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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • i had a 1996 Nissan 200sx wit the same problem what u need is a blower resister it doesnt cost that much 2 purchase and it takes a few minutes to replace the old 1... :shades:
  • I went to the dealership and purchased a new resistor and put it on while I was there. I was so happy to see the blower work properly. So I went to auto zone, got the engine light recycled and much to my amaze, noticed that the controller was not working again. The engine light later turned on again and I'm back at square one.

    What should I do next? I was thinking of having it diagnosed again for free with Auto Zone and let them tell me what they notice what's wrong and go from there, unless you have another suggestion.

    Thanks again,

    Nissan Sentra 1997 GXE 1.6 :sick:
  • Just learned that because I didn't put it in its casing, where its kept cool when the AC is on, the resistor went bad on me. The service tech said that it will take about a week in warm air. The temp. today was around the mid 50's and it only took about 1/2 hr. to go bad. I'm so confused. I think I'm going to pull another one out of an wrecked Nissan and try it out again before I go out and buy a new one.

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Blog with us about the new Sentra from the Detroit Auto Show: 2007 Nissan Sentra!
  • comaqccomaqc Posts: 2
    The problems started about a year ago and are getting worse with time. First the horn became intermittent. Then the parking brake light would come on unwarranted during driving. The cruise control also kicks out by itself intermittently.
    About one month ago things got worse. The automatic shift lever stays stuck in park with, so I cannot shift into gear. The parking lights come on by themselves and I have to turn the light control swithch ON to turn the lights off.
    Finally, this week, the battery went dead and the repair shop said that the alternator ws not charging. Upon dissambling the alternator, they found nothing wrong it The tested it, pût it back in and the battery still does not get charged.
    My dealer has looked at the car five times so far and has not been able to solve the intermittent problems.
    Am I the only problem with weird, intermittent electrical problems?
  • We are having the same problem with our Sentra. Was it the safety switch? Thank you.
  • comaqccomaqc Posts: 2
    The Alternator is now charging the battery correctly. Nothing was done to fix this; it just came back on normal by itself. However, nothing comes free. Now, the shift lever solenoid still does not work so we manually insert a key into the provided slot to disanguage the lever off the Park position. When the alternator came back on, we realized taht we had lost the rear window defogger and the windows lowering and raising switches do not work anymore.
    This is so ridiculous its almost funny.

    Where is thesafety switch located?
  • On my way to work, my headlights blew out, and the battery and brake light came on.

    According to the general consensus here, when the battery and brake light come on, the alternator is shot. Another guy had his alternator overcharge and blow out his lights on the forums too.

    I replaced the alternator, but the battery and brake light is still on. I see 3 fuseboxes on the car. One driver side under the dash, one under the hood on the driver side, and one under the hood on the pass side, but I dont' see any fuses that would seem to be blown. Am I just missing the fuse, is it there? If so, whats it labled as? What else could it be if its not the fuse? Thanks in advance.
  • gail7gail7 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Sentra GXE with 49500 miles on it. I had a starter put in in July at 44000 or so miles and it just went again tonight! any one else had this trouble?
  • snowssnows Posts: 1
    I have two 2001 Sentras with the gear shift light out. Nor have I figured out how to take it apart to fix it. It looks like it ought to be easy once you know the trick.
  • cbashcbash Posts: 2
    I'm considering buying a 97 Sentra, it has 168K miles, but seems to be a clean little car. The major concern that I have it the engine is knocking, kind of like a lifter noise. It seems to run and drive good, but I don't want to get into a money pit. Any advice????
  • tthotatthota Posts: 45
    How much do they ask for?

    You do need to be concerned. One repair would make it too expensive.
  • cbashcbash Posts: 2
    I can get it for less than $1500.00.
  • tthotatthota Posts: 45
    On, a 97 Sentra GLE automatic, with 168000 mileage deduction and average condition deduction, the TMW (true market value) buying price is $1315.00. Without the two deductions (96000 miles and in excellent condition), the price would be around $3300.00. A new engine (or rebuilt) can be considered as a gamble, if the body is good. If you don't need it, you win. If you end up replacing the engine, the car will last a long time after it's done. If I were you, I start with finding the cost of the engine.
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    How many coils are there in a '03 Sentra's engine?

    The Sandman :confuse:
  • mudfootmudfoot Posts: 1
    I've got a chance to get a sentra for 50 bucks, right now it won't start, and if you try to pop the clutch the car comes to a violent stop, my question is, can I take off the starter and try to pop the clutch then?
  • imdootimdoot Posts: 2
    I'm just beginning to diskllike my 2001 Sentra GXE as well. (I'm new to this forum--on a lark, I googled "Sentra" and "problems" and ended up here... I had no idea I'd find so many others with the same exact story and difficulties!) I bought the car brand new after reading good reviews on Consumer Reports, and made a somewhat reluctant switch after being happy with Hondas for many years because I felt at that time that Nissan was giving more car for the same money--)
    My Sentra only has 33,000 mi. on it and has been well-maintained. A while back, the "service engine soon" light went on. It was intermittent at first but then stayed on...When I took it into the dealership this week, they charged me $100 to diagnose it and said the mass air flow sensor had gone out and that replacing it for $570 would fix the problem. I asked "how can this be happening on such a low-milage car, and why should a little part cost so much?" They said that they don't just replace the little part--they replace the entire housing around it because "that's how Nissan prefers it." I refused service, thinking I might get it done cheaper elsewhere. (I even called every junk car place and no one had the part...) An independent mechanic I talked to said that he couldn't get the part from anywhere but Nissan, and that I was better off just having them do it since after talking to them about obtaining the part, (and discussing my car specifically because they realized it was me/my car he was inquiring about) he got the impression my car was having "serious computer problems that they'd be better at fixing."
    I have also had the "sticky gas pedal" issue I've read about on this forum, and the dealership wants another $100 to do an induction cleaning service.
    I feel like this car is barely out of warranty but this won't be covered, and that from what I've read here despite Nissan knowing about this commom defect, they don't seem to give a damn to make it right, and that even after some people have replaced the sensors and cleaned the buildup they are STILL having problems.
    My question is this: has anyone out there had ANY success working things out with the folks at 1-800-Nissan1, or do I basically have no recourse but to pay up and hope this fixes my problems? Incidentally, the car has never had great power, and compared to my peppy old Civic, it just feels like a real dog in the performance department and I feel totally screwed. Help!
  • gensegense Posts: 1
    Long But important Post
    Before this happens to you,
    Last week had car stalling but restarting fine. Before going to the dealer repair shop I looked up some info on the internet and found that there were two recalls (of which I wasn't informed) relating to stalling and starting . You all know them as the crank sensor replacement and the foam around the ECU replacement.
    I called the dealer and they confirmed that my car was under this recall and that thet would do the work at no charge.
    The day I was to bring it in the car would'nt start. They had it towed in and did the recal work and it stalled on the test drive. After 4 hrs of labour (at my cost) to find the new problem they determined that the ECU needed to be replaced because it was faulty. $1600.00 later my car is now running (don't know for how long. Lost all confidence in this car.)
    My beef is :
    If the recall to the foam around the ecu was neccessary so that the emitted sulfur does not cause corrosion to the ECU and eventual failure of the ECU. I believe that thier failure to inform me by letter or phone to do this work caused the eventual failure of my 4 year old computer.
    I don't think I was responsible to pay for this.
    I am considering taking recourse and want people with similar problems or advice to come forward.
  • rolexrobrolexrob Posts: 11
    Does anyone out there know when NISSAN recommends having the auto trans fluid changed? I have a 2001 Sentra XE with 47Kmi and have never towed or pulled anything.
    Your advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATE.
    :confuse: Rob L
  • rolexrobrolexrob Posts: 11
    As far as I know, there is a coil for each cylinder. Hope this helps.
    Rob L :)
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