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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • Hey kids-
    My 2001 nissan sentra GXE started having big time performance issues- like not being able accelerate very quickly and making funny popcorn popping like noises in the muffler region of my car. The check engine soon light was on as well so I brought it to my local mechanics who have done a great job for all of my cars.

    They inspected the engine light and multiple codes came on. They cleared the codes, took it on a road test and only the 02 sensor & engine lean codes came back. My car had a engine misfire from Cylinder #1 and they replaced the 02 sensor, 4 spark plugs, and cylinder #1 coil and they cleared the codes. They took it on a test drive and the codes did not return. When I went to pick up my car after work as soon as I turned the car on the check engine light came on. I left it for the mechanics to keep working on. They told me that the error was still indicating a bad 02 sensor even thought they had just replaced it. They put another one in- cleared it- drove it and the light came back on- they put in a 3rd new one- drove it for 5 miles and it did not come back on. So I pick it up again and drive home and 6 miles down the road the light comes back on. I brought it back to them this morning.

    Anyone else have or have heard of this problem where 02 sensors that are new keep causing the check engine light to come back on?

    All of the performance issues are gone since they worked on it the first time- its just that stupid check engine light that keeps coming on, and I need it to stay off because you can't pass emmisions inspection in AZ with it on.

  • I have a 2001 XE, and I've had a similar problem. My check engine light came on a little over a year ago, and I took my car to the dealer to see what was wrong. They told me it was "a fuel sensor" which I assume may have been something like your O-2 sensor. Since there are no emissions laws in Michigan, I didn't see an imminent need to replace the darn thing since all intelligence said it was expensive so I just lived with my check engine light being lit. Ho hum.

    Last week my car decided to take a sick day, and I had to have it towed to a mechanic. They looked it over and found a wire that had been corroded through. They cut out and replaced the rotten bit and hey presto my car works again. The interesting bit is that the check engine light is now off as well, coincidence? I think not.

    This is not the first wiring harness problem I've had with this car. I bought the car brand new in Jan 01. Since then I've had numerous wiring faults. First the horn started sounding funny and then stopped entirely. Just over 2 years ago (July 03) I had a similar wiring fault that stopped my car because of a corroded/broken wire to the ECM, and since last fall the backlight on my radio hasn't been working unless its very humid. I haven't seen fit to fix all these problems, but it seems a bit unreasonable to me to have this many electrical problems in a car under 5 years old.

    1) I wonder if Daniel in AZ is experiencing something similar in his wiring harness.

    2) I wonder if there are other 01 Sentra owners out there that are having similar difficulties with their wiring harness. I think this has to be a manufacturing fault, and its getting long past time I had a stern conversation with Nissan Motor Company.
  • andy_dandy_d Posts: 1
    I own a 2001 Nissan Sentra since Feb 2005. I bought this car for about $6000
    from the first owner and its currently 38000 Miles driven. It gives me a mileage
    of about 26-27 city and 30-32 trips. Everything was fine till the time I noticed
    that whenever I drive the sedan at speeds above 70mph for a prolonged duration
    of time like 30 mins or more or I keep the AC/Heater on for the same duration or
    more; the check engine light starts glowing....
    I had taken my sedan to the dealer a couple of times but they were not able to
    figure out the problem initially...Recently when I faced the same problem again,
    dealer told me that its the AIR FLOW METER/SENSOR thats causing the check engine light to glow up when I drive it at the above mentioned speed or above for a
    prolonged duration of time. Dealer says that the replacement cost of this part is
    around $900.

    Can anyone of you help me out with the fact that what exactly does the AIR FLOW
    METER/SENSOR do in a car and what is its importance. Is it advisable to get the
    part changed as mentioned by the dealer. What if I don't change the
    it going to affect the performance of my engine and mileage would start falling

    Please please help!!!
    I appreciate your cooperation.
  • HELP!!!!!ok i have this problem wit my 03 sentra 1.8 . well when i start the car its all good, but when i press the gas the intake roars like an idiot and it wont go past 3,000rpms. could any1 help me with this problem .
  • Where is the new Sentra? There are no news or even spyshots. Nissan is probably enjoying their records sales of of Altimas and SUV's that they dont care about the "grassroots". I mean, you have to create followings from the first time buyers and the younger generations.
  • Sentra fans, we have to voice out our frustrations. Carlos Ghosn we want the new Sentra be release by 2006!
  • I have had similar problems with my 01 Sentra, 39000 miles. It was running fine until one day after work, I went to drive it home and it had no power. I took it to a local shop and they replaced the mass airflow sensor ($500.00 incl. labor) and it still didn't run. They told me it was an ECM problem, so I towed it to a dealership because I knew it would be covered at least under the california epa emmissions warranty (7 yrs 70000 miles for ecm, catalytic converter, and obd) Go to for a search on emissions related warranty. I ended up still having powertrain warranty as my car has very few miles, and a possibility it was covered under recall for the ecm lining. (by the way- recall related problems are covered past the regular warranty period. And an exhaust/emissions RECALL is in effect for the life of the car. Keep fighting).I was still a little hacked off for buying a new mass airflow sensor if I really didn't need one, but happy my car would run again and that the new computer would be free. Right? Wrong. The same day I drove my "fixed" car back to work, and then tried to start it again and drive it home, the engine started surging wildly, and there was very little power. I had it towed back the next day and they said at the dealership there was no problem with the car (no codes came up). I have a problem though, as when I drive my car I have strange power surges, and I am unsure about the dependability of my car. Since they have dubbed my car in good working order, I am considering purchasing an extended warranty so they will be forced to continue to fix the problem and any others that may come up later. As far as recourse on the other parts I paid out-of-pocket: call 1-800-nissan-1 and open a case #. They MAY decide to issue reimbursement for recall related work done on the car. you will need your paperwork proving the dealership closed out the recall, your repair order for the work done, proof of payment for your work done, and proof of ownership of the car.

    Of course this doesn't guarantee a drivable, working car. I am still yet a little nervous about driving my car until I know it is fixed properly, and the dealership claims it has been done, although I know for myself that it has not. Any sugestions as to how to bully a dealership into listening to a customer complaint? I have my research in line, but I feel they don't take me seriously as I am a young woman.
  • have the catalytic converter checked-ASAP
  • have the catalytic converter checked - could be the reason for lost power and check engine light being on.
  • had the same problem in my 2001 sentra CA. Have the catalytic converters checked, this was causing the lost performance and the check engine light. and this fix worked for 5 months - well my car is in the shop again for another catalytic converter and when i asked the service manager if this will solve the problem , his reply -"we dont know"- in other words it is a flaw with the 2001 sentra and look forward to replacing the cat converter often- good thing in california the emissions coverage is 7/70. so have them do a check, like you i had the 02 sensor replaced- on a recall, this was the reason for the check light being on i was told, but the light came back on because of the converter problem. hope this helps, PS- if this is the problem your perfromance will only get worse and worse over time.
    also, if you have to get it replaced, and 5-12 months down the road the same kind of performance problem happens without the check light coming on (i think nissan permanently cleared the code on my last cat replace, "i'm sure they know about this problem"). then it may be the converter again, as it has been in my case. damn shame, i like the car, but this is rapidly becoming a nissan nightmare. I have one more payment and was looking forward to no car payment for awhile-afterall it is a nissan right- yeah right- these cars use to get 100,000 with few probs and being beat on, now at 50k (mind you these are california hyway dry miles) i'm looking to dump- i'll make sure that when i get my 6k on tradein i tell all the people i know not to buy my nissan even though it seems like a good deal. also, if the service department says " the computer says it is fine" insist that they drive the car as if it were their own- then they will be able to tell you have a serious problem.
    hope this helps .
  • Hi, I'm new to these boards and would appreciate any advice. I have a 2004 Sentra 2.5s automatic tranny with 14,900 mi. It has never been modified in any manner. However, I noticed at about 6000 mi a rather loud crackling sound (think of a fried egg cooking on a stove) coming from the engine compartment. The crackling sound is so loud, people passing by in the street often stare at my car as if something's wrong. I brought my car back to the dealership and they tell me there's nothing wrong. They insist it's the normal sounds the heat shields make when they expand and/or contract. I seriously doubt this as the sound is quite audible and nearly constant when I drive the car. Funny thing is that I have noticed that the crackling sound diminishes somewhat when the A/C is on. Finally, I have noticed absolutely no decrease in power or acceleration and other than the constant crackling sound, the car runs fine. Any ideas as to what could be wrong. Again, I appreciate the help.
  • Hey everyone, Im looking at buying a used car within the 10000 price range. I have my eye on a nissan sentra. I found a deal for a 2001 Sentra GXE touring, 5 spd, loaded, 100000 km, for 7500$ (Cdn). Is this a good deal??

    Does anyone have any suggestions about looking into purchasing a sentra, they seem like great cars to me, but i just wanna be sure. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

  • PLEASE HELP !!!! I just went to check the oil in my2001 nissan sentra and guess what I HAVE NO DIPSTICK !!!! We got this car 3 months ago
    The yellow part is there but the metal blad is gone. Can you help me since you had the same problem. How did you fix it? Any info that you could give me would be appreciated.
    HELP :cry:
  • 1992 Sentra/1.6/4CYL with 28K miles gets only approx 16 mpg city, new plugs, cap, rotor, air filter, gas filter, oxygen senson. runs great but still only 16 mpg. Have been driven only approx 500 a year for the last 4 years. PLEASE HELP
  • Help, my battery died, I put the recharged battery back in the car and now all the inside electrical doesn't work! I found that the alternator is starting to fail but at the moment the car runs fine, just no radio, AC, windows won't open!! Fuses are fine... at least the five I looked at. Whats happening!!! Would a failing alternator cause this?
  • djj1djj1 Posts: 1
    hey i have just bought a 01sentra se with 78000km fully loaded for $10400 and i hope its worth every penny it was either that or a gm like sunfire or cavilier
  • Hey, what is the GXE touring edition?? A dealer is syaing that a car is the 2001 GXE touring, but i cant find any information on the internet about this edition of the car. It looked like it is only offered in XE, GXE, and SE. What is special about the touring?
  • I've been having a similar problem on my 2000 GXE with 50K miles on it. It started cutting off when I was slowing down to make a turn and downshifting from 3rd to 2nd. Starts right back up, but not fun stalling in the middle of a turn. It seemed to be ok if I didn't downshift through a turn. Then it started doing it more often and at random times when I was coming to a stop. I finally took it to a mechanic, and they said that it probably needed to have the computer reset, but that they couldn't do it...the dealer had to. A friend offered to do it (just unhooked the battery for a couple of minutes). That was last night, and so far, so good. I was also told that keeping the AC on helps because it keeps the rpm's higher.

    I don't know if it's fixed, but I'm selling.
  • Any assistance would be appreciated. I own a 2001 Sentra GXE, 64K, No major problems, but the horn suddenly stopped working a few months back. No other issues related but I don't want to send to the shop if it involves something I can fix myself. I searched the boards and could not find anything. My safety inspection is due soon - much thanks.
  • I have a 95. This sounds dumb but, first check the fuse. Then look at the horn wires. Try it by hooking direct to battery. If horn works then you have a wire or switch problem. If not replace horn. Sometimes the ground fails due to rust. Sometimes wire fails and sometimes the switch in your steering wheel. I suspect the fuse or the horn itself. Think about electricity and trouble shoot.

    Blessings, MK
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