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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    If it does continue into the 2005 model year, it will likely be a short run, with the new model bowing for the 2006 MY in early calendar 2005(think March/April).

    The current Sentra was intro-ed in Spring 2000 as a 2000 model, so according to typical Nissan design cycles (5 MYs), the 2004 should be the last, or damned close, and hence, my assumptions above.

    Hope this helps.

    If you like power and safety features, the Sentra 2.5S is one of the best cars out there- 7.9 seconds to 60, and one of only a handful of small cars that offers side airbags to protect BOTH head and chest. The only drawbacks to this car are the middling EPA figures, the too-small back seat, and the effect that the rebates will have on resale value.
  • Early calendar year 2005 sounds good. I remember the current Maxima came out in the spring. What, if anything, do we know about the redesign?
  • Hey everybody, anybody who has this type vehicle should be posting about their experiences! Or have people migrated elsewhere once a problem is resolved???? So far, I am getting close to 3,500 miles on the ODO and the m/g is now a consistent 27-28. My excitement over the cruise control has tempered....I am taking it in again to get it fixed or works but not over 60 mph which is not good when I am on a 65 mph highway. Also the cruise control will keep the same RPM's but NOT the same MPH when going up or down hills....not good for my purposes. It's going into the shop tomorrow. All expenses paid by the dealer that I bought the car from. I'll keep you updated...if there is interest.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Why are all expenses going to be paid by the dealer where you got the car from, despite the fact, that, if I remember correctly, it is a non-Nissan aftermarket system which you are using? I am also perplexed as to why, since cruise is seemingly the most important aspect of the vehicle, you didnt just spring for the Road Trip package? It seems as though the cost of this package would have more than made up for itself in terms of search costs, the money value of lost time, etc....

  • "The current Sentra was intro-ed in Spring 2000 as a 2000 model, so according to typical Nissan design cycles (5 MYs), the 2004 should be the last, or damned close, and hence, my assumptions above."

    Well, if the new one is coming in spring 2005 it will have to be called a 2005.5 or 2006. They can't stretch the 2004 MY into 2005. Also, they need Sentra's MPG/CAFE credits for the 2005 MY. So that means the 2005 Sentra will be carry over, making it officially a 6 model year car, something rare for them.
  • HI.,
    I am in the market for a new sentra 1.8S with road trip package ( cruise+7 speaker system+ mats)

    The dealer is asking $12.9K ( this inclused 2500.00 cash rebate from nissan).....
    Did any one pay a lesser price than this?
    I am in detroit....
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    tomcat630- "Well, if the new one is coming in spring 2005 it will have to be called a 2005.5 or 2006."

    Perhaps thats the case, but I dont think its necessarily so. The current Sentra was introduced in February 2000 as a 2000 MY model, not a 2000.5, or a 2001. Indeed, Nissan just released pricing and model year designations for the 2004 Infiniti M45 and Q45 at the end of January. Until that point, all models were still 2003s.

  • Hey Sandeep, jump on it. I wish I would have had your opportunity. I paid 13k without the roadtrip package...I didn't know I could.

  • Hi steven,
    I am talking to 2 dealers actually and the price now just went to 12.7K out the door with the road trip package....Also( and separately) they are willing to give me extended 100k/5yr nissan warranty for
    $1200.00 out the this price for warranty reasonable?
  • Probably today I'll buy the new 2004 red sentra 1.8S with road trip package and maybe the extended warranty..
    Anyone please let me know if they have paid a lower price than this:
    Car price, out the door(including tax title doc dest plate etcetc): 12.7K
    Nissan Warranty 100k/5yr: 1.0K

    thanks,.... Sandeep
  • I finally bought the red 2004 sentra with road trip pkg for 12.7K out the door. The dealer offered me the 100K/5yr warranty for 899.00 but I did not take it. May be later I will buy it.
  • nss167nss167 Posts: 8
    Hi . Just spent today buying a Sentra 1.8 S automatic .

    Paid $10635 Plus Tax and Tags for a total of $11125.

    Options on the car: Floor Mats and Trunk Mat, Splash Guards and In-Cabin Microfilter.

    Had a good experience at Gaithersburg Nissan in Gaithersburg, MD . Very smooth sale, they matched another dealer's ad price without any problems.

    Salesman H.S did an excellent job and made the deal painless. Also, no hard sell in Finance. Asked if we wanted an extended warranty , but we refused.
    (BTW it's a 1.8 S auto NOT plain jane 1.8 just to be clear. Drove off the lot this evening with 81 miles on the clock.)
  • My father has a 2001 sentra with 20000 miles on it.It has the 1.8 liter engine.Today was the second time it died on him while driving the car. He had to have it towed. The first time it was the crankshaft positive sensor or the ECM module was messed up.I do not know for sure.I do know that there was a recall on the Sentra for the ECM Module. Which they changed at that first stalling time.If anyone else has this or had this problem please let me know.He is in his 70s and has heart problems.So he cannot be in this car, if this is gonna keep happening. Thank you
  • nmferrinmferri Posts: 1
    I have had my check engine light on since 2002 and have had several recalls performed on my car claiming to fix the problem. However, the light always comes back on and now that my warranty is up they come back to me with the Mass Air Flow Sensor that has to be replaced for $570 with labor. Long story short, I tried working with the dealership, Poughkeepsie Nissan, and Nissan Consumer Affairs asking them to help pay since I have been in numerous times for the check engine light while under warranty that no one fixed, only performed recalls over and over again. Nissan Consumer Affairs and Pok. Nissan refuse to help me. To top it off, I drop my car off to get it fixed (giving 2 weeks notice for my appt.) and they forget to order the part and let us know 2hrs before we get there and yell at us for being mad at them. THey did the same thing with my brakes back in Jan 2004. I have been there about 5 times this year already. I hate my car, and many other things have gone wrong in the 3.5yrs I have owned it and cannot wait to get rid of it. Nissan does not help customers, very rude and spiteful with comments, and are not a good company to work with. And the trade is isn't even worth what I owe. I will never buy another Nissan after the way me and my family have been treated and because of the kind of crap they manufacturer and do not even stand by.
    Does anyone have any advice as to fixing the Mass Airflow Sensor or with this car in particular? Thanks
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I wish I could have spent more time but this was a lunch break test drive so I couldn't do more than run around the block and make 4 right hand turns. I liked the way it handled, the steering felt good, and the brakes were perfect. The shifter was rubbery and balked at going into 1st or 2nd when coming to a stop or slowing for traffic. I will test drive another one and see if it was just that particular car. They have several black 1.8/5-speeds but they are all loaded with mud guards and microfilter and mats. I just want AC, nothing else, but to get AC you have to take the CD deck. Oh well.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Was at the dealership on tuesday and they looked at the car. They redid the alignment eventhough it was within specs. They assured me the a/c is fine...still skeptical about this though. Lastly, they did a diagnostic on the engine and said it to was within specs, but they must've done something else because the gas gauge seems to be moving down slower. Instead of just squeaking out barely 80 city miles per the first 1/4 tank, I did 93 miles since the service...what gives?
    Had a nice look at the '04 1.8s and like the tail end treatment very much. The leather steering wheel of the road trip package is also a nice touch.

    The Sandman :-)
  • tomtom Posts: 8
    Hi everyone,

    I am looking for a small car, like Sentra 1.8S, Corolla and Civic. Can you let me know the reliability of 04' Sentra 1.8S? I visited the dealer, and they asked for 13.8K out of door for 1.8S with road trip, Mud Guard, Floor Mats and Microfilter. One of the post mention could pay about 11.5K, it is amazing. Should I go for it?

    Thanks for your comments.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I went to another area Nissan dealer to test drive another base model to see if the rubbery shift action is just that car or all of them. It shifted the same. I imagine that it will loosen up over time but it's very annoying to have to fight it to downshift while rolling, or to double clutch (which made it work fine as long as I matched engine speed to road speed, but it would NOT shift into gear at idle while moving with the clutch depressed, like you would do when getting going again without coming to a complete stop). I love the car. I would miss having a tachometer, and I'm surprised the 1.8 model has no folding back seat. I'd have to step up to a 1.8S for that and they are hard to find in black with 5-speed. I found one and the dealer had loaded it up with window tint, paint protection, pinstriping, and a spoiler. In fact every car on that particular dealer's lot had a $998 paint and fabric package on it so I won't be buying there. I don't care that a friend of mine works there, he's a salesman and salesmen don't sell cars, managers do. He's only there to make sure I don't steal the car on the test drive. I'm probably go back to the first dealer who does not apply things to the car as soon as it rolls off the truck.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • pghmaxpghmax Posts: 7
    Has anyone changed the incabin filter themselves?
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