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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems



  • I must say as of 1/30/10, I got my truck back all fixed. I called the dealership on 1/29/10 for followup and the mahanger said that he would call me back later in the afternoon once he had more info. Approximately 2pm, he called telling me that the pump came in THAT morning with their delivery and stated that all hands were on my Expedition so they could get my truck back to me and out of their hair. He sounded just as shocked at I was because I don't think they were expectging it until 2 wk in Feb. Any updates with yours?
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Thanks for this note. It prompted me to call my mechanic just now, who told me the part was delivered to his shop on either 1/29 or 1/30 and it is ready for installation. I wish the guy had called me when he received it; I would have had it installed over the weekend! I swear, there is no sense of urgency when you have been left waiting for two months!

    But thanks for letting me know, otherwise I might never have heard from my mechanic!

    I pray this is the end of my parts problems with Ford. My wife has been cursing this car with the unreliable used fuel pump for weeks. I've had no peace...
  • It is about 45.00 according to the dealership that fixed mine AFTER I traded it in on a new truck and it was sold within 10 days! It was not the fuel pump and the dealership that took it in told me it was the fuel pump.
  • OK, I just fixed the fuel pump problem with my 05 Expedition. I replaced the fuse box that contains the built in fuel pump relay. The relay is mentioned as a non servicable part in the owners manual-R303. To replace this relay, you have to replace the fusebox. I can remove the fuse box in 5 minutes. I bought the new fusebox at the Ford Dealer for $175.00 plus tax. There are 12 quick connect plugs and a 10 mm socket to remove the wire going through the firewall. Yes, this wire is removable after you pop the cover off of the connection. A 1/2 inch socket will unbolt the fusebox from the inside wall at the front seat passengers right kick panel. Two sockets are all the tools that you need.
    This Expedition would not crank when cold, 60 degrees, it would crank.
    There are two wires going to the fuel pump near the Left Rear tire. Key on,White is 12 v and black is ground. Make sure that the fuel pump is getting power or not with a test light. This can be checked at the module behind left rear tire, on top of frame. You can see it at the 2:00 position at the rear tire through the fenderwell. The plug is on the front side of the module. I had to lay under the truck to access this wire. A shield mounts the module to the frame. Two small screws hold the module on the shield and two more hold the shield on the frame.
    Coming out of the fusebox is a Dark Green wire with a yellow stripe. This wire sends power out of the fusebox to the inertia switch to the fuel pump. If you have power at #12 fuse but none at the green/yellow wire, the relay is bad. This wire is on the top of the fuse box, towards the firewall and bottom left wire in the plug. Again, to replace this relay on this vehicle, you must change the fusebox.
    Hope this helps.
  • Hopefully some people are still around on this thread.... I just had a similar thing happen on friday. Car died at 65mph (I won't get into the no shoulder on the highway because of the snow and my young kids in the car.... scary). Anyway, I had it towed to my mechanic who came up with codes
    P1235 P1233 and P0191. I then had it towed to the dealer who says my problem is related to the throttle. My question is, what should I ask them to look for? Is there any possible way it is related to Customer Satisfaction Prgram 07M08 where they have the injector problems with the 05 Expeditions? Mine is an 05 Eddie Bauer.
    Please help!
  • scotttique, I have since gotten my Expedition fixed, but I still monitor this tread. For my situation, it was fuel pump. My vehicle was down for a month until the dealership received my part by surprise 2 Fridays ago, but hey who's complaining. I have all the codes and numbers if you need them. Good luck and stay on them. I also contacted Ford home office, and the seems to get things rolling once they got involved. I had my kids in the car when mine broke down was I pissed!
  • Hi any chance are you in Las Vegas area? I think I might be stuck with your old EXP...please let me know if you left it at Gaudin Ford.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    I also had my fuel pump replaced the first week of February, bringing my repaid total to over $1200, but it has not cured my Expedition's inability to start. At the end of February, another mechanic said that Ford had issued a service advisory that computer software was causing symptoms sounding just like mine. I spent another $200 to reprogram the engine computer, but no change at all. I am very pissed that I have had my problem misdiagnosed time and again, and no one can determine what is causing it. It cranks but won't start at any particular time. Less often, it turns over then dies within 5 seconds. My truck has been at various mechanics for over six weeks since December 1st or so. I can't even sell it until I get the problem fixed. Very frustrating.
  • I am currently dealing with a similar issue with my 2005 expedition. The truck died driving down the highway and i couldn't get it started again. Replaced the fuel pump and filter but the truck still will not start and the fuel pump is not running but does work. Checked the fuse and is not blown. it seems that there is no power going to the fuel pump for it to work. Please, any advice or expertise would be greatly appreciated.
  • i replaced my fuel pump and that wasn't the issue. Turns out it was the fuel pump driver module located in the rear of the truck under the frame. Terrible design by ford to put an aluminum driver module against the steel frame. My module had a hole eaten right through it due to corrosion. The module is basically the brains for the fuel pump and without it functioning properly the truck will not run properly. replacement part was just over 100.00. They are on backorder so be prepared to wait for a couple weeks. I paid a little extra to have my ford dealer locate one in michigan at another dealership and have it shipped in two days and the truck runs great. hope this helps. Hang on to receipt if this is the problem, I was informed ford may be recalling this defect.
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    As you can tell from my long series of posts above, I replaced BOTH the pump AND the module. Neither helped me.
  • drequetdrequet Posts: 5
    No I did not leave it in Las Vegas! It is in Illinois - I see it all the time and wish I still had it!
  • My 05 Expedition has had continuous fuel issues. We already replaced the Throttle Body which would cause the engine to shut off randomly, placing my wife in danger trying to move the vehicle to the side of the road so she could re-start it. The NHTSA wanted me to send them my old Throttle Body because they have had several complaints on this. I also replaced my fuel pump twice, my mass air flow sensor, and now have to replace my Fuel Pump Driver Module because it has corroded. This 05 Eddie Bauer Expedition has been a nightmare. I also had to have the transmission replaced at 50,000 miles... My '97 Expedition was great.
  • fnoelfnoel Posts: 4
    Hey guys, mines recently started to randomly die at any speed or at idle. Ive cleaned MAF sensor with sensor cleaner, changed air filter and fuel filter, oil change, and lucas injector treatment. The problem went away for about a month then came back with vengeance!!. It now stall out 10 minutes on the DOT after starting... after idle or driving. That tells me its not mechanical and must be something electrical getting hot and shorting out or losing contact. Usually its starts back up and I floor it to wherever I have to go with no problems but past two weeks it wouldnt start back up and had it towed twice. First mechanic said its losing fuel pressure before it cuts out, he held it for the night and he couldnt repeat the problem after letting it run for almost 2 hours with the gauges on. Picked it up drove it fine for a week, then died doing 55 this afternoon after smelling what i thought was my amp getting hot but was the FUSE PANEL. I immediately pull over and pull off the fuse panel and smelled something burning and seeing a little grey smoke. I was excited not mad that the problem maybe showed its hand, so I towed it to another shop a few hours go. I am in NO WAY thread jacking, just giving my you guys my 2 cents and also looking for a solution like the thread starter. I have a fuel pump coming from ebay, and im also thinking about the fuel pump driver module which can fry the fuse box (google the problems about the F-150), and of course fuse box. (All of course if the truck stays dead and not come back alive and the mechanic doesnt find the problem). I hope the truck stays dead, makes it easier to find the problem. Thanx guys for any suggestions. 5.4/E.B
  • fnoelfnoel Posts: 4
    Update!!!: The shop called me and the mechanic said my fuse box is blown which also blew up my fuel pump inertia switch and most like the fuel pump driver module. They said before the fuse box blew it was prob going bad from condensation (they found a puddle of water on the floorboard near the fuse box.), and turning off the fuel pump inertia switch (causing intermittent shut off's at any speed) . When the fuse box would cool down it would re-establish contact and act normal til the fuse box overheats again. They are replacing fuse box, fuel pump inertia switch, and fuel pump driver module for $928. I only paid half, my dealer paid for the other half thanks to the bulldog persistence of my girlfriend. I pick it up monday and will write an update.
  • fnoelfnoel Posts: 4
    Mechanic changed FUSE BOX and FUEL INERTIA SWITCH, he said the fuel driver module was fine. After I got the truck back everything seems fine, hope this helps!!
  • Your problem sounds EXACTLY like mine. i Have a 2003 Expedition (EB). Over the last 6-8 months it would just die on me going down the road but it would always recrank and run until 2 says ago. It died (out of town!!!) would intermittently recrank but would not run longer than a minute or two.
    Took to Ford dealership in Guntersville, AL. They told me I needed to replace fuel pump & filter for a total of $985 ($499.99 was the cost of the fuel pump part alone, seems high to me). A $1,000 later and it still won't crank. Then they tell me there is moisture in the fuse panel. That was yesterday at 5:00. Please pray for me this repair will not be another $1,000!!! Will keep you posted. Is there any help from FORD on this issue?

  • I guess its my turn? I've had my 05 Expedition since July, problem free. Coldest morning of year and went to start and it tool a while to turn over. Drove to store. Gone 20mins. Took 5mins to start. After several short trips throughout the day, and all experiencing the starting problem, I noticed that fuel pump was not engaging after turning key. Meaning, by turning key to the almost start position, all my lights and gauges would turn on, but the gas gauge read empty for about 10-15secs. When it finally read full, I would start her up, first turn, just fine.

    Is this the sending unit causing the problem?

    Thank you all for posting this thread and for your future communication.
  • I live in Minnesota and the mechanic told me the fuel pump was out and then the module was out. He said the module was controlling the fuel pressure from the negative side of the module, very hard to detect. So now two new parts installed and the truck shuts off after 5 min. There are few new codes to check but just curious if anyone else got the problem fixed. Did your trucks run after the fuse box was replaced?

    In addition I have had an intermittent no start issues which shows up when no one is around to check it. The mechanic seems to think that the module was causing the fuel pump to not put pressure at the head and therefore not start. I back off the key and try it again and it always started and ran just fine. Just looking to get back on the road as fast a possible. I appreciate any help. Thanks
  • My '05 was taken to shop (Ford Dealer) shortly after my post. Found problem with fuel pump and would have back next day. After installed the new fuel pump cause the control panel to go bad and that meant waiting a few more days for it to be FedExed from Detroit. $1300 later, been running fine. Good Luck!
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