taking a nosedive.....earthquakes and lightning..... what the heck is your budget? sounds like you're facing tough times and are on your last dime if you're talking 60 month loans on these $15000 or less autos....your mistake was buying that Neon to begin with-- trying to cut costs, eh? but that's history, sweetheart.. by the way, aren't those PT Cruisers basically just Neons with a fancy retro-body? these folks are nuts buying basically a Neon for MSRP.... if you're on a tight budget, sherri, you look for a used camry sedan or accord in the 97-99 model years-- you can easily get a 97 or 98 camry sedan for $12k to $13K...accords seem to hold their value just a tad more.... i'm not too thrilled with you taking out 60 month loans tho... anything more than 36 to my way of thinking, and you can't afford the car... if you end up with a 2000 alero, you're just making another NEON-type i nuts?
  • dszbjdszbj Posts: 3
    I am getting ready to by a new “transportation”.
    I have narrowed my choices to Civic EX Coupe and
    Nissan Sentra SE.
    I test drove both cars. Currently I own a Golf with a 115 HP engine, and Honda with the 127 HP engine felt rather sluggish, at least when compared to my Golf.
    Nissan felt more “sporty”, however I slightly prefer Honda’s style.
    I would welcome any advice related to both cars listed above,
    Including mentioning any problems or annoyances.
  • cyanogelcyanogel Posts: 11
    Hi guys,
    Does anyone happen to know reputable Nissan dealership in central west NJ?
    I almost get a dealer-phobia and would really like some advice beforehand.(I live in Princeton.)
    Many thanks.
  • happyman1happyman1 Posts: 23
    In my opinion, the last choice I would make would definitely be the Civic. My father used to have a civic and I had a Corolla. The difference was when our cars hit 60,000 Corolla never had to go in the shop and his Civic did. Even the knobs on the dashboard(for climate control, etc.) were falling off. As far as fit and finish go...the Civic does not match up to the toyota. Anyways, I have had my Sentra Se since September(6300 miles) and I love it to death. I haven't had to take the car in except to get the oil changed. It runs quiet, auto transmission shifts smooth, has plenty of power, and best of all its the cheapest of the three even with all the bells and whistles. By the way, I wouldn't touch an Elantra. Long term....such as 6 or 7 years.....JUNK. My fiance and another of my friends both have one. My friends' car is only 2 years old and he already wants to trade it in on a Sentra!
  • t_zakt_zak Posts: 10
    I recently purchased a 2001 SE and would like to purchase mud flaps for the front and back wheel wells. Has anyone had mud flaps placed on their SE and also what should it cost.

    I read on a different message board that mud flaps can't be added to the front wheels because of the sills. If this is the case are there any after market flaps that can be purchased.

    With recent rains the side of my car is a real mess and I'm also very concerned about stone chips in the future.

    Could this be a design flaw that should be addressed by Nissan and should damaged caused by stones to the paint be warranted by Nissan?

    I think we need to voice our opinions to Nissan if we can't protect the finish of our vehicles by installing mud flaps. Furthermore Nissan should make it a standard item on all of their Sentras. I'd pay for them as part of the performance package.
  • t_zakt_zak Posts: 10

    Try Razzari Nissan in Merced.

    Exactly 2 hours south of Sacto on 99.

    They are right off the freeway and you don't have to deal with Bay Area traffic.

    Ask for Mike and I'm sure you'll find a SE or GXE at invoice.


    Good Luck
  • adc100adc100 Posts: 1,521
    I took a trip to N.C from Pa. and attempted to get good gas milage. The trip is 370 miles each way. On the way down I got 37.8 and on the way back 34.4 for an average of 36.1. I was pleased since the epa rating is, I believe 30 highway. I drove from 60 to 65 mph most of the way. I do have synthetic fluid in the auto trans and engine. The car had 900 miles on O.D. in the beginning of trip. Local driving down there (158 miles worth) yielded 29.4 mpg.
  • sentrafansentrafan Posts: 40

    If your SE doesn't have the Performance Package, you can get mud flaps for the front and back. If it does have the Performance Package, you can only get them for the back. I agree, this was an oversight on Nissan's part. I went ahead and purchased the back ones for my 2000 SE w/PP, but am unaware of any aftermarket flaps for the front.

    On another note -- I'm thinking about getting my windows tinted, mostly for the comfort of my 3 year old daughter who rides in the back seat. I'm thinking about a light tint up front and a darker tint on the back windows. If anyone has any experience or comments on tinting I'd be happy to hear them.
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    don't be tinting any windows-- put a little shade screen doo-hicky if the toddler is getting too much sun...tinting is for guys named Vinnie with noses pushed to one side..... i want you to stay on the right side of the law, so don't be doing any window tinting-- if you get stopped for speeding, you'll have cops walking up with their weapons drawn--- you get a Joe Friday with a twitchy trigger finger, you might get a bullet hole on your driver side fender real easy. nuts you say? i think not.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Do you know for a fact that the amount of tinting he's going put on his car exceeds the legal limit in Columbus, OH?
  • Why don't you consider the Protege by Mazda? It is the best. 0% financing. I have had a Pro since '95 and I love it. Will be getting a '01 ES 130 horse soon. It has everything on it and is so much fun to drive.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    With all due respect, the Protege lacks in comparison to the Sentra. The only advantages are more rear seat room and slightly lower price, in relation to the Sentra GXE. If the Pro is compared to the Sentra SE, well, there is a huge difference in package content, performance, handling, refinement, and sophistication. Personally, if value was my main concern (and this is the Protege's biggest strength) I'd take a slight risk and buy an Elantra for about $3000 less, identically equipped. We all fiercely love our cars; we are all somewhat biased. I wouldn't expect agreement from non-Nissan owners, so drive what pleases you. I'll continue to watch the Proteges of the world gasp as they try to keep up with me on the highway, chuckle as they disappear in the rear-view in the corners, and grin as they struggle in the rain as my limited-slip powertrain does it's wonderful magic. Like the Maxima SE, the Sentra SE has set a new standard for "upscale" (if there is such a thing) vehicles in their respective categories. The bar is continually raised; perhaps in 5 years the SE will be bringing up the rear as the new 180HP, 155TQ 2.0l Protege is unleashed upon the economy-car crowd.............
  • ineto6ineto6 Posts: 161
    even considering that the SE-R and V Specs are around the corner. My brother really enjoys his SE. He used to drive a 94 Max GXE. He thinks that the Sentra SE has more power and better handling. We still have the Max so we can still compare the two. Also, he did buy a used Protege and kept it for a few months. It does has a quiet ride but performance is not nearly as fun as the Sentra.

    Then again... to each his/her own :)
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    The Protege got a new for '01 YM 2.0 L engine.
    Please don't compare apples to oranges. The last year engines (base 1.6 L and optional 1.8 L) cannot be compared to the 2.0 L Sentra engines.
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