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Nissan Sentra 2006 and earlier



  • rmacaisarmacaisa Posts: 2
    Were you able to fix this problem. I have exactly the same thing happen to my 1998 Nissan 200SX and everytime the battery and charge lights go on my alternator stops charging even after I replaced it. Please let me know
  • jrk301jrk301 Posts: 4
    The left side on my car also goes out (I have a 2003 Sentra SE-R with the factory radio); I am actually replacing the radio but I was wondering if anyone knew what caused this problem just so that the new radio I buy doesn't have the same thing happen to it.

    My car also has trouble starting, especially when it's hot outside. I had an ignition coil replaced last summer, but I still have a problem.
  • olivarolivar Posts: 2
    the radio is blown, the same thing happened to mine,it's not worth it to fix it,i just kept scanning ebay till one popped up i bought it for 30$ shipping and handling included. it came w/ six speakers and an amp you can't beat that.!!!! did i mention it was a rockford fosgate radio. ;) good luck to all.
  • rmacaisarmacaisa Posts: 2
    I have a 1998 Nissan 200SX and after running for a few miles the battery and charge lights turn on and my alternator stops charging even after I had replaced it. Please help...
  • garden3garden3 Posts: 1
    the air conditioner works for awhile..the repair shop replaced the temp sensor stated all else was fine but the problem was still there. After running the air it works fine for 20 min then starts cycling.The compressor is fine so whats up with this
  • Hi TimberJack ... Am fighting with my driver's window again ... got it to work 2 years ago with some grease and patience ... this time I think it's going to require replacement parts ... definitely needs to be a do-it-myself with the prices Nissan wants! Is there any way to get a copy of that diagram to me? At this point I can't even get the window up and need to until I can get the part.
    Thank you in advance ... WD
    P.S. Maybe post it on wiki.answers ... the only response there was to take the car to a mechanic!
    ( n_Sentra)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    No need for Wiki Answers - we have our own Ask The Community feature right over there on the side of the page! ;)
  • tomk17tomk17 Posts: 135
    Recently bought an 02 Sentra with the 1.8 engine. Belts are basically new and tight but I still get a belt squeal sound for the first 5 minutes after start-up. Goes away eventually and engine purrs nicely.

    I've read a few internet posts; some say pullys out of alignment and there was a dealer Tech Service Bulliten (TSB) out on it, others say common problem - nothing can really be done even belt replacement does not cure it.

    I've sprayed some belt dressing on both the serpentine and alternator belts which silenced it for a day or so.

    Comments or past experiences?
  • Well I guess it's about time I answered. Sorry, can't help you, mine is (was) a stick-shift. It's long-gone now, moved into an '07 Honda Civic. Tres nice!
  • Thanks for asking or answering the question on the car. I own a 2005 nissan sentra 1.8s automatic. I have spent weeks trying to fix the problem.
  • edubya1edubya1 Posts: 1
    My boyfriend changed the transmission fluid in my 2004 Sentra 1.8S and when he did so, one of the bolts for the filter wouldn't go back in. Do you think this is bad?
  • False contact in the sensor, find all plugs in the car and clean them, specially those related with emissions and the speed sensor in the transmission, then reset the computer. It is easy to reset the computer and get the codes, buy the hayes manual.
  • Belt dressing makes the problem even worse, replace the alternator belt and check the tension. Clean all that belt dressing stuff, that crap doesn't work, check the belt inside you get to take it out it shouldn't be good.
  • if you still have the diagram I would like to see it, my window is messed up, to anyone that could help I would greatly appreciate it
  • marrkmarrk Posts: 2
    2006 sentra 1.8. Starts perfect when cold. Hard to start when hot. When engine is hot and has sit for an hour or two then its hard to start. I can let it crank for about 3 seconds. let off and pat the foot feed once, crank again and it starts.
  • Hi Marrk........I had a similar problem with my 1984 T-Bird Turbo Coupe. I did a little reading in my T-Bird's maintenance file which I make notes for all my servicing and repairs of all out family cars. I checked the T-Bird file and realized the fuel filter hasn't been changed in a number of years. I installed a new fuel filter and bingo, my T-Bird started running like a "R**ed Ape" as it did until it got partially clogged up. Now it scoot's like it did 20 years ago. :)

    Bob in Calif. (SF Peninsula)
  • marrkmarrk Posts: 2
    Thanks Bob. I will certainly check that out.
  • Hi Mark..I have exactly the same problem with my sentra..(2006)...any luck fixing it yet?
  • Hi there...........I assum you are talking about your EGR valve not working.

    I got rid of the problem by selling the the 1994 Nissan Sentra to a contractor who was doing some remodeling of a house near mine, actally he saw the Nissan parked in my pasture area and the contractor walked over and asked if was for sale, which I offered it to the fellow for 1/2 of blue book, providing he took care of the smoging of the car, to which he agreed to. I spent about 1/2 sale price on what I had paid a couple after market garages couldn't correct the EGR problem. Anyway I was elated to to sell it when I did. ...Bob in Calif...
  • My 2005 Sentra has not had any issues with starting as mentioned above. The CEL came on at 35,500 miles, just in time for warranty. Since then, only tires, battery, and brakes have been replaced. I think battery was OK, but after 4.5 years, didn't want to chance it.

    I have 89000 miles already, from a 75 mile round trip commute, and many other road trips. I plan to push it to 150k or so.

    I have the Special Edition package, and a few SE-R drivers give it a second look, since it is red too. :shades:
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