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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • davejaydavejay Posts: 18
    I own a 2000 GXE and a 2001 GXE. I just noticed that my 2001 has no door lock on the passenger side, but my 2000 does.

    This worries me -- specifically because I'm from Chicago, and when the lock cylinder froze on one side during winter, I always had the other side as backup, even if my car battery was dead (i.e., useless keyfob).

    The last thing I need is to be locked out of my car with a dead battery, unable to get inside and jump it without breaking a window.

    So is this missing door lock a change done throughout north america, or just in some regions -- and can I order a 2000 door handle and internal pieces to add the lock? Two dealerships said "we dunno, and we dunno who to talk to about it".
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    You can get in through the trunk, unless you can't fold down the rear seat(s) through the trunk.
  • davejaydavejay Posts: 18
    Just picturing the snow and slush tracked through the trunk, over the back seats, console and front seats gives me the willies. :)
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I agree (the picturing). Why don't you skip the front doors try one of the rear ones (again through the trunk)? Definitely don't try to break one of the windows (I hope you're just kidding). There're ways to unlock your door(s).
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I think it won't be long before all U.S. cars have no passenger door lock. Most cars in Europe have only a lock on the Driver's side. Automakers can save a lot of $$ by leaving off an extra lock, which, with remote entry almost standard now, is rarely used.
  • narenjinarenji Posts: 161
    I definitely think Nissan is trying to save some $$ by excluding that lock. I noticed it, but figured that since I had keyless entry, maybe that's why it was excluded. I did not notice the locks on other Sentras (GXEs or XEs). I actually saw an XE in a parking lot yesterday and it did have a pass side lock, maybe that one was a 2000?

    With regards to the availability, I too was surprised to find find a good selection of SEs with manual. No SE manuals with ABS though. That's a tougher combination to find. I figured that LA area dealers would order very few manuals.

    When I bought my first car in Maine about 2 years ago, I found a lot of 5spds in dealer lots. I guess people prefer 5 spds in Maine. At a Subaru dealership, they only had about 3 automatic Outbacks, out of about 25. At a Honda dealer, I found the same thing. Lots of 5spds. It's difficult to find 5spds on some models here in Calif, but others are easier. 5spds are easier to find on Civics, Accords, and Integras, and other sporty cars and sedans. I was also trying to find a Camry LE V6 5spd but was thoroughly unsuccessful. Outbacks here are 99% automatic. I think it also depends on the dealer's attitude towards 5spds. My dealer, Performance Nissan, had a good selection of 5spds for all Nissan products, including the Pathfinder.
  • canalicanali Posts: 2
    . by canali Jun 14, 2001 (12:24 pm)
    Pls email me directly at:

    I'm also considering waiting for the new MP3 version in a few wks time OR the upcoming new
    civic hb si (160 hp) due in early 2002 or the bland but quiet and reliable toyota corolla...also considering the new 2001 nissan sentra se (2.0 liter, 145 horses).

    My question for your mazda protege 2.0 litre owners: is the protege quiet at hywy speeds and is it a comfortable cruiser for long period hywy cruising?...also any likes/dislikes would be appreciated to hear of.

    Joe Collins
    Vancouver BC Canada
  • Hey guys:

    Does anyone know the resale value of a 5 speed manual drive sentra as opposed to an automatic Sentra ? Is it significantly higher/lower/does not matter. just curious !!

  • gastonf75gastonf75 Posts: 3
    I have a 1996 Nissan Sentry it has been a great car. Two months ago the horn and the cruise control stop working. I know the horn has a solenoid, but I am not sure what is going on with the cruise control. The turn on light comes on but when I press set it the cruise light does not come on and the cruise does not set. If anybody has any advice let me know. Also anybody knows were to get a horn solenoid, other that from the Nissan people.

    My battery was drained two days ago, I recharge it and it works fine. But now the Air bag light blinks all the time. Any suggestions
  • newskate9newskate9 Posts: 7
    2001 Sentra SE, PP, radio with CD Standard. Owned since 10/00.

    Radio is getting static on AM. Distant and not so distant channels
    I hear clicking / loud static. Comes and goes, especially going over
    bumps while at high speed, not as much at low speed. Static most but
    not all the time is engine rpm type noise (goes up and down with rpm).
    Periodic, comes and goes like loose wire.

    Dealer said antenna was loose - no use. Current direction is to
    replace radio (dealer has ordered new and reman one to install -
    taking very long to get it though).

    Question - Does this sound like radio problem? Or power supply to
    radio? Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Please don't
    tell me to listen to FM only, I paid for AM too!!

    Thanks for any help or perspective.
  • newmaixmanewmaixma Posts: 4
    Hi, I heard from a friend that Nissan has a recall on 2001 sentra. It is about the suspension.

    Where can I find Nissan recall information?

  • gewaltaktgewaltakt Posts: 9
    the time has finally arrived, 1000 miles on the 'ol odometer. i bought a 2001 Sentra SE w/ PP 5 speed and 6 disc a month ago in Radium. Although, my sister says its silver. that as we radium owners know is a load of crap, radium is silver with a hint of campaign (spelling?). anywho, overall the car has been fantastic. performs and looks like a dream. except of course for the fact that shes out of alignment (i'm taking care of that on friday, arent warranties great!!) i've also managed to hear a little rattle here and there that all seem to go away. maybe shes just settling in. also, i might be asking a little too much from a sentra. as much as this badboy looks expensive, we all know its not a lexus. to the point though, all cars have their little problems that need to be fixed at first so that we may enjoy many years of excellent driving. nissan has managed to build a compact econo car that looks, feels, and drives like a helluva more expensive car. the looks from the other students at my school make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. i love my sentra. but it breaks my heart that i have to make another appointment for that damn recall. oh well, we'll all live another day (hopefully).
  • gewaltaktgewaltakt Posts: 9 does a good job of keeping you up to date on information regarding your specific car. also, if you bought a 2001 sentra, you should be receiving a letter in the mail from nissan soon regarding the recall.
  • I own a 2001 Sentra SE with the performance package. If I leave my doors unlocked the security system won't set on its own.

    I thought that it was supposed to set on its own & lock the doors automatically.

    Am I wrong? How does yours work?
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90

    mousemover1, to set the alarm you have to press "lock" on keyfob when all doors are already locked.

  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Cars with automatic transmissions are generally valued higher than the same model with a manual transmission.

    A used 2000 Nissan Sentra with automatic transmission will cost you about $700 more than the same model with manual transmission.

    Understand that is the cost that one source I have gives. That is not the value of what it would be worth to a dealer for your car to have automatic and not manual.

    Personally, I like rowing my own gears even in rush hour traffic, but that is just me.
  • kashakidkashakid Posts: 1
    Have folks been able to get straight invoice of $12,974 for a 2001 GXE now that it's the end of the model year? Is it realistic to try and go below this mark? Negotiating on June 29th!!! Help.
  • heyqaqaheyqaqa Posts: 3
    Here is the information on the '01 Sentra recall from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

    NHTSA CAMPAIGN ID Number: 01V174000



    Potential Number of Units Affected: 80000

    Year: 2001

    Make: NISSAN

    Model: SENTRA

    Manufactured From: JUL 2000 To: APR 2001

    Year of Recall: '01

    Type of Report: Vehicle


    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. One or more of the three bolts used to attach each front suspension lower control arm to the body on the left and right sides may not have been properly manufactured.

    The bolts could fracture, increasing the risk of a crash.

    Dealers will replace the lower control arm attachment bolts. Owner notification is expected to begin by the end of June 2001. Owners who take their vehicles to an authorized dealer on an agreed upon service date and do not receive the free remedy within a reasonable time should contact Nissan at 1-800-647-7261. Also contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Auto Safety Hotline at 1-888-DASH-2-DOT (1-888-327-4236).

    A comfort for those '01 Sentra owners who also considered buying those cars before:

    Recall: '01 Civic, 2 times

    Recall: '01 Focus, 2 times

    Recall: '01 Protege, 1 time

    So don't regret choosing Sentra. It's a very good car for your money.

  • gewaltaktgewaltakt Posts: 9
    hey guys/girls. i went up to the dealership where i bought my sentra to have an alignment done. i had checked to make sure my air pressure was correct all around before i went. well i got it back and was heading home when i noticed that the aligment hadnt been fixed. i had some things to take care of so i didnt have time to go back and argue at that point. i also live an hour away, anywho, does anyone know of any other reasons why the car might still be turning to the right? you cant screw up an alignment can you? anyway, any help from anyone is appreciated. thanks!
  • martycalimartycali Posts: 3
    Thanks Heyqa for the real info. YOKES!! I just got a sentra yesterday now I am MAD! I had rented one a few weeks ago for several days, and liked it. it was a smooth ride, which is important to me. But after driving my new 2001 axe for a day, I notice I feel EVERY bump in the road. That is why I came here, to ask. then I see a suspension related recall! do you think this rough ride could have something to do with the suspension problem recall? I am ticked now. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
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