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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • davejaydavejay Posts: 18
    We purchased a 2000 GXE early this year, and were quite happy with it. 7,600 miles (and a cross-country trip to California) later, we're still happy with it.

    At least one person has mentioned the air conditioning, and ours worked throughout the cross-country trip -- 8-10 hours a day for four days. It did have a little trouble keeping up in Nevada, but it seems understandable when the outside temperature is over 105 degrees.

    There have been a few little issues, but they haven't been enough of a problem to mention to the dealer yet. Here's the list of every problem we've had with the car since delivery:

    - Climate control knob won't turn all the way to Defrost, altough the defroster comes on just fine;
    - The center console trim piece (below the radio, above the shifter) won't seat properly on the right side, leaving a small visible gap;
    - The black interior trim piece backing the left-hand mirror came loose, but snapped back into place with a good shove;
    - The driver's seat fabric came loose under the front edge of the seat, but snapped back into place with a little effort;
    - There's an occasional 'clunk' coming from the steering column when parking.

    That's it, folks. The clunk started a few weeks ago, and I will inform the dealer when I drop it off for service. I'll also have the climate control knob looked at. The remaining problems seem to be related to the early build date; the factory workers were probably getting used to putting the interior together. :)

    In the meantime, it's quick, it's economical, it's comfortable, and continues to be a great car -- enough so that we're looking at buying another Nissan as our second car.
  • lgoldinlgoldin Posts: 90
    Glad you are happy with your Sentra. You have mentioned that it is economical. Can you tell more precisely what is your gas mileage after 7600 miles? Is it automatic or standard? After break in period, is it quieter then brand new or the same?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Sentrafan, I appreciate the input on the colors. I am sitting around on a layover in DesMoines IA and everyone thought I was crazy for thinking white is a girls color, except one guy from Belgium who thought it might be. It all may be a moot point, because I saw a Black SE with the tail and I was blown away. Even my wife thinks that looks great(the first color we agree upon!! Yeah!!!) The whole problem has been me. We went looking for a car for my wife and when we stumbled upon the Sentra SE I decided I wanted it, therefore I have had way too much input on the decision making process for her car. But that shows how great this car is. Anyway thanks for the input and thanks to Davejay for the info on the A/C. We will have to decide this weekend which one to go with. Sounds like we can't go wrong with either one. We will probably go with the black since I have officially stolen the car from her. Yes it will now be for me and she will get the 98 Altima that we already own. The Altima has been a great car and now we will add one more Nissan product.
  • Starchecker,

    My last car (95 Sentra GLE) was black, and so I did not want to get the same color again for variety's sake. Also, it is perhaps the most difficult color to keep up with, because it so easily shows dirt, dust, and scratches/swirls. However, when it's cleaned and polished it looks awesome. I'd recommend a weekly wash and adherence to a consistent wax routine, and I think you'll find you made the right choice. Let us know how the negotiations go, and good luck!
  • Hi,

    I did quite a bit of research, comparison and test drove Honda civic Ex 2001, Toyota Corolla LE 2001, Mazda Protege ES 2000 and Nissan Sentra GXE 2001. I really liked Nissan GXE 2001. What do you all think? Did I make the right decision? I am getting both the convenience and luxury package and I am paying $14,720. I am paying too much? After reading some postings here I am a little worried about the air conditioning problems and some noise problems above 65mph. Do I need to go for the SE model? Do the above problems exists in the SE model as well? If I should choose the SE model, how much more should I pay on top of $14,720? I also have another question regarding exterior color. I am going for Granite. Does this look good?

    Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions.
  • You are defintely making the right choice. We test drove all but the Protege, and feel the sentra GXE is much more car than all the others. The civic is very expensive and the engine when you accellerate almost requires the use of earplugs. You can get a totally loaded Sentra SE for the price of a Civic EX and have much more power. As far as the wind noise goes that was probably just with a poorly installed sunroof, as for the AC others have had no problems with it Nissan new about the problem and I am sure they fixed it for 2001. The New Sentra came out totally redesigned in March and so the 2000 model had some new car issues, but I think most have been taken care of towards the end of 2000's production year and definitely now that the 2001's are out.
    As far as GXE or SE goes, the GXE 5 sp. would probably have plenty of power. We live in Denver which the altitude really affects the perfomance of cars, so we opted for the SE. If you have an extra $1500 you can spare I would recommend the SE. We are getting our SE automatic with sunroof, and performance package which includes a spoiler(very sweet), sport tuned suspension, and all the other options included in a GXE Luxury and comfort and convenience package. Our price which includes the Ad fee and the Dealer prep fee is 16,695. The invoice is 16,045 plus $300 ad fee, plus 275 dealer prep(in colorado a dealer has to charge everyone that fee). Your price on the GXE sounds good. If you are OK with the pickup and power on a GXE then get it, if you can afford an SE and would like a little more sporty look I definetely think it is worth the price difference. Dont settle for less than at least $1000 off of MSRP.
    In regards to color, the Granite looks awesome in the brochure, but I have not been impressed with its look on the lot. I think the Radium would look better if you are inclined towards the gray/ silver colors, otherwise I think the black and white one look the best. Obviously that is a personal preference. Anyway good luck. You are definitely on the right trak.
  • I’m amazed at how much some dealers are getting (and people are paying) for the Sentra SE 5speed. I ended up paying $14,950 -maybe $200 over invoice - before tax/tag (and NO ADV. FEE!) for my 2000 SE back in June (when they were even more rare). It is identical to the model tested in Edmunds’ comparison test - right down to the color, charcoal. It only has the security system and floor mats as options - but hey, it comes pretty much loaded. I test drove an SE with Perf. Pkg., ABS option, and sunroof, but would have been looking at about $2K more (plus more tax), and the dealer who had the loaded model hardly budged from MSRP. Worse yet, every model on that lot that had the perf. Pkg. and ABS also came with the $700 sunroof. I just came off a 3-yr. lease of a Maxima and had used the sunroof maybe twice, so I wasn’t about to pay for something I didn’t want (don’t you hate when they do that?). Bottom line, all the haggling was over the options, most of which I (or the car) didn’t need. And forget about recouping the cost of them at trade in (well, maybe the ABS).

    I found the “base” SE at the dealer I had leased the Maxima from (Endicott in Pompano Beach - not affiliated with Autonation, thank God). Other than missing the ABS, I think I got a way better deal (in fact,the 1 or 2 SE’s with the perf. Pkg that I’ve recently seen on the street looked kind of gaudy in the surrounding traffic). Anyway, I can always upgrade the wheels or stereo, but in the meantime I got a helluva car at a great price. It’s as much fun to drive as my old Maxima (at ½ the price), reasonably quiet and luxurious, and I haven’t noticed a buzzing problem, but then I don’t use the gear shift as a handrest, either. The A/C is fine for S. Florida in the summer, the ride is not too stiff considering the handling, and the brakes are excellent. The back seat doesn’t have a ton of room, nor the trunk, but my 6' frame fits perfectly in the bolstered seat, and there is plenty of leg and head room. And the gas mileage is great.

    Moral of the story: unless you’re going for broke, look into the SE w/o all the add-ons. The dealers seem to be gouging folks for the doo-dads that really are unnecessary on a car this good. But if you go to a dealer, something tells me you’ll see more loaded SE’s than not.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    The perf package adds limited slip-invaluable for fast takeoffs, especially when turning during "liftoff". IMHO, this was worth the price of the perf package alone. The improved suspension and 16" wheels are nothing to sneeze at, either......
    However, there's no denying that even a base XE is a good car.....
    (2000 SE 5-speed w/perf package and sunroof)
  • My car is granite, and it looks very nice.
  • I liked the black color too (I will never have another white car), but I went for the Inferno color instead. The color is beautiful in the sun and at night. I have an se w/ perf package and sunroof and I couldn't be happier with the car or the color. If you get the black though, thats a good choice too.
  • Happyman,
    Thanks for the input on the color, we decided to go with the Black One. Why did you decide never to own a white one? Also I am wavering on the performance package with the stiffer suspension. Does it make the ride to rough over bumps? Anyone's input would be great. I definitely like the SE suspension over the GXE, as you get less body lean in turns, but I don't wont to jar my bones every time I hit a bump in the pavement.


    I noticed after my post about price you mentioned how you couldn't believe how much people were paying for their Sentra's. I think I got a very good price. Considering the invoice(not Sticker0 for the options I added over yours are ($606 for the Perf Pack, $730 for the Auto, and 519 for the Sunroof) You add the 1855 for those options to your price of 14,900 and you end up with 16,755 which is $60 more than I paid. We both got great deals, but the Invoice on you SE 5 sp no options is $13624 plus 520 delivery gives you an invoice of 14124, so thier invoice probably included an ad fee and a dealer prep fee if you got it for 14900 and that was 200 over invoice. If you were simply referring to the price others mentioned earlier than please disregard this, and I hope it gives helpful input to others.
  • wazappawazappa Posts: 32
    quark, you should be aware that your performance package does not include any rear sway bar let alone a stiffer one. I own a 99 Maxima SE, no rear sway bar standard; a 00 Sentra SE Per.Pak., no rear sway bar standard; and a 99 Altima SE, standard rear sway bar.

    I think it is very misleading that Nissan advertises a rear bar for Maxima & Sentra. They DO NOT have one and badly need one.

    I purchased a rear bar from Stillen for both cars. They take about 2 hours to install. The difference is apparent as soon as you pull out of the garage and turn into the street! The back end feels much more tied down and considerably more stable. Both cars benefit greatly but I think the effect is more pronounced on the Sentra.
  • How does the acceleration between the auto SE and the 5-speed SE match up? The 5-speed w/ the 145 hp engine probably gets really good stoplight acceleration and passing power but does the auto SE feel like a typical econobox when it comes to these two areas?
  • We purchased a new 2000 GXE in June - we now have 3000 miles on it and noticed a thumping sound coming from the rear passenger seat (usually during turns or on bumpy roads). We originally thought something was loose in the wheel well - however we discovered it was the rear door. If we open and close the door quickly, we can duplicate the sound.
    Has anyone else experienced this?
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    No kidding? No wonder the back end feels a little dicey at lane change manuevers above 75 mph! Thanks for the heads-up! If you don't mind, could you describe what tools were necessary to install the rear bar? I could have sworn that the Perf Package literature indicated a rear sway bar was included on the Sentra SE, (as you mentioned.)
    Thanks again,
  • gooniesgoonies Posts: 24
    hi everyone, does anyone experience thier sentra se w/ perf. pack. pulling to the right. i was told by a friend that it was the crown on the road causing the pull. i dont think thats it because i also drive a civic that tracks straight on the same roads. plus the steering doen't have that on center feel. seems slightly tilted to the right. are all these covered in the warranty, such as adjusting the allignment. feedback would sure help. thanx.
  • wazappawazappa Posts: 32
    All you need are hand tools... a socket set and some open/closed end wrenches will do the job. A set of jack stands so that you can work with the rear wheels off and the back end up makes life much easier.

    The bar connects to the rear axle control arms with two brackets on each arm... a total of 8 bolts to tighten. It actually took longer to unpackage the bar, jack up the car, and remove the wheels, than it did to bolt up the bar. All in all an easy install and money very well spent. It make a noticeable difference in handling. Really calms down the rear end.
  • I went to consider a gxe vs. a se sentra. I want the 35mph (5 speed)of a gxe, the power of the se (145hp)which gets 31 mph hwy. I can't get both, so i decided on the se with 145 hp at 31 mph highway. BUT, I also saw the altima, which has a 155 hp engine, also rated 31 mph (5 speed) more rear seat room, larger trunk, and I think a nicer interior. Top that off with a $1,400 rebate and money off from the dealer trying to sell off the 2000's and the dealer giving nothing off the se sentra and no rebate; seems to me, the altima is the better choice. Am I nuts? From a sentra buyer now thinking about an altima instead.
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460 you mean MPG, not MPH...if your car only goes 35MPH, its slow and I'd take it back... If it gets 35MPG, then you can travel without refilling as often...
  • nikecarnikecar Posts: 460
    my Altima does the same... Got a really good mechanic at Nissan (3 worked on it at once), and it doesn't pull.

    Was told that the Nissans don't have the adjustment for Camber (I think). so they cheated. Inserted a metal thing into the control arm to force it to turn moreleft. Works wonderfully. Still pulls slightly, but not as much. Was also told, NissanUSA doesn't endorse what he did, but the mech said he worked at a body shop before and he'll do what it takes because it works..the other 2 guys were amazed because they didn't know about it.
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