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Ford Expedition fuel pump problems



  • Stopped at the shop today and even called the dealer. Still 5 min run then stalls out as thought there is no fuel pressure the the rail. There are 3 new codes 1. P1237 secondary circuit, 2 Open electrical and no. 3 was for a pressure sensor. Anyhow I called the dealer and his suggestion was to reset the computer. Sounds like you were able to get moving with just a two stepper solution. I saw the module that was replaced and there was a hole through the aluminium mount right to the circuit board and it smelled like chlorine, presumably from the ice melt solutions. I'll keep this site posted.
  • 01 expedition with 105K miles (gets driven around 5K miles/year) has started becoming unreliable. Starts, runs fine, then will not start again for hours. Mechanic ran diagnostics and found nothing wrong, then changed the fuel filter and charged me $120. It ran fine with no problems for about a tank of gas, and now has died again and will not start...even 2 days later. It will turn over all day long, but will not start. Mechanic said if it was fuel pump it should show a code...any one else have these issues? Thanks, Ronny
  • Ronny, I never got a "check engine" light during my dilemma, therefore no code. They started with the pump and then that turned into the control panel. Don't know if the control panel would be effected with an 01. Good luck!
  • dpj2dpj2 Posts: 13
    Ronny: When you say it 'died again,' do you mean it won't start, or or actually died while running or after starting? My '05 had a similar problem a year ago which turned out to be electrical rather than the fuel pump originally doiagnosed. My truck's problem turned out to be something called the Central Junction Box. Mine truck never died once it started, but intermittently it refused to start at all.
  • Sorry, I meant that it just won't start again. It runs great WHEN it starts. I went back over the sister-in-laws house today and tried it and it started the first try. It's been sitting in the driveway for about 2.5 hours now and I just tried it again. Started 4 out of 5 tries. Only time it didn't start was when I just turned the key on and immediately tried starting it. If I turn key to on, let the warning bells finish dinging, then hit the ignition, starts right up. Maybe mine is the control junction box too?? What was the fix for that?
  • 05 Expedition. Got it back last week after 3 weeks, a new fuel pump, a new fuel pump control module, a new fuse box and a new pressure sensor, Strike four. Mechanic used to work at a Ford shop started going back through the wiring and found a cracked wire on the line going to the fuel pump. He replaced the pig tail and all works pretty good. Still does not start every try but it always starts on the second try. Cracked wires an corrosion, gotta love Minnesota!
  • i4geti4get Posts: 2
    My wife's 05 Expedition (business vehicle) would not start Monday at 6:30 AM after running perfectly well all day Sunday. This vehicle has about 40k miles on it, no major problems til now. It has a new battery (< 1 year), but I put a high amp charger on anyway to show her it was not the battery. Thought the gas line might be frozen, put in some dry gas, still nothing. Called a tow truck to take it to the dealer, but figured it had something to do with the cold and decided to put a hair dryer on the fuel supply side of the engine. (All the posts on this thread are WINTER months). After 30 - 40 minutes it started up after a crank or 2 and kept running. So I canceled the tow and drove off - less than a quarter mile from my house it died. This morning (next day) it was taken to the dealer. They told my wife it will cost $480 to replace the fuel relay. This sounds reasonable if the problem is the fuel relay, like Capt. Toby (see post #25). I hope this does it - if the relay/fuse box cost Capt. Toby $175, then $480 seems reasonable with labor. I'm just scared to drive this vehicle with my kids in it after reading posts about other 05 Expeditions dying unexpectedly at full speed. I have copied your posts and will bring them to the dealership. We had planned to keep the Expedition another 5 years or more, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks to all of you for posting - this thread has been a great help.
  • Just had the fuel pump replaced on my '01 Expedition, after problem solving determined that it was getting power to the pump (indicating that the relay was not the problem). Only 100-200 miles since then, but so far so good!
  • So I've been driving around Los Angeles for 6 months with this starting problem. Sometmes it starts, usually it takes anywhere from 3 to 10 tries. Cranks over no problem then starts right up and strong. Sometimes starts right away. It's been a cold and rainy winter here - for L.A. and I noticed some improvements when it warmed up and got hot. Then it rained again and back to problems. So I took it to the dealer - $1100 to replace the fuel pump, fuel filter and relays - he said. I said no thanks, paid the $100 diagnostic and took it to Pep Boys where they checked the relay for me, (said he saw some water in the relay box) and anyway no changes by putting in a new relay (which he said would be about $10). He took it back out and didn't charge me a dime. So then I went to Econo-lube (it's now 6:30pm) and they change the fuel filter for $50 and showed my how really, really dirty it was. (Also changed the oil while I was there) Still, it didn't start up perfectly, but less cranks, 2-3.
    So then I'm nearly empty on gas so I go to the Chevron and buy 6 gals of premium and a Techron fuel injection cleaner (good for up to 14 gals it says) and dump that in. It hesitates on start - but definetly better.
    This morning I drove it to work, started on try 2. I figure maybe the gas tank is really dirty and needs some sloshing around cleaning. I get to work and turn it off and then on 5 times. It starts with slight hesitation on try 1 all five times.
    I think I'm on to something here - so I suggest others give this a try. Change the fuel filter and clean your gas throroughly.
    Also when I bought the car the used car dealership guy told me it took regular. I am hearing all around that is not true so I probably have 5 years of build up.
    I will update this post if this doesn't work - oh and a fuel pump at Pep Boys is worst case $450 he said. The dealer was having to use after market parts so what's the diff? Pep Boys has fixed lots of my cars over the years just fine.
    Oh and my brother pointed out that if it was the fuel pump - starting to go out - after 6 months wouldn't it be gone by now?
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Have you tried turning the ignition to ON and letting the fuel pump pressurize the system for 5 or 10 seconds before cranking it? On some cars that helps 'em crank the first time.

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  • alwaysfords2alwaysfords2 Posts: 293
    It does take regular. Read your manual.
  • scomo14scomo14 Posts: 1
    I just ran out last night about 5pm. At 8 am I went to start the truck and it just turns over and does not fire. I checked #12 fuse and the reset button in back and all were good. I do not hear the fuel pump kick on. What should I do to narrow down the problem . It has to be in the fuel system but after reading many post on here it could be 1 of 3 or 4 things in the fuel system. I dont want to go straight to the pump as it seems it that is the last thing I see people are doing . How do I know if its fuel pump or relay that is not making the pump work. Any help would be grateful. I have 86500 miles on it.
  • i4geti4get Posts: 2
    I had the relay problem - corroded right through. In January with all the snow and salt, I expect this issue is worse up north. but I got a lot of help and insight from this site. In desperation, tried a hair dryer on the passenger-side electronics against the fire wall and after 20 minutes, LO & BEHOLD it started! Then, like an idiot, I assumed I could drive it to the repair shop, and it died a block away - couldn't restart it, had no access to anything on the street like that. Had to have it towed to the Suburban Ford - our local MI dealership next day - my wife wasn't going to mess with it - it's her business vehicle - only has 45k miles. I talked to the repair chief about what I'd found out about this problem on Edmunds - also told him that I'd read here that there was a scarcity of replacement parts. They were aware of this issue and ran diagnostics - unlike some other posts here, where it took weeks or months to get it fixed, they figured it out and fixed it right away - My Ford dealer went all out, got it done in two days. I have kept the old part (6C2Z-9D372-A module) in case there is a recall on this - I may be able to get my money back. It is my understanding that they mounted the aluminum base of this module right on the steel frame - ideal for electrolysis and corrosion - mine is eaten right through - I'll try including a picture in my next post - see if I can figure out how to do it. Good luck!">
  • The improvement in starting has held over the weekend but the problem has not gone away entirely. Still, much better. Only a couple of cranks instead of 10. A guy at work suggested a new gas cap could help. My gas cap has been a little loose lately so I'm getting one at lunch. I am also trying the suggestion from our host Steve to
    " turning the ignition to ON and letting the fuel pump pressurize the system for 5 or 10 seconds before cranking it? " and it seemed like it worked but I need to test it more.
    Also the Ford dealer service manager is the one who last told me to use premium instead of regular. Not that I am suggesting he was entirely trustworthy - he wanted to replace the whole system!
  • donm12donm12 Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    I have had four fuel pumps replaced on my 2007 expedition and was told that when replacing warranty parts they replace with remanufactured parts. The latest pump is new model and the old pump has the electrical wire in the fuel pump coming apart and finally breaking requiring a new pump. I am now on a new pump and hope this fixes the problem but not sure if there this pump will help. Leaving on a long trip next month and it seems the pump last 2 months. I dont have confidence that this is solved but I hope that it is. Owned Fords all my life and have never really had problems. This concerns me. Any help
  • donm12donm12 Posts: 4
    Did the new pump ever work? I had 4 replaced and I was told same thing and now have the new model. please email me back at or I can check this reply. first time on site and love truck just hate dealing with this fuel pump issue on my 2007 expedition EB
  • donm12donm12 Posts: 4
    edited June 2011
    wow you sound like you know a lot. I just had four fuel pumps replaced and in eight months and told the last one is a new model. they replaced a relay the last time. now say it is a wire inside the pump that is breaking and the pump is dead. but it sounds like something in my car is shorting the pump out. any suggestions would be great and you can email at
  • ok Im having similar issues 05 5.4 expedition blows fuel pump fuse when key is turned on, after reading Alot, removed the driver module and its shot ,rattles and corroded badly so i put the fuse back in and pow when I turn the key on module is still removed, is there another way to check the relay because I cant send power to it to check the green yellow wire Im trying to avoid dropping the tank if I can. Thanks
  • pkhapkha Posts: 1
    if the ford service manager told you himself to use premium gas you should of given him a hard time about replacing your fuel pump and filter. you should have raised the question about it being a recall and help us all out. :)
  • kcf1kcf1 Posts: 1
    My 2000 expedition is doing the same thing. Will start great first time starting, but when I turn it off, or go somewhere, it will not start again. Will crank everytime, but no start. No codes come up. Going to have fuel filter replaced, but don't think that is problem because we just had a new one on 2 years ago. Wondering what the final verdict was on Ronny's expediton. What was the fix. Also, does the 2000 expedition have a fuel pump driver module? I couldn't find one. Thank,
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