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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • martycalimartycali Posts: 3
    Thanks Heyqa for the recall info. YIKES!! I just got a sentra yesterday now I am MAD! I had rented one a few weeks ago for several days, and liked it. it was a smooth ride, which is important to me. But after driving my new 2001 gxe for a day, I notice I feel EVERY bump in the road. That is why I came here, to ask. then I see a suspension related recall! do you think this rough ride could have something to do with the suspension problem recall? I am ticked now. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
  • htn123htn123 Posts: 15
    I am looking at the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper Sunday Jun 24 and Sentra GXE with AC/AM/FM/CD/Cruise/Keyless/PW at $10,997 with 5.9%. They have 3 to chose so I might have a chance to get this.
    Hope this help.
    Any one has a better deal than this?
  • wazappawazappa Posts: 32
    I too had the same problem. By 2000 Sentra Se w/p.p. pulled to the right. I took it in to the dealer and they drove the car and said yes the car is out of alignment. So I left the car there overnight and they anligned it the next morning. So I go to pick up the car and start driving it home. It seemed alright untill I got on to the highway and I noticed that the car still was pulling to the right. Not as bad as before but still it should be perfect after they fix it. So a few days later I brought it back and had them drive it again. They said yes it is STILL pulling somewhat. They checked everything again and they said that everything seemed to be in order, but it still was pulling alittle bit. They said that they did everything that they could do. At first I didn't really thing anything of it. But than I got to thinking hey this car is only one year old, has only been driven 5 months out of that year, the rest of the time it has been in winter storage, and it only has about 6500 miles on it. I thought hey there is something that nissan should do to correct the problem. But than a few days later I got to thinking again. I remembered that it was pulling to the right, and the right front tire had been wearing funny because of the car being out of alignment. So I decided to put the front tire that was wearing on the outside edge on the back and put the back on the front. I had heard somewhere that if your car is out of alignment for too long it can actually shift the metal cords that are inside the tires, causing the car to tend to travel more in that direction slightly. So after I switched the tires around everything seemed to be o.k. The car traveled in a straight line. Before, the second I let go of the steering wheel the car would start pulling right. Now I can let go of the steering wheel and it will go straight. So I recommend checking that front right tire for unusual tread wear, and for sure switch it with a back tire. This might solve your problem. It worked for me.
  • jcu1886jcu1886 Posts: 39
    Regarding the suspension, the ride with the SE and PP is definitely hard. You feel all the bumps in the road. I'm afraid that is the price we pay for a better handling machine than with standard suspension.
  • gooniesgoonies Posts: 24
    my sentra also pulled, but when they said it was "to Spec", i noticed that it wasn't really pulling. instead the steering wheel is off center ever so slightly, so when you centered the wheel driving it pulled in that direction. also nothing then can do about off centered wheels. im just use to it now.
  • qddaveqddave Posts: 164
    Hi, I'm a long time reader of this forum because I am very interested in buying an SE w/PP, 5 speed. First of all I have a question regarding the 2002 model year. Will the SE w/pp remain or will it be replaced by the SE-R's. The few dealers in my area haven't given me a straight up answer, no surprise. Anyway, about the pulling to the right. I have heard from some mechanics in my home town that some vehicles have a slight pull to the right designed into the front end so if you happen to fall asleep at the wheel, the car will naturally veer off to the right, rather than into oncoming traffic.
  • wbabbottwbabbott Posts: 8
    I bought a Sentra GXE for $12,500 today in Chesapeake, VA. Price included destination + 5.9% financing for 60 months. I test drove both Honda Civic and the Sentra. Sorry Honda, but Sentra has Keyless Entry, more HP, and CD/AM/FM system that Civic don't have,.... and Nissan deals, i.e. rebates & financing!

    I like the car, it's tight like a Honda....
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    I would like to make a comment about a statement made by #806 on the pulling to the right. The writer made a comment that nothing can be done about a steering wheel that is off center. I respectfully disagree. Having the steering wheel centered after an alignment is a BIG thing in my book. It CAN be done. The FIRST thing that any good alignment technician does is center the steering wheel by putting a device in the driver's seat to hold the wheel while he works underneath. Then the wheels are set according to that wheel position. To me, there is nothing more annoying than having a wheel pointing at the 11:00 clock or 1:00 o'clock position while driving straight. Some steering wheels are designed so that gauges can be viewed through the open part of the wheel between your hands. Go back and tell the shop that you want the wheel centered. It is not hard to do.
  • htn123htn123 Posts: 15
    Hi Wbabbott,
    Is the $12500 included all taxes and fees? ie: is it the DRIVE OUT price?
    I just got a quote from a dealer for $12966 DRIVE OUT price and 3.9% for 60 months here in Atlanta, GA.
    DRIVE OUT price includes everything, that's the very final price that they put in the purchase contract.
  • cyanogelcyanogel Posts: 11
    Hi, wbabbott and htn123
    I assume your Sentra GXE have manual tranny,right?
  • toga333toga333 Posts: 11
    Well, I take delivery of my 2001 Manual SE w/Performance package and power sunroof tomorrow! I am very happy with the deal I paid, $15850--msrp 17,100. Plus $500 grad cash and 5.9% financing for 60 months! The dealer was awesome (Central Nissan, Schenectady NY)I was really surprised the Salesman came down so far, this car was hard to locate in the Capital District of New York, this was the only car with the options I got in the entire area! (all Three nissan Dealerships) I'm pretty happy to say the least, as far as the hard suspension everyone is talking about in the car, yeah it's hard, it's the sports performance package, try a corner tomorrow in any other the noise it'll make, and you won't be going as fast as you can in the sentra. That's the trade off, if you want to make it softer go to any local midas and the'll put some grandma springs in there. Later everyone...corner hard!
  • gserep1gserep1 Posts: 92
    Hello Fellow Readers,
    I have been very happy with my Sentra since May 26th, and now I have my FIRST problem. I experienced a lack of A/C cooling yesterday. It was gradual over the last week, but was really evident yesterday. Weather in parts of San Diego got over the 90 degree mark, but the humidity is always low (less than 30%). Even so, the lowest temperature coming out of the top registers was 55 degrees, and the compressor was short cycling (or going off and coming back on rapidly in spurts of 30 seconds or less.) The low side line was not even cold. That line should be really cold all of the time that the compressor is running.

    I brought it in today to a dealer in san Diego to have it looked at, and to have the RECALL on the stabilizer bolts fixed too. That was easy, and it was quickly repaired. The A/C has not been so easy.

    The technician analyzed the system and decided to withdraw all of the R-134 refrigerant out, and restart again. He found it was .6 of a pound low (or about half the normal supply of refrigerant. Fully charged, it takes 1.1 pounds. He checked for leaks and found none anywhere. None inside or outside of the car.

    The car was cold when I got it a month ago, but it does not remain cold now. In addition to the standard 3/36,000 mile warranty, I opted for the 6 year 100,000 mile warranty as well. I do not intend to pay for any repairs..nor do I intend to repeatedly go back for the same problem.

    I suspect that it is still either a low charge, or a stuck orifice tube in the suction side that is starving the evaporator of refrigerant. I will call Nissan Customer Service tomorrow, and I intend to get to the bottom of this right now. That is the only thing that detracts from an otherwise PERFECT vehicle. No rattles, squeaks, or noises of any kind. It blows cold in the early morning and late evening/night, but when the heat load is up during the day, it fails miserably.

    I will keep you posted,
  • joc01joc01 Posts: 1
    I'm crying reading the prices and finance rates. But we have to cope with the US dollar in the great white north! I'm closing a deal on an 01 GXE; $18,700 not including taxes, 15%. Finance is 5.8/ 48; 6.8/ 60. That's thru Nissan; the banks are worse. And it's a 5 speed manual; never would go automatic. But damn, I love that car! Had 3 cars in mind when I started shopping; the Sentra, Focus and Corolla. The Sentra won hands down. I'm a standard girl and the Sentra has a smooth stick shift. Was surprised that wasn't commented on in the reviews I read. My last car was a 92 Mazda Protege, God bless it, was a great car, but thought I better deal it while it was still worth something. But compared to the Mazda, the shifting is great, which I always felt was sticky in the Mazda. Had problems shifting to reverse also, was the worst. The Sentra has great pickup; can cruise uphill at low speed in 4th gear with no stall, pretty impressive. Anyways, will have my new car next week, yee hah!
  • dcarver2dcarver2 Posts: 1
    Two months ago I replaced my 1993 Sentra (1.6 engine, 5 speed) with a 2001 Sentra GXE (1.8, 5 speed). The engine on the 2001 seems to run at higher RPM through the various shift points. For example, at 70 mph in 5th gear, the engine is running at well over 3200 RPM. My old "93 Sentra with the smaller engine seemed to run much more quietly, especially in 5th gear on the highway at 70 mph and higher. Any explanations for this difference? Also, I notice a high pitched whining noise coming from the gas cap when I pull into the garage after driving on a hot (80 degree plus) day. The noise stops if I remove the gas cap, which seems to release some sort of vapor lock. The whining noise is annoying . Is this something that can be fixed? Any response to either question will be much appreciated!
  • toga333toga333 Posts: 11
    In response to the previous message, I have the SE 2.0 5-Speed, at 75 MPH the engine churns out exactly 3,500 RPM. It really seems to buzz...however rest easy, I am sure Nissan would not design these top gear ratios to hurt the engines. I am sure though that if the RPMs were lower I'd get better than 31 MPG on the highway. Heck my older neon SOHC 5Speed ran 80 at a tick over 3,000 RPM, and that was rated at 38 MPG on the highway. Personally I like the high RPM, It means you don't have to downshift to pass those semis.
    I do wonder what the automatic runs at highway speeds?
  • mayankhpmayankhp Posts: 22
    Hello Everyone,
    I need your expertise to remove gum spots from my front seat, as unknowingly it was sticked and I don't want to ruin my seat tepesty on Sentra Se

    Your input will be highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    Try "Goo Gone". Worked fine for me.
  • ns3ns3 Posts: 3
    The dealer wants to charge 300 $ av. fee for Sentry GXE 2001. Is that right?
  • katraakkatraak Posts: 33
    Dealers say that Nissan charges 300 bucks as advertising fee, that is correct. But often times you can haggle with them to completely waive the fee or either reduce the amount. When I bought my SE the dealer asked me $200 and finally I paid only $100. Hope this helps.
  • jmsiebertjmsiebert Posts: 1
    hey all, got my sentra se w/ pp about a month and a half ago. i noticed about a month ago that it pulls to the right most of the time. mostly at higher speeds (50-80 mph) and when i'm accelerating. i've taken it to the dealership i bought it from and they "aligned" it to no avail. i then took it to the local dealership and they said nothing was wrong with my car (as if i was making it up) and then put it on some machine and said it "operates to all nissan specs." so as of now i dont know what to do but something is indeed wrong. i thought that the right from wheel might be slipping somewhere causing the limited slip differential to kick in. but i'm not a pro at these things. so any help or insight would greatly be appreciated.
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