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Afraid Camry Owner - Toyota found to keep tight lid on potential safety



  • I think that we all need to keep something in mind here . Toyota has been such a leader and perfectionist in quality, dependability and reliability for so long, that when any desrepancy arises in any of those categories, everyone likes to shoot rubber bands at them. What about when the Dodge Durango's steering wheel had to fall off the column and roll down the highway before they would recall it ? This is a PRECAUTIONARY method set in good faith, by Toyota. They want to stand behind what they ALWAYS Have ! If they truly thought it was more than an accelarator pedal edge becoming lodged in a floormat, it would have been made public LONG AGO!!!! Have some faith.people.
  • bmw323bmw323 Posts: 3
    Looking for advice on how to handle a RAV4 purchase I made 2 weeks ago. My wife won't drive the car as soon as she heard Toyota has stopped production. Does dealer or Toyota have an obligation to current owners. I'm calling dealer tomorrow and asking for either a full refund (doubtful) or a rental car fully paid until recall actually occurs.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Posts: 749
    I'm calling dealer tomorrow and asking for either a full refund (doubtful) or a rental car fully paid until recall actually occurs.

    NO and NO.

    I highly doubt they will do that...imagine finding and paying for 2.3 millions rental cars.
  • revitrevit Posts: 476
    "The statement today speaks for itself. "

    Ah...yes, I have to agree with you. Never did I think there would come a day when Toyota would have to stop selling their best selling car. I, along with others, thank such publications such as and the LATs for covering this issue and pushing this story into the main media.

    Toyota first denied it, then said there might be a problem, then issued a recall, and now has stopped selling the Camry.

    As you said, "The statement today speaks for itself."
  • This is all just a Political Witch Hunt
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,050
    I have been reading some posts in a large toyota group forum. A few people there implicate the cruise control in their specific incidents. Another says his Tacoma just accelerated at a stoplight with his foot on the brake rear-ending the car in front of him. He feels it's some in the computer controls that's causing a glitch.

    There may be some more to the story here with certain models. Although the accelerator device ( made by CTS they say ) may be at fault.
  • "I think that we all need to keep something in mind here . Toyota has been such a leader and perfectionist in quality, dependability and reliability for so long, that when any discrepancy arises in any of those categories, everyone likes to shoot rubber bands at them."

    Good point. I seem to remember a car getting hit from behind and basically blowing up in flames but somehow I guess that's different now.... I can't exactly remember the name..... Something horse related... Yep, small horse or Pony or something...... Different consumers back then, not very astute, organizationally skilled and um..... Litigious?

    Probably one of my last posts on this subject, I'm tired of making sure I spell "accelerator" right all the time......
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Just because some people "implicate" or "feel" that they know what the problem is, doesn't make it so.

    Earlier you said, "I think it's reprehensible that there have been known problems since 2008 with this at least this one factor being admitted only now"

    Ok, suppose you were the chairman and CEO of Imidazol Motors. Every day, you hear of complaints involving your vehicles, from dealers, through NHTSA, or on web forums like these. How do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Seems like a lot of time would have to be expended to find out where the real problems are.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    And don't forget the much more recent flap over some of their SUVs and a certain tiremaker. But now, they're feted as the only "honorable" American auto company because they didn't take bailout money!
  • gtgtcobragtgtcobra Posts: 259
    I wonder how long it will be before Toyota restarts production on the Camry and on all the other vehicles that they stopped production on?
  • "A few people there implicate the cruise control in their specific incidents"

    Nothing new - I have an Acura TL that doesn't like its cruise control shut off by clutch pedal, the engine goes crazy with high rpm. According to the owners manual, depressing the clutch is suppose to cancel it.... It doesn't. If I want to cancel the set speed, I have to depress the brake pedal firmly or shut it off with the master switch on the steering wheel.

    Is the cruise control a "smoking gun" in the Toyota incidents? This is the first time I've heard it mentioned......

    BTW, the cruise control in the Acura is without any doubt, the worst cruise control I've ever had in any car. It's jumpy, erratic and can't make up its mind going down a slight grade on the interstate but I guess that's another forum......
  • Um.....Duh...I somehow don't remember now, Um, My memory doesn't serve me correct.... C'mon, now, Please try to play copacetic... Thanks anyway.
    Wanna talk about Ponies ? How about the "Pony" cruise control switch fires that included at least 10 fatalities? THOSE included garage and house fires..... How about the Tire recall that was linked to at least 46 fatalities.
    What? Tally Ho ! to all the NHTSA GM truck Chevy 1500 series with "premature wear in clutch master cylinders push rod ends that attaches to clutch pedal pins" that gave way and atttibuted to over 40 fatalities.
    And what about " 18 fires in Chrysler Grand Cherokees 1993-1998 near the steering column after consumers clasimed the vehicles were NOT in park despite ther gearshift being in "park". ?? 76,000 vehicles recalled CAUSING the fuel valve to DETATCH from tank upon REAR impact and asllowing fuel to LEAK OUT UPON IMPACT!!???? DO we forget those INSTANCES ????
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    my comprehension level is not a subject for this forum, but you can request a new "elias comprehension" forum if you think it would vehicularly interesting.

    For quite a while I've been yammering about these killer Toyotas and how they apparently resulted from the worst engineering failure in automotive history, and the drivers were not at fault.

    Today it appears that Toyota agrees with me, since they've taken what is perhaps an unprecedented step in recent history (?): halting many production lines due to problem(s) that have been at least partially known for almost a year (?) , and which have yet to be resolved!

    By some measures the problem(s) seem to be getting *worse* - multiplying?
    It's as if murphy's law has struck with a vengeance not seen before. What can go wrong *next* to expose/trigger the fatal toyota flaws? It just keeps getting worse. :(
  • My guesstimate is mid-February. They will have a solution much sooner, but getting it implemented will take 2 weeks minimum.

    One month would be a killer, but it could go that long...........
  • eliaselias Posts: 1,900
    supragirl, you are new to edmunds and make the same fangirl post in multiple forums on your first day? You say the toyota recall is merelyprecautionary?
    But many toyota customers are dead due to what appear to be the biggest engineering/process flaws in automotive history.

    You advise us to have "faith"? How can faith possibly be relevant to any aspect of this discussion except for us to hope that the dead Toyota customers had eternal-faith before their cars killed them?
    The issue/problem here appears to be engineering and marketing. Engineers will fix the problem. Marketeers will explain how the cars are safe now. Service departments will fix existing cars. Customers will buy more.

    Until Toyota at least *claims* to have the problem(s) fixed and fixes YOUR Toyota, I recommend that you PARK your Toyota and rent a GM.
  • "one month would be a killer".....???? Such a neurotic statement could ONLY come from someone with the screen name "Dodgeman". No underlying hyprocrisis, right ??? JUST making sure...... Get real people !!!! FLY AWAY CARS!!!!! Do you people have any idea how REDECULIOUS this is !!!! It is a clear manipulation of the media and other RIVALRY car comnpanies to circumvent potential sales.....ALL you WELL educated tax paying citizens have to do is to google "unintended gas pedal accelerators" and you will see a SLEW OF MANUFACTURERES pull up !!!!! Yes, the most recent, Toyota because of the MEDIA Publicity, but there are RECOUNTS of BMW< Pontiac, Honda, Dodge, and EVERY other you can think of !!! It;s just that Toyota is in the Spotlight because of their PERFECTION!!! It's like the time the squeaky clean Mom and Pop general store who has been in business 50 yrs has a few sightings of a rat, and it's all over.....C'mon..people....
  • Eluas, I am NOT NEW to Edmunds, but have been watching from afar, as many wise people do before unleashing. Look at my SIGN on date, E. First day ? Stop merely processing information and re typing it " Biggest engineering prob in histiory" ANyone can do that, E!! Tell us something that you really feel. We have a newspaper for the type of info you are relaying.
    Let's face it, people. MANY things have happened in recent history that we dont know the answer to....many things we are MAD about...WAR, Murders, Cars. People die, planes crash, let's not be so FAST to point the finger at Toyota when SO MANY OF THE SAME ACCOUNTS and stories have been told, but not PUBLICIZED about car manufacturers. :Lets be fair, to the deceased, to the living, and the rest of us......
  • PS- Not for nothing, but MY Toyota is a 1994 Twin Turbo Supra. NOT involved in this recall, BUT DEFINETLY well looked after , Thank you for your Concern, ELIAS! I know you were probably also worried about that rusty frame issue.....Dont let this keeep u up at night. My baby is tuckedf away, warm, cozy, temp controlled, and in a custom made, tight fit car cover. Don't worry for me, I've never had to had a many tranny's replaced, like GM id, with my friends cars, let's not skirt the issue
  • well, then, U, Maximafanm probably have more sense than most! Cannot Believe thse Amer Mnauf can look like this !!! Awf!!
  • "one month would be a killer".....???? Such a neurotic statement could ONLY come from someone with the screen name "Dodgeman".

    ONLY from you honey..........not me. I've been a member here for many years and am a former quality engineer for GM. I've also worked as a supplier to Toyota and am well aware of their numerous quality problems that they have "rejected" because "we're Toyota".

    One month with none of these models sold will be a killer to many Toyota customers, dealers, suppliers and employees. Toyota's goal was to be the biggest light vehicle manufacturer in the world. Not the best. They screwed up and it will cost them tens of billions of dollars and leave thousands of customers looking elsewhere.

    They couldn't be the biggest or the best. Case closed.

    P.S. Spell check is free. Use it.
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