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Infiniti G37 and iPhone/iPod integration?

Thinking about a G37x and I wanted to find what people's experiences are with the iphone. I listen to mostly podcasts but do lots of talking while driving.
Using bluetooth, does the incoming phone number show up on the NAV screen? Can you control the podcast through a voice command or the steering wheel?

Is there a way to play a podcast while charging the phone and intermittently taking/making calls via Bluetooth?


  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    But this may help: (1st+generation)&mfg2=Apple&setup=06IT&vehicle=G+Sedan&year=2009&equip=Navigatio- n+System&mfg=Apple&status=FCP&page=1&sort=name
  • thanks for the link.
    Looks like Apple is up to their old tricks again w/the iphone 3G preventing charging from the ipod cable...
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Is it really an Apple "trick"? I use my IPod Touch in the car, which indeed fails to charge through the cable (an annoyance, to be sure). But I blame Infiniti, not Apple, since some IPod docking stations support charging and playthrough/control, right?
  • ffxjackffxjack Posts: 47
    From what I know, Apple purposely made the 3g iphone not charge w/the older adapters so that you have to buy more from them. My ipod 3rd gen cable will not charge my phone although it certainly fits.

    The newer cars with the USB port should take care of that until Apple changes things again.
  • I had a 2008 G35x which I returned 2 weeks ago (end of lease) and now I have a 2009 G37X.

    In both the cars a device called Scosche Passport
    ( link -
    worked perfectly. The bluetooth continues to work for incoming calls etc and the ipod controls on the Infiniti controls the iphone playlists etc. The only complaint I have is I wish the inifiniti supplied cable was longer.
  • woj207woj207 Posts: 54
    I have a 2010 G27x, are you saying that this Schosche Passport will resolve the issues of the IPhone bluetooth communication issues with the Bluetooth system on the Infiinti?

    Or are you saying that when you connect via USB that the IPhone Ipod functions work and that you can charge the Iphone?
  • The iPhone and the 2010 Infiniti suck at integration. I have no problems with the power and charging of the phone.

    What I do have a problem with is:
    1) Music will stop randomly and screen will say Check USB Cable or USB Device.
    a. Unplugging the iPhone and plugging it back in doesn't work.
    b. Screen locks up on the message
    c. I typically have to come to a complete stop... power cycle the car and then it will work again.

    2) If you have both bluetooth on AND USB plugged in... it will play USB for about 10 seconds and then switch to Bluetooth Audio. I prefer the USB since Bluetooth skips sometimes. So I disable the Bluetooth, then I don't have handsfree phone..

    3) Contacts
    a. No sync still... Yes I know it's appls fault... but there has to be a workaround.
    b. You can see the contacts but they are all in hex like this "4acdbffad248362defabc"
  • woj207woj207 Posts: 54
    I agree completely. I wish bluetooth worked. or USB worked. ..
  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    Hello , is anybody having this issue. i just got a new 2010 infiniti g37 sedan , my ipod which worked fine in my g35 is not working in my new car with a usb cable which i did purchase. it just say's chk usb or ipod memory. know when i plug my iphone into the usb cable it works fine so i know the cable works. i also took my friends ipod and tried that and still got the same message. please help ????
  • I have had the same issue with the iPhone and my 2010 G37. The charging is fine but the music will just randomly stop and throw the message on the screen to "Check USB Memory or iPod". It is extremely frustrating and the dealer service department has been of no help. Did you ever find any resolution to your issue?
  • I'm having the same issue. Get that message. AND my bluetooth won't connect. i hate 1st gen bugs...
  • rajalorajalo Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2010 G37S. Love the car, but having the exact same issue with the iPhone and my 2010 G37.

    The charging is fine but the music will just randomly stop and throw the message on the screen to "Check USB Memory or iPod". It is extremely frustrating and the dealer service department has been of no help. Did you ever find any resolution to your issue?
    Anybody with a solution ?

  • rajalorajalo Posts: 4
    Any luck in figuring out how to make this work?
  • rajalorajalo Posts: 4
    Hi, I have the SAME exact issue on my 2010 G37S Coupe. Please let me know if you have found any solutions as this is very annoying.

  • rajalorajalo Posts: 4
    Folks, I did file a complaint to consumer affairs to escalate. It would be great if you called in and did the same so we can get a software update patch to solve this. Their number is: 1-800-662-6200.

    Here is the issue I reported. I am using a Generation 2 IPOD Touch:


    I am the new owner of a 2010 Infiniti G37S Coupe (6MT), and seem to have an Ipod Integration issue which is a big pain for me since I'm such an Ipod person. I have an IPOD Touch 2nd Generation (V 3.1.3) and it seems that the music will stop randomly and I get a message saying "Check USB Cable or USB Device". Only after coming to a complete stop, turning off/ and on the car, it starts working again.

    I searched some forums and looks like others are having the same exact problem.
  • amopamop Posts: 2
    I've been having the same exact issue, I even got the dealership to replace the whole radio trying to see if it was a defect with the radio but after they did it, the issue is still there. I also notice that the radio does not recognized all the song in the IPod, it only recognizes half of all the song in it. (2010 G37S sedan with a 2nd Gen IPod Touch)
  • andyb45andyb45 Posts: 6
    Well.. ad the new M37S to the list of Infinitis that are also having this issue.

    Has anyone found any resolution or heard back from Nissan/Infiniti?

    Is it just the Touch or are other IPOD models having the same issue?
  • acm25acm25 Posts: 4
    I see similar issues with my iPhone 3G on a 2010 G37 sedan.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Let me ad another problem:

    I have a Moto Q 9c business phone. Uses MS mobile program, synch with my Desktop Outlook / Email etc. I have a new G37X with Navi, Prem. packages, the bluetooth works well. The phone was recognized, BUT when I restart the car, the bluetooth picks up the phone, and then tells me :Call in Progress when I hit the Call button on the Wheel. Originally, I set the Car's Bluetooth to upload the Phone's Phone book which has 100 or more entries. Thought that was the problem. I reset that to and at first that Call in Progress stopped. yesterday, it happened again. Very Annoying b/c I can't make a call when that happens. I think it's the streaming when the phone Synch's with the webmail of the Server to my business. Any ideas from anyone to correct?
  • nsuljicnsuljic Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem 2010 Nissan Altima 3.5SR...
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