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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    I don't think our Sentra's have the NVIS system. We also have a '01 Altima with the security alarm and it does have it, according to the dealer, and the key is different than mine. We only have keyless entry on our cars. I could be wrong about this, so if anyone else can shed some light on this issue, feel free to clarify this.
    I've never taken the antenna off before going thru the car wash and nothing has ever happened to it. It's one of those whip antennas, so I'd just leave it alone.
    Hope this helps.

    The Sandman :-)
  • inuseinuse Posts: 1
    it's been since the second time i dive my new Sentra 1.8S, after I turn of the engine, i hear the leaking sound (same as my old VW Jetta), i bought the car in March, only dive it for 900 miles.
    My question is: 1.Is the leaking sound after turning of the engine normal?
    2. If not normal, would that be antifreaze problem?
    Thank you in advance for any input!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I wouldn't trust the fate of your antenna to a carwash. It can be bent or broken if caught by a rotating brush. Unscrewing the antenna doesn't leave a hole. It unscrews from a stud that sticks up out of the fender, so there is nothing you have to worry about covering up.
  • ed2004ed2004 Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 2.5S. I bought it a few months ago.
    After the engine is shut off, I still hear these
    cracking noise (like metal is expanding and contracting) for a few minutes. I figured that it was winter and it was caused by contact of cold air and hot engine. But winter has passed and it is still making these noise. The guy at the dealer said is just the engine cooling down and is normal. My old car does not make this noise. Is this normal? Thanks for your help
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    I have an 03 Sentra with the same engine, and it is the loudest post turnoff car I have EVER heard. Be assured, I was told by 3 separate Nissan dealerships (I have my car serviced whenever/where its most convenient) that this was normal, not to worry, and it did not indicate any issue. If its the same noise, its like a loud cool-down popping/ticking noise, correct?

    No stress. Love the car. It flies and I still get 26 MPG.

  • nss167nss167 Posts: 8
    Noise you are hearing is not the engine cooling but the emissions equipment ( i.e catalytic converter etc. ) cooling down.

    I hear it also in my 1.8 S and it is a normal phenomenon which happens in most cars.

    Can't say however how long it will keep occuring , but I assume that it will occur less frequently as time goes on.

    My 1.8 S is just over a month old and I still hear ir every once in a while.
  • ed2004ed2004 Posts: 8
    Thank you alpha01 and nss167 for the quick response and the help. It is the same noise. By the way, I am getting around 28mpg (it has about 3900 miles on it.) I wish the tank is a bit bigger so that I don't have to go to the gas station too often.

  • ottomaticottomatic Posts: 12
    * The only key hole on the 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8 S sedan is on the driver's side; is this a recent development on newer makes and models of today's cars?

    (I find it inconvenient at times to have to unlock the driver's door to reach the glove box from the outside, unless I use the remote control key fob and unlock all the doors with it.)

    * Is there an economical way to change the color of the instrument gauges like the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, etc.

    (I prefer some other color than the yellow-and-red color scheme and was wondering if there was a way to change it, perhaps with a different colored light bulb or overlay.)
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Yes, the missing passenger keyhole is a recent development, but only on a few cars. It's a way of saving money (one less lock cylinder to put on the car).

    Changing the instrument lighting is not an easy job. I'm not sure if the Sentra uses colored bulbs but if it does (high chance it does), you would have to take the dash apart and pull out the gauges to get at the bulbs. If it uses LED bulbs, that could complicate replacement depending on how they are attached (they could be soldered in place). You could buy an aftermarket gauge cluster but that can get a little expensive and if it involves extra wiring, you are messing with your car's warranty. But yes, it is possible.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Our car also has no keyhole on the passenger door. When we first got the car, I thought they made a mistake, but after returning to the dealership and looking at the other Altimas on the lot, I figured that the cars with the factory security alarms all had no keyholes on the passengers door.
    Interesting thing in my opinion!

    The Sandman :-)

    Just went out and saw that my '03 Sentra GXE also has no keyhole must have to do with the keyless entry and not the factory alarm as I first suspected!
  • ottomaticottomatic Posts: 12
    I contacted my local Nissan dealership's automotive service department, about whether the 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8 S sedan had the "Nissan Vehicle Immobilization System," or NVIS, that some of their car models supposedly do.

    I was told by the service advisor that the 2004 Nissan Sentra 1.8 S does not have NVIS. I also asked about the protruding stereo antenna, whether it should be removed from the hood with a wrench before taking it through an automated car wash.

    Two of the car salesmen I asked told me they thought the antenna did not need to be removed prior and could withstand going through the car wash without being damaged or being bent out of shape.

    However the same dealership's automobile service advisor, who takes care of oil changes, etc., advised me differently; this is what he had to say:

    "Yes, the antenna should be removed before going through automatic car washes. The small area that it leaves uncovered is not effected be the wash process, and any water that gets into the small recess gets pushed out when the antenna is screwed back in. However it is recommended that the end of the antenna remain lubricated with a small amount of grease, anti-seize, or equivalent. In the event the antenna, or any other component, is damaged during an automatic wash, it is not covered by warranty. This is because it is not a manufacture defect or premature wear that caused the damage, but the abnormal environment of an automatic wash."
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    I have my Sentra SE for more than 3 years and never removed antenna before going through car wash. Antenna is indeed strong enough to withstand it. However area surrounding antenna remains washed only by water.
    Also I am not sure about newer products, but 3 years ago only SE version of Sentra had NVIS. XE and GXE which are equivalent to 1.8 and 1.8s - did not.
  • I saw in the newspaper some dealers are advertising a really low price as $10495 for a brand new 2004 1.8S AT. But I know many people paid much more than that. Is there any trick in the dealer's advertisement? Just curious.
  • Hey y'all - I will be in the market for an economy sedan soon, and was wondering when the next redesign for the Sentra will be? Thanks!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Welcome! The Sentra is the last of Nissans cars to be redesigned under direction of his majesty, Carlos Ghosn. It is expected to be related to the European Renault Megane, a well regarded small/compact car thats seeems to sell well over there. I think we'll see the next Sentra next Spring, possibly February or March. I dont think it will be here this Fall, although anythings possible.

  • skylerskyler Posts: 6
    Yeah, it's fine. Same thing here. In fact, I get the exact same three clicks without fail at the same time each time I turn it off. It's kind of comforting now...
  • skylerskyler Posts: 6
    Thats strange. I have keyholes on both sides. I don't see why you would only have one on one side. I'd compare it to other Sentra's.
  • skylerskyler Posts: 6
    I'm not sure. I doubt it. The 2004's are about to end because the 2005's (if they come out with one) would be starting by August. I was the first person in Northern Illinois to buy my Sentra, a mere few days after the 2004's were delivered, and I paid $15,000 (full price). I bet he/she's trying to get rid of his/her cars before the new ones come in.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    If your Sentra does not have keyless entry, it will have two keyholes. Or, it might be a model year thing. All Sentras now produced with keyless do NOT have two keyholes. Its normal.

  • skylerskyler Posts: 6
    You're right. I checked again, and I only have one keyhole. Funny, I thought I had two, but I don't. Oh well, I use the keyless entry whenever i need to get in. I don't think I've actually ever used the key...
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